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Printed and published every Saturday morning by D. Campbell, at the office of the "Otago Witness" Clifton Cottage, Princes Street, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand 

Otago Witness  Shipping News January 1 1859

New Zealand Royal Mail Line of Company's Steam-ships.

The Prince Alfred	1200 tons 400 horse power
The Lord Ashley 	 550 tons 180 h.p.
The Lord Worsley	 550 tons 180 h.p.
The Airdale 		 350 tons 100 h.p.

Until further notice, one of the company's splendid Steamers will leave Otago on or about the 25th of every month, taking Passengers and Goods for Port Lyttelton, Wellington, Nelson, and Sydney.
For Freight or passage, apply to
Jones, Cargill, & Co.

Arrived Dec. 24 Gazelle, brig, 285 tons, Wm. Downie, from Newcastle, N.S.W. with 30 horses and 700 sheep. Passengers - Messrs A. Gascon, W. Donelly, T. Handerson, J. Webb, J. Johnson.
Dec. 27. Spec, 14 tons, Davidson. from Taieri, with 148 bags of oats, 7 bales wool, 50 bags potatoes.
Dec. 28 - Star, 40 tons, Davidson, from Oamaru and Moeraki, with 28 bales wool, and 125 bags wheat,
Same day, Gloucester, ship, 591 tons, Hiatt, from London with immigrants and general cargo. Passengers 
Tuesday Dec. 28, White Swan, s.s., 198 tons, McLean, from Port Lyttelton. Steamer from the northern Provinces, with passengers and cargo.
Passengers Cabin:- Mr Martin, Miss Martin, Mr Webb, Mr Hodge; steerage- Messrs. J. Martin, P. Lindsay, J. Gaskill, W. Holmes and wife, J. Smith and wife, R.F. Thomas, J. Ponder.
Dec. 29, Lord Ashley, s.s. 290 tons, Stewart, from Port Lyttelton -in ballast. The mail steamer, with the October mail.  Both steamers returned to the north on the following day.
Dec. 31, Queen, s.s. 132 tons, Wilson, from Melbourne, via Bluff, with 15 cabin passengers and 7 steerage passengers, and a full general cargo. We understand that she encountered some very rough weather on her passage down.

J. Allen
E. Allen
Miss Banks
R. Banks
Jas. Daley
Miss Donald
Capt. Martin
Mrs Martin and 2 children
R.B. Martin
F. More
W. Morris
T. Riddle
Jas. Sibbett
J. Blacklock
D. Boyd
John Donald
F. Findlay
H. More
Mr and Mrs Riddle and child
C. Sibbett
J.R. Stewart

Passengers from Bluff
Messrs. Miller, Ross, and Stevens.


Cleared out Dec. 24, Henry, 42 tons, Wallace for Auckland via Timaru, with 1 ton Pampagna sugar. Passenger - Mr Aldrich
Dec. 29, Lord Ashley, s.s. 290 tons, Stewart, for Port Lyttelton - in ballast.
Same day, White Swan, s.s. 198 tons, McLean, for Port Lyttelton. Passengers - Capt. Inverarity, Messrs. Douglas, W. Young. L. Turrell, Mrs Purves, Mr and Mrs May.

Store Ships We hear that two vessels have been purchased in Melbourne for store ships, to remain at Port Chalmers. The Industry of 700 tons, and the North Star of 900. These ships will be freighted down with sheep and general cargo, and will then be used as hulks, to store coals, wool, &c.

January 8 1859 

Arrived Jan. 3. Oberon, 14 tons, Henry, from Molyneux, with 10 bales wool, 80 bushels oats, 7 kegs and 1 cask butter.
Jan3. - Rakiehia, 5 tons, David, from Moeraki, in ballast.
Jan. 4. William Hyde, 600 tons, Robertson from Bluff, in ballast.
Jan. 4. Content, 150 tons, Robertson, from Bluff.

Cleared out. Dec. 31. Pioneer, 7 tons, Hayward, from Blueskin.
Jan.4 Rakiehia, 5 tons, David, for Moeraki, in ballast.
Jan. 4. Queen. s.s. 132 tons, Wilson, for Moeraki and Oamaru, in ballast.
Jan. 5. Gazelle, 285 tons, Downie, for Sydney, in ballast. Passengers - Messes. A. Gasson, W. Donnelly, and Jas. Webb.

The "Queen" steamer anchored off Dunedin on Friday last, after a rather boisterous passage from Melbourne. She left on her last voyage hence on the 29th November, at noon, arrived at the Bluff at 10.30 next day, and sailed at noon. Heavy westerly gales prevailed until the 8th ult., when the wind hauled to the eastward, and she arrived at Melbourne on the 10th, landing her passengers at 7.30. a.m. Left Melbourne on her return 22nd December, and had fine weather until within 60 miles of the coast, during which the "Queen" was obliged to lay to for 24 hours. Arrived at the Bluff on the 28th, and after landing passengers, sailed the next day, and reached the port on the 30th.

The barque "William Hyde" which beat up from the Bluff against a head wind along with the "Content" is now anchored at Port Chalmers, where she is to be moored for a store ship.  Much praise is due Captain Robertson for his energy and perseverance in removing her from her position at the Bluff and bringing her safe to anchor at the port. Our contemporary states upwards of 2000 in bringing her to where she now is.

We understand that the screw steam-ship "Pirate" has been purchased in Melbourne for Messrs. Macandrew and Co., with a view of plying between that port and Otago, in terms of their contract; she is expected here in a few days. It appears that the traffic which has sprung up between the two ports is such that the "Queen" alone is too small for the trade. The "Pirate" is an iron vessel of great sailing capacity, and carries five hundred tons cargo, besides passengers and coals. 

January 15 1859

Arrived Jan. 8 Queen, s.s. Wilson, from Moeraki, with 119 bales wool.
Jan. 10. Ann Jane, 38 tons, Paton, Hayward, from Moeraki, with 81 bales wool.
Same day, Pioneer, 7 tons, Hayward, from Blueskin, with 12 sheets galvanized iron.
Same day, Free Trader, 206 tons, Thom, from Geelong, with 1500 sheep, 6 horses, 13 pks, ironmongery, 1 dray, 3 barrels sulphur, 4 bags sugar, l chest and 2 half-chests tea, 1 bag salt, 1 bag rice, oilmen's stores. Passengers - Messrs. F. and W. Fenwick.
Jan. 11, Surprise, 50 tons, Braund, from Auckland, with 35,600 feet sawn timber.

