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BDM's   1863  The shipping lists below were kindly transcribe by Joan N. Thanks Joan.

Date of Arrival at Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand
Nelson 		25/12/1880  52 passengers 
Piako 		04/01/1881 101 passengers
Auckland 	05/01/1881   9 passengers 
Canterbury 	19/01/1881  52 passengers 
Palala 		20/01/1881  19 passengers
Wellington 	24/01/1881  32 immigrants 
Oamaru 		27/02/1881  38 passengers
William Davie 	22/03/1881  33 passengers
Westland 	25/03/1881   5 passengers
Otago 		23/04/1881  10 passengers
Benvenue 	30/04/1881   5 passengers
Cumbrian	  /05/1881   6 passengers
Invercargill 	18/05/1881   4 passengers 
Waitangi 	13/06/1881  36 passengers
Napier 		15/06/1881  13 passengers
Lyttelton 	18/07/1881 
Crusader 	27/07/1881
Loch Fergus 	29/07/1881  30 passengers
Wild Deer 	18/09/1881  35 passengers
Sam Mendel 	19/09/1881  29 passengers
Padishah 	20/09/1881  19 passengers
Waikato		02/10/1881 
Jessie Readman 	24/10/1881 101 passengers 
Sea Toller 	26/10/1881  No passengers 
Timaru 		29/10/1881  23 passengers 
Otaki 		31/10/1881  47 passengers
City of Lucknow 15/11/1881  27 passengers 
Dunedin 	27/11/1881  53 passengers
Taranaki 	08/12/1881  26 passengers 
Loch Fleet 	14/12/1881 
Canterbury 	16/12/1881  13 passengers 
Nelson 		23/12/1881  60 passengers 
Hurunui 	26/12/1881  42 passengers
(unable to find the arrival info on six vessels) 

From the Otago Witness, January 1st 1881 page 14

Nelson, ship 1247 tons
Capt.Fullarton from Glasgow (September 29)
Cargills, Gibbs and Co, agents.

Cabin Passengers;
Aitken 		Mr and Mrs and child
Houston 	Mrs
Single women
Single men
Houston (2)

Second class and steerage;
Keys 		Mr and Mrs 
Henderson 	Mr and Mrs 
Johnson 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Bartholomew 	Mr and Mrs and 3 children
Reid 		Mr and Mrs 

Watson and child
Single men;

P. 15 Otago Witness Jan 1st 1881

The Albion Company's clipper ship Nelson, from Glasgow, arrived off Otago Heads on the forenoon of December 25th, and was towed up to the anchorage off Deborah Bay at 8.15 p.m. Here she was met by the Customs authorities, and on Capt. Fullarton stating that several cases of measles and diptheria had occurred during the voyage out, it was decided not to clear the vessel in until next day. At the same time Capt. Fullarton stated that the last case of illness had been declared convalescent on November 21st, a period of 34 days, in which time all traces of the disease had been effectually stamped out, thanks to the supervision of Capt. Fullarton and Dr. Hyde, the surgeon in charge, whose efforts in controlling the epidemic proved eminently successful. At 10 a.m. on the 26th of December the Customs steam launch proceeded off to the Nelson, taking Capt. W. Thomson and D. McCallum, health officers, Mr. J.R.Monson, Customs surveyor, and Capt. P. Logan, marine superintendent to the Albion Shipping Company. We regret to state that through severe indisposition Dr. Drysdale, the medical officer of the local Board of Health, was prevented from being present. On reaching the ship the official party were met at the gangway by our old friend Capt. Fullarton, who promptly informed them of the state of affairs, and introduced Dr. Hyde, the surgeon superintendent. That gentleman having explained the state of affairs, the Commissioners decided to clear the vessel in, and the obnoxious yellow flag was promptly hauled down, to the evident satisfaction of both passengers and crew. The representatives of the Press, who were promptly alongside, were most courteously received by Capt. Fullarton, who kindly supplied them with ample details of the vessel's passage from Glasgow to Otago. From the very exhaustive report furnished by him, we find that the voyage from anchor to anchor has occupied 87 days, and from land to land 84 days-rather a long passage, it will be said, for so smart a ship as the Nelson admittedly is, and so competent a commander as our old friend Capt. Fullarton, who, as usual, has gained golden opinions from all classes of his passengers for the kind and constant attention he has displayed towards them. But this is easily explained by the fact that she met with little or no trade winds, and after passing the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope encountered very unsteady winds. The Nelson brings 52 passengers and 1850 tons of cargo, of which 800 tons is dead-weight and the remainder measurement goods. In addition to her cargo the Nelson brings three polled angus cattle- two bulls and a heifer, with 12 sheep, all of which have been under the supervision of Mr. Dagg. The cattle are superb specimens of their class, and are, we are told, consigned to the Hon. Mathew Holmes; while the sheep consist of southdown and Cheviot of the highest acknowledged strains. And it is indicative of the care displayed by Capt. Fullarton that the animals have arrived in such perfect condition.

The measles is confined to the Northumberland's second-class and steerage passengers. Six cases were rather severe. The disease only appeared about three weeks ago. The cabin passengers were isolated, and with the ship will probably be released on Thursday.

