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Otago Witness Jan 6  1855

Arrived. Dec. 15, the Pudsey Dawson. 761 tons, Davies, master, from London, with general cargo. Passengers for Otago - Messrs. Young, Teschemaker, C. Lemon, J. Oast, R. McKay, T. Richardson, Mrs Young, Mrs Richardson, and 3 children - J. Jones agent.
Dec. 18, the Star, 40 tons, Adam, from Wellington and Port Victoria, with general cargo. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Murray, Mr A. Burns, - Macandrew agent.
Dec. H.M.S. Pandora, Capt. Drury
Sailed. Dec. 19, the Pudsey Dawson, for Wellington and other ports.
Same day, the Ashmore, 5122 tons, Edwards, for Callao, in ballast.
Jan. 1, H.M.S. Pandora, for the south.

Otago Witness 20 Jan 1855

Arrived Jan 10, the whaling brig Curlew, 117 tons, P. Gilroy, master, from Sydney, for South Seas. Called in for hands.
Jan 10, the Gazelle, 285 tons, Downie, master, from Sydney, with 800 sheep, 28 horses, 92 head of cattle, and 5 tons wire fencing. Passengers - Mr McClyment and Mr L. Accher. - Mansford agent.

Thomas and Henry sailed from Sydney on 6th instant from Wellington, Port Cooper and Otago. Passengers- Mr and Mrs Clarkson, Mrs Ellis and son. Mr and Mrs Wilkins and daughter, Mrs Paterson and 3 children, Mrs. McKinnon, Messrs. Rouch, Hunter, Campbell, and Boulton.

Otago Witness 24th Feb 1855

Arrived Feb. 11, the "Nelson," steamer, 215 tons, Martin, master, from Port Victoria. Passengers -Dr Shmidt and servant, Messrs. Latter, Evrett, Hursthouse, Nayler, Swinbourne, Mr and Mrs Culling and child, Joseph Culling, Miss Torrance.
Feb. 21, the "Thomas and Henry," 234 tons, Davies, master, from Sydney, via Port Victoria. Passengers - Mrs Ellis and child, Mrs Sutton and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Orbell, Mrs Peterson and 3 children, Messrs Robertson, McKenzie, Hunter, Dalziel, Stevenson, Beswick, Kirkland, and two Natives.
:Feb. 6, the "Star," 38 tons, Millar, master, for Wellington via Moeraki.
 Feb. 13, the "Nelson," steamer, for Port Victoria. Passengers - Messrs Hursthouse, Swinbourne, and Latter.
15, the "William Tell," 367 tons, Smith, master for the whale fisheries.

Otago Witness March 31 

Arrived. March 29. the Gazelle, 285 tons, Downie, master, from Sydney, with 750 sheep, 41 heifers, 59 horses, and a quantity of wire fencing. Passengers Messrs - Taylor and Laing.
Mar 30., the Caledonia, 62 tons, Blair, master, from Melbourne, with general cargo. Passengers- Messrs, Pearson, Saunders, Penton, Brandon, Shields, Cole, and Dalrymple.

Otago Witness Apr. 14. 

Arrived, April 9, the Simlah, 597 tons, Allen, master, from London via Wellington. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Jeffreys, Mr and Mrs Bethune, Messrs Julius, W. and J. Martin, A. Cameron.
April 12, the Amherst, 170 tons, Ward, master, from Melbourne, with general cargo and several zinc and iron houses, and 1 horse and 150 sheep. Mr and Mrs Pinkerton, Master Pinkerton, and 5 Misses Pinkerton, Dinah Rodney, and George Bruce.

Sailed. April 5, the Caledonia, 61 tons, Blair, for Wellington, with part of the original cargo from Melbourne. Passengers - Messrs. Dalrymple, Penton, Brandon, Shield, and Cole.

Otago Witness, 24 March 1855, Page 2
The ship Simlah, Capt. Allen, arrived in Wellington on the 12th ult from London, after a passage of 104 days. We understand she was about to sail for Canterbury when the Star left Wellington. Her passengers for this place are � Mr. and Mrs. Jeffreys, Mr. H. Julius, Mr. and Mrs. Bethune, Mr. and Mrs. Bell.

