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Printed and published every Saturday morning by D. Campbell, at the office of the "Otago Witness" Clifton Cottage, Princes Street, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand 

Saturday Jan. 7 1860 page 5

December 30 - Airedale, s.s., 286 tons, Johns, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Coleman, Black, Moran, Bing, Nathan, Smith, Seed, England, Valpy, and M. and Master Klaer.  Second Cabin: Mr and Mrs Greenfield, Mr and Mrs Margs, Messrs. T. Margs, Forrester, Smith, Honeyman, Arnold, Rossignol, Magrotte, Park, Inglis, White, Bayley, Gonshaw, Platt, Edwards, and Laing. Young and McGlashan, agents. 
Jan 3 - Royal Bride,s.s., 987 tons, Alex. Newlands, from Lyttelton, in ballast. Passengers - Mrs Donald, Captain Cameron, Messrs. cooper and James Mitchell.

Cleared Out
Dec. 31- Cosmopolite, Lewis, for Hobart Town, in ballast. Passengers - Messrs. Hurst and Gatehouse.
Same day - Airedale, s.s., Johns, for Lyttelton with original cargo from Sydney and New Plymouth. Passengers - Cabin: Mr Sutcliffe, J. and M. Allan, Mrs McClymont, Mr Dutton. Second Cabin: Messrs. McClymont and Fleshbourne.

January 14 1860 page 5

Jan. 9. Airedale, s.s., 280 tons, Johns, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Mr Justice Gresson, Messrs. J. Smith, Newman, Templer, Buckley, E. and J. Townsend, Ellis, Browman, R. Malcolm, Stevens, Bishop, and Mrs Klaer and child.

Cleared Out
Jan. 6 Northern Light, 89 tons, Tobin, for Wellington, with cargo transhipped ex Cheviot from Glasgow.
Jan. 7 - Ewald, 159 tons, Brering, for Melbourne. passengers - Cabin: Messrs. J.A. Douglas, J.C. Cumber, and Charles Monday. Steerage: Messrs. James Polty, and Thomas Wigham.
Jan. 11 - Airedale, s.s., Johns, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. W. H. Reynolds and Harris.

January 21 1860 page 4

Jan. 16 - Ada, 30, Palmer, from Akaroa. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Purves, Mr and Mrs Tully and 2 children, Messrs. Clark, McIntosh, and Brown. Master, agent.
Jan. 18. Mary Thompson, 52, Muirhead, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Blackie and 4 children, G. Reyner, Mr and Mrs McNab, J. Henderson, Mr and Mrs Dickenson and 4 children, D. Pettygres, J. Kemp, J. Doughty.

Jan. 12- Oberon, s.s., 70, Louden, for Lyttelton. Passenger - C. Few.
Jan. 16. Fanny, 20, McLellen, for Oamaru in ballast. Passenger - Mr G. Buckley. Master, agent.

Advert. in the Auckland newspaper, 'The Southern Cross.'

The Southern Cross Friday 20th January 1860 pg6
Letter to the Editor on Otago. by James Adams.

February Saturday 4th 1860 page 4

Arrived. Jan. 25. Bosworth, Turnbull, from London with general cargo. Passenger list re-published.

Broderick	Mr and Mrs	and 6 children
Bedborough	Mr and Mrs
Bedborough	Miss
Black		Dr
Elphinstone	Mr A
Macallister	A.J.
Menzies		D.
Muir		David
Murdoch		J.W.
Stuart		Rev. D.M. and Mrs and 2 children

Second Cabin and Steerage:
Anderson	Alex., Elsie, Alex., and Andrew 
Bamwell		John and Jane
Calbert		Mary
Chirnside	J.
Elder		G.
Fowler		J.
Iles		W.
Kelly		Margaret
Laing		William
McLellan	William, Jane, Agnes
McQueen		A. and J.
Paton		W.
Phillips	S., Sarah, Edmund and E.
Price		John and Ann
Stewart		Grace
Wilson		James, Ann, and James
Winchester	John and Ann