Per Palala,
Capt. R. Paynter, from London, on October 27th, for Port Chalmers

Second cabin
Carpenter 	Mr. Alfred
Dawson 		Mr. William
Hepplethwaite 	Mrs Susan A.
Hepplethwaite 	Mr Charles W.
Hepplethwaite 	Samuel A.
Hepplethwaite 	Alfred G.
Hepplethwaite 	Alice A.

Slater 		Susan
Slater 		Alfred
Brackenbury 	John
Brackenbury 	Emma
Brackenbury 	Beauchamp
Brackenbury 	Charles
Lewis 		Margaret
Lewis 		Hannah
Lewis 		James
Bell 		George
Caird 		John
Caird 		Grace

Per P and O Co.'s s.s. Australia
From Southampton October 27th 
For Dunedin
Fraser 		Mr E.

 Otago Witness, January 8th 1881   Page 15
Piako, ship, 1186 tons, from London, September 25th, Capt. Boyd, NZS Company, agents.

Saloon Passengers
Gibbs 		Mrs
Gibbs 		Master
Jennings 	Miss
Scott 		R.A.E. Capt.R.N.
Scott 		Mrs
Scott 		Misses (4)
Scott 		Mr R
Scott 		Masters (4)
Thompson 	Mrs John (nurse to Scott family)
Warren 		Mr Guy
Second Cabin
Shoppie 	Mr
Shoppie 	Mrs
Baker 		Mr
Baker 		Mrs
Baker children (3)
Ball 		Mrs (senior)
Ball 		Mr W
Ball 		Mrs
Ball children (5)
Essex 		Mr
Essex 		Mrs 
Essex 		children (6)
Fallowfield 	Mr
Fallowfield 	Mrs
Fallowfield 	children (9)
Molson 		Mr
Molson 		Mrs
Molson 		infant
Calver		Mr
Lawson		Mr
Newton		Mr
Quigley		Mr

Auckland, ship, 1245 tons, from London, October 12th Capt. McDougall. N M and A Company agents.

Saloon Passengers
Second Cabin

Otago Witness Saturday 29th January 1881 page 14 column 4

Passengers Inward
Palala, barque, 999 tons, Paynter, from London October 27th. N.Z.S. Company, agents. Passengers:
Second Cabin - Mrs Hebblethwaite and family (4), Messrs Dawson, and Carpenter.
Steerage - Mesdames Burns, Slater and 2 children, Lewis, Misses Lewis and Caird, Messrs Lewis and Caird

Canterbury ship, 1245 tons, Leslie, from Glasgow, November 3rd. Cargills, Gibbs, and Co., agents.

Passengers: Saloon
Chalmers	Mrs
Chalmers	Miss
Cunningham 	Miss
Kinross 	Mr and Mrs  and child
Mitchell 	Mr J H
Sparrow		Mrs
Scott 		Mr W F

Second Cabin and steerage
Alexander 	Mr
Aitken		Miss
Cameron 	Miss
Drummond	Mrs and 2 children
Ellis 		Mrs and 2 children
Ewing 		Mr
Gardiner 	Miss
Goodeley 	Mr
Hamilton 	Miss
Haggarty 	Mr
Melles 		Mrs
Paisley 	Mr
Pollock 	Mr and Mrs and 6 children
Robertson 	Mr (2)
Simpson 	Mr
Stevenson 	Mr and Mrs and 2 children
Stewart 	Mrs and 3 children
Taylor 		Mrs J M and child
Traynor 	Mr
Wray 		Mrs and child
Young 		Mr
Dr Sparrow 	medical officer
Wanaka, s.s, 278 tons, McGillivary, from the North, J. Mills, agent.
Passengers -
Beazley 	Miss
Box 		Mr and Mrs
Chapman 	Miss
Cottam 		Mr
Davies 		Mr
Fraser 		Mr
Fulton 		Mr and Mrs
Gibson		Mr
Harvey 		Rev N
Martin		Mr and Mrs
Milner		Mr
Simpson		Miss
White 		Mr (2)
Whittaker	Mr
Wild 		Miss
and 5 in steerage
Wellington, ship, 1245 tons, Cowan, from London November 4, N M and A Company agents.
Passengers: Saloon
Binnie 		Mr
Fox		Mr
Gill 		Mr
Hunter 		Mr

Second class and steerage
Dyson 		 Mr and Mrs
Hall 		 Mr
Hobson		 Mr
James		 Mr and Mrs
Quinn		 Mr
Rutledge	 Mrs and family (4)
Spears		 Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Stringer	 Mrs
Stringer	 Miss
Stringer	 Mr
Tindall		 Mr and Mrs and family (5)

Te Anau, s.s., 1650 tons, Carey from Melbourne, via Hobart and the Bluff. J Mills, agent.
Passengers -
Betz 		Mr
Brooks		Mr
Brown 		Professor
Buck 		Mr
Burchett 	Mr
Campbell	Mr
Chalmers	Mr and Mrs and family
Connell 	Mr
Dalrymple	Miss
Dalrymple	Mr
Derham 		Mr
Eckhold 	Miss
Fancourt	Mr
Flanagan 	Miss
Fulton		Major-general
Fulton 		Mrs and family
Geddes 		Mr
Gillies 	Miss F
Hume 		Mr
Lester		Mr
Mackay		Mr
MacLymont	Miss
MacLymont	Mrs
Miller		Mr (2)
Mills 		Mr A J
Smith		Mr and Mrs
Stoving		Mr
Ross 		Mr
Town 		Mr
and 34 in steerage