Otago Witness Saturday the 21st April 1855

A fishing boat, intended for the voyage to Australia, has sailed for her destination. She is named the Mystery, and is only 22 tons. Her crew, on leaving Mount's Bay, in Cornwall, were in the best health and spirits, and appeared sanguine of a safe and speedy voyage.. The wind at the time blew from the north-east, the sails were set by the friends of the voyagers, who accompanied them on board, and the Mystery started gallantly with the best wishes of all for her success - Liverpool Courier. [This little craft has safely arrived in Melbourne]

Arrived 19 April, the steamer, Nelson, from Port Victoria. Passengers - Messrs. Ryan, Fraser, Latter, Grant, McMaster, and Cautley and servant.
Same day, the Sea Snake, 470 tons, Cohn, master, from London., She sailed from London on 6th January. he has 17 passengers, all of whom are for Wellington; but a considerable portion of her cargo is for this place.

Otago Witness Saturday the 5th May 1855

Arrived. April 28, Otago, 70 tons, Stevens, master, from Whaling grounds, ballast.
Same day, Mount Wollaston, U.S. 325 tons, Potter, master, from Akaroa, via whaling grounds, with 175 barrels sperm and 750 barrels whale oil, 3 tons whalebone.
May 1, Ashurst, 170 tons, Ward, master, from Lyttelton, with part of original cargo from Melbourne. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Pinkerton and family.

Sailed. May 2, Mount Wollaston for whaling grounds.

Otago Witness Saturday the 5th May 1855

Arrived. May 24, the "Thomas and Henry," 234 tons, Davies, master from Sydney.

Sailed. May 19, the "Sea Snake," 425 tons, Cohn, master, for Wellington, with part of the original cargo and passengers from London and Messrs Todd from Otago - J. Jones, agent.
same day, the "Endeavour," 16 tons, Smith, master, for Moeraki and Omaru, with stores for settlers. Passengers - Mr L. Stuart and 3 children - Macandrew & Co., agents.

The "Thomas and Henry," has made a rather long passage of 16 days, and has experienced bad weather. of her cargo of live stock, consisting of 30 horses, we understand she has lost 15, and has sustained some damage, her bulwarks having been carried away.

June 16th 1855 Otago Witness

Arrived June 4, the Sybil, 118 tons, Nicol, master, from Geelong, with general cargo. Passengers - Messrs Wilson, Barnett, and Baker - Mansford agent.
June 11, the John Bull, 71 tons, Thomson, master, from Sydney, via Wellington, with general cargo. Passengers- Messers. Carnegie, Hamilton, Long, Cook, Shanks, Mansford, and McKeller -Carnegie, agent
Cleared Out.
June 5, the Amherst, 170 tons, Ward, master, for Melbourne. Passengers -Messrs, Pinkerton, Reynolds, Saunders, and Shaw. Tayler, agent

June 30 1855

Arrived. June 26, the Governor, whaler, 147 tons, Burns, from Sydney, some five months out. Clean ship, having seen no fish on the coast of New Zealand. Master, first mate, and greater part of the crew deserted her at Bluff, New Zealand, second mate bringing her on to this port.

Cleared Out.
June 26, the Thomas and Henry, 234 tons, Davies, master, for Sydney with a cargo of produce valued at �3490.
June 29, the Sybil, 108 tons, Nicol, master, sails today for Geelong with a like cargo, valued at �871. - Mansford, agent.

page 3.
We regret to learn that the "Star" has gone ashore at the Toi Toies. Her masts have been cut away to lighten her, and every effort was being made to get her off, we hope with success.
    The "Thomas Henry" has gone aground on a bank in the harbour, and we understand will have to discharge part of her cargo before she can be got off.

July 14 

Arrived July 3, the Workington, 150 tons, Henry, master, from Sydney, with 20 horses, 200 sheep, and general cargo after a long and stormy passage. Passengers - Miss Brown and Mr Griffiths. Macandrew & Co., agents. We understand that the whole of the immigrants of the labouring class by the "Workington" have met with employment, and that the demand is far from supplied even at this season of the year.