Cleared Out
Jan. 7, Agra, 714 tons, Boyle, for Guam, in ballast.
Same day, City of Melbourne, 175 tons, for Sydney, in ballast.
Jan. 8, Queen, s.s., 132 tons, Wilson, for Melbourne. Passengers:- cabin: (for Melbourne) Captain Boyd, Dr. Black, Mr James, and Mrs T.W. Barrington. (For Invercargill) Elizabeth Benson, A. Christie; David Mitchell, wife and 2 children; Henry Mitchell, Mary McKenzie, J. Stevens, and Findlay.
Jan. 10. Thomas and Henry, 234 tons, Thomson, for Port Lyttelton, with original cargo ex Gloucester, transshipped under bond. Passengers - James Miller, Mary Millar, Thomas Aming, William Barr, James Parr, Mary Parr and Charles Wright.
Jan. 11. Star, 40 tons, Davidson, for Bluff and Invercargill.
Same day, Ann Jane, 38 tons, Paton, for Waikouaiti and Molyneux, with stores for settlers.
Jan. 13, Spec. 14 tons, John Simpson, for Clutha.

Saturday January 29 1859 page 4

Arrived. Jan. 25. Pirate, s.s. 285 tons, Robertson, from Melbourne, with 83,446 feet timber, 50 doors, 100 sashes, 14 horses, 19,000 slates, 250 tons coal, 1 iron safe, 1 case drapery, 3 bales leather, 5 cases coffee, 100 sheep. Passengers- Cabin:
Messrs. J. Ritchie, John Lawrence, Cameron, McQueen, McDonald, Mr and Mrs Naughton, Mr and Mrs Preston. 2md. cabin:
Messrs Paterson, J. Marshall. Castle, Mallard, Bridget Short.
Jan. 25. Spec. 14, tons, Simpson, from Clutha, with 32 bales wool, 3 bags, wheat, and 18 bags barley.
Jan. 27. White Swan, s.s. from northern provinces. Transhipped ex Clontarf from London under bond, 25 pkgs. merchandise, 12 do. passengers' baggage, 3 horses, 1 case and 10 tons flour.  Passengers-Cabin: Dr. Hodgkinson, Dr. Buchanan; Messrs. Kenyon, Chapman, J. Aylmer, W. Aylmer, Captain Nicol. Per Clontarf from London- Mrs Hollinghead, 2 children and servant; steerage - Messrs. Bruce, Macil, and Smith.

The Steamship "Pirate." This magnificent vessel, 600 tons, arrived at Port Chalmers on Tuesday morning. She left Melbourne on the 15th inst., calling at Western Port for sheep and horses, causing a detention of 24 hours on her passage. She arrived at Bluff Harbour on Monday morning last, and there landed a number of passengers and stores thus accomplishing the voyage in seven days. She was originally built for the Glasgow and Liverpool trade, regardless of expense; she was afterwards placed in the Mediterranean trade, and sold for the Australian inter-colonial trade in 1853 for the sum of 13,000  pounds, the new proprietors expending a further sum of 2,000  pounds on here cabins, &c. Since then we understand she has been successfully employed in conveying passengers, stock, and merchandise. Her capacity for stock-carrying is unrivalled in the colonies, being capable of carrying 1000 sheep and 30 horses. Her passenger accommodation only requires to be inspected, having capacious state rooms, admirably ventilated, and about eight feet high; she has a superior ladies' cabin with every convenience, and carries an experienced stewardess. Her boilers and machinery having undergone a thorough overhaul very recently in London, are now in the most efficient order. It so obvious that the placing of such a steamer between Otago and Melbourne will further tend to develope our rising colony, and too much praise cannot be given to her enterprising owners for the spirit displayed, giving them an undoubted claim on public support. She is at present commanded by Captain Thomas Robertson, formerly of the Queen and Lady Bird, screw steamers trading in the colonies for nearly seven years, and has been universally esteemed for kindness and attention to all classes of passengers. We regret to state that one passenger, Mr. P. Agnew, was unfortunately drowned on the passage down. He fell overboard when the steamer was running before a gale of wind, when it was found impossible to round-to in time to save him.

The Pirate has been purchased by Messrs. Macandrew and Co., of Otago, the same firm which recently purchased the steamer Queen. Messrs. Macandrew and Co.. intend, in conjunction with Messrs, Clough and Co., to keep these two steamers constantly employed in opening up and maintain a course of trade between New Zealand and Melbourne. Hitherto the commerce with New Zealand has been very nearly a monopoly in the hands of Sydney.  The Queen will be constantly employed on the coast collecting cargo, Otago being the depot, the Pirate calling regularly, to discharge merchandise for the Queen to distribute, and to take in the produce which has been collected.

February 5 1859

Entered inwards
Jan. 28. Thomas Henry, Thomson from Port Lyttelton, with 50 kegs nails and 6 cases axes.
Jan. 29 Hope, 40 tons, Craigie, from Taieri River.
Jan. 31 Spray, 148 tons, Scott, from Port Underwood, with 800 sheep.
Jan. 31 Geelong, s. 108 tons, Jamieson, from Melbourne via Invercargill, with 30 bales wool. Passengers- Messrs E.B. Cargill, W.H. Cutten, J. Simms, J. Lockhart, A. Watson.
Feb. 1. Arnim, 624 tons, Sommer, from Sydney with 2500 sheep came in during the night. Passengers - Messrs. T. Dick, F. Guson, P. Klein, T. Grass, T. Johanan, and P. Blair.
Feb. 2. Pirate, s.s. 285 tons, Robertson, from Oamaru, with 80 bales wool.

Cleared Out 
Jan. 28. Lord Ashley, s.s. 290 tons. Stewart for Port Lyttelton
Jan. 28. White Swan, s.s. 198 tons, McLean, for Port Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs A. Thomas, J. Rae. Captain March, G. Mallard
Jan. 31. Surprise, 9 tons, Braund, for Auckland
Jan. 31. Pirate, s.s. Robertson, for Oamaru with stores.
Feb. 2. Geelong, s., Wm. Thomson, for Invercargill. Passengers -Messrs C. Logie, W. Day, J, Cargill, A. Jones, and J. Wall.
Feb. 2. Melbourne, 305 tons, Dickie, for Sydney, in ballast.