From Hobart
Dow		 Mr
Horne		 Miss
Somerville	 Mr
Thompson	 Miss
Tolmie		 Mrs and party (4)
Tombs		 Mr and Mrs

From the Bluff - Captain McDougall
Taiaroa, s.s., 228 tons, McGee from Timaru. J Mills, agent
Broon 		Mr
Brown		Mr
Mainland	Mr
Shaw 		Miss
Shaw		Mr
Snelgrove 	Miss
Solomon 	Miss
Symons		Miss
And 3 steerage
Albion, s.s., 640 tons, Garrard, from Auckland, via the East Coast. J Mills,
Passengers -
Churton		Master
Elliot 		Master
Featherstone	Miss
Gabites 	Mrs
Gow 		Miss
Harty		Mrs and child
Kelly		Mr
Martin 		Mrs
Moore 		Captain M
Rainbow		Mr
Robinson	Mr
Smith 		Mr
Stonehouse	Mrs
Strode		Mr
Walsh 		Mr
and 6 steerage
Taranaki, ship, 1130 tons, Hird, for London Dalgety and Co., agents.
Passengers: Saloon
Begg		Mrs 4 children and nurse
French 		Mr F E
Second Cabin -
Mann 		Mr A C
Steerage -
Steer		Mr
Stimpson	Mrs
Stimpson	Miss
White 		Miss
Rotomahana, s.s., 1727 tons, Underwood, for Melbourne, via intermediate
ports. J Mills, agent.
For the Bluff -
Skey		 Mrs and infant
Townsend	 Mrs
Townsend	 Misses (2)
Wilkinson	 Miss
McDougall	 Captain

For Hobart -
Daniels		Mr
Harris		Mr F
Johnson	 	Miss
Stephenson	Mr
Walker 		Mr and servant

For Melbourne
Anderson	 Mrs R
Anderson 	 Mr (3)
Birfield	 Mr
Cleary		 Mr
Dench 		 Mrs
Donaldson	 Mr and Mrs and family
Gordon		 Miss A
Hewitt		 Mr and Mrs
Harold		 Mr
Harrison	 Mr
Heath		 Mr
Holder		 Mr
Hooper		 Miss
Hutchinson	 Mr
Isaacs		 Mr
Landers		 Mr
Lovejoy 	 Mr
McFalloch	 Mr
Mills		 Mr
Morgan		 Mr and Mrs
Murray		 Miss
Murray		 Mr
Smith		 Mr
Spath		 Mr
Taylor		 Mr
Whitelaw	 Miss J
Young		 Miss J
Wanaka, s.s., 278 tons, McGillivray, for the North. J. Mills, agent. 
For Lyttelton-
Brackenbury	Mr and family (3)
Holland		Mr
Lewis 		Mr
Lewis 		Misses (2)		
Pye 		Mr
Slater 		Mrs
Tylie		Mr

For Nelson
Wright		 Mr

For Auckland
Carmalt		 Mr
Dunning		 Mr
Farndell	 Mr and Mrs and family
Stewart		 Mrs and family (3)

Page 14 Otago Witness March 5 1881
Oamaru, ship, 1306 tons, from London arrived Monday Capt. Wight, N M and A Company agents.

Saloon Passengers
Aldridge 	Mr
Aldridge 	Mrs 
Aldridge 	Misses (6)
Birch 		Capt.
Green 		(2)
Ross 		Mrs 
Ross 		family (5) and servant
Second Cabin
Beswick Mr
Beswick Mrs
Beswick child
Harris Mr
Harris Mrs
Harris children (2)
Holmes Mr
Holmes Mrs
Holmes family 

Page 14 Otago Witness 26 March 1881
William Davie, Barque, 841 tons, from Greenock, (December 9th)
Capt. Woods, Cargills, Gibbs and Co. agents.

Saloon Passengers
Colney 		Mr Walter
Second class and Steerage
Blackie 	Mrs
Blackie 	children (6)
Cadzon 		Mr
Cadzon 		Mrs
Cadzon 		Misses (7)
Davis 		Mr
Davis 		Mrs
Davis 		Miss
Davis 		Master (2)
Marshall 	Mrs
Marshall 	children (3)
Ogilvie 	(2)

Page 14 Otago Witness April 2nd 1881
On Friday, Westland, ship, 1116 tons, from London.
Capt. Moffat, N M and A Company, agents.

Passengers: Messrs

On 13 & 16 April & 20 May 1881, The Otago Witness
Passengers for Otago per Messers Shaw, Savill and Co's �Invercargill�, Captain Muir, from London February 17th. Steerage: W.W. Glass, W.M. Duffield, Louisa Duffield, and E. Johnson,
and on 20 May 1881, the �Otago Daily Times lists them as Miss L Duffield, Messrs W. Duffield, E Johnson, W. Glass.