Cleared out from Custom House
July 13, the John Bull, 71 tons, Thomson, master, for Sydney. Passengers- Messrs. Shand and Griffiths.

We learn with satisfaction that there is a prospect of the establishment between this and neighbouring ports, an offer having been made by Mr J. Jones, of Dunedin, to purchase a steamer, advertised in the Sydney papers for sale; and from the price offered, there is every probability of the purchase being concluded. The steamer the "Ant," is thus described in the advertisement:-
    The Iron Screw Steamer, Ant, was built by Messrs. Scott and Co., Greenock, and launched in July last; fitted with two direct acting overhead cylinder engines. Cylinders, 20 inch diameter, and 20 inch stroke; 25 horse power; and tubular boiler. She has also a small tubular upright boiler, with cylinder 8 inch diameter and 9 inch stroke, to act as donkey engine, connected with a strong winch, 5 horse power, for loading and discharging cargo; and is fitted with three waterproof bulk heads. Her dimensions are-
Length of keel and fore rake... 105 feet
Depth of hold ....9 feet 3 inches.
Breadth of beam ...18 feet
Tonnage, o.m. 153 tons.
    Will carry 200 tons on a draught of 7 feet water; has sailed 10 knots under steam, and 12 knots under canvas. She is fully provided with duplicates of all her working machinery, and ready for sea.

28th July Otago Witness

Arrived July 23, the Zingari (steamer), 148 tons, Millton, master, from, Port Victoria. Passengers- Miss Shalders, Messrs McClyment, Latter, and Waitman. - Mansford agent.
July 25, Camilla, 201 tons, Plant, master, from Eden, with 450 sheep, and 73 horned cattle, -1 case toys- Macandrew & Co. agents.
July 26, the Gazelle, 285 tons, Downie, master, from Wellington. Passengers-Messrs. A. and A. Todd. Mr Lorimer and family, Charlotte and Mary Ann Brebner, Mr Allan and family, Messrs. W. and O. Familton, Mr Kirkwood, Mr and Mrs Bell and 4 children.

Cleared out from the Customs House
July 20, the Workington, 150 tons, Henry, master, for the Chatham Islands. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Shand and 8 children.
Sailed. July 25,
the Zingari, 148 tons, for Port Victoria. Passengers -Messrs Latter and Waitman.

11 August 1855 Otago Witness

Arrived. August 10, the Christina, 126 tons, Kay, master, from Melbourne. Passengers -Mr and Mrs Millward, Messrs. Storie, Reordan, Marshall, Jones, Pashley, Murphy, Bell. - MacAndrew & Co. agents. 

August 25 1855

Cleared out from the Customs House
August 23, the Gazelle, 285 tons, Downie, master for Sydney. Passengers - Messrs Ross, Hammond, and McClyment.

September 1 1855

James Harrold & Richard Craigie respectfully inform their friends and Public generally that their schooner "Brothers" will ply regularly, wind and weather permitting between Dunedin and the Taieri Ferry, and will convey produce from, or to, the Taieri, Waipora, Waihola, and Tokomairiro districts. The owner's name must be properly marked upon every article. By applying to Mr Alexander Rennie, Storekeeper, Dunedin, all information may be has as regards the time Sailing, and where goods may be left for the Schooner. [see Sept. 29 1855]

Sept. 8th 1855

Arrived. Sept. 3, the Gil Blas, 175 tons, John Nicol, master, from  Melbourne. Passengers- Cabin:
Mr and Mrs Gillies, Mr and Mrs Logee and daughter.
Messrs. Thom, Grant, and William H. Reynolds [Immigration Agent for this Province]. Steerage: Messrs,Kay, Cameron, Mr and Mrs Iles, Mr and Mrs Lawrence, 2 sons and 1 daughter, Messrs. Forest, Feger, Harris, and Drummond, Mr and Mrs Gregg, and son and daughter. Mr Matthews, Mr and Mrs McPherson, and 2 daughters. Mr and Mrs Adams, Mr and Mrs Lewis and 2 daughters, Mr and Mrs Perkins, 2 sons and 2 daughters, Messrs Smith, McWilliams, Morrin, and Porteous. - Macandrew & Co., agents.

