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BDM's 1854

Printed and published every Saturday morning by William Henry Cutten, sole Proprietor, at the office of the Otago Witness, Printing House Wharf, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. Price 6d.

January 7 1854

Arrived. Dec. 31. schooner Wave, 15 tons, Munn, master, from Wellington.
Jan. 4th, schooner Shepherdess, 40 tons, Bowler, from Wellington. Passengers - Mr Reynolds, Mr Brugh, Mrs McNiel and 2 children.

English shipping.
The Stately was advertised to sail on the 30th September.
The Duke of Portland, one of Messrs. Frederick Young & Co.'s vessels, was laid on for Otago and other ports, to sail on the 10th October.
The Egmont, 1000 tons, has just been launched as an addition to Messrs. Willis & Co.'s line of New Zealand packets
. Advertised to sail on the 30th November for Wellington, Canterbury and Otago.

January 14

Cleared out. Jan. 7th, schooner Mary Jane, 28 tons, Morrison, for Wellington, in ballast. 
Same day, schooner Wave, 15 tons, Munn, for Wellington.

January 21

Arrived. Jan. 12, schooner Endeavour, 18 tons, from Oamaru.
16th, schooner Mary, 12 tons, Williams, master, from Moeraki. Passengers - Mr J. Hughes - W. H. Mansford, agent.
Cleared out from Customs House. Jan, 7th, schooner Mary, 12 tons, Williams, master, for Moeraki. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Miller and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Wright and 3 children, 4 servants and 4 children - Master, agent.
Imports. In the Mary: 7 bales wool, produce of New Zealand -J. Hughes.
In the Endeavour: 21 bales wool, produce of New Zealand - J. Jones.

Saturday 28 January

Arrived. Jan. 21. brigantine Despatch, 138 tons, Rogers, master, from Sydney, via Nelson and Canterbury, with a general cargo. Passengers - Dr. Menzies and servant, Mrs Lovell, Rev. Mr Kirk and lady and 2 children, Mrs Hornbrook and 2 children, J. Swinbourne. J. Swinbourne, agent.

Cleared out from the Custom House. 20th, schooner Endeavour, 16 tons, Antonio Joseph, master, for Mataura and Clutha. James Macandrew & Co. agent.
Same day, the Rhadamanthus, Low, master, for Waikawaiti - W.H. Mansford, agent
23rd, schooner Mary, 12 tons, Williams, master, for Moeraki. Passengers - Mr Atkinson and child, Miss Westland, Mr Weedon.

February 4 1854 page 2

Arrived. Jan. 24, the Rhadamanthus, Low, from Waikawaiti. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Olston and child, Miss Coleman, and Miss Warden. W.H. Mansford, agent. Imports. 50 bushels wheat, produce of New Zealand - Suisted.
Jan. 30, schooner Mary 12 tons, Thomson, master from Moeraki. Passengers - Mr Miller, Mr Weedon, and Mr Smith - W.H. Mansford, agent. Imports. 30 sheep. - J. Thomson.

On Wednesday a barque from Melbourne, bound for Callao, touched at the heads and landed a family for Otago. The vessel did not come in.

February 11 1854

Arrived. Feb. 5th barque Stately, 545 tons, Ginder, master, from London. Passengers... 
7th, brigantine Mountain Maid, 192 tons, Peacock, master, from Sydney, via Nelson and Port Cooper. Passengers - Mr Peacock, Mrs Mitchell and 2 children.

Cleared Out from the Customs House. Feb. 1, the Despatch, 139 tons, Rogers, master, for Port Victoria, with part of the original cargo from Sydney. Passengers - Mrs Levell, Mrs Hornbrock and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Bartlett and 3 children, Mr Swinbourne - W.H. Mansford, agent. 

February 18

Arrived. 12th, brigantine, Clutha, 250 tons, Newton, master, from Leith.

