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Printed and published every Saturday morning by D. Campbell, at the Office of the Otago Witness, Printing-house Wharf, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

Shipping News
Otago Witness Saturday January  9, 1858  page 4

Shipping News 
January 1. Content, 148 tons, Robertson, from Sydney. Passengers - Miss Loftus and servant, Mrs Robertson, and two children, Mr McClymont. The "Content," Capt. Robertson, from Sydney, arrived in this port on Friday the 1st instant, after a splendid run of 10 days. She brought a general cargo of merchandise, also 34 horses and 2 donkeys. Our old friend Mr McClymont has come down with the horses. 

January 16, 1858 page 4

January 8. - Strathallan, 551 tons, Todd, from Leith. Passengers: Cabin: Rev. Mr. McNicol, Mr J.R. Johnston. Steerage

January 12 - Gil Blas, 175 tons, Nicol, from Auckland. Passengers - Mr F. Fulton and 2 shepherds, Mr and Mrs Finnie and child, Master Coleman. 
January 12 - Spec. 15 tons, Simpson, from Akaroa, with 9000 shingles, 6300 feet timber, 3267 lbs cheese. Passengers - Mrs Simpson and Mrs Birch.

Jan.  9. Thomas & Henry, 235 tons, Thomson, for Melbourne, with 319 bales of wool. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Lovell, Messrs. Hann, McMaster, Chalmers, and Burnside

January 23 1858

Arrived 18th Jan. Oberron, 14 tons, Brink, from Bluff and New River, with 1 bale wool. Passenger - Mr Wilson.
18th, Star, 40 tons, Davidson, from Bluff, with 11 bales wool. Passengers - Messes McNeur and Campbell

Sailed 21st Content, 148 tons, Robertson, for Sydney, with 41 hides, 10 bales sheepskins, 13 cases mustard, 1 box preserves, and 65 � bales wool. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Morris, Mr and Mrs Tarleton and 2 children, Mr Saunders.

January 30 1858

Arrived. Jan. 29. Swan, 149 tons, Anderson, from Sydney. Passenger - Mrs Skelton and 4 children, Mr and Mrs Dusford, 2 children, and servant. Messrs. Myles and Potter.

February 6 1858

Arrived. Feb. 1, Mary Thomson, 52 tons, Muirhead, from Port Victoria, with 5 barrels pitch. Passengers - Messrs, Gordall, McClement, Forrest, and Farmer. 
Feb. 4 Shepherdess, 40 tons, Scott, from Wellington. Passengers - Mrs Stewart, Messrs, May, Jones, Pillans, and Deans.

Cleared Out. Feb. 3, Swan, 49 tons, Anderson, for Port Victoria, with 9 cases drapery, 11 mats sugar, 2 chests and 4 half-chests tea, 80 tons coal, Passengers - Mr and Mrs Dunsford, 2 children and servant, Mrs Skelton and 4 children.

February 13 1858 page 4

Arrived Feb. 9, Robert Henderson, 550 tons, Cubitt, from Greenock. Passengers and voyage account. Page 4 & 5

Cleared Out February 5, Swan, 149 tons, Anderson, for Port Cooper. with 9 cases drapery, 11 mats sugar, 2 chests and 4 half-chests tea, 82 tons coal. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Dunsford, 2 children and servant, Mrs Skelton and 4 children.

page 5 Voyage account Westminster to Canterbury.

February 20 1858

Arrived Feb. 14, Palymra, 706 tons, Tierney, from London. Passengers listed.

February 27 1858

{As some of the names of the passengers by the "Palmyra" were omitted in our last issue, we this week republish the list as corrected.}

March 6 1858

Sailed March 1. Shepherdress, 40 tons, Scott, for Wellington. Passengers - Mrs Herbert, Mr and Mrs Durran, Messrs. Lewis, Findlater, Baxter, Booth, Purelot, Massey, Potter, Miles, Fraser, Jones, Davis, and Deal.

Inter-Provincial Mail
Colonial Secretary's Office, Auckland,
February 13, 1858
Sir, I am directed by the Colonial Secretary to acquaint you for your information and guidance with the following terms of the arrangements made with the owners of the schooner Henry, which has been engaged for the conveyance of mails (from Auckland).  The Henry to call at New Plymouth Nelson, Wellington, Lyttelton and Otago, in the order in which they are stated, and to return by the same route; and will leave each of those ports (except New Plymouth, where she is only to call weather permitting, and not to stop more than twelve hours). A penalty of �5 a day for each 24 hours' delay after the term specified.... 
W. Gisborne, Under Secretary.
To the Collector of Custom, of Otago 

March 13 1858

Sailed March 12, Oberon, Henry, for Toi-toi, Mr A. Kennedy and family.

March 20 1858

Cleared Out March 18 - Gertrude, 205 tons, Grange, for Lyttelton. Passengers- Captains Steward and Cargill, Dr Menzies. Messrs. Low, and Macfarlane.