[Louisa Duffield came out to New Zealand accompanied by her father, William Munro Duffield. She was born in Torquay on 26 June 1856 and was living and working in Devon in 1871. Soon after arriving in Dunedin, she gave birth to a baby boy on 23 July 1881. She married William Davidson in June 1884 and they lived in the Ashburton area. Louisa�s father, William left a wife and family back in England and never returned. He died in Wellington on 8 July 1894 and had been living in the Old Men's Home in Ashburton.]
[Contact Maureen if you have any additional information or would like information. Posted 23 April 2011.]

Page 14 Otago Witness April 30th 1881.
Otago, ship, 992 tons, from Glasgow, January 19th
Capt Peebles, N M and A Company agents

Bruce 		J
Gorman 		W
Gorman 		Miss
Hardy 		R
Melvin 		J
Miller 		R
Stewart 	Mrs
Stewart 	Messrs (2)
Scully 		L

The Formosa arrived from England but I couldn't see any more about it on this page.

Page 14 Otago Witness. May 7th 1881

Benvenue, ship, 999 tons from London, February 11th
Capt. McGowan N Z S Company agents.

Passengers, 2nd Cabin
Diamond 	Misses (2)
Harvey 		J C 
Murray 		J
Nesbitt 	J

Cumbrian, barque, 1053 tons, from London, January 17th
Capt. Little, Dalgety and Co agents
[also see English Shipping Otago Witness, 26 March 1881, Page 15]

Grieves 	Mr [George Grieve]
Stewart 	Mr Hugh A.
Stewart 	Mrs Elizabeth
Stewart 	children (3) Sarah, Jane and Elizabeth

Page 14 May 28th mentions only Invercargill, ship, from London, arrived Thursday nothing else, no passenger list.

Page 14 Otago Witness June 18th
Waitangi, ship, 1160 tons from London (March 16th) arrived Monday
Capt. Friston, New Zealand Shipping Company, agents

Passengers. Saloon
Blick 		Miss
Blaschkie 	Miss
Clatworthy 	Miss
Edwards 	Miss
Friston 	Miss
Gray 		Miss
Fergusson 	Mr
Fergusson 	Mrs
Levitt 		Messrs (2)

Berringham 	Mrs
Berringham 	children (2)
Bowman 		Mr
Bowman 		Mrs
Bradley 	Mrs
Bradley 	children (2)
Edwards 	Mr
Edwards 	Mrs
Edwards 	children (8)
Hutton 		J
McMahon 	Miss

Napier, (ex James N. Fleming)15/06/1881ship, from Glasgow (March 7th) arrived Wednesday
Captain Wilson, Cargills, Gibbs and Co, agents.
[also see Otago Witness, 30 April 1881, Page 14 English Shipping]

Saloon Passengers 
Barclay 	Mr W.
Barclay 	Mrs
Nelson 		Mr Adam

Second Cabin and Steerage
Campbell 	J.C.
Cousins 	[Jessie M. Cousin]
Fraser 		Mrs Anne
Fraser 		Misses Christina
Garden 		James
Grey 		Thomas R [Gray]
Jamieson 	(2)Robert W 
Logan 		David
Smith 		John
Turnbull 	W

Nothing from London for May 14th, and May 21st. June 4th, June 11th

Page 14 Otago Witness June 25th
Per Messrs P. Henderson and Co's Loch Fergus from Glasgow (April 28th)
Captain Cumming, consigned to Messrs Cargills, Gibbs, and Co, Dunedin.

Saloon Passengers
Falconer 	Mr
Hunter 		Mr

Second Cabin
Mackay 		Alexander
Mackay 		Mrs
Thomson 	James
Thomson 	Jane Ann 
Thomson 	Agnes Jessie
Thomson 	George
Thomson 	Lillas Porteous
Thomson 	Harry Knight
Thomson 	Mary Hutton
Thomson 	David Hugh

Steerage Passengers
Bell 		John Robert
Bradshaw 	Esther
Earl 		Margaret
Mackay 		Flora
McHardy 	James
McLachlan 	James
McLachlan 	David
McLachlan 	Mrs Jemima 
Shaw 		Annie
Stevens 	Jane
Smith 		Joseph
Smith 		Thomas
Watson 		Ellen E
Watson 		Emma
Watson 		William W
Watt 		Robert
Watt 		Mrs Lizzie
Webster 	Robert 

Otautau Standard and Wallace County Chronicle, 11 October 1932, Page 2
MRS JOHN FISHER [Jane Anne Thomson arrived on the "Loch Fergus" and married John Fisher in 1906]
Amongst her friends, which took place yesterday morning, at her home. "Aldersyde". Born Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland, deceased received her education at Miss Moutar's private school in that town, finishing at the Watson Academy in Edinburgh.... The eldest daughter of a large family, bereft of her mother at an early age, she assumed control of the household and practically "brought up" her younger brothers and sisters. Deceased, with her father and the rest of the family arrived in Port Chalmers by the ship "Loch Fergus" on 1st August 1881, and after stay of two years in Dunedin, the family settled in Timaru. Mrs Fisher, as a young woman had a rich cultivated contralto voice and was a member of various Choral Societies and Church Choirs. In 1906, she married Mr John Fisher and had since lived in Otautau, with the exemption of brief periods when visiting other parts of the Dominion and Australia. Buried at the new Otautau Cemetery. Rev. W. H. Howes performed the service.