Jan. 28. Oberon, s.s., Louden, from Lyttelton. Passenger - Mr McGuiness.
Feb. 2. William Pope, 38 tons, James Carmichael, from Auckland. Passengers - Mrs Smith, Messrs. R.N. Reid, Thomas Brookes [Brooks], Henry Dawson, G. Cowper [Cooper], G. Aber, Chas. Youlett [Ellyet], John Goldie, [McLaren, Allen]and John Brown
(and James McLaren  who paid  2 pounds passage money  to the Provincial Government of Otago) with 14,000 feet kauri timber, 1200 palings, 2000 bricks, 23 bags rice, 7 cases furniture, 1 corn mill, 3 tons nails, 4 cases cyder, 35lbs tobacco, 2 half cases gin, 1 case brandy, 1 barrel powder, 20 boxes soap, 2 qr-casks old tom. Master, agent. [also see Southern Cross Tuesday January 17th 1860 pg2]

Cleared Out
Jan. 27 - Royal Bride, s.s., 878 tons, Newlands, for Lyttelton, with 1008 bales wool, and 7 bales sheepskin. Jones, Cargill, and Co., agents.
Jan. 28 - Lord Worsley, s.s., 291 tons, Johnson, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Moore, Mr and Mrs Clarke and 2 children, George Garport, Alexander Fraser, Mr and Mrs Duncan and 6 children, Mrs Blackie, Mr Seal, Mr Clark, Robert Day, Count de la Pastari, John Duncan, A. McAlpine, John McLean, Mr Lockhart, Mr Dudley, Mr and Mrs Fordham, Mr Skelton, Mr Simpson, and Mr Koe.
Same day - Pirate, s.s., 385 tons, Robertson, for Melbourne. Passengers- Cabin: Mr Smith, Mr and Mrs Klaer, Messrs. Cuthbertson, McKellar, James Logan, and Fred. Jones. Second Cabin: Mr and Mrs Cameron and child, Messrs. John McFee, Rossignol, Magrotte, Honey, Batten, and J. McGrath.

February 11 1860 page 5

Feb. 6 - Dove, 20, Jones, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. McBeth and Abbott. Master. agent.
Feb. 6 - Aquilla, 27, Austen, from Auckland. Passengers - Messrs. Reid, Clarkson, and Ford. Master, agent.
Feb. 8. Airedale, s.s., 286 tons, Johns, from Lyttelton. Passengers....

Cleared Out Feb. 9 - Airedale, 286 tons, Johns, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Fraser, Alfred Jones, James Jones, Alex. Shennan, James Fisher, R.A. Filleul.
Feb. 10 - Cheviot, Orkney, for Callao, in ballast.

February 18 1860 page 5

Feb. 13 - Thomas & Henry, 235 tons, Paten, from Newcastle, N.S.W. with 290 tons coal, 450 lbs iron castings, 1100 feet cedar boards. Passenger: J. McFarlane.
Feb. 14. Oberon, s.s. Louden, from Invercargill. Passengers: Mr Cannon, James Riley, Alex. McNaughton, C. McDonald, Mr Murison, Miss Murison, Mrs Cameron, Miss Redmayne, Mrs Russell, Miss Dick.
Feb. 16. Henry, 42 tons, Wallace, from Auckland. Passengers - Mr and Mrs George Trimmer and 2 children
(passage money �24 10s.), Messrs. Brown (2), and Thomas Macauley. Master. agent.

Cleared Out
Feb. 8. Oberon. s.s. Louden, for Clutha and Invercargill, with stores. Passengers: Rev. Thomas Burns, Mr and Mrs Collins, Mrs Blackie and child, Messrs. Bevan, Pearson, Sims, Aylmer, James Campbell, J. McKercher, Mr and Mrs D. Smith, Mrs E. Reid, Mary Keligan, Mr Bell, and two men.

The "Oberon". This steamer returned from her trip to the south on Tuesday last, having been two days at Invercargill and one at Clutha. She proceeded up the Clutha about 30 miles, and found no difficulties. She will prove a great boon to the settlers.