The "Gil Blas," fast sailing clipper brig, from Melbourne, arrived in this port on the 3rd instant. She made the passage to the heads in 8 days, but the wind being unfavourable for her entering port, she was blown off the coast for 14 days. She brought no mail, but we have been favourably some passengers with a perusal of a few of the Geelong and Melbourne papers of the latest dates, from which we have extracted the most important items of intelligence.

The "Gil Blas" has brought 59 passengers, most of whom have come under the auspices of the provincial Government. Many of them are capitalists, and all whose passages have been paid by the Government have entered into engagements to repay the amount advanced. We are given to understand that there are many small capitalists and labourers who are likely to emigrate from Australia to this Province if encouragement be given them. We learn, too, with satisfaction, that all the late immigrants who where in search of employment have found engagements; but many are unwilling to engage for any lengthened period; indeed, there can be but little doubt that the great attraction to them has been the facility with which land can be procured in this Province under the new regulations. ...

It is gratifying to find that our Immigration Agent was able to procure a temporary though insufficient supply for our labour market upon the terms stated, namely, a return of the passage money, and also to make a selection of the applicants for passage; whilst some other Provinces of New Zealand have had difficulties in obtaining immigrants, not withstanding their having paid the full passage-money without conditions. 

Water and good pasturage are to be had in abundance the soil for the purpose of agriculture is stated by competent judges to be of a quality not to be surpassed, and to this is to be added the fact that this land can be acquired at a cost of 10s. per acre, the only condition of purchase being, that the purchaser shall bona fide occupy the land and expend a sum equal to 2 per acre in improvement within four years from the date of purchase, the sole object of this restriction being to prevent monopoly and speculation- two evils, to the mischievous effects of which it may be said the public of this Province are so keenly alive that they are never likely to exist to any great extent;... 

Otago Witness  Sept. 8th 1855

Melbourne Labour Market, Aug 2, 1855 
With Rations.
Married couples, without families 80 l. to 100 l. per annum
Shepherds 35 l to 45 l. 
Hutkeepers 30 l to 35 l.
Ploughmen 30s
Gardeners 25s to 30s.
Farm servants 20s to 25s.

Without rations:
Carpenters 15s to 16s per day
Bricklayers 16s to 18s
Masons 18s to 20s
Labourers on the roads 10s

Female servants:-
General servants 25 l to 30 l
Housemaids 20 l to 25 l
Nursemaids 15 l to 20 l
Laundress 30 l to 35 l
Cooks 35 l to 45 l

AB seamen for India and home 5 l a month
do. coasting 5 l
Mates 8 l to 9 l

Otago Witness 15 Sept. 1855 

Married couples with rations 45 to 70 
Shepherds, with ditto, 45 to 50
Farm servants, single men, 50 to 60 

Arrived Sept 10, the Amherst, 170 tons, McIntyre, from Port Victoria. Passengers -Mr Pinkerton, Mr and Mrs Allan- Macandrew & Co., agents

September 29 1855

Arrived. Sept. 21, the Thomas & Henry, 234 tons, Davies, master, from Sydney via Wellington. J. Jones, agent. Passengers - Mrs Davies and 2 children. Mr and Mrs Thompson and 3 children, Mr Horne and 2 children, Capt. Ridley. Steerage: Mr and Mathews, wife and child, Messrs. Tolma, Thompson, Moore, J. Davies and William Mathieson.

Loss of the schooner "Brother's." We regret to learn that the brothers, a Schooner of 16 tons, the property of Mr James Harrold, of the Taieri Ferry, got aground on the bar at the mouth of the Taieri River, whilst on a voyage to Dunedin with a load of wheat, potatoes, and other produce. Part of the cargo was saved but the vessel has become a total wreck.

Many of the immigrants who arrived here by the Gil Blas from Melbourne only a few weeks since have already become purchasers of land to the extent of several hundred acres, chiefly in the Tokomairioro district; all the late arrivals are entirely satisfied with the Province...