March 27 1858

Arrived March 24, Henry, 43 tons, Butt, from Port Cooper, with 6 shovels, 1 box, 1/2 ton onions, 5 casks cheese. Passengers- Messrs. Buckly, Stanhom and Phillips.

March 27 1858

Sailed. March 24, Henry, 43 tons, Butt, for Port Victoria, Passengers- James and Martha M'Cawley, J.E., Catherine, Elizabeth, Anne, Charlotte, and Catherine M'Cawley, John and Elizabeth Thomson.

March 10 1858

Arrived April 3, Roehamptom, 469 tons, Candler, from London, via Port Victoria. Passengers - Messrs. A. Jackson and G. Bell.
April 5. Star, 40 tons, Davidson, from Bluff Harbour, with 21 bales wool, 5 boxes, 11 pkgs, luggage, 1 chest, 1 case apparel, 10 hides, 3 sealskins, 1 case sulphur. Passengers - Messrs. Bruce, Jackson, and Watson. 

Cleared Out April 6, Shepherdess, 40 tons, Scott, for Bluff Harbour, with stores for settlers. Passengers - Messrs. Martyn (2) and Clarke.

April 17 1858

Arrived 10, Alfred, 497 tons, Meyer, from Geelong, with 23,000 fire bricks, 2000 sheep, 1 horse, 1 dray, 1 case harness, 4 casks sulphur, 2 tierces tobacco. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Williams, Miss Williams; Messrs. M'Master, Morse, and Enuka.

Cleared Outwards
April 9, Content, 148 tons, Robertson, for Port Victoria, with 892 bars iron, 6 bundles chairs, 16 packages apparel. Passengers - Mr and Mrs LeCren; Messrs. Jackson, M'Neur, and Chapman.
April 10, Star, 40 tons, Davidson, for New River and Jacob's River, with stores for settlers. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Haldane and family.
April 10, Oberon, 14, Henry, for Moeraki, with 2 cases Geneva, and 1 ditto stationery.
April 10, Alfred, 497 tons, Meyer, for Valparaiso, with 23,000 fire bricks.

The Franklin, whaler, 333 tons, of New Bedford, Richmond master, from St. Helena, Dec. 20, was off the Heads on Monday, and sent in a boat for supplies. She reports all well, and has on board 180 barrels whale, and 18 barrels sperm oil. She was bound for Akaroa.

April 24 1858

Cleared Out. April 16, Thomas & Henry, 235 tons, Thomson for Melbourne, with 335 bales wool (=104,740 lbs), (value �7855 10s.) 26 bags oats (100 bushels) (valued at 7855  pounds 10s) , 24 hides, 264 sheepskins (valued together at 7918  pounds). Passengers - Messrs, Ross, Bruce, Burnside, Thom, Fulton, and Lloyd.

(April 17th pg4) "Thomas and Henry"  This is the second trip this year of this smart little craft. On her former voyage (Jan. 10) she took away produce of the Province, chiefly wool, valued at 7745  pounds, making a total of exports by this vessel alone, for the first quarter of the year of 15,663  pounds. This is what we are inclined to call "despatch," and we fear that unless something more of 'despatch" is used in attempts at sending vessels direct home with wool, than has been used in the case of the "Strathallan" which has been lying in harbour waiting for a cargo more than three months, whilst the "Thomas and Henry" has carried up one cargo, brought down another of sheep, and is despatched up again with a full load - that the small intercolonial craft will beat the direct ships in point of economy. 

April 18, Roehampton, 469 tons, Candler, Guam, in ballast.
April 21, Ann Jane, 35 tons, Paton, for Waikouaite and Oamaru, with stores for settlers.

The importation of sheep still goes on satisfactorily at Molyneux Bay. 2000 sheep landed, making 4000 which have been imported in the northern division of the Province within the last three weeks. The sheep landed at Molyneux were from the Hamburg barque "Marbs", 500 tons, chartered by G.A. Chalmers, Esq. The voyage was a very prosperous one, and the sheep landed in excellent condition. Mr Chalmers has also brought six horses, three of which are thorough-breds. The barque has sailed for Callao. Messrs. Officer and T.G. Cunningham were passengers by the "Marbs," and have landed at Molyneux.

Fatal Accident
During the landing of the cargo of sheep from the barque "Marbs" the second mate, who was steering a boat laden with sheep, lost the steer-oar when nearing the shore; a sea struck the boat and caused her to fill. Unfortunately the mate and the carpenter jumped out of the boat; they were dashed by the sea against the rocks, and were both drowned. Had they kept to the boat, they would have been saved as it came ashore; the rest of the crew who clung to the boat were saved. About 50 sheep were also lost.

English Shipping
The Montmorecy sailed from Gravesend on 15th December for Wellington and Canterbury.
The Nourmahal was to sail on the 22nd January for Otago and Canterbury
The Ambrosine on 25 Jan. for Wellington and Otago.
The Burmah and Isabella Hamilton for New Zealand in December.
The Strathfieldsaye was still loading at Glasgow for this port.