Saturday February 25 1860 page 4

Feb. 17 - Oberon, s.s., Louden, from Moeraki and Oamaru. Passenger - Mr McMaster.
Feb. 19 - Geelong, p.s., 108 tons, Boyd, from Invercargill, with 55 bales wool. Passenger - Mr Walsh.
Feb. 23 - Pirate, s.s., 384 tons, Robertson from Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Cuthbertson, Mr and Mrs Keith, Captain and Mrs G.H. Wilson; Messrs. A. Wilson, Cochrane, McLean, R. Thomson, S. Hudson, and Corbett.
Second Cabin: Mr and Mrs Healey, Mr and Mrs Greenwood, Mrs and Miss Oates, Miss Finlayson, J. Whicard, Sulivan, Gibson, Mrs and Miss Smith. For Canterbury - Mr and Mrs Kelly, and B. Phillips. F. Greer and Co, agents.
    The Pirate has again made a good trip, having returned to this port within 23 days from her leaving Port Chalmers. She is now performing her work well, regularity being the great object of steam communication. She has brought on this trip 30 passengers, 14 horses, 1002 sheep, 1 bull, and a full cargo of general merchandise. She leaves again for melbourne on Tuesday next.
Feb 22 - Gala, 851 tons, Thomas Fisher, from Glasgow, November 19. Mr Hutcheson, Chief Mate. Passengers - Chief Cabin:
Mr and Mrs McKay
Mr Dowbiggan
Mr McMaster
Mr Junor
Mr Trevor
Steerage.... passenger list 
    Thomas Aitken, from Cowdenbeath, Scotland...    
Voyage of the "Gala"....

Five out of the six cabin passengers by the Gala are males, all statute adults, the youngest being a youth between 15 and 20. Three adults males who have worked their passage as stewards, &c., intend settling in New Zealand making a grand total by the Gala of 326 souls - 181 males and 145 females. The doctor, if the climate agrees with him, may be added. This grand total is affected by three births (two males and one female) and five deaths 9four males and one female) on the voyage, leaving a net grand total of 324 souls. The ages given were the ages at time of engaging passage. of the males entered as single, one has left a wife behind him; and three of the females stated as single in the list are married, their husbands being in already in Otago.

Saturday March 3 1860 page 4

Arrived Feb. 25 Mary Thompson, 52 tons, Muirhead, from Lyttelton. Passenger - Mr Gillen.
Feb 27 - Oberon, s.s. Louden, from Invercargill. Passengers - Messrs J.P. Taylor and J. McLeod.
Feb. 22 - Gala, 851 tons, Thomas Fisher, from Glasgow.
Feb. 27 Drover - 174 tons, Gunn, from Melbourne. Passengers cabin: Messrs. S. Johnson and A. McLuskey, Mrs Valley; 2nd cabin; Mr Graham. Minnie and Harry Skulton.
Feb. 29. Lord Worsley, 290 tons, Johnson, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs and Mrs Fairbairn and 3 children, Dr and Mrs Forster, Mrs Anderson, Messrs. Day, Telford, Borthwick, Keith, Kerr, McMath, Williams, Smith, Raymond, Wells, Willan, Lockhart, Palmer, and Leckie; 2nd cabin: Mr and Mrs Mackie, J. Toby, Jemmings, Wilkie, Cairns, Greenwood, Cox, Negus, Rebman, Deriett, Lindsay, Price, and Reid.
March 1 - Cosmopolite, 145 tons, Lewis. from Hobart Town. Passengers - Mrs Lewis, C.J. Hurst, C. Brown, Mary Brown, E. Cameron.

Cleared Out
Feb. 24 Magaretha Roesner, Egges,  (Eggers) for Wellington, in ballast.
Feb. 28 - Lord Worsley, s.s., Johnson, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs W.H. Sims, A. Munro, and Meyer.
Feb. 29 Pirate, s.s. 285 tons, Robertson, for Melbourne. Passengers -Cabin: Captain Cameron, Messrs. Dougharty, Coghill, Aitken, Campbell, Murdoch, Wilson, and Cochrane. 2nd cabin: Mrs Young and 3 children, Duncan Ferguson, George Spencer, and A. Parker.

Saturday March 10 1860 page 4

Entered Inwards
March 3 - Oberon, s.s. Louden, from Moeraki, in ballast. Passengers - Mrs Fenwick, J. Smith, W. Johnson.
March 5 - Geelong, p.s. Boyd, from Invercargill. Passenger - Mr Calder.
March 5 - Salopian, 40 tons, Combes, from Wellington. Passenger - Jones and Gourlay.
March 5 - Abbey, 89 tons, Barnard, from Newcastle, N.S.W. 140 tons coal.
March 7. Oberon,s.s. Louden, from Oamaru. Passengers - Mr Gleeson, Mr Roy, Thomas Smith, John Johnston, John Jones, and James Brown.

Cleared Out
March 5 - Avonvale, 307 tons, McLaren, for Shanghae.; original cargo from London, 100 tons flint.
March 8 - Oberon, Louden, for Invercargill, with stores. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Longuet, and 7 children, Dr. and Mrs Forster, Dr. Sinclair, and Messrs. Borthwick and Droege. Steerage: J. Bowen and J.G. De Jong.