October 13 1855

Cleared Out.  Oct. 4, the Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol, master, for Melbourne. Passengers - Mr F. Cargill and 3 children and female servant, Messrs. W. H. Reynolds and T. Robinson. Macandrew & Co. agent.
Oct. 8, the Thomas & Henry, 234 tons, Thompson, master, for Melbourne, Passengers - Mr Harris and Capt. Clapcott. 
    The departure of the "Thomas and Henry" with a full cargo of produce will, we presume, close the exports for the present year, as we are given to understand that as much of our agricultural produce as can be well spared has already been exported. Summary.

Oct. 27 1855 Otago Witness

Arrived. Oct 23rd, the Macclesfield, 115 tons, Jarvis, from Melbourne, with sundry goods belonging to passengers for Otago. Passengers for Otago- Mr and Mrs Elgar, Messrs Drummond, Rowan, McMaster, Watt, Davies, Thompson, and Hamilton. For Port Victoria - Mr and Mrs Pawrie and 2 daughters, Phillip and Henry Mussen, John Thompson. For Wellington - Mrs Hampthorne and child, Mr and Mrs Zelly, Mr and Mrs Reynolds and 4 daughters, Mr and Mrs Robertson, Mr and Mrs Skinner, Messrs. Layman and Bell. For Nelson - David Gerrard, John Branis - Mansford, agent.

The Caroline Agnes, Capt. Ferguson, 580 tons, direct from England, with about 187 passengers (12 of whom are cuddy), all for this Province, arrived at Lyttelton yesterday afternoon. This vessel left England on the 19th April; after passing the Bay of Biscay she experienced head winds and heavy gales, which has retarded her passage. Four deaths took place during the voyage - Lyttelton Times Aug. 18. The following is a list of the passengers:- in the Caroline Agnes for Otago. Passengers - R. Swale, G. Howarth and wife, Hay, M. Burnside, Dawson, Borthwick, Duthie. 

Nov. 3. 1855 Otago Witness

Arrived Oct 27th, Caroline Agnes, Ferguson, master, from London, via Port Cooper. Passengers : Mr R. Male, Messrs G. Howarth and wife, J. Douglas and wife, M. Burnside, T. and D. Dawson.

Nov. 10th  Otago Witness

Birth. On Sunday, 4th Nov,. on board the Caroline Agnes in harbour, Otago, the lady of Captain Ferguson, of a daughter.

Otago Witness Nov. 10th

Nov. 6. the Gazelle, 285 tons, Downie, master, from Sydney, with 48 horses, 62 heifers, 800 sheep, and 1� tons wire fencing - J. Macandrew, agents
Nov. 9, the Camilla, 201 tons, Rossiter, master, from  Twofold Bay, with 136 heifers and 200 sheep. J. Macandrew & Co., agents.

The "Gazelle," from Sydney arrived in port on the 3rd inst., bringing a cargo consisting of sheep, cattle, and horses. Mr McClymont has again been very fortunate, having lost but few of his stock, and landed the rest in excellent condition. We understand that he has found a ready market, and that a few sheep alone remain to be disposed of. They are stated by the Inspector (John Anderson) to be first-rate quality.

Same day, the Spray, 148 tons, Scott, master, from Port Victoria. Port Victoria. Passengers - Mrs Valpy, Mr and Mrs Jeffries, child and servant

Otago Witness Nov. 10th.

The Maori, from England, arrived in Nelson on the 23rd ult., after a passage of 107 days, and several passengers for that and other ports in New Zealand.

Otago Witness Nov. 17th

Shipping News. 
Arrived Nov. 15, the Esther, 54 tons, Blair master, from Wellington, with cargo transhipped ex the Maori, from London. Passengers - Messrs. Ellins, Campbell, McIndoe, Littlewort, John Oughton and wife, and child, Mrs Wastie and child, Miss Petrie, Mrs Seed, Messrs. Brown and Dalrymple.