Mr and Mrs H. Sewell sailed on Jan. 12 from Southampton for New Zealand.

The Suffolk from Hobson's Bay, Oct. 5, arrived off Plymouth on Dec. 27, and landed about 100 passengers. She has a full cargo of copper ore, tallow, and wool, and brings one of the largest freights of gold dust ever sent in a sailing ship, viz. 145,000 ounces; besides what is in the hands of her passengers - altogether 240, including Major Greenwood, New Zealand staff, several young colonists for education in England, and many successful diggers one of whom has a nugget weighing 274 lbs.

The total number of emigrants who sailed from Liverpool for the American, Canadian, and  Australian ports (including New Zealand) during the year just ended was upward of 154,000, the total number of ships employed being 400, of an aggregate tonnage of more than 500,900 tons. 150 ships have taken their departure for Australian ports, with 51,243 passengers including 400 to New Zealand)

May 8 1858

Arrived April 29, Strathfieldsaye, 600 tons, Capt, Brown, from Glasgow. Passengers listed. The "Strathfieldsaye" has on board 263 passengers for this port, five of whom are cabin passengers, and include Mr [William Hunter Reynolds] and Mrs Reynolds, and Mr Johnston, the minister intended for Port Chalmers.

The "Nourmahal" from London, has also arrived, and is now at the Heads. She has 263 passengers, including 26 in the cabin, and 164 are for Otago.

May 5, Nourmahal, 884 tons, Brayley, from London. Passengers listed. She has 263 passengers including 26 in the cabin, and 164 are for Otago. She has passengers for three New Zealand ports.

Names of Vessels and number of Immigrants that have arrived in Otago within the last Six Months.
Nov. 26.  Bosworth from London     77
Nov. 28 George Canning from London   160
Jan 8. Strathallan from Leith   289
Feb. 9 Robert Henderson from Glasgow   286
Feb. 14 Palmyra from London   180
April 29 Strathfieldsaye from Glasgow   263
May 5 Nourmahal from London   164
Total Immigrants 1419

The increase of population for Otago from December 1856 to December 1857 was 835. To this number we have now to add (Strathfieldsaye and Nourmahal passengers ) 1185 which will make a total European population of 5816.

Dunedin, Saturday May 22 1858

Arrived. May 17, Content, 148 tons, Robertson, from Lyttelton, with 892 bars iron, and 24 cheeses. Passengers - Mr J. Chapman and Capt. M'Neur.

The "Content," from Canterbury, arrived here on Saturday last, after a protracted passage of thirty days, having experienced strong southerly winds and heavy weather. 

The February mail is now overdue, and we anticipate that the "Henry," from Auckland, will be here shortly.

pg5 G.A. Chalmers was charged, on information of Charles Logie, Collector of customs at Otago,  during the moth of April last, near Molyneux Bay,  of unshipping or being otherwise concerned in the unshipping,  from the barque "Marbs" 2 drays, the duties on which had not been previously paid.  The defendant was fined in the full penalty of 100   pounds with costs 50  pounds with one half thereof to the prosecutor, Mr Charles Logie.  The defendant appears to have erred entirely from a want of knowledge of the law. The prosecutor stated he did institute the proceedings for any personal gain so would make a present of the 50  pounds accruing to him by the judgment.

May 29 1858

Arrived. May 27, Harp, 155 tons, Fisher, from Canterbury, with 7000 feet timber, 20,000 laths, 100,000 shingles, 40,00 palings, 2000 posts and rails, 80 barrels flour, 30 cases pickles. The Harp is from Hobart Town and has been at Auckland and several intermediate ports between that place and here.

Cleared Out. May 22, Strathallan, 551 tons, Grieve, for London, with 756 bales, and 51 half-bales wool, 1 box samples, 1 ditto stationery. Passengers - Chief Cabin: Captain Todd and Mr Clapcott. Second cabin: Mr and Mrs T. Birch, Mrs W. Davidson and 3 children, Mr and Mrs J. Stewart, Messrs. W. Gillies and D. Wallace. She is the first direct ship from this province. Her small cargo will be apt to give an erroneous impression of the capabilities of the Province. The length of time consumed in procuring a cargo will we fear detract from the advantage of direct shipment, and will damage the shipment next year; besides, by putting the owner to very heavy expense, will probably increase the rate of freight.

June 5 1858

May 31, Spec, 14 tons, Simpson, from Oamaru, with 1 bale wool, and 1 carriage
June 1, Swan, 149 tons, Anderson, from Port Lyttelton, with 10 cases bitters, 5000 feet timber, 2 tons flour, � ton onions, 6 casks cheese. Passengers - Mr Banks, Mr and Mrs Robertson, and 3 children
June 3, Henry, 42 tons, from Port Lyttelton, with 1 ton sugar, 6 chests tea, 1 case drapery, 2 hhds ale, 2 barrels ale. Passenger - Mr D. Cameron.