Otautau Cemetery (New)
FISHER, Jane Anne  Age: 71 years
DOD 10 Oct 1932 Age 71
Matches the death notice in the Otautau Standard
Location of Grave Block A X 1 Grave Markings Concrete wall, concrete ground

FISHER, John Given Age: 87 years
Undertaker W R Ireland
Date of Death 02 Nov 1950 Age 87
Location of Grave Block A X 1 Grave Markings Concrete wall, concrete ground.

Timaru Herald, 6 January 1888, Page 2 Marriage
Fisher�Thomson, At the residence of the bride's father, Munorcroft, on the 4th inst. Gillies, John Fisher, of Invercargill, to Lilian Porteous, third daughter of Mr James Thomson, Timaru, late of Dalkoith, Scotland.

Otago Witness Sept. 24 1881 pg 14Saturday 24 September 1881 pg 14
Arrivals for the Week
Saturday - Wild Deer, from Glasgow
Sunday - Sam Mendel, from London
Tuesday - Padishah, from London
also see [Otago Witness, 20 August 1881, Page 14]
Wild Deer, ship, 1016 ton, from Glasgow (June 8) N.M and A. Co., agents
Passengers: Saloon
Munn 		Mrs and family (4) Wm., Henry, Joseph, Jeannie
McCallum 	Miss Jennie

Second Cabin - 
Aitken 		Mrs
Baird 		Mr Andrew
Brown 		Mrs
Davidson 	Mr William
Emson 		Mr [David Ennson]
Forrester 	Miss J M
Graham 		Mr FL and Mrs Margaret and family (8)
[Elizabeth, John F., Jane, James Thomas, Martha, Wm., Jessie Ann, Maggie]
Gray 		Mrs and child, Alex.
Inglis 		Mr Henry and Mrs E. and child Thomas
Leslie 		Mrs and child Clinton
Macdonald 	Dr (medical officer)
McNaught 	Mr James
Melrose 	Mrs Agnes
Paterson 	Mr John and Mrs
Sidford 	Mr
[Murie		Mrs A., Mr A., Wm., Robert M., James, M.F. Murie]
Sam Mendel, barque, 1034 tons, Crowell, from London (June 3).
Dalgety and Co. agents. 
Passengers Saloon - 
Christie Mr William
Field Mr and Mrs Joan [Ada Field]

Second Saloon and steerage - 
Bradshaw 	Mr David
Brown 		Mr and Mrs and 6 children [see Brownridge]
[Brownridge	James, Maria, Robert, Wm., James, Susan, Charles] 
Bruce 		Miss H.
Clough 		Miss M.
Gordon 		Mr William M.
Hargraves 	Messrs (2) Frederick & Percy
Haywood 	Mr William and Mrs Margaret and infant
Hodgert 	Mr A. and Mrs
Kelly 		Mr
Mence 		Miss [F.A. Mince]
Metcalfe 	Mr C.B.
Nevllie		Mr [Thomas F. Nevill]
Peach 		Mr James
Wadham 		Mr
Padishah, ship, 1246 tons, Minns, from London (June 29) Dalgety and Co. agents. 
Passengers -
Arundell	Mr
Barber 		Mr
Edwards 	Mr
Feltham 	Mr
Gollen 		Mr
Land 		Mr 
Lucas 		Mr and Mrs and 4 children
Ogilvie 	Mr and Mrs and child
Readman 	Messes (2)
Reidell 	Mrs
Smith 		Mr

Otago Witness, 17 September 1881, Page 13
Per Messrs Shaw, Savill, and Co.'s Padishah, Captain Minns, from Gravesend June 29th.� For Otago : Second cabin� Charles T. Lucas, Letitia Lucas (2), Charles T. Lucas, Robert Lucas, Joseph Lucas, Joseph Feltham, Mrs P. Rendall, Joseph Woods, T. B. Arundel, Robert Readman, and Mr S. Collin. Steerage� Samuel Smith, Charles E. Bland, T. Roadman, W. Ogilvy, Mrs Bench, Caroline Bench, H.C. Edwards, and G. Barber.