Steamer "Geelong."
This fine little vessel has been purchased for the purpose of running upon the coast, in terms of a tender submitted to government for that service by Mr John Jones. She left Melbourne on the 16th January, and came across under steam and partly under canvas, arriving at Invercargill on the 25th. During the days under sail, she encountered strong breezes and a heavy sea, but proved herself a first-rate sea-boat. and notwithstanding the disadvantage of her heavy paddle-boxes and sponsors, made excellent weather of it. She was detained four days at Invercargill, ; and she did them a good service in towing into New River a large vessel belonging to Messrs. Jones, Cargill, & Co., which was passing outside bound for Dunedin, from which a plentiful supply of flour, sugar, and other necessaries, of which they were in great want, was obtained. She has again sailed on her first coasting voyage to Invercargill and Jacob's River, to call at the Clutha on her return; and we understand that she will continue to run alternately north and south-taking Waikouaiti, Moeraki, and Oamaru on the north; and in the south, Invercargill, Jacob's River, Clutha, and Taieri, at such intervals as the necessities of the traffic may call for. In the first instance, she will try touching at each station once every fortnight. 
    The Geelong is 129 feet long, and 170 tons register, and she has two engines of 45 horse-power each. She was built on the Clyde, in the latter part of 1854, by Wingate. The hull is of great strength, the bottom plates being of half inch iron; and the machinery is not surpassed n strength and finish by that of any steam vessel on the colonies.

The "Pirate" 
On Monday afternoon the steamer Pirate left her moorings opposite the town, and steamed her way down channel en route for Oamaru. On approaching the Heads, a large ship was seen lying at anchor outside; the Captain of the Pirate thought she would be much safer inside, and resolved upon offering to do for her what the wind would not allow her to do for herself. Soon the steamer was alongside, and to work went the speaking-trumpets of both vessels. "What ship?" asks Steam. "Arnim, from Sydney, with 2500 sheep on board," answers Canvas. "D'ye want a tow?" "Ay, Ay," On a twinkling the click of the big ship's windlass and the cry of its workers were heard; a few minutes afterwards the Pirate was in the traces; a few minutes after this again the Arnim and her precarious cargo were in safety. This is the first vessel tugged by steam into Otago Harbour. After doing this service, the Pirate anchored for the night. At four in the morning she was again under way. At 9.30 she was discharging cargo in the port of Oamaru; at 2 p.m. she had taken her freight of wool on board, and was steaming her way back. At 7. 30 she was at anchor off Port Chalmers. This is what steam will do. But what will a handy craft and a smart skipper not do? These events mark an era in the history of the Province.

February 12 1859

Entered Inwards.
Feb. 7. Robertina, 213 tons, Davis, from Sydney via Wellington. Passengers - Messrs. Thompson and Putello.
Feb. 10. Queen, s.s. 132 tons, Wilson, from Melbourne via Invercargill. Left Melbourne on 27th January and arrived at New River on the 2nd February after a good passage of six days with fine weather. Passengers- Cabin G. Heppel, A. Evans, E. Evans and child, J, Gleson, F. Greer, Mrs Barrington.  Steerage: H. Bloomer, N. McGee, J. Robinson, J. Lawson, and J. Wilson.
Feb. 10. - Oriental, Macey, from London. Passengers- John and Duncan Maines, F. Golding, Harriett, Mary, Richard, and Edward Bell. The "Oriental" arrived at the Heads on Wednesday morning, having left the Downs on the 1st November. The greater portion of her cargo and passengers are for Canterbury. We regret to learn that one of the apprentices fell from the royal yard into the sea, and was drowned.

Cleared Out. Feb. 5. Armin, 624 tons, Sommer, for Sydney. Passengers: Messrs. Fry and Wills.
Feb.. 5 - Pirate s.s., 280 tons, Robertson, for Melbourne, via Invercargill. Passengers for Melbourne-Cabin: Messrs. A. Lyle, Stewart, T. Ringston, Learmonth, and Fenwick; Mr and Mrs G. Duncan; Captains Robertson and Jamieson. Steerage: R. Smail, and T. Hinigan. For Invercargill- D. McDonald, A. McNaughton, D. Marshall, W. Paterson. Cabin: Mr Harvey, S. Harvey.
Feb. 4. Cosmopolite, 143 tons, Lewis, for Hobart Town, with 2 cases boots.

Vessels in Port
Gloucester, ship, 591, Hiatt, loading wool for London.
Thomas and Henry, brig, 234 Paton, bound for the Mauritius
Robertina, brig, 213, Davis, bound for Sydney.
Comet, schooner, 92, Cork, from Newcastle.
Queen, s.s. 132, Wilson, bound for Lyttelton and Wellington
Oriental, ship, Macey, from London.
William Hyde, barque, 600, Galbraith, (hulk). (store ship)
James Daley, schooner, 45, (hulk) (store ship)

February 19 1859 page 4

Feb. 14. Geelong, s., 108 tons, Thomson, from Invercargill, with 48� bales wool, 4 firkins butter, 2 cases apparel. Passengers - Messrs C. Logie, W. Day, J. Cargill, J. Jones, A. Jones.