Cleared Out. June 2, Spec, 14 tons, Simpson, for Oamaru, with stores for settlers. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Forsyth, Mr and Mrs Reynolds.

The "Henry" from Auckland via Lyttelton, arrived here Wednesday, bringing us news from the seat of Government. Captain Cargill is using every means at his disposal to maintain the integrity of the Province.... in a thinly peopled country, when the unavoidable expenses of Government absorb so much of the resources of the country that nothing is left for public works. It therefore becomes the duty if every elector of the Province to exert himself to the utmost to return a gentleman whose views on this matter can be fully relied upon. We observe that our contemporary states that Messrs. Taylor, Chalmers, and Teschmaker have been suggested. We also understand Mr Valpy is willing to accept the office. Mr Taylor is after all only a bird of passage; he has shifted his residence in the middle island from the extreme north to the extreme south, from Nelson to Jacob's River. Mr Macandrew, should be urged to attend and take seat.

Indian Mutiny - Lucknow
and June 19th pg 5 poem by Alexander Maclagan

June 12 1858

Arrived June 8, Spec, 14, Simpson, from Oamaru, with 3 bales wool.
Cleared Out.
June 4, Henry, 42, Wallace, for Port Lyttelton, with 2 bales and 5 cases. Passengers - Messrs. Gold, West and Hinnigan

June 19 1858 Otago Witness

Cleared Out. June 10, Nourmahal, 846 tons, Brayley, for Port Lyttelton. Passengers

Saturday June 26th 1858

Arrived June 21, Star, 40 tons, Davidson, from Bluff Harbour. Passengers - Mrs Cootes, Mrs Jones; Messrs. Mills, Wright, Jones, and Lawe.

June 22, Camilla, 201 tons, Rossiter, from Bluff Harbour, in ballast. Passengers - Mrs Rossiter, child, and servant; 
Messrs. Sloman and McPhy.

Cleared Out June 16, Strathfieldsaye, 600 tons, McNeur, for Melbourne, with 2757 bags oats, 59 bales wool. Passengers: Cabin - J. Macandrew and J. Barr. Steerage - Messrs. McKay and Dodds.

Swan, 149 tons, Anderson, for Port Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Harris, Taylor, and Haywood.

July 17 1858

Arrived. July 13, Three Bells, 602 tons, W. Rowley, from Glasgow. Passengers listed.

July 15. Thomas & Henry, 235 tons, Thomson from Melbourne. Passengers -Cabin: Mrs M. Ross, Mr and Mrs F. Mason, Miss Watson. Mr R. Walker. Steerage: Mr and Mrs G. McKorky, Mary, Ellen, and Graham McKorky. 

Steam Communication. Two steamers about to be sent out for this colony, are furnished by a company who have entered into an engagement with Mr Sewell to bring mails from Australia and distribute them in the colony for a yearly subsidy of 24,000  pounds. Some portion of this amount will be paid by the Imperial Government., we believe. The contactors are Messrs. Pearson, Coleman, and Co. of Hull. An advance of 25,000  pounds is stated to be requires by the contractors. Lord Ashley, an iron screw, of 422 tons, 80 horse-power, built at Hull in 1857, and employed in the Hull-Baltic trade; and the Lord Worsley, also an iron screw, of 414 tons, 80 horse-power, built at Hull in 1857, and employed in the Hull and Hamburg trade; a ship of 800 tons, and another of 300 tons not yet names. Two are to be placed on the inter-colonial, and two on the inter-provincial line, for which last route the White Swan [a screw steamer under contract with the Government] will, in the meantime, pave the way. New Zealander, June 6. The Lord Ashley will take emigrants to Auckland and the Lord Worsley will take emigrants to Otago.

September 18 1858.  The Lord Ashley, 600 tons, is the first vessel which has ever sailed from Milford Haven with emigrants to any of the southern colonies. About 60 passengers, going out under the auspices of the Provincial Government of Auckland, embarking at Milford, the remainder having one on board in the Thames. Her speed has been tested at from 11 to 13 knots per hour.

Saturday July 31 1858

Arrived. July 24, Gazelle, 285 tons, Downie, from Sydney, with 70 horses, 60 heifers, 7 qr-casks whiskey, 20 cases pipes, 1 ditto bitters, 1 ditto chain. Passengers - Messrs, Ruff, Winter, Coutts, and Wyatt.

Cleared Out July 27, Three Bells, 603 tons, Captain Rowley, for Batavia [Java] - in ballast.

Thomas & Henry, 235 tons, Thomson for Sydney. Passengers. Mr and Mrs Mansford.