Otago Witness Nov. 24th

Arrived. Nov. 19. the Coila, 108 tons, Edington, master, from Sydney, via Port Victoria, with original cargo from Sydney. Passengers - Mr Saunders, Mr and Mrs Reynolds and 4 children, Mr and Mrs Robertson. - Carnegie, agent
Nov. 19th, the Southern Cross, from Port Victoria. Passengers: The Bishop of New Zealand and lady and Mr Pattison

Cleared Out. Nov. 17th, the Caroline Agnes, 670 tons, Ferguson, master for China, in ballast. - Jones agent.
Same day, the Gazelle, 285 tons, Downie, master, for Sydney. Passengers - Messrs M'Clymont, J, Reid, and W. Currie. - Mansford agent.

Otago Witness Dec. 1.

Arrived. Nov. 28, the Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol, from Melbourne, passengers- Mr and Mrs Henderson, son and 4 daughters, Mr and Mrs Highan, 4 sons and 3 daughters, Wm. McDougall, Marlotte and Elizabeth Nules, Mr and Mrs Wynne, Edward Briscoe, Mr and Mrs Canning and child, Mr and Mrs Godley and 2 sons, Mr and Mrs Adam, son and 2 daughters, Charles, Frederick, and Henry Falconer, John Maltman, W. Thompson, Mr and Mrs Garman, Mr and Mrs Scott and daughter, Catherine Torrens, H. Gordon, R. Miller, Mr and Mrs Isted and 3 daughters, J. Joice, H. Strickland, H. Gregg, Mr and Mrs Oughton and daughter, James Bowman, Fanny Burridge, Hugh Rowlands, W.H. Reynolds, - Macandrew & Co., agents.

Arrived. Nov. 30, the Thomas & Henry, 234 tons, Brig, William Thompson, master, from Melbourne, Passengers - Mr and Mrs Begg and family, Robert Begg, Jane Sutherland, Gilbert Anderson, J.H. Harris, Esq., John Smith. Mr and Mrs Thomas, 1 son, and 2 daughters, Townsend Thomas.

Sailed Nov. 26, the Coila, 108 tons, Edington, for Sydney, in ballast. Passengers - Capt. and Mrs Belairs, Carnegie agent.

Otago Witness Dec. 8.

On board the "Gil Blas," 29th November, 1855
To Captain John Nicol.
Dear Sir, 
We the passengers per the "Gil Blas" cannot leave the vessel which has so safely conveyed us to our destination without this expression of our satisfaction at the manner in which you have performed the onerous duties of your position, and at the same tome congratulate you on the thorough good feeling which prevailed though the voyage. in which we consider you to have been mainly instrumental from your invariably kind, considerate and gentlemanly behaviour. 
    In this our farewell, we hope to convey, however inadequately, out heartfelt wishes for continued prosperity of one who so well merits it, and remain 
sincerely and respectfully,
your obedient servants,

Edward V. Briscoe
Jas. Bowan
H. Gregg
Gas. Faulkner
F. Faulkner
J. Morrison
David F. Adams
James G. Scott
George Godley
Thomas Ovington
James Joyce
James Isteed
J. Canning
W.J. Jarman
John Maltman
R. Srickland
Gordon Hughan
David Hughan
Hugh Gordon
Hugh Rowlands
Thomas Hughan
W. MacDonald
Catherine Torrance
Maryann Hughan
Elizabeth Christie
Mary Hughan
Charlotte Miles
Caroline Miles
Fanny Barrey

Otago Witness 22 Dec.

Arrived Dec. 18, the Content, 148 tons, Robertson, master, from Sydney, via Port Victoria, Passengers: Mr. G. Ross, Mr. Moffatt, Mr and Mrs Jenkins, Mr and Mrs Brotherston, Mr and Mrs Wyatt

Cleared Outwards, Dec 11th, the Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol, master, for Melbourne, Messrs. Strickland and Cameron.

Otago Witness 29 Dec. 1855

Sailed . Dec. 22, Content, brig, 148 tons, Robertson for Port Victoria. Passengers Mr. Horne and 2 children.
Dec. 23 Star, schooner, 38 tons, Blackie, for the Clutha. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Begg and family, Miss Sutherland.

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