Cleared Out. 
Feb. 11, Oriental, 500 tons, Macey, for Port Lyttelton, with 1 case and original cargo and passengers from London for Lyttelton.
Feb. 16, Queen, s.s. 132 tons, Wilson, for Port Lyttelton, with 35 bags oats, 52 bags rye grass. Passengers - Messrs. J. Macandrew, A.W. Morris, W.C. Young, and W. Hepple. Steerage: Messrs. W. McGee, J. Robbins, J. Barr, and F. Fleury.
from Port Chalmers. Feb. 12. Cosmopolite, brig, sailed for Hobart Town

February 26 1859

Arrived. Feb. 22, Corsair, 134 tons, Gay, from Port Lyttelton, via Timaru, with cargo transhipped from "Strathallan." Passengers- Messrs. F. Twenilon, E. Butler, A. Wilkinson, J. Gardner, Emery, Pace, and Manson.
Feb. 23. Steamer Geelong, 108 tons, Thomson, from (New River) Invercargill, with cargo transhipped from the "North Star." Passengers -(cabin): Messrs J. Jones, and J.G. Hughes. (Steerage): Frances Proctor.
Same day, Industry, 487 tons, Stephen, from Melbourne, via the Bluff, with 1700 sheep, 100 boxes candles, 766 deals, 700 tons coal, l package harness, and 1 dog cart. Arrived at 9.20 a.m.
Feb. 25, Lord Ashley, s.s. 290 tons, Stewart, from Canterbury, with 30 packages. Passengers - Mr Green, Captain Fulton, Mrs Fulton and child, Mr and Mrs McIrod and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Gosler and 5 children, Mr Ward, Mr Stewart.
Same day, White Swan, s.s., 198 tons, McLean. Passengers -Captain Inverarity, lady, and servant. Messrs. Kirkwood, A. and S. Fraser, H. Butler, Mr and Miss Lewis and servant, Mr and Mrs Russell, Masters Russell (2), Capt. Buckley.

The "Geelong" arrived at the Heads on Tuesday evening, having steamed from Invercargill against a heavy north-easter, in 21 hours. She brought up a portion of the cargo of the "North Star," which vessel unfortunately went ashore at the New River, and has, it appears, received so much damage that she will be useless except as a hulk, even should the efforts to float her prove successful, which at present is somewhat doubtful. 
    On sighting Tewaewae's Point, a vessel was observed to be on shore there, and the steamer bore down to her assistance. She proved to be the barque "Industry," from Melbourne to Otago, with sheep, which had drifted on the rocks in a most dangerous position. With considerable difficulty the crew were induced to assist in the endeavour to get her off, which was at length successful, and the "Industry" proceeded on her voyage, not having apparently received any serious damage. But for the opportune arrival of the steamer, the barque would in all probability have become a total wreck, as both the captain and crew appeared to be utterly indifferent as to the result.

The barque Industry, bound for Otago, commenced taking in sheep on Thursday morning (Feb. 3.) alongside the Williamstown Railway Pier, and completed her loading of 1700 ewes, with which she hauled off before dark. -Argus.

English Shipping. On Nov. 19, the Tamora, for Otago, sailed from England, with cargo and the following passengers: Mr and Mrs Lockhart, Mrs and Mrs Coupland and child, Messrs. J. McLaren, J. Pennant, and W. and G. Blathawayte.

Saturday March 5 1859 page 4

Arrived. Feb. 26 Queen, s.s. 132 tons, Wilson, from Lyttelton. Passengers Cabin: Dr. Featherstone, Messrs. Macandrew, Morris, Roy, Green, and Birch. Steerage: Messrs. W. Smith, H. Johnston, J. Barr, P. Jones, Jas. Williamson, D, Crankshaw, and 3 children.
March 2 Spec, 20 tons, Simpson, from Toi-Toi with 26� bales wool and 2 casks.

Cleared Out Feb. 26 Geelong, s. 108 tons, Thomson, for Oamaru, with stores for settlers.
Feb, 26 Star, 40 tons, Davidson, for Clutha River, with stores for settlers.
Feb 26 Lord Ashley, s.s., 290 tons, Stewart, for Port Lyttelton with original cargo from Wellington
Feb. 26 Corsair, 134 tons, Gay, for Port Lyttelton
Feb. 25 Comet 92 tons, Cook, for Newcastle, N.S.W., in ballast
Feb. 28 White Swan, s.s. 198 tons, Cellum, for Port Lyttelton. Passengers - Mr and Mrs D. Russell and sons, Mr and Miss Lewis and servant, Mr Hunt, Capt, Buckley, Capt. Williamson, Messes. Kirkwood, Chapman, and Turner
March 1, Queen, s.s., 132 tons, Wilson, for Moeraki, with stores for settlers.

Steamer "Geelong" We are happy to see that the Coastal Steamer is likely to be a paying concern. We learn that the Geelong returned on Thursday from her trip to Oamaru with 125 bales of wool and 14 passengers and sailed again the next day for the Molyneux and New River with cargo and several passengers.

Port Chalmers Feb. 27. The Thomas and Henry, for Mauritius, at 9 a m.
Feb. 28 The Corsair sailed for Timaru

March 12 1859

Arrived. Mar. 4 Geelong, s. from Oamaru with 123 bales wool, and 5 skins. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Every, Borton, Smith, Emery, Mrs King, and Miss Fazakerly. Steerage: Messrs. C. Brown, W. Hanett, James Hanett, and W. Johun.
Mar. 8 Tamora, 418 tons, Bridie, from London. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Allan Lockhart, Mr and Mrs Robert Coupland and child, Messrs. W.J. and M.A. (?G.) Blathawayte (Blathwayt), John McLaren, and John Tennant. We have been out 104 days; fifteen of these we were detained in Port Praya, St. Jargo, Cape de Verde Islands, re-stowing cargo, and repairing damage sustained in a gale of wind off the Bay of Biscay. The "Tamora" is a fine vessel, built by the same firm as the "Strathallan," and proved herself a good sailer, having made the voyage, deducting her detention at St. Jago, in 82 days from land to land.
Mar. 8 Free Trader, 206 tons, Thom, from Geelong, with 1600 sheep, and 6 horses. The "Free Trader," from Geelong, anchored off Dunedin on the 7th instant, after a rather lengthy voyage. She brings a cargo of sheep, and has, we regret to say, a rather heavy loss.

Cleared Out Mar. 5 Queen, s.s., 132 tons, Wilson, for Port Lyttelton, with 69 bags rye grass seed. Passengers Cabin: Dr. Featherstone, Messrs. J. Roy. H. Scott, H. Stevenson. and R.A. Filleul.

Wreck of the St Paul on the night of 30th September and the massacre of her passengers on the island of Rossel... Sydney Herald Jan. 27.