August 7th. 1858 

Cleared Out August 5, Gazelle, 285 tons, Downie, for Sydney, in ballast. Passengers - Mr and Mrs R.H. Jeffreys, and 3 children; Miss F. Willer, and Mr McMillan

August 28 1858 Otago Witness page 4 

Arrived August 23, Shepherdess, 40 tons, Scott, from Wellington. Passenger - Mr Pilcher.
Same day, Pioneer, 7 tons, Hayward, from Brockanui.
Same day. Lion, 215 tons, Aldred, from Sydney, via Nelson. Passengers- Messrs Lloyd and Miles.
August 27, Steamer Queen, 250 tons, G.H. Wilson, from Melbourne via Wellington and Canterbury being the first steamer which has ever anchored off Dunedin was welcomed with a salute of 20 guns. The Steamer "Queen" was purchased by a Melbourne firm, and will be immediately placed in the New Zealand trade.

Sept. 4 1858 page 4 

Arrived. August 28, Queen, steamship, 132 tons, Wilson, from Melbourne, via Lyttelton. Messrs. S. James, H.P. Ainsby, T. Crigor, J. Ranslin and wife, J. Hamilton. J. McDonald, W. and J. Lescombe.
Sept. 3, Star, 40 tons, Davidson, from New River. Had a run of 21 hours from the Heads to the Bluff. Passengers. Charles Rous Marten, Susan Ross, Agnes Watson, Sarah Ann Marten family and servants.

Cleared Out. August 27, Lion, 216 tons, Aldred, for Chatham Islands, in ballast. Passengers- Mr Miles.
September 1, Shepherdess, 40 tons, Scott, for Chatham Islands. Passenger - Mr T.W. Pilcher.

Several colonists have recently visited New Zealand with a view to enquire into the advantages there offered in connection with pastoral pursuits. Mr Benjamin Dowling, a brother of the Worshipful the Mayor, has chartered the barque "India," now in harbour, and which leaves to-morrow.  The ultimate destination is uncertain, but Mr Dowling will probably select Otago, known as a Scottish settlement, in contra-distinction to Canterbury, the English settlement. He takes over thirteen hundred sheep and some horses. Amongst the sheep are five hundred pure Merinoes from the well-known superior flocks on Mr Youl's estate at Symmon's Plains, and which Mr Stewart was compelled, owning to the devastating fire on the estate, to part with.  Launceston Examiner.

September 11 1858 page 5

Arrived. September 4, s.s. White Swan, 198 tons, McLean, from Lyttelton. Passengers Captains Cargill, Nicol, and Inverarity, Dr. Menzies, Messrs. Harris, Taylor, Elliot, Bell, Williams, Belcher, Stanton and Brown.

Cleared Out. September 3, s.s. Queen, Wilson, for Bluff Harbour, with stores for settlers. Passengers - Messrs Wilson, Duncan, Young, Stone, Mollison, Carnegie, and Lambert. 

Same day, s.s. White Swan, 198 tons, McLean, for Lyttelton. Passengers- Miss Moore, Mr and Mrs Renshaw. Messrs. Davidson, Reading, Reid, Hamilton, Trolope, Pike, Crawford, Clarke, McMillan, Preston, Powder, Zangeri and McDiarmid 

Same day. Lion, 216 tons, Aldred, for Sydney, in ballast. Passengers- Mr and Mrs J.F. Williams, Mr and Mrs J. Williams, Messrs. Williams and Mr Miles.

September 18 1858 page 5

Arrived. September 14, Content, 148 tons, Robertson, from Sydney with a cargo of general merchandise. Passengers - Mrs Anderson, Mr and Mrs Barrington, Mr J. Barr.
September 17, Rosebud, from Sydney via Wellington and Canterbury, with a general cargo.

Otago Witness, Saturday 21 August page 4
Come cheer up jolly boys,
They say there's work to do,
And, by the powers, they may say that,
For every word o'ts true;
There's work enough to do, boys,
And more than can be done,
By every women in this place.
And every mother's son!

There's work enough to do, boys,
And that same work is rough;
There's ploughing, and there's ditching,
From Waitaki to Bluff;
There's shepherding and shoemaking,
There's splitting posts and rails,
There's threshing by the bushel,
Both by bullocks and by fails.

There's work enough to do, boys,
And money to be made,
For Otago's not a bad place,
Whatever may be said.-
For ladies all get married soon,
And it's then that rule the roast,
For they dress themsel's like Duchesses,
And never ask the cost!

There's work enough to do, boys,
in that we all agree;
A deal of work must stand fornet
The sugar and the tea.
The storekeepers don't work so hard,
For each one is a gent-
And so they may, for all they sell
Yields more than cent of cent!

There's work enough to do, boys,
There's little doubt of that;
But where's the cash to pay for't?
That's something like chat:
Where's all the mighty men of wealth,
That cried for labour sore?
Are they waiting till with bonnet off,
Men ask it at their door

There's work enough to do, boys,
And we must struggle through;
But mind your eye, for you must drink
According as ye brew.
Then while the sun is shinning, boys,
Be sure and make your hay,
For pennies with good keeping, boys,
Turn pounds some other day.