Otago Witness, September 1881, Page 13
Per Messrs Shaw, Savill, and Zealandia, Captain G. Sellars, from Gravesend June 37th.� For Auckland and Otago : Chief cabin� H. M. Porter, Miss Goodwyn, Edward Brown, Mrs Brown, John Brown, Herbert Brown, Miss S. March, Dr Rygate, H. S, Peake, and A. B. Oddie. Second cabin- H. S. Peake, T. B. Smith, Mary Smith, Edith Smith, Lillian Smith, John Robinson, Frederick Hands, Samuel Blyth, N. Beaumont, L. D. Beaumont, W. Le Feaux, A. F. Allwood, E. H. Edwards, Mrs Edwards, Mr F. Verner, Mrs Verner, and G. R. Mayers. Steerage � J. M. Shackleton, Mary Shackleton, Catherine Shackleton, Robert Bell, John Williams, Mrs Williams, Miss S. Williams, Miss K. Williams, Miss M. Williams, Miss E. Williams, Thomas Williams, Robert Archibald, Joseph Wood, Mary Wood, James Adams, Hannah Adams, James Admas, Robert Adams, Samuel Adams, Thomas Adams, Robert Layer, Mercy Layer, Maria Layer, Henry Layer, Ellen Larer, Charles Layer, Mrs Patterson, William Patterson, Mary Carter, Charles Carter, John Hough, Robert Thompson, Catherine Goodley, Joseph Goodley, George Goodley, W. H. Carter, Susan Carter, Alice Carter, Emily Carter, Hannah Carter, William Carter, Lucy Carter, Mr Nicholson, Mrs Nicholson, Flora Nicholson, Donald Nicholson, Margaret Nicholson, Henrietta Cook, Annie Cook, George Sage, Agnes Sage, John Sage, Mary Sage, Agnes Sage, and William Clifton.

Otago Witness 1 Oct. 1881 page 14.Otago Witness Saturday 1st October 1881 pg 14
English Shipping - European Mail
Per New Zealand Shipping Company's Otaki, Captain Holbeehe, from London 28th July 1881, for Otago New Zealand. Consigned to New Zealand Shipping Company

Hunt 		Miss Isabella
Graham 		Miss Nora
Johnson 	Mr
Michie 		Mr H E
Michie 		Mrs
Schlesinger 	Mr Adolph
Schlesinger 	Mrs Frances
Stratton 	Miss Agnes

Second Cabin
Bowman 		Mr Joseph
Bowman 		Mrs
Bowman 		Mr William
Forsdich  	Harvey
Haynes 		Emma
Haynes 		Thos.
Lindlay 	Mr George
Lindlay 	Mrs
Lindlay 	Miss Edith
Lindlay 	Mr Charles W
Lindlay 	Mr George
Weidman 	Emily
Wood 		George
Wright 		George P

Browne 		Henry
Hurley 		Jeremiah
Hull 		Harriet
Kemp 		John
Kemp 		Edith
Kemp 		Eliza
McKenzie 	James
McKenzie 	Agnes
McKenzie 	Gordon
McKenzie 	Maxwell
McKenzie 	Flora
Mckenzie 	John A
Mckenzie 	William H
Mckenzie 	Eva
Mckenzie 	Agnes A.
Mullane 	Daniel
Mullane 	Kate
Niling 		Martin
Niling 		Patrick
Owen 		Mary
Owen 		Geo.
Owen 		Annie
Owen 		Amelia
Owen 		Albert
Wilson 		Mark

Otago Witness
Saturday 1st October 1881 pg 14

    Per P & O Co's Steamer "ROHILLA"  Captain Barratt W.
    To leave South Hampton September 21st
    For Dunedin: Mendershausen Mr & Mrs Max

Otago Witness Saturday 22nd October 1881 pg 14

Passengers -Inwards
Arrived, Tuesday, 18th October 1881, From Melbourne, s.s. Rotomahana, 1727 tons, Underwood, from Melbourne via Bluff. J. Mills, Agent

Colvin Mr
Hogg Mr
Hogg Mrs
Kissock Mr
Laing Mr
Laton/Layton Mrs 
Moss Mr
Layton Miss
Short Mr
Stuart Mr
Thompson Mr
Thompson Mrs
Waddell Mr
and 20 steerage

Beautiful Star, s.s., Berneeh, from Timaru. Passengers -

Eskett Mr
Macgregor Mr
Molhouse Mr
Morgan Captain
Reid Mr
Roughton Mr
Rutte Mr
Rutte Mrs
Smith Mr
3 steerage

Otago Witness Saturday 22nd October 1881 pg 15
Depart from London, 19th August, 1881. For Otago, New Zealand, City of Lucknow - Captain Halley, Shaw Savill & Co. Consigned to Dalgety & Co.

Second Cabin
Featherstone 	S.E.
Featherstone 	Mrs
Featherstone 	Tom
Featherstone 	James
Harly 		Joseph
Harly 		Sarah
Harly 		Joseph
Harly 		Helen
Harly		Janet
Harly		Margaret
Harly		Marion
Harly 		Alice
Harly 		Annie
Harly 		May
Newton 		Henry
Third Cabin
McFarlane 	Andrew
McGregor 	G.
Durham 		Charles
Feeney 		Ellen
Feeney 		John
Gordon 		Mrs
Gordon 		Tom
Hutchings 	Herbert
Stewart 	John
Williams 	Edwin

Saturday 19 November 1881 pg 15

Arrival of: City of Lucknow -  Tuesday 15th of November 1881 From London, 1195 tons. Departed: London on the 18th August 1881

Durham 		Mr
Early 		family x 8
Early 		Mr
Early 		Mrs
Featherston 	family X 2
Featherston 	Mr
Featherston 	Mrs
Feeny 		child
Feeny 		Mrs
Gordon 		child
Gordon 		Mrs
Hutchings 	Mr
McFarlane 	Mr
McGregor 	Mr
Newton 		Mr
Stewart 	Mr
Williams 	Mr

Saturday 29 October 1881 pg 14
On Friday, Padishah, ship, departed for San Francisco.