Alexander	 Mr and Mrs and family
Calder		 Mr
Calder		 Mr M.
Kilgour		 Mr and Mrs and family
Paterson	 Mr
Ross		 Mr
Sibbald		 Mr and Mrs and family
Wilson		 Mr 

16th, schooner, Mary, 12 tons, Thompson, master, from Blueskin Bay

The Clutha, direct from Scotland, with a general cargo of merchandise and 16 passengers, all of whom are for this place. She sailed from Leith in the month of September, but having met with a heavy gale off Holland, which carried away her bowsprit, she had to put into Yarmouth, from whence she sailed on the 3r4d October. The Clutha is a fine brigantine of 250 tons, owned by our old friend Mr George Ross, one of the first party of settlers in Otago, who returned home for the express purpose of bringing out a vessel to trade from our port. We understand she has a cargo on board for all the other settlements, to which she will proceed with all despatch. Mr Ross deserves thanks of the community for his spirited enterprise, and we wish him every success and encouragement in his undertaking.

February 25

Sailed. Feb. 18th, brigantine, Mountain Maid, 192 tons, Peacock, master, for Wellington, with part of original cargo and 50 bales wool, produce of New Zealand. Passengers - Mr Peacock, Mrs Mitchell and 2 children.

March 4 1854 Otago Witness

Arrived. Feb. 28th, schooner boat Scotia, Beale, from Waikawaiti. Passengers - Miss Warden and Master Beale. - T. Tayler, agent.

Sailed. March 2nd, barque Stately, 545 tons, Ginder, master, for Wellington. Passengers. Mr and Mrs Peel, Mr Howarth, Mr Hobbs, Mrs Letis and family, Mrs McDonald and 2 children, Miss Beenie. - Macandrew & Co., agents.

March 11 1854

Arrived. March 4, Government brig Victoria, 200 tons, Deck, from Port Victoria. Passengers - The Auditor-General of New Zealand and the Hon. Mr. J. Stuart Wortley.
9th, barque Eliza, 117 tons, Walker, master, from Sydney via Port Victoria, with general cargo and part of the cargo of the Constantine's transhipped at Wellington. Passengers - Mrs Walker, Mrs Howie, Mr and Mrs Warnock and child, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Logan, Mr Brydon, Messrs. Todd, Messrs. J. and W. Bowman, Mr State. - Macandrew & Co. agents. The "Eliza" has brought on the "Constantine's" passengers and cargo which were for this port.

Cleared out from the Custom-House. March 8th, brigantine Clutha, 154 tons, Newton, master, for Port Victoria, with part of the original cargo from Leith. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Reid, Mr E. Knapman, Messrs. Newman and Stuart. T. Taylor, agent.

Dunedin, Saturday March 25, 1854

It is just six years last Thursday since there appeared from our shores, as it were, a speck on the horizon. It approaches nearer and nearer; the discovery is made - a ship is on sight! a ship bearing to our harbour a little band of kindred spirits in search of a home, and prepared to encounter all the realities of an emigrant's life. They land, and being joined from time to time by other adventurous spirits like unto ourselves, have formed the present society we see around us. Difficulties as usual crossed our path, and been manfully overcome; and now that advancing from infancy to maturity, a new era is opening before us. In a commercial point of view, we are progressing satisfactorily. Year after year shows a steady increase in the value of our exports. The result of industry and perseverance is manifest wherever we go, and our people are contented under their improved condition; for we are confident that few of our settlers could have attained that measure of independence and comfort in the home-country which they have acquired in this land of their adoption.
    In the mist of secular pursuits there is one gratifying feature in our arrangements. viz., that religious ordinances, although far short of what might be desired, have not been forgotten. But a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming to our shores two additional Ministers of the Gospel, so that now we possess one to about every 500 souls in the Province. Let our watchword be Progress, and let us manifest our gratitude to that Providence who directed our steps hitherward. 

April 1

Arrived. March 29, brig Thomas and Henry, 234 tons, James Davies, master, from Sydney.
Sailed. March 28th, Government Brig Victoria, Deck, for Port Victoria and other ports. Passengers. J. Macandrew, Cutten, and Cargill, Members of the General Assembly; Charles Knight, Esq., Auditor-General, and 4 others.
Same day, barque Eliza, 117 tons, Walker, for Sydney. Passengers - Messrs. Bowman, Heenan, Shanks, Taylor, Robison, Mr and Mrs E. Jones and family. Mansford, agent.