March 19 1859 page 9

Arrived March 12, Geelong, s., 108 tons, Thomson, from Clutha river, with 62 bales wool, 26 baskets potatoes, 1 firkin butter, 1 box, 1 jar. Passengers - Mrs Goold and child, Miss Smith, Mr Hay, Mrs Gillies and child.
Same day, Peregrine Oliver, 409 tons, Rippon, from Adelaide, via Bluff Harbour, with 26 horses, and part of original cargo from Adelaide. Passengers - Mrs Jones and 2 children, W. Ross, and 4 stockmen.
March 15, Oberon, 14 tons, Grieve, from Oamaru, with 4 bales wool, 2 casks butter, and 5 pkgs, luggage. Passenger - Miss Healey
Same day, Hope, 20 tons, Craigie, from Taieri River, with 38 1.2 bales wood , 60 bags oats.

March 13, Pirate, s.s. 285 tons, J. Robertson, from Melbourne.
Passengers - Cabin: 
Captain Boyd 
Mr and Mrs Duncan
Mr and Mrs Fenwick
Miss Howie
Mrs Lloyd
A. Cameron
J. Hassell
J.S. Horsefield
S. James
R. Levy
J. McConnell
A. McKinnon
C. McKinnon
J. Orkney
A.T. Ozanne
R. Russell
G. Wardle
J. Wardle

Mr and Mrs Cornish and 2 children
C. Humphries
J.V. Ingram
Hannah and Jessie Lloyd
P. Lloyd
T.H. Meeking and wife
W. Sawyers
J. Saunders
Mary Ann Turner
C. Wendyrie

The steam-ship "Pirate," Captain Robertson, arrived from Melbourne via Bluff on Sunday morning, having made the passage under seven days from Port Phillip Heads, including a detention of some hours at the Bluff, where she landed a few passengers, beside a valuable cargo, including 600 sheep and 27 horses. Her sheep have since been landed at Moeraki, with a trifling loss of 13. Mr Duncan has returned by this opportunity, and has, we understand, brought the machinery for a flour mill. The "Pirate" was detained in Melbourne undergoing some alterations and repairs, which delayed her departure until the 6th.

March 17, Queen, s.s., 132 tons, Wilson, from Port Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin; Mr W. Taylor. Steerage: Mr Mason, and Mrs Merrick. Captain Wilson, who commands her, has had great experience on this coast, having first arrived here as an officer of the troy (1839). He afterwards sailed in the Cuba and Nimrod and has been long known to many colonists.

Cleared Out. March 14, Free Trader, 206 tons, Thom, for Launceston, in ballast
March 16, Oberon, 14 tons, Grieve, for Oamaru, with 6000 ft, sawn timber. Passenger - Mr Dwight.

March 12 1859 

Arrived. March 21, Equator, 481 tons, Sillberg, from Wellington. Passengers - Mr Suisted, Mr and Mrs McGrigor, Mr and Mrs Kieve, Mr John Seed. The Equator arrived from London via Wellington on Saturday last, 181 days from Gravesend. We understand that the injury she suffered from bad weather has been the cause of her detention.
March 25, Cosmopolite, 145 tons, Lewis, from Hobart Town. Passengers Cabin: Mr John Hunt, Mr A. Jackson senr., A. Jackson junr., W. Stone, Mrs J. Stone and 2 children, Mr P. Maulis, W. Grundy. Mrs E. Grundy, E. Corcoran, E. Thornton.

Cleared Out. March 21, Queen, s.s., 132 tons, Wilson, for Port Lyttelton
March 22, Peregrine Oliver, 409 tons, Rippon, for Melbourne, in ballast
Same day, Pirate, s.s. 280 tons, Robertson, for Melbourne. Passengers Cabin: Captains Cameron and Stevenson, Mrs Merson, Jas. Malcolm, Mr Harper, Mrs Greer, Mrs Leroyd, child, and servant, Mr G. Gleeson, Mr Sinclair. Steerage: Miss Dodd, Messrs. John, W., and J. Dodd, Colville, Strachan, McCulloch, McDonald, and Cameron.

April 2 1859 page 9

Arrived. March 28, Malay, 249 tons, Peters, from Melbourne. Passengers - Mrs Peters and child, W. Henderson, Mrs Henderson and 2 children, H. Norman, E. Norman, G. Stewart, and T. Roff.
March 29, Ocean Queen, 120 tons, McBurney, from Sydney. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Perry and family, Mr and Mrs Wright and child, Messrs. McLune, and G. Greig.
March 30, Armin, 624 tons, Somner, from Sydney, with 2550 sheep, 26 horses, 19 cases brandy, 8 half-chests tea. Passengers - Messrs. Geison, Wells, Lake, Sutherland, and Hackhurst.
March 31, Lord Ashley, s.s. Stewart, from Port Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Gillow, Roxby, and Green. Steerage: Messrs Jones and Thompson.
April 1, Queen, s.s. 132 tons, Wilson, from Lyttelton. Passengers Cabin: Mr Aldridge, Mr and Mrs Black; three in steerage. The Queen is to run regularly between this port and Wellington, calling at Canterbury.

April 9 1859

Arrived April 6 - White Swan., 198 tons, Cellem, from Lyttelton with 2 tons flour, 1 ton potatoes, 6 bags potatoes. passenger: Steerage: Mr Tiller.

Cleared Out April 6 Queen s.s., 132 tons, Wilson, for Lyttelton. Passenger Cabin: Mr Fraser.

Considerable surprise has been felt during the past week at the non-appearance of the Geelong. She has been detained for some 12 days at the Bluff before the bar at the New River was fit to allow her safely to enter. She was unable to get into the Clutha River either going or returning. The impracticability of the Taieri River we should think that our settlers are beginning to have their eyes opened to the nonsense which was put forth at the time steam communication was proposed. 
[Lewis Acker the was pilot at New River. See his letter to the editor. Otago Witness May 28 1858 page 6.]  and [the reply by Capt. Thomson letter to editor June 4th 1859. page 3] Acker

The Equator, is to sail today for Newcastle, under charter to Messrs. Macandrew & Co. to bring down coals and live stock.

April 16 1859

Arrived. April 11, Revival, 463, Ferguson, from Invercargill, in ballast
April 15, Ann Jane, 38 tons, Thompson from Invercargill, with 1200 boards, 3 pkgs. ash-pans, 2 boilers, 22 stoves, 1 case apparel, 8 blds, iron pots, 1 case, 7 kegs nails, being part original cargo ex North Star, from Melbourne. 1 chain and anchor, and a quantity of old rigging, shipped from the North Star.