March 10 1860
Nimmo v. Orkney
Peter Nimmo, of Breadalbane, stockowner, sought to recover from John Orkney, master of the ship: "Cheviot," �100, being damages sustained by the plaintiff in consequence of the refusal of the defendant to allow the plaintiff, during the voyage from Glasgow to Otago, to use at his discretion water out on board the said ship by plaintiff for the use of his stock, and for which water the plaintiff paid freight to the owners of the ; "Cheviot." Peter Nimmo, the plaintiff, stated that he had engaged passages for himself, wife and groom on board the "Cheviot" from William Orr & Co., Glasgow; he paid freight also for 2 horses and 2 bulls. Bought hay, bran, and water for the stock, including water-casks. and paid for the whole to Orr & Co., to whom also he paid the passage money. Produced receipts from that firm. He ordered water for 150 days, at the rate of 5 gallons per day for each animal. Peter Green, groom to Mr Nimmo on board the "Cheviot," corroborated plaintiff's statement. The Jury returned a verdict for plaintiff for full cost of water and freight, 13  pounds 5s 7d.

March 17 1860 page 5

Entered Inwards
March 10 Airedale, s.s. 286 tons, Johns, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Melluish, Captain Inverarity, Messes. Wood, McIntosh, Nathen, and Dransfield. Steerage - Mr and Mrs Foster, Mrs Row, Mrs Reid, Mrs Evans and 2 children, Messrs. Paterson, Allison, Loughton (2), Walker, Spalding, and Kibblewhite.
March 12 - Dunedin, 208 tons, Walker, from Melbourne. R.B. Martin & Co. agents. Passengers.....
March 14 - Comet, 92 tons, Cork from Sydney. Passengers - Thomas Hark and George Marsh. 

Cleared Out
March 12 - Airedale, s.s., Johns, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Keith, Kerr, Matthews, Dransfield, Templar, and Warburton. Steerage: John Bailey
March 15 - Cosmopolite, Lewis, for Hobart Town. Passengers - Mrs Lewis, Mr C.J. Hurst, T.M.Bell, S. Evans.

The Inter-Colonial Steam Company have purchased two new vessels for the New Zealand trade - the Victory and the Z.C. Pearson, both of which are larger than any now in their service. They were to leave England early in the year.

March 24 1860

Entered Inwards
March 21 - Oberon, Louden, from Invercargill. Passengers - Messrs. Morton, Martin, Dennis, Birss, Borthwick and Watson.

Cleared Out 
March 16 - Catherine, Duncan, for Moeraki.
March 20 - Drover, Gunn, for Lyttelton with original cargo from Melbourne, goods transhipped ex Dunedin, Walker, from Melbourne. Passengers- Mrs McLachlan and five children.
March 21 - Dunedin, Walker, for Newcastle, N.S.W. in ballast. Passenger- John Robey.

Invercargill. Arrival. March 13 - Pilot, 150 tons, Burk, from Hobarton.

March 31 1860

Arrived March 24 Oberon, Louden, from Oamaru in ballast. Passengers - McMaster and Oakes.
March 26 - Armin, 650 tons, Sommers, from Invercargill. Passengers - First Cabin: H. Bonn and Reginald Julius. Second Cabin: W. Bennett, Mr and Mrs Harriet and infant, Mr and Mrs Demetrick and 2 children, Miss Jarvis; Messrs M. Jarvis, A. Scott, James Blakely, E. Miller, James Patrick, and Robert Riddell.
March 27 - Isabella Jackson, 42 tons, Ruxton, from Akaroa. Passengers - Messrs. Hughes.
March 29 Pirate, s.s., 500 tons, Robertson, from Melbourne. Passengers- Cabin: T. Robertson, W. Passen, J. Adam, Ellen Adam, G. Hogg, G. Quick, Robert Ross, T. Walker, Charles Scott, Mrs Lowden and 3 children, Miss Imrie, and Miss Richardson. Second Cabin: W. Scott, G. Cameron, Sarah Fraser, Mark Hughes, H. Renneson, Mrs Renneson, G. Child, T. Moorhouse, Mary McDonald, John Gillies, Mrs Wilson, Miss Wilson, D. Ferguson, and Mrs Mills. She brings a general cargo, and 800 ewes, 50 rams 4 horses and one cow.
March 29 - Prince Alfred, s.s., 704 tons, Bowdon, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Messrs. Meyers, Wilton, Revan, Smith, Bing, Few, McCandlish, Simons, Howe, Green, Jackson, and Miss Jackson; and 18 in steerage.