April 8 1854

For Sydney via Wellington. The new clipper Brig "Thomas and Henry," 234 tons register, James Davis, Commander. This fine vessel has superior accommodation both for Cabin and steerage Passengers with comforts that are not usually met with in ships in the Colonial trade. The Cabin Passengers will be provided with Beds, Bedding, &c. For Freight or Passage apply to John Jones.

["Thomas and Henry,"
Wooden two mast brig. 234 tons. 91.2 x 22.0 x 14.4, later remeasured = 215 tons. 94.9 x 23.7 x 14.3.
Built 1850 Alexander Newton & William Malcolm, Manning River, NSW.
Owners: Originally owned in Sydney April 1854 John Jones, Dunedin, registered Dunedin; 1869 William Isaac, Dunedin; 1872 Messrs. Clark, Dunedin; !875 W. Guthrie and partners; 1878 Guthrie & Larnarch's N.Z. Timber & Woodware Factories Ltd. 1883 John Mill, stevedore, Dunedin.
Ship broken up and register closed April 1924. ]

April 8

Sailed. March 31, brig Thomas and Henry, 234 tons, Davies, master, for Moeraki. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Jones and 4 children. 

Imports. In the Thomas and Henry,132 tons sugar, 20 half-chests tea, 5 kegs manufactured tobacco, 51 bags flour, 1000 sheep, 2 cart wheels, 1 box - Jones. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Wm. Jones and 4 children.

April 15 1854

Arrived. April 7, schooner Mary, Thomson, master from Moeraki, in ballast.
10th, brig Thomas and Henry, 234 tons, from Moeraki

Sailed. 11th, schooner Brothers, James Harrold, for the Taieri, with sundry produce for the settlers.

Cleared out. 10th, brig Thomas and Henry, Davies, for Sydney. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs Cargill, Mr Spencer Cargill, Captain and Mrs Bellairs, Mr Sidey. Steerage: Miss Petullo, Mrs Glen and 6 children.

April 22

John Wilson and Charles Thompson respectfully intimate to the public that the well-known Schooner Boat "Annie," now their property, is open for Freight or Charter.
    For further particulars apply to C.S. Partridge, Commercial Inn.

April 29

April 17, the Endeavour, 16 tons, Joseph, from the Clutha. 17 bales wool. Macandrew & Co. agents.
21, the Brothers, Williams, from the Taieri. 16 bags oats - George Smith. 1 keg butter - Mansford.
24th, the Annie, Thompson, from Moeraki. 25 bags wheat - McGlashan
25, the Scotia, Blueskin, from Waikawaiti. 45 bags wheat - Jones. 1 keg butter Mansford
26th, the Sarah, Skidmore from Moeraki, 27 bags wheat McGlashan. 1 basket bacon, 1 keg butter - Healey. Passengers Mr and Mrs Berry and child.

May 6  1854   page 7

Arrivals. May 2, the Scotia, Blueskin, from Waikouaiti. Cargo - 35 bags wheat and cwt cheese 
4th, the Destruzione, 234 tons, foreign ship, Giacoma Gozzoli, master, from Wellington. Cargo - Part of original cargo from Sydney.

Departure 4th, the Annie, Thomson, for Moeraki. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Howie, J. Gibbs, J. Morris, T, Collins. Cargo - Stores for settlers.

The brigantine "Australian," Captain Pearce, arrived in this harbour yesterday morning from Melbourne, via Nelson, after a passage of three weeks.

May 27 1854

Departure. May 18th, the Destruzione, 238 tons, for Sydney.

Saturday July 8

The fine new iron screw Streamer "Nelson," Edward Martin, Commander, expected about 23rd July, will leave two days after her arrival here, for Victoria and other settlements. The following Scale of Chief Cabin Fares has been determined upon:-

Between Otago 	and Victoria	 �5  0
  "	 "	and Wellington	  7 10
  "	 "	and Nelson	 10  0
  "	 "	and New Plymouth 12 10
  "	 "	and Manakau	 15  0

Spirits, Wines, and Beer not included, but which may be purchased on board. Fore-Cabin Fares, one third less.
J. Macandrew & Co.