Cleared Out. April 8 White Swan, steamer 198 tons, Cellum, for Port Lyttelton, with 1 chest. Passengers - Cabin: Mr, Mrs and Miss Stannard. Steerage: W, and T. Brown, T. Johns.
April 11 - Equator, 481 Sellberg, for Newcastle, N.S.W. in ballast. Passengers. Cuthbert Cowan, and John Thomson.

April 23 1859

Arrived. April l 21 Queen. s.s. 132 tons, Wilson from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Rev. D. Morran. Messrs. E. Orbell, McMullan, W. Donald, R. Filleul. Steerage: J. Drew, G. Farrow.

Cleared Out. April 21 - Star. Passengers Mr Storey and family.

April 30th 1859

Arrived 27 - Geelong, s., 108 tons, Thompson, from Molyneux. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Anderson and family, Mr and Mrs Kettle and family.
April 29 - Pirate, s.s. 285 tons, Robertson, from Melbourne.

Cleared Out April 25 - Queen, s.s. 132 tons,, Wilson, from Lyttelton, in ballast. Passengers - Messrs. T. Newton, J. Seed, T.B. Gillies, Mr Green, and Mrs Smith. 

The steamer "Pirate" has brought down on her deck the beautiful Screw Steamer, well known in Melbourne as the "Pride of the Yarra," which the spirited owners, Messrs. James Macandrew and Co., intend to ply as a Harbour boat. She is an iron vessel, built by McDougall in 1856 on the Yarra, 25 tons Register, with two engines of 16 horse power by Dow, drawing about 4 feet when loaded, and owning to her fine lines and great length, 75 feet, she is able to attain a speed of 10 miles an hour. She cost the owners 2250  pounds. Her machinery was found to be in first-rate order, when taken out in Melbourne for shipment, and she has a fine boiler. She was cut in two for stowage on the "Pirate's" deck, but engineer of latter will be able to put her together again in a couple of days. 

The steamer "Pirate" from Melbourne, arrived here yesterday, after a splendid run of 6 days, including a detention of some 24 hours at the Bluff to land passengers and to allow others to come from Invercargill. She brings about sixty passengers, and a full cargo, consisting of 12 horses, 500 sheep, 300 tons of goods, and a steamer on deck. She is believed to have a carriage and pair for a gentlemen in residence here.

The schooner "Huon" of 43 tons register, has been purchased in Melbourne on account of Messrs. Jones Cargill and Co., with the intention of placing her in the coast trade of this Province.

May 7 1859

Arrived. April 30. Pirate, s.s., 280 tons, Robertson, from Melbourne. Cabin -
Mr and Mrs Bradley
Mr Bayron
Mr and Mrs Casement and 2 children
Mr Greville
Mr and Mrs T. Huxley
Miss Jardine
Mrs Jeffries, servant and infant
Mr G.A. Learmonth
Mr Rankin
Mr Runt
Mr Stirling
Mr Thomson
Mr and Mrs Young and 3 children

Second Cabin:
Mr Cameron
Mr and Mrs Mathieson and 4 children
Mr J. and A. McKay
Mr Richardson
Mr Sinclair

from Bluff - Mrs Cameron, ___ Elles.

Arrived. April 30, Melbourne, 305 tons, Dickie, from Sydney. Passengers Cabin: Miss J. Fraser, Messrs T. Miles, J. Roberts, J. Robertson, and J. Williams. Steerage: Messrs. W. Ford, J. Ward, W. Cuthbert, G. Nightingale, J. Hornsby, and J. Williams.
May 2 Comet, 93 tons, Cork, from Newcastle, N.S.W., with 790 sheep, 2 horses, 48 tons coals. Passenger, L C. Richards.

The brigantine "Comet" Captain Cork, with a cargo of stock direct from the Hunter's River, appeared off Oamaru at Daylight on the morning of the 28th ult. Being a few miles to leeward, she was unable to beat up against the heavy S.W. gale which prevailed during the day. By dint of perseverance, to anchor off the port towards evening. On the following morning she stood boldly into the bay, and came to anchor at 10 a.m. and by 1.30. the entire cargo, consisting of 708 sheep and one mare, was landed without accident of any kind. This is the first cargo of stock which has been landed here from New South Wales, direct, and was imported on account of R. Filleul, Esq., owner of the adjoining run. 

May 2 Lord Ashley, s.s. 290 tons, Stewart, from Lyttelton. Passengers: Cabin: Messrs. Strafford, C. Redwood, J.C. White, J.E. Davey, J. Reddie, and Otto. Steerage: Mr and Mrs Gibson and 7 children; Messrs Ely, G. Gourley, Jas. Wilson, J. Wilson, Mr and Mrs Warden and 3 children.

Cleared Out.  April 29. Geelong (steamer), 108 tons, Thomson, for Invercargill, with stores for settlers. Passengers: Mr and Mrs R. Murdoch, W. Lockhart, S. Small, J. Smith, W. Ronald, N. Bates, A. McNaughton, Mr and Mrs McIvor, Mrs Storey and 2 children, Mr Howard and child, Mr Geisow.
May 2. Lord Ashley, s.s. 290 tons, Stewart, for Lyttelton, in ballast. Passengers: Dr. Buchanan, Messrs. Phillips and Elles.

The Rev. Mr Todd and family are passengers by the "Mariner" for this place, and may be looked for shortly.

The Rev. E.G. Edwards, M.A. has been appointed to the incumbency if the Episcopal Church in Dunedin, and is expected to arrive her by the "Lord Ashley" on her next trio. The present incumbent, Mr Wyatt, has been requested by the Bishop of the diocese to establish a college in this town.

Mr A.C. Strode has been appointed Resident Magistrate for Lyttelton, the late R.M. at Dunedin. Mr Strode has been for some tie on a visit to England, on leave of absence, but is shortly expected to return to the colony.

The barque "Industry" was run aground at the Bluff. Owner Jones. Seaman - Barnes.

May 14 1859

Arrived May 7 White Swan, s.s. 198 tons, Cellum, from Lyttelton. Passengers Cabin: Messrs Blanc and Cuthertson; steerage; Mr Given and wife, Messrs. Craig, Goodwill, and Hickson.
May 9, Queen, s,s,. 132 tons, Wilson, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. T.B. Gillies, Filleul, and Harpur; steerage A. McFie.