Cleared Out
March 24  Oberon, Louden, for Invercargill with stores. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs McNaughton, Isabella and Margaret McNaughton.

Saturday April 7 1860

March 31. Gil Blas, 172 tons, Butt, from Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin:
Booth            Mr
Wilkinson     Mr and Mrs John and family of 7
(paid �39 passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)

Allan	 Walter	 (paid �16 passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Auld	 David 	 wife and 4 children
Brown	 Chas.	 wife and 2 children
Cairns	 Patrick	 (paid �10 passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Cottle	 G 	 wife and 4 children
Dassett	 Rowland wife and 4 children (?Dossett)
Dee	 Edwin
Drike	 J	 wife and 5 children
Hallan	 W 	 wife and 3 children
Hammond	 S.J.	 wife and child
Haughey	 Edward	 (paid �3 passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Hughes	 E
Jamieson George
Jamieson William wife and 2 children
Kempon	 Helen	 (Kempson, Ellen)(paid �5 passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Keney	 W	 wife and child
McCohen	 A
McKay	 John
McKerrow John	 and wife
Macfie	 A
O'Doyle	 D
Page	 J 	 wife and 2 children
Penson	 Robert	 and wife
Port	 Henry and C
Ross	 A
Ryan	 James	 wife and child
Stephenson A
Templeton T	 wife and 2 children
Thomson	 J	 wife and 2 children
Woolford Thomas	 wife and children

Total souls 92, equal to 68 statue adults. R.B. Martin and Co., agents.

Arrived April 3 - Acasta, 327 tons, Halliday, form Wellington. Passengers - A. Bing, M. Few, W. Arnell. J.H. Jenkinson, agent.
April 3 Geelong, Boyd, from  Invercargill. Passengers - Messrs - Walker and Miller.
April 4 - California, 622 tons, Tronton, from Melbourne, via Guichen Bay with 2100 sheep, 3 horses, 30 tons hay. Passengers - F. Jones, W. Dowden, Donald Ross.

Cleared Out
March 27 - Pioneer, Simpson. for Clutha. Passengers- Mr and Mrs Campbell and family.
March 29. Prince Alfred, Bowden, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Mr and Miss Holmes; Messrs. Telford, Borthwick, Sommers, and Simms.
March 31 Comet, Cork, for Sydney. Passenger - William Morse.
April 2 - Pirate, Robertson, for Melbourne. Passengers- Cabin: Mrs Bell, Messrs. Thomson, Fraser, Williams, Could, Martin, McMaster, Scott, and Robertson. Steerage: Mr and Miss Smyth and 5 children, Mary Burns, Miss Howie, J. Lenman, wife and child; Mr and Mrs Redmayne and 3 children; B. Dawson, Wishart.
April 4 - Isabella Jackson, Ruxton, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Stack, T and J. Hughes.

Invercargill. Arrived. March 27 - Bessie, from Port Fairy, with 1300 sheep.

Captain Boyd, of the steamer Geelong, reports the total loss on the New River bar on the 1st instant of the Caroline, from Newcastle, with coal. On attempting to cross the bar, she struck, and losing her rudder, became unmanageable, and was soon afterwards a total wreck. Messrs Jones, Cargill and Co. had bought the Caroline with the intention of making her a store-ship at Invercargill.

The Elizabeth, Capt. McNab, of Belfast, London, to Otago put into Ramsgate. Dec. 26, with loss of anchor and chain, larboard mizen rigging carried away, quarter stove, and other damage, having been in collision with the barque Ocean, Leghorn to Chatham, off Beachy Head.

April 14 1860 page 4

Arrived. April 7- Lion, 215 tons. Sinclair, from Sydney; 64 horses, 14 tons hay. Passengers - Messrs. Ede, Brown, and McClymont (ship's owner).
April 9 - Louis & Miriam, 127 tons, Vanderwood, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Stapleton and Grainger.
April 10, Ngapuhi, 545 tons, Spence, from Sydney.

Cleared Out
April 9 - Lion, 215 tons, Sinclair, for Sydney, in ballast. Passenger - Charles Brown. 
April 12 - Gala, Fisher, for Singapore, with original cargo from Glasgow.