July 8 1854

July 3, the Despatch, 139 tons, Rogers, from Port Victoria, with general cargo. Cabin passenger - Mr Dalrymple, son and two daughters, Mr Peel, Miss Logie, Mr Fisher, Mrs Gibbs, Master and Miss Gibbs. Steerage - Messrs. Gibson, Millar, McLeod. Manuel, Mrs Condie, Mrs Bower, Mr Lean, wife, and 5 children.
July 5, the Rover, 10 tons, Day, from Lyttelton, with general cargo. Passenger - Mr Gibbs.

July 29 1854

Frederick Young & Co.'s Line of Packets between London and Otago, and other Ports of New Zealand.  The following First-class Ships have already been sent out, and others will quickly follow; 

John Taylor 	  800 tons
Northfleet 	 1100  "
Duke of Portland  550  "
Balnaguith	  900  "
Norman Morrison  1000  "
Trafalgar	 1200  "

The Undersigned, Agent for the above splendid Line of Packets, will arrange with Settlers here who may be desirous of bringing their friends from Great Britain to this Colony.
    Arrangements with the Provincial Council in Wellington have been made to bring out Government Immigrants by this Line of Packets. For further particulars apply to
Edward McGlashan.

Arrived. July 17, the Thomas and Henry, 236 tons, Davies, master, from Sydney, via Wellington, with a general cargo. Passengers - C. Roebuck and D. Sinclair, - Tayler, agent.
July 26, the Steamer Nelson, 215 tons, Martin, master, from Port Victoria. Passengers - Messrs. Studholme & Clapcott. Macandrew & Co., agent.

Cleared Out from the Customs House. July 14, the Despatch, 139 tons, Rogers, for Port Victoria, with part of the original cargo, 35 cwt. potatoes, and 950 bushels oats - Swainbourne. Mansford, agent.

August 12 1854 page 1

Arrived. Aug. 1. the Thetis,  _ tons, Pook, master, from London, with general cargo. J. Macandrew and Co. agents. Passengers - Charles Vivian, Esq., in the cabin. Intermediate; Messrs. Smith, Gundry, Finch, Whelan, Healy, Highmore, and Marshall, Mary Darley, Mr and Mrs Elmer, son, and two daughters,
Aug. 13. the brigantine Clutha, 154 tons, from Melbourne.
Same day, the Thomas Worthington, from Melbourne.

Sailed. July 29, the Thomas and Henry, 234 tons, Davies, master, for Wellington - Tayler, agent. Passengers. Mrs Paterson, and Peter and Edward Peterson, Miss Howarth and Mr Pillans.

August 26

Arrived. August 14, the Clutha, 154 tons, Paton. master, from Melbourne, with general cargo. Passengers; Mr Oliver Sutton, age 31, and Mrs Sutton, age 24, and 5 children ages 7,5,3,2,1.  Mr George Ross, age 27. Tayler, agent.
Same day, the Thomas Worthington, 203 tons, Unthank, master, from Melbourne. Passengers for Otago - Mrs Glen and 6 children. - Tayler, agent.

Sailed. August 21st, the Thomas Worthington, 203 tons, Unthank, master, for Port Victoria, with part of the original cargo and passengers from Melbourne. 

Cleared out. August 25th, the Clutha, 154 tons, Paton, for Valparaiso, in ballast.

September 23

Arrived. The Auckland, cutter, about 20 tons, Whitlock, master, from the Auckland Islands, with about 130 seals skins and 10 casks of mutton birds.

Sailed. Sept. 15, the Thetis, 460 tons, Pook, master, for Port Victoria. passengers - Messrs. Swift, and Highmore, Mr and Mrs Miller and 3 children, Mr S. Gibbs and Mr J. Allan. Macandrew & Co. agents.

Saturday 14 October 1854

Arrived. Oct. 8, the steamer Nelson, Martin, master, from Port Victoria. passengers - Messrs. Macandrew and Cutten, Captain Bellairs, lady and child, Mr French, Mr Dawson, Captain Blackie, and Mr and Mrs Laing.

Oct. 9, the Onkaparinga, 180 tons, McKenzie, master, from Akaroa. Passenger - Mr Egar, Mansford, agent.