J. Barr, 
South Craiglee

Sailed. September 15, 132 tons, s.s. Queen, Wilson, for Port Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs J. Tuppal, McDonald, C. Waters, R. and J. McKae, D. Collins, Margaret Collins, Jame Collins, Messrs. Collins (2), W.D.G. Wood, C. Bastian, A.J. Fuller, A. J. Burns, C. Moodie, M. Wilshire, J. Mitchell, and J. Grant.

The screw-steam-ship Lord Ashley, intended for the inter-colonial postal service between Melbourne and New Zealand, sailed on May 27, for Auckland direct, from Milford Haven. This vessel, which is the pioneer of this line, is the property of Messrs. Pearson, Coleman, and Co., who have taken up contract for the service. The Lord Ashley is a fine vessel of 600 tons - builder's measurement - fitted with engines of 80 nominal and 250 indicated horse-power. Her speed has been tested at from 11 to 13 knots per hour.  The Lord Ashley is the first vessel which has ever sailed from Milford Haven with emigrants to any of the southern colonies. About 60 passengers, going out under the auspices of the Provincial Government of Auckland, embarking at Milford, the reminder having gone on board in the Thames. - Ibid.

The Lord Worsley sailed from the Downs June 6, for Otago.

Sept. 25 1858 page 5

Arrived. Sept. 18. Rosebud, 87 tons, Small, from Sydney via Lyttelton. Young & Co., agents.

Sept. 23, Jura, 791 tons, Chambers, from Glasgow.  Passengers listed. 375 souls. [Passenger includes Mr James Adam, Emigration agent] The Jura sailed from the Clyde June 1 for Otago. [92 days] and the William Dalgleish family.

May 8 1858 page 6. Otago Witness. Mr Adam, D. Johnston, teacher in connection with Mr Craig's congregation, Rothesay.

Dec. 4 1858
We regret to learn that the Jura, while anchored at the Heads waiting for a fair wind, dragged her anchors during the heavy gale of last week, and got upon a sand spit. We understand that some of her ballast will require to be taken out do as to lighten her, when the next spring tide will bring her off all safe.

Dec 11 1858
We are glad to learn that the Jura has been got safely off the sandpit without injury, and will proceed to Canterbury with the first fair wind.

 Oct. 9 1858

Arrived. Oct. 4. Lord Worsley, 290 tons, Johnston, from London., with 1 piano, 12 camp ovens and covers, 69 boxes of starch, 2 cases of wine, 1 case medicine, 2 cases apparel, furniture, 2 barrels fish, 1 sack seeds, 1 iron barrel, 24 kegs nails, 6 hhds beer..

Blackburn	Jane
Booten		James and Sarah
Booten		Hannah, James, and William
Bray 		Benjamin, and Eliza
Bray		Ellen, Benjamin, Charles, Thomas, Arthur, Elizabeth and Sarah
Capter		Sabina
Gaie		W.M.
Hince		Thomas
Ick		Thomas C. and Jane
Ick		Hella, Hubert, Kate, Emily J. and Eliza J.
James		Hannah
McKay		David and Peter
McKay		James and Peter
McRae		F
Millichamp	Maria
Middleton	Thomas and Jane
Newall		Maria
Proctor		George and Mary
Proctor		Fanny, Eliza, George, William, Mary, Amelia, Alfred, and Walter
Preece		Thomas and Hannah
Scott		James and Margaret
Small		Caleb and Ann
Stuck		S.J. and E.C. 
Weavers		Charles J., Joseph, and George (?George Weaver. Jas. R. Stuck paid  �16 passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Waldie		J
Young		James J. and Hannah
Young		Mary. Margaret, Catherine, Alexander, James, Hannah, and Robert
4 for Canterbury and 10 for Wellington.

Thomas C. Ick should be Charles Thomas Ick. Charles Thomas Ick and Jane Wainwright were married 31st March 1849 at the parish church in Claines, Worcester.  He was mayor of Christchurch from 1879-1880.  Stella is the incorrectly spelt Hella in the newspaper. The correct children's names are: Stella, Hubert, Kate, Emily Jane, Eliza Anne. They had children in NZ including the Charles Thomas jnr. listed in the cemetery list. Information courtesy of Philip Bartle. Please contact Philip if you have further information or would like information on the Ick family. Posted 11th July 2003.

Arrived. Oct 7. Thomas and Henry, Thomson, from Sydney. Passengers - Messrs. Stone (2), Mr and Mrs Norman, and Master Norman.