Saturday 21 April 1860 page 4
Arrived April 14 - Geelong p.s. 108 tons, Boyd, from Oamaru. Passengers - Mrs A. Wilson and Mrs Hutchison.
Same day - Balmoral, 107 tons, King, from Hobart Town. Passengers - Mrs Johnson and child. 
Same day - Wonga Wonga, 103 tons, Renner, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Bell, and W.J. Moss.
April 19 Dunedin, 67 tons, Stewart, from Dundee. Passengers - Mrs Stewart and child.

Cleared Out
April 12 - Gala, Fisher, for Singapore, with original cargo from Glasgow. April 16 Wonga Wonga, 103 tons, Renner, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. McClymont, McClintock, and Dennis.
April 17 - California, Trowton, for Melbourne, in ballast. Passengers - Messrs F. Jones, Ross, J. Hughan, and J. Gibson.

Saturday April 28 1860 page 5

Arrived Oberon, Louden, from Invercargill with 27 bales wool. Passengers - Miss Burns, Mrs Basque, Mrs Cameron, Messrs. Nurse, McKay, Batts, and Cherry.

Cleared Out
April 20 - James Daly, Everingham, for Waikava, with stores. Passengers - John Medlyn, John Cotten, T. Almond, D. Sinclair, George Woold, J. Avent. 
April 24 - Bosworth, Turnbull, for London, with 1363 bales wool, 42 hides. Passengers - Capt. and Mrs Robertson and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Boswell, Mr Martin, Mr Oakes, Mr Gibson, Mrs Davy. Jones, Cargill, and Co. agents.

May 5 1860 page 4

April 27 - Storm Cloud, 797 tons, Campbell, from Glasgow. Passengers.
April 30 Amelia Francis, Smith, from Invercargill. 
April 30 - Geelong, p.s. 108 tons, Boyd, from Oamaru. Passengers - Messrs. Pike, Julius, and Hassell.
May 1 - Oberon, Louden, from Lyttelton, with 20 sacks flour, and 50 packages. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Percival and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Hawdon, Messrs. Dummage, Haxley, Burke, and McFarlane.
May 2 - Mary Thompson, J. Muirhead, from Lyttelton. Passenger - Mr F.S. Royd.

Cleared Out 
April 25 - Oberon, Louden, for Lyttelton, on ballast. Passenger - Mr Owan Stace.
April 25 Bessie, Brightman, for Newcastle, N.S.W., in ballast.
May 2 - Geelong, Boyd, for Oamaru, with stores. Passengers- Mr and Mrs Penson and child.
May 3 - Oberon, Louden, for Invercargill, with stores. Passengers - Messrs Tarlton, Bates, and Newton, Miss Bain, Mr and Mrs McKerrow.

May 12 1860 page 5

May 4 - Piriate, s.s. Robertson, from Melbourne. Passengers: Cabin: Mr and Miss Moyes. Messrs. Hassell, Power. W. Harries, and R. Dalrymple. Steerage: Mr and Mrs Haughey and 7 children, Laura, William, and Thomas Hutchinson; Messrs. O. Goevin, J. Bell, Duncan Ross, J. Guy, L. Buchanan, and J. O'Reilly.
May 6 - Wonga Wonga, s.s. 103 tons, Renner from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Argles, Capt. Blackie, Rev. Mr Leon. Steerage: Messrs. Arnold, Tutching, Sutton, and Cander. A. Bing, agent.

Cleared Out
May 5 Mary Thompson, Muirhead, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Bourke and Royd. J.S. Webb, agent.
May 7 - Wonga Wonga, Renner, for Lyttelton. Passengers- Tungelman, Arnold, Grey, and Gowan.
May 8 - Wellington, Elmsley, for Timaru. 
May 8 - Pirate, Robertson, for Melbourne. Passengers- Mr and Mrs Hawdon, Mr and Mrs McHugh and 5 children, Mrs McKerrow, Mrs Noyes and child; Messrs: Napier, Wilson, Harvey, Prime, Black, and Bevell. For the Bluff - Messrs. Stuart, and Dalrymple.