Sailed. Oct 10, the cutter, Auckland, Whitlock, master, for Wellington.
Same day, the schooner Mary, 12 tons, Tairoa, master, for Wellington
Oct. 11, the steamer Nelson, for Port Victoria.

October 21

For Wellington and Back, Calling at Port Cooper. The splendid new Clipper Schooner, "Star of Dunedin," will Sail as above on or about the 10th November. 
    As there will be no detention at either port, this will be a good opportunity for those who may wish to visit the above-names Settlements and return again immediately.
    For Freight or Passage apply to the Undersigned, who will continue to purchase every description of produce for shipment up to the 8th November. 
            J. Macandrew & Co.

November 4

Arrived. Oct. 25. the Thomas and Henry, 234 tons, Davies, master, from Sydney via other ports, with general cargo. Passengers - Messrs Smith, Shaw, and Carnegie, Mrs Chapman and child - Tayler, agent.
Oct. 26, the Gazelle, 280 tons, Lewis, master, from Sydney, with 1000 sheep and 28 horses.

Sailed. Oct. 21, the Onkaparinga, 180 tons, McKenzie, master, for Melbourne via Wellington - Macandrew and Co., agents.

Exports. In the Onkaparinga; shipped at Otago 527 bags oats, 12 bags barley, 50 bags bran, 11 bags wheat, 17 tons potatoes - McKenzie. 36 bags oats, 21 bags potatoes - Hepburn. All Produce of Otago.

November 18th

Arrived. Nov. 8th, the Dolphin, 370 tons, Turnbull, master, from London, with general cargo. Passengers in the cabin-

Aikman	 	Mr
Badcock	 	Mr
Borton	 	Mr
Harrison 	Mr
Latter	 	Mr
Nimmo	 	Mr
Maitlan	 	Miss
Rattray	 	Miss
Smith	 	Mr and Mrs
Stimper	 	Miss

Bergin		Robert, Edmond and Thomas
Christie	Mr and Mrs
McRae 		Mr and Mrs C.
McRae 		John, Roderick, John
Milne 		Mary

Nov. 11. the Camilla, 201 tons, Plant, master from Twofold Bay [Eden, NSW] with 600 sheep.

Sailed. Nov. 11, the Thomas and Henry, 235 tons, Davis master, for Wellington, with part of the original cargo and shipped at Otago under bond.
Passengers. Mr and Mrs Hollinshead and son.
Mrs Lovell and 3 children
Miss Jenkins
Messrs. John Williams and Simon Ebdin - Tayler agent.

Nov. 12, the Gazelle, 285 tons, Downie, master ,for Sydney, in ballast. Passenger, Mr McClyment.
Nov. 13. the Star of Dunedin, __ tons, Adam, master, for Wellington

December 16

Arrived. Dec. 4th, the Ashmore, 421 tons, Edwards, master, from London via Port Victoria, with part of the original cargo from London, and sundry goods shipped at Port Victoria under bond and duty paid. Passengers - Messrs J. Jones, J. Cargill, Mr Gibbs, W. Day and Mr Lloyd. Mrs Cargill, Mrs Frank Cargill, Miss Cole, 1 female servant, and 3 children.
Dec. 12, the Pudsey Dawson, 761 tons, Davis, master, from London.

December 16

Otago, New Zealand
20th Nov. 1854.

To Captain James Turnbull, 
Barque Dolphin.
    Dear Sir, We, the passengers of the barque Dolphin from London to Otago, beg to express our sense of the very able and satisfactory manner in which you have discharged your duties as commander, and your kind attention and consideration of our comforts during the voyage.
    Our united and sincere desire is that every good fortune and happiness may attend you in all your undertakings, and wishing you a safe and speedy passage to England.
We remain.
Dear Sir,
You faithful and obliged friends,

Thomas Nimmo
Charles Smith
Mrs Charles Smith
Robina Rattray
Mary Emma Sumpter
Mary Stuart Maitland
Mary Milne
J. Barnes Borton
Robert Latter
John Campbell Aikman
Henry N. Harrison
Awdry Badcock
Robert Christie
Jessie Christie
Christopher McCrae
Margaret McCrae

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