Otago Witness 29 Oct. 1881

Arrived on Monday - Jessie Readman, Patrick Henderson's  and Co.'s ship, 462 tons, Gibson, from Glasgow (July 15). Cargills, Gibbs, and Co, agents. Passengers: Saloon

Cameron 	Mr Charles
MacGregor 	Rev Dr. 
MacGregor 	Mrs
MacGregor 	Family 7
William, James, Helen, Agnes, Grace, Catherine, Margaret, Charlotte
McGaw 		Mr A.
McGaw 		Mrs
Powell 		Mrs
Powell 		Miss Anna

Barry 		Masters x 3 Eugene, Morris
Barry 		Miss Elizabeth, Helen
Basset 		Mr [William Bassett]
Black 		Mr David
Burn 		Mrs
Allen 		Mr [John Allan]
Downie 		Mr
Considine 	Mr [James Conadoni]
Dempsey 	Miss Selina
Fallow 		Mr James
Fallow 		Mrs Margaret
Fallow 		family 5 Elizabeth, Margaret, Ellen, A.J.,
Hearn 		Miss Honors
Holden 		Mrs Janet
Holm 		Mr
Ingram 		Mr Garden
King 		Mrs
McLellan 	Mr [Allan McLean]
McLeod          Mr  [Murdoch Macleod]		
McVicar 	Mr Alexander
McVicar 	Mrs 
McVicar 	family 4 Mary, Alice, William, Hugh
McIntosh 	Mrs Margaret
McLean 	        Mr	[Hugh McLennar]
Madden 	        Miss Ellen	
Marques 	Mrs N [Marquis]
Marques 	children x 2 Mary & Annie
Mitchell 	Mr John
Mitchell 	Mrs
Mitchell 	Mr John
Mitchell 	Mrs  [Maggie, Jeannie, Johanna, Euphemia]
Mitchell 	Mr Richard
Mitchell 	William
Mansen 		Mrs [Isabella Mason]
Moore 		Mrs Eliabeth J.
Moore 		children x 2 Edith and William Moore
Reed 		Mr [John Reid]
Rees 		Messrs 2 David & Benjamin Rees
Rogan 		Misses x 2 Ellen and Elizabeth Rogan
Rutherford 	Mr Alexander G.
Rutherford 	Mrs
Rutherford 	family 5 Jane, Helen, Thomas, Mary, catherine
Rutherford 	Mrs x 2 Jane, Janet
Sandilands 	Mrs Christina
Sandilands 	children x 4 Catherine, David, Christopher,  Peter
Simons 		Miss [Blanche Symons]
Strutton 	Mrs
Strutton 	children x 4
Turnbull 	Mr Richard
Walker 		Mr David
Watson 		Mr William
Watson 		Mrs C.
Watson		Mary
Watt 		Mr John
Watt 		Mrs Mary
Watt 		child William & Mary Watt
listed  under English Shipping Otago Witness,17 September 1881, Page 13
[2nd cabin 
A.B. Downes
Mr E. Strachan
James Strachan
Miss Elizabeth Strachan
Henrietta Strachan
George Strachan
James Strachan
David C. Helm
Mrs Burns]
Margaret Brown
Marion Ramage

Rotomahana, s.s., 1727 tons, Underwood, from the North.
J Mills, agent. Passengers -
Mrs Chappell, Misses Veal, Fosberry, Messrs Griffen, T G Marlow,
W Dixon, A Fulton, K Ramsay, F Vennell, Holmes;
and two in the steerage.

Arawata, s.s., 623 tons, Sinclair, from Melbourne, via Hobart and the Bluff.
J Mills, agent. Passengers �Mesdames Murray, Campbell, Misses Cleghorn, Dexter, Messrs Hardie, Hills, Fritt, Murray. Hamilton,
Gibson, Peacock (2), Harrison.

Arawata, s.s., 623 tons, Sinclair, for the North. J. Mills agent. Passengers -
For Lyttelton -  Messres Leonard, Holmes
For Wellington - Mr and Mrs Aldrich and 2 children, Messrs Stenhouse, Christie, Birch, Barton
For Nelson - Mr Rowe
For Gisbourne - Miss Valpy
For Auckland - Mrs Smith, Messrs Platt, Kelly, Dalgleish, Rone
For Sydney - Messrs I and R Cumine

Otago Witness Saturday 5 November 1881 pg 14
Arrived Saturday, Timaru from London
Arrived Monday - Otaki from London.

Otago Witness, 17 September 1881, Page 13
Booked per P. and Co.'s steamer, to leave Southampton September 21st.- For Dunedin, New Zealand - Mr and Mrs Max Menderhausen.
Per Messrs Shaw, Shavill, and Co.'s Timaru, Captain Duncan Fullerton, from London July 2nd.- For Otago, New Zealand : Saloon Mr W. Phillips, Mr Bartlett, Christiana Ness, Lydia Ness, Mrs Ness, Maria Ness, Jessie Ness, and Philip Ness ; second cabin John Urie, Margaret Urie, Minie Urie, Jessie Urie, John Grant, Mr Grant, John Urie, Mr Wood, and Mr Braine. Steerage - Mr Moore, Mr Scott, Mr Barbery, Mary Scott, J. A. Walter, John Stack, Margaret Hamilton, and James Hamilton.