May 19 1860 page 4

May 14 - Ellen, 40 tons, Richards, from Wellington, with 28,000 feet timber. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Langlans. Mr and Mrs Latham, John Latham and J. McKay.
May 14 - Airedale, s.s. 286 tons, Johns, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Cabin: Mr and Mrs Williams, Captain Thomson, Messrs. Clark and Carter. Steerage: Mr and Mrs Scully and daughter, Mr Dentham.
May 17 - Ariel, 130 tons, Whyte, from Melbourne. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Dawson, Sarah, Jane, May, Anne, and James Dawson, Ellen McEwan, Mr Dennis, and Thos. Craig.
May 17 Drover, 174 tons, Gunn, from Melbourne. Passengers - Messrs. Herbert, Watson, and Macdonald.
May 17 - Fanny A. Garrigues. 189 tons, Woodcock, from Lyttelton. Cargo transhipped ex Clontarf, Barclay, from London. Passengers- Mrs Stock and 2 children; Messrs. Dyer, Scully, Denham, Davis, Burke, Duncan, Simpson, Flower, McGregor (2), and Harbison.
May 17 - Comet, 92 tons, Cork, from Auckland. Passenger Mr Peters.

Cleared Out
May 15 - Airedale, s.s. 286 tons, Johns, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Davidson, Messrs. Few and Carter.

May 26 1860 page 5

May 23 - Lord Worsley, Johnson, from Lyttelton. Passengers- Cabin: Mrs Johnson child and servant, Capt. Morris, Dr. Parsons, Messrs. Webb, Crichtion, Stafford, Shaw, Prankard, J. White, Owen, H. Evans, and Russell. Steerage: Mr and Mrs Beattrick, Messrs. G. and C. Beattrick, McLeod, McDowall, H. Giles, and R. Thomas.

Cleared Out 
May 18 - Oberon, Louden, for Invercargill. Passengers - Cabin: Mrs Jackson. Steerage: Samuel Strang, John Hunter, William Allan, Gowen Amos, John Kerr.
May 22- Geelong, Boyd, for Oamaru. Passengers - Mr Stock.

Saturday June 2 1860 page 4

Arrived May 28, Oberon, Louden, from Invercargill, in ballast. Passengers: Messrs. Hay and Butts.

Cleared Out May 25 - Ellen, Richards, for Auckland, in ballast. Passengers - Mr and Mrs Leon and family. Master, agent.
May 26 - Lord Worsley, Johnson, for Lyttelton. Passengers: Rev. F. Scon, Messrs. Roy, Harris, Wilson, McNab. 
May 26 Star, Davidson, for Invercargill with stores. Passengers - Messrs. Russel and Johnson. J.S. Douglas, agent.
May 30 - Oberon, Louden, for Invercargill with stores. Passengers: Mr Butts, Mr and Mrs Preston and child.
May 30 - Storm Cloud, Campbell, for Madras, with original cargo from Glasgow, 24,972 railway chairs.

Saturday June 9 1860 

Arrived. June 5, Geelong, p.s., 108 tons, Boyd, from Oamaru, with stores. Passenger - Mary Harrison.
June 8- Lion, 216 tons, Sinclair, from Sydney, with 64 horses, 2 gigs, and 15 tons hay. Passengers- Messrs. Mitchell, Edds, and Hughes.

Cleared Out June 2- Drover, Gunn, for Lyttelton, with part of original cargo from Melbourne.
June 7 - Napi, Alabaster, for Taieri, with stores.
June 6, Geelong, p.s., 108 tons, Boyd, for Oamaru, with stores. Passenger - Mary Harrison.

June 16 1860 page 4

Arrived. June 9- Elizabeth, 294 tons, McNabb, from Lyttelton. (from London, via Lyttelton with stock ran short of water, after a passage of no less than 140 days, and two bulls out of the seven bulls of Lord Spence 's herd on board died.)
June 11 - Airedale, s.s., 286 tons, Johns, from Lyttelton. Passengers-Cabin: 

Hodgkinson	 Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Jones		 Mr and Mrs and 2 children
McFarlene (2)

2nd Cabin:
Bayley		 Mrs
Ferguson	 Mr
Jackson		 Mrs and 3 children
One native

June 15 - Acadian, 50 tons, Scoones, from Lyttelton. Passengers- Mr and Mrs Sommerville and 2 children.

Cleared Out
, Louden, for Invercargill, in ballast. Passengers: William Hood, David Hagart, and Margaret Bain
June 11 - Airedale, Johns, for Lyttelton; 3 tons fencing wire. Passengers- Miss Loftus, Messrs. Craig, Stafford, Junor, and Forbes.
June 13 - Lion, Sinclair, for Sydney, in ballast. Passengers- B. Hughes, J. Blackley, A. Scott, and W. Bennett.