Oct 23 1858 page 4

Arrived. Oct. 16, s.s. White Swan, 198 tons, McLean, from Port Lyttelton with 934 sheets iron, 49 bags flour... Passengers - Cabin, Messrs. Joseph, Stevenson, McDonald, Studholm, Dalgetty, Marshall, LeCren, and Lockhart, Mrs Gibson and 2 children, Capt. and Mrs Fraser and family; and 5 for Timaru. Steerage, Messrs, J. McKenzie, J. Armstrong, H. Paterson, and Tiroa; and 9 for Timaru

Cleared Out. Oct. 16. Thomas and Henry, 234 tons, Thomson, for Sydney, with 54 tons, coal, 232 pkgs, flagging, and 2 cases cocoa. Passengers - Messrs, T. Teschmaker, G. Clayton, F. McCrae, D. Stewart, J. Jones, and W. Fraser, Elizabeth Jones, and Mary Thomson.

Same day, s.s. Lord Worsley, 290 tons, Johnson, for Port Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs J. Craig, Mr and Mrs Lawson, and 3 children; Messrs. Schief, Ledger, Townsend, and Hodge. Steerage: R. and M.A. Bryson, G. Browne, J. Viebrock, H. Arthur, T. Bloomfield, T., H., M., J., and S. C. Pearce, W. Ledger, J. Maunson, Mrs Maunson and child, Richard, John, and James Wilson, G. Helm, P. Bell, John and John Veirden.

Oct. 18., s.s. White Swan, 198 tons, McLean, for Auckland, via northern ports. Messrs. F. Dillon Bell, Elliot, Dalgetty, Dr. and Mrs Butler, Messrs. McDonald, Studholme, Marshall, and LeCren. The last voyage of the "White Swan" from Manukau to Otago and back was accomplished in 23 days, including the usual stoppages at all intermediate Ports. 

WHITE SWAN, steamer, of 335 tons, built at Glasgow in 1854, was totally wrecked at Uruti Island south of Castlepoint, on June 29th 1862. 65 passengers including Chief Justice were all saved. Captain was Allen Harper.

LORD WORSLEY, 552 tons, steamer built at Hull in 1857 under Capt. James Bowden sank on 1st September 1862 in Namu Bay 18 Km from Cape Egmont while steaming from Nelson to Australia with about 60 passengers, mails and 3,000 oz of gold which was taken to New Plymouth. No lives lost. 

Oct. 30 1858 page 4

Arrived Oct. 27. Agra, 714 tons, Boyle, from London. Passengers listed.

The "Equator" 1000 tons, to sail on the 20th July, for Otago and Canterbury, has been chartered for this port by Mr C. Suisted.

Nov. 6 1858  page 13

Arrived Nov. 1, s.s. Queen, 131 tons, G.H. Wilson, from Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. R.B. Martin, A. Cameron, Mrs Cameron, Messrs. A. Learmonth, T. Hamilton, A. Lyle, D. Black, F. Banks, M. Casement. Steerage: Messrs. G. Brown, J. Ross, Jas. Anderson, D. Muir, F. Klingairn, T. B. Smith, H. Tomb, and Jas. Wilson.
Nov. 3, Star, 40 tons, Davidson, from Invercargill, with 1 barrel, 1 boat, 2 cases, and 2 boxes. Passengers - Miss McQueen, Mr Lea.
    The Regina, Thornton, from London July 18th, for Otago and Canterbury, anchored outside the Heads on Thursday afternoon. She has about 50 tons of cargo, and the following passengers for Otago: Major Croker, lady, and infant, J.R. Elder, G. Patterson, B. Newman wife and three children, and 34 for Canterbury. No casualties have occurred on the voyage.

The Provincial Council, have voted a bonus of 4000  pounds a year for two years to the screw steamer "Queen" to run monthly between this port, Invercargill, and Melbourne

Saturday Nov. 13 1858  page 13

Arrived Nov. 8. Regina, 676 tons, Thornton, from London with 5000 bricks, 11 stoves, 10 pot ranges, 1 fly wheel, 12 bundles spades, 1 bundle handles, 1000 tiles, 1 cow, 1 calf, 9 sheep, 4 pkgs wire, 300 bags salt, 2 chests tea, 1 case furniture, 1 case blankets, 4 wheels, 1 axle, 4 boilers, 72 camp ovens and covers.... Passengers - Major Croker, Mrs Croker, and child, Mr C. Enderoy, Messrs. J.R. Elder, G. Paterson, Mr and Mrs B. Newman, M.G., Esther and Ellen Newman, and 1 child; and 29 for Canterbury
Nov. 10, Queen, s.s., 132 tons, Wilson, for Lyttelton, via Oamaru. Passengers- Messrs. McDonald, Smith, Duncan, and Stone.