Cleared Out May 9,.White Swan, s.s. 198 tons, Cellum, for Lyttelton. Passengers Cabin: Mrs Abblett, Messrs. Blanch and Drew; steerage: Mr Wilson
May 10, Pirate, s.s., 285 tons, Robertson, for Melbourne. Passengers Cabin: Messrs A. Doolan, W. Day, T.W. Barrington, J. Hassel, R. Russell, J. Chaplin, J. Jackson, Jones, Sharland, J. Reid, A.. McMaster, Captain Marshall, Captain Simpson, Dr. Vicary, Mrs Jackson. Steerage: Messrs. R. Forrest, W. Murdoch, W. Simpson, C. Couch, Lovell, T. Parkinson, R. Nicol, W. Ross, Mrs Murdoch, Ellen Murdoch, and Mrs Nicol.
May 13, Queen, s.s. Wilson, for Lyttelton. Passengers, Cabin: W. Donald, A. Cameron, A.J. Greville. Steerage: ___Daly. 

The Pride of the Yarra has been re-christened with the appropriate name of the New Era, made her appearance on Thursday at the Dunedin jetty.

The "Reinauw Engelkins," which arrived in port yesterday has brought down another small steamer the "Victoria" (about seventy feet long) which is to be offered for sale in the Province.

May 21 1859

Arrivals May 16. Reinauw Engelkins, 89 tons, Hunter, from Melbourne. Passengers: Mr and Mrs W.H. Douglas, W. and H. Douglas, Mr and Mrs Hilbry, W. Graham, Miss Graham, Mr and Mrs McKay, Isabella and Ellen McKay.
May 17, Sebim. 111 tons, Griffiths, from Newcastle, N.S.W. with 160 tons coals. Passenger - Capt. R. Parsons.

Cleared Out. 
May 20. Tamora, 450 tons, Bridie, for Callao, in ballast.
May 20 Comet. 92 tons, Cork, for Sydney, in ballast.

The "Reinauw Engelkins," which arrived in port yesterday has brought down another small steamer the "Victoria" (about seventy feet long) to the Province. She has been brought down from Melbourne by her owners for the purpose of being placed upon this river, to ply between Dunedin and the port. On Wednesday she was safely launched from the galliot "Reinauw Engelkins," , on board of which this little steamer was brought down, and her owners are making every exertion to have her ready to come up to Dunedin jetty on Monday evening, so that the good folks of Dunedin may have a view of her on Tuesday, and probably a trip in her as well.

Necessity improvements are being made in the jetties and landing-places at the various ports and harbours in Otago. The necessity of such an expenditure is forced upon us by the introduction of steam. The daily expenses of steamers, as compared with sailing vessels, is such as to make any delay in the discharging and despatching of the former of serious consequence. We have the Geelong, the Pirate, the Lord Ashley, and Lord Worsley, and the Queen, constantly arriving and departing. Tenders have been called for extending the Dunedin Jetty 480 feet beyond its present length. Its convenience to passengers and the facility for traffic would not be its only advantages, the value of town lands would increase.

Resident Magistrate's Court May 13th
France v. Ferguson.
This action an action instituted by Nathaniel France, mate of the barque "Revival," lately run aground and wrecked outside Otago Harbour, against John Ferguson, master of said barque for 49  pounds 5 s for wages. The points at issue.
    1. Whether by the wreck of the vessel the engagement of the crew was terminated and that they were consequently discharges.
    2. Whether, by being discharged, they were entitled to recover their wages in the place where this discharged occurred.
    His Worship held that the loss of the ship put an end to the crew's engagement; that they were either, and consequently were entitled to recover their wages in this colony. Judgement was give for  46  pounds 4s 9d. with costs.

May 28 1859

Arrived May 23 - Geelong, s., 108 tons, Thomson, from Invercargill, with 24 bales wool. Passengers cabin: Miss Johnston; steerage: Mr Ott.
May 27 - Queen, s.s., 132 tons, Wilson, from Canterbury. Passengers - Cabin: T. Aylmer, W. Aylmer, Mrs Aylmer and 3 children, Mrs Philips, Mr Bell, Mr Longdon, Mr Maitland. Steerage: Mr J. Binnie, J.W. Millar, Mr Allan.
     The steamer "Queen" from Wellington via Lyttelton and Akaroa, arrived in Dunedin yesterday forenoon, having 13 passengers and a general cargo. She did not bring the English February mail.

An accident occurred to the machinery of the New Era on Wednesday last. The boiler, which had became encrusted with salt, gave way over the furnace and put the fire out. She was off Grassy Point, and had several passengers aboard, but no injury was sustained. The injuries are repairable in the Province. 

Resident Magistrate's Court May 19th
Joseph Johnson, of Dunedin (from Tasmania) was charged with stealing a blanket, of the value of 10s., from the Sibbald's Hotel, on the 20th instant. The prisoner was found on board the "Content," with the blanket in his possession. Sentenced to be imprisoned for one calendar month.

June 4th 1859 page 3

Arrived May 20, Lord Worsley, s.s. Johnston, from Lyttelton. Passenger Mr Macfarlane.
May 31, Star, Davidson, from Invercargill. with 9 bales wool, and 400 feet timber.
Same day, Huon, Malcolm, from Melbourne with 18,000 split palings, and 20,000 shingles.
June 2, Mariner, 683 tons, Fraser, from London via Nelson. Passengers.

Cleared Out. May 28, Melbourne, 305 tons, Dickie, for Sydney, in ballast.
May 30, Lord Worsley, s.s., Johnston, for Lyttelton, mail steamer, with 6 bales wool. Passengers - Messrs. Stafford, Elliot, C. Elliot, D. Bell, and Soyden.

The "Huon." We have to notice the addition to our coasting craft of the Huon, a ketch, which arrived from Melbourne on the 31st ult. This craft, which has been purchased for the Otago Harbour and coasting trade, was brought down by Mr James Malcolm, who was for some time in charge of Messrs. Jones, Cargill, & Co.s lighter, the Bloomer, and who went to Melbourne for the purpose of purchasing such a craft. She was built on the Huon River, Tasmania; carries 70 tons measurement cargo, or 40 tons dead weight, with a draught of 4� feet of water, thus enabling her to come under the crane at the Dunedin Jetty with a full load. when light she draws about three feet. She will no doubt be a great acquisition, as she will not only carry as much as the Bon Accord with a less draught of water, but is perfectly safe outside. To the settlers of Taieri and Waihola she will afford the means of getting their crops to market. 