June 23 1860 page 4

Arrived June 18 - Geelong, p.s., 108 tons, Boyd, from Oamaru with 4 bales wool. Passengers - Messrs. F. Fenwick, J.R., William and F. Jones. Jones, and Cargill, & Co., agents.
Same day - Dunedin, Stewart, from Auckland. Passengers - Edward Simmons, and James Donovan. F. Walker, agent.
June 21 - Oberon, s.s., Louden, from Invercargill with 5 tons mutton birds. Passengers - Messrs. J.P. Taylor, Lee and Rogers. Mrs Hay, and Maria Hay.
June 22 - Mary Thompson, Muirhead, from Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. Shaw, Watkins, France, Greatbatch, Renwick, (2)Eglinton, Quin, and Watterson. J.B. Webb & Co. agents.

June 30 1860 page 

Arrived June 25 Dunedin, 208 tons, Walker, from Melbourne. Passengers: Henry Macalpine, Henry Nathan, and H. Whyte.
June 26 - Snaresbrook, 459 tons, Mundle, from Wellington. Passengers: Mr and Mrs Ashley, and T. Cotter.
June 27 - Prince Alfred, 704 tons Bowden, from Lyttelton. Passengers- Cabin: Mrs Jeffries and child, Messrs. Shannon, Junor, Barker, Burke, and Harris. Steerage: Mr and Mrs Armstrong and children, A. Neal, Hughan, McKinnon, Gibson, H. Barrowes, Venner, J. Campbell, J. Watson, W. Walker, and Allman.
June 28 - Armin, Wilson, from Melbourne. Passengers- Mr and Mrs Campbell, Miss Campbell, Messrs T. and W. Campbell, Mr and Mrs Thompson, Messrs. Garanes and Reeve.
June 28 - California, Moreton, from Melbourne, with 2500 sheep. Passengers- Messrs. F. Jones and Ross.
Same day - Pirate, s.s. T. Robertson, from Melbourne. Passengers - Cabin: 

Anderson	 Mr W.S.
Bridges		 Mr and Mrs
Carew		 Mr
Cheyne		 Mr
Falkes		 Mr
Field		 Miss
Hockin		 Mr
Holmes		 Mr
Lawrence	 Mr
McHaffie	 Mr J.D.
McKellar	 Mr and Mrs
McKinnon	 Mrs
Milne		 Mr
Prime		 Mr
Thomson		 Mr
Thomson		 Mr J.
Watson		 Mr
Wilson		 Mr A.S.

Cahill		 Mr
Halliday	 Mr
Hutchison	 Mr
Johnston	 Mr
Lesly		 Mr
Liverly		 Mr
Parry		 Mr
Rees		 Mr and Mrs and daughter
Rodgers		 Mr P.
Whittaker	 Mr R.
Wynhart		 Mr

Cleared Out June 28 - Prince Alfred. Bowden, for Lyttelton. Passengers - Messrs. J. Ferguson, J.B. Watkins, H. Macalpine, Mitchell, J. Barr, W.A. Young, Hill, W. Malone, and Miss G. Fairley.

The steamship Pirate left Port Chalmers on Wednesday, 9th May, and in consequence of the key dropping out of the propeller, was obliged to be hauled on shore at the Bluff Harbour, which was the port she left on Wednesday evening, 17th. and has experienced a series of gales from the westward until reaching Tasmania, on Sunday, 27.

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Otago Witness, November 24 1883 pg 27
Historical Otago
Part XXXI - Various

The Dunedinities were jubilant over the arrival of the s.s. Queen in the bay, and greeted her with a salute of 20 guns, and within six months she was joined by the s.s. Pirate, owned by the same firm. The General Government about the same time appeared on the scene with steamers also. Along the coastline both north and south, the favourite p.s. Geelong traded with great regularity. Soon she was joined by the p.s. Prince Albert and Ada and the s.s. Oberon. Nor were harbour requirements overlooked. the picturesque harbours were enlivened by the little screw steamers Pride of the Yarra and Victoria plying regularly between Dunedin and Port Chalmers, and making occasional runs to the Heads on the arrival of immigrant ships. The increase of shipping brought with it its train of disasters. Wrecks occurred at Stewart's Island and the Bluff; the barque Revival was stranded at Otago heads; the ship Henbury, from London, was burnt at Port Chalmers the day after her arrival. New River and Oamaru also contributed. The p.s Ada was wrecked at the Molyneux, and the crowning disaster was the total loss of the splendid new screw steamer Victory, in daylight, at Wickliffe Bay, on her first voyage from Otago to Melbourne.