Cleared Out Nov. 5. Queen, s.s. 132 tons, Wilson, for Lyttelton, via Moeraki. Passengers - Messrs. Oakes, W.H. Paterson, G.D. Holland, R.W. Browne, Stevenson, Hastie (3), A. Wilson, T. Copestake, A. Young, J. Dunlop, Dalziel, Duncan, and Stone

Nov. 10. Regina, 676 tons, Thornton, for Port Lyttelton. Original cargo from London and 20 passengers

Nov. 11. Queen, s.s. 132 tons, Wilson, for Invercargill. Passengers- cabin: Mrs McDonald, Mr and Mrs Hamilton, Mr Ross. Steerage: T. Marshall and wife, Mrs Ovington, A. Watson, Mrs G. Dawson and family, Mrs Middleton, Mrs Small, and 43 Government passengers

The s.s. Queen left this harbour on her trip northward on Saturday morning at 7 a.m.; arrived at Moeraki at half-past 10, discharged cargo, and sailed at 2 p.m. Hove to off Oamaru for six hours, but could not enter in account of a heavy south-wester. Arrived at Lyttelton at half-past 1 on Sunday morning. Left on her return at 6 p.m. on Monday, arrived at Oamaru at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, discharged cargo, and sailed at 5. p.m., anchoring at the Heads at midnight.

The steamer White Swan left this port for Otago via Timaru on the evening of Thursday, the 14th Oct. Meeting a heavy sou-wester she was unable to discharge her cargo at the latter place, and went on to Otago, which she reached on Friday night, and remained there till Monday at 6 p.m. On her way back she called on Tuesday morning at Timaru, landed 50 tons of goods besides passengers, and left again at 8 o'clock the same evening.... Captain McLean gives as favourable a report of the capabilities of Timaru roadstead as any which we have heard yet. Lyttelton Times Oct. 23

Nov. 27 1858 page 4

Arrived. Nov. 20. White Swan, s.s. 198 tons, McLean, from Lyttelton. 
Passengers. Colonel Mould (Royal Engineers), Messrs. Richmond (Colonial Treasurer), Stafford (Colonial Secretary), Rich, Kirkwood, Mr and Mrs Davidson, Mr and Mrs Preston, and 4 children, Messrs. Pharazyn, Jones, Craig, Park, Black, and Gold, Mrs Roberts, Capt. Boyd, and Dr. Black 

Nov. 22 Queen, s.s., 132 tons, G.H. Wilson, from Invercargill, with 8 rolls felt, 1 trunk, 2 cases curry, 1 do. clothes pegs, 1 gin case. Passengers - Messrs, Inverarity, Martin, and Hogue

Cleared out
Nov. 22. - Star 40 tons, Davidson, for Oamaru with stores for settlers
Nov. 24. White Swan, s.s., 198 tons, McLean, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Stafford, Esq., _, Richmond, Esq., Col. Mould, Messrs. Kirkwood, Hassal, Buchanan, Bryce, Hay, Smith, Purvia, Millar, Luckman, Thomson, Mr and Mrs Wright, and 3 children

Dec. 4 1858 page 4

Cleared Out. Nov. 25. 132 tons, s.s. Queen, Wilson, for Melbourne, via Bluff Harbour. Passengers for Melbourne - Mr and Mrs Harrison, Messrs. Casement, Martin, Lee, Smith, Learmonth, Strong, A.B. Smith, W. Lescombe, J. Lescombe, Jones, Cargill, and Cutten, Mrs Gordon and 3 children, Mrs Olson and child. For Bluff Harbour - Miss Roberts, Mrs Welter and child, Mr Popperhooger, wife and 2 children, Messrs. Boyd and Hogue

Dec. 11 1858 page 4

Arrived. Dec. 6, Henry, 42 tons, Wallace, from Invercargill with 25,000 feet timber, and 1 ton sugar. Passenger -Mr Aldrich

Dec. 18 1858 page 4

Arrived Dec. 11. Lord Ashley, s.s. 550 tons, Stewart, from Canterbury. Passengers - Messrs. Scott, M. Ross, wife and family, J. Thomson. L. Turmell, _McLeod
Dec. 16, City of Melbourne, barque, 400 tons, M'Clements, from Sydney Passengers - Mr and Mrs Fulton, Mrs Fry, Mrs McClements and child, and Miss Doyle.

Dec. 18 1858 page 5
The Prince Alfred steamer, in command of Capt. Thomas Jarvis, of 1200 tons burden, built by the Dumbarton firm of Denny, brothers, and carrying engines of 400 horse-power, by Tulloch and Denny, called at Woolwich Dockyard, and took the surveying officers on board for the purpose of witnessing a trail of her engines under steam. She then proceeded down to Greenhithe to adjust compasses, &c., for the continuation of her voyage. She has a full cargo of goods and passengers, and has been taken up by the Provincial Government for the conveying of regular mails from Sydney to New Zealand. The Prince Alfred arrived at Milford Haven on the 6th Sept., to take in her coal, and it is expected she will be able to stow sufficient for the voyage without the necessity of further stoppage. New Zealand Gazette.

The wreck of the clipper Oliver Lang at Wellington was to be sold by auction on the 7th inst.

December 25 page 4

Dec. 24 - Gazelle, 280 tons, Downie, from Newcastle, with 30 horses and 700 sheep. She has been on her passage 26 days. and she lost some 500 sheep.

The Gloucester, 1000 tons, arrived at Port Chalmers December 26th 1858

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