The "Victoria" the small steamer brought down by Mr Douglas to trade on the harbour is a boat similar in her construction to the New Era, than which she is a trifle smaller, and draws eighteen inches less water. The Victoria has the advantage of being worked by her owner, and while she has the trade to herself, may pay. but we doubt much whether there is business enough for two. We think that neither boat is the thing exactly suited to our harbour. A smart paddle-boat, with a light draught of water would cut out both the New Era and the Victoria.

English Shipping. The Avondale was to leave London for Otago direct on the 31st March. The Henbury was advertised to sail for Otago in March.

On the 8th May the Gil Blas was passing through the rip at the entrance into Port Philip Heads, when she was pooped by a heavy sea, which swept her decks, carrying overboard her commander, Captain H. Wedgewood, two passengers, Messrs. Brooke and Bell, and the man at the wheel, Simpson. Two life-bouys were thrown overboard, one of which was seen by Captain Wedgewood, who struggled hard but hopelessly to reach it, and he, poor fellow, sank with his unfortunate companions to rise no more. Mrs Wedgewood was onboard at the time, and was painfully conscious of the sad bereavement that had befallen her. The Pilot cutter "Anemone" with great difficulty bore down through the "Rip" to the distressed vessel, and signaled to the crew of the brig to follow her course in entering port. The assistance came at the most critical juncture, for the "Gil Blas' was then within two cable's length of the reef; but under the direction of the pilots she was brought safely to an anchorage inside the Heads. The weather was very thick, and the sea was higher than at any time inn the recollection of the oldest pilot on the station. The "Gil Blas" was on her way from Auckland to Melbourne.

The Lord Worsley arrived at Port Chalmers on Sunday last, with February and March mails. Again the short time allowed for the return mail precluded the answering of letters, except to a limited extent. the defective arrangement by which two mails are delivered at one time, very materially destroys the value of steam communication.

John Cargill, Esq., who proceeds to England per "Gloucester," has resigned his seat in the Provincial Council as member for the Tokomairiro, which district he has represented since the introduction of the Constitution Act.

June 11 1859 page 2

Cleared Out. June 3, Queen, s.s., 132 tons, Wilson, for Lyttelton. Passengers Cabin: Messrs C. Suisted, sen. and jun., J. Dixon, and Miss Highsted. Steerage: D. Petrie and S. Condosson.
June 3. Gloucester, 591 tons, Hiatt, for London, with 1828 bales wool (564,732 lbs.,) value 26636  pounds 15s, 562 sheepskins, 172 hides. Passengers - Mr and Mrs John Cargill and family, Messrs. H. Argles and W. Gould.

Saturday March 3 1860 page 5
Otago Wool. An extract from a letter of Mr John Cargill on Otago wool by "Gloucester."
The highest price obtained for Otago wool was 2s. 2d; the next 2s. 1 1�d. It is very observable that the long staple wool commands a better price than much finer wool of shorter staple. The wools by the "Gloucester" realized fully 2d. a pound over those per "Clontaff,": from Wellington. 

June 18 1859 page 2

Arrived. June 14, White Swan, s.s. Cellum, from Akaroa. Passengers Cabin: Mr and Mrs Newton, Messrs. Perry, and Blackio. Steerage: Mr Cunningham, wife and 3 children, Messrs. Bain and Morrison.
June 16, Pirate, s.s. Robertson, from Melbourne. Passengers: Cabin: R.B. Martin, A. Clark, D.M. Cameron, T. Baynton, H. Julius, Mr and Mrs Braid and family, Mrs Ingram and family, Ellen Robin, Messrs. Simpson, and Bridgeman. Steerage: Mrs Olson, Mrs Humphries, Messrs. J. and S. Bennett, J.H. Forrester, D. Carl, J. Morrison, R. Patterson, J. Broad, W.S. Watt, W. Hargdon. From the Bluff: Messrs. Wilson, Roat and Raymond.

Same day, Queen, s.s., Wilson, from Lyttelton. Passengers Cabin: Messrs. Doddridge, Gray, and Cameron. Steerage: Mrs Parker, Mr Pope.

Cleared Out
June 14, Geelong, S. Thomson, for Invercargill, with general cargo. Passengers: Mrs Smith and family, Mr and Mrs Alymer, and family, Messrs. J. Alymer, Cantrell, Saxton, D. Pedborough, Auld, Miss McKaye.

Messrs. Macandrew & Co. and owner of the "White Swan" to keep up a regular East-coast fortnightly communication between Otago and Auckland by means of steamers "Queen" and "White Swan;" the latter to run from Auckland to Napier and Wellington, and the former from Wellington to Lyttelton, Akaroa, and Otago. Passengers may be booked right through to and from Otago to Auckland once a fortnight; and to and from Melbourne once a month, by the screw steamer "Pirate."

Ship		 From 		Immigrants
George Canning	 London		 140
Strathallan	 Leith		 291
Robert Henderson Glasgow	 284
Palmyra		 London		 261
Nourmahal	 London		 274
Strathfieldsaye	 Glasgow	 264
Three Bells	 Glasgow	 297
Jura		 Glasgow	 375
Lord Worsley	 London		  46
Gloucester	 London		  98

June 25 1859

Arrived June 18, Malay, Peters, from Newcastle, N.S.W. with 410 tons coal.
June 21, Geelong, s., Thomson, from Invercargill. Passengers - Messrs. A Hogue, D. Hankinson, P.M. Nurse.
June 24, Oberon, Smith, from Oamaru. Passengers Mr and Mrs McGlashan, servant girl, and 2 children; Mrs Cormack, Mr Hardy, and Alexander Steel.

Cleared Out June 21, Queen, s.s. Wilson, for Lyttelton. Passengers Cabin: Messrs. D. Orbell, N.B. McGregor, A. McGregor, M. McGregor, and Hankinson.

"Airedale" steamer on the 15th February. A week later she left the Downs and beat down the Channel for 3 days against a head wind, which, increasing to a gale, she put back and anchored at Ryde where she remained for a fair wind to take her clear of the Channel. Only 7 passengers are said to be on board for Otago.


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