Otago Witness  Saturday 5th November 1881
Arrival of the S.S. "Te Anua" 1650tons, Captain Carey. Agent: J Mills.
From Melbourne via Bluff

Eveleigh 	Mrs
Beeby 		Mr
Thomson 	Mr
Mcmasters 	Mr
McMasters 	Mr
Thorp 		Mr
Howard 		Mr
Kroulimier 	Mr
Morse 		Mr
Ridley 		Mr
Steerage passengers x 20

Arrival of s.s. "Rotomahana"  1727 tons, Captain Underwood, Tuesday 8th November 1881
From Melbourne via the Bluff. Agent: J Mills

Begg 		Mrs
Begg 		family x 8 or 3
Begg 		Mr
Bousey 		Mr
Brookes 	Mr J.H.
De Beer 	Miss
Fowler 		Mr
Frank 		Mrs
Hart 		Mrs
Hart 		M
Hollings 	Mr T.B.
Le Cren 	Mr H
Leonard 	Miss B
Mather 		Mr
Orr 		Mr
O'Martrell 	Mr
Waters 		Mr C.A.
Wilkinson 	Mr T.B.

Montague Turner Company -
Montague 	Miss A
Godfrey 	Miss C
Bell 		Miss
Williams 	Miss
Field 		Miss
Scheer 		Miss
Deakin 		Miss J
Heath 		Miss
Martin 		Mrs
Carron 		Mrs
Farley 		Mrs 
Morrison 	Mrs
Morrison 	child
Balfour 	Mr
Carron 		Mr
Cox 		Mr
Denham 		Mr H
Devereau 	Mr
Drager 		Mr
Farley 		Mr
Gordon 		Mr
Gotsch 		Mr
Hall 		Mr G
Kokaschek 	Mr
Le Couteur 	Mr
Martin 		Mr
Morecombe 	Mr H
Morrison 	Mr
Quin 		Mr
Shannon 	Mr
Skinner 	Mr
Thompson 	Mr W
Thompson 	Mr W.A.
Turner 		Mr C
Wilson 		Mr
Steerage passenger x 41

5 November 1851 Passengers for Otago
Otago Witness 5 November 1881Per Messrs P. Henderson and Co., Dunedin, Captain Whitson, from Glasgow August 23rd: For Port Chalmers (consigned to the National Mortage and Agency Company, Limited)

Gartshon 	Mr A.
Inglis 		Mr James
Middlemas 	Mr William
Mitchell 	Mr A.S.
Stout 		Mrs
Stout 		Mr Thomas 
Wood 		Mr L

Second cabin
Fergusson 	Charles
Malcolm 	Mr
MacArthur 	Duncan
MacArthur 	Grace
MacArthur 	Susan
Taylor 		James
Taylor 		Mrs Eliza
Taylor 		Mary Ann

Aberdeen 	Robert
Carr 		James
Carr 		William
Carson 		John
Carson 		Miss Jane
Cory 		Jane
Gilmour 	John
Gilmour 	Mrs
Gilmour 	Mary
Gilmour 	Janet
Gilmour 	Alex.
Gilmour 	Robert
Harkness 	Robert
Henderson 	Mrs
Henderson 	Robert
Henderson 	William
Henderson 	Lizzie
Kemp 		John W.
McDevitt 	Hannah
McDevitt 	Joseph
McDevitt 	Joseph
McDonnell 	William
McFarlane 	David
McFarlane 	Mrs
McDonnell 	William
McGregor 	William
McGregor 	Jessie Ann
McKay 		Christina
McKay 		Isabella
McKay 		John
McMillan 	James
Reid 		Hugh
Reid 		Eliza
Reid 		Margaret
Reid 		William Hugh
Reid 		Annie
Reid 		John
Reid 		Carleton

Per Messrs Shaw, Savill, and Co's Taranaki, Captain Hird, from London, September 6th: For Otago, N.Z.;

Beal 		Miss N
Beal 		Charles A
Branigan 	Miss Amy
Drabble 	Miss Ruth
Drabble 	Ethel
Drabble 	Lottie
Ibbotson 	William
Milne 		Mrs
Milne 		Mary
Milne 		Frank
Milne 		William

Second Cabin - 
Aslin 		Fred
Barth 		Arthur J
Barth 		Ellen 
Barth 		Beatrice
Barth 		Harold
Barth 		James
Barrow 		Walter
Boydell 	Harry S.
Boydell 	Charles
Boydell 	Arthur J
Boydell 	Mrs F
Boydell 	Harry
Hickley 	Thomas
Jones 		James H
Otago Witness Saturday 12 November 1881
Departed Wild Deer, ship, 1015 tons, Kerr, for London. NM and A. Co.
Passengers - 
Robertson 	Mrs Mary K and two children
Ross 		Mr W.

Saturday 19 November 1881 pg 15

Arrival of: "DON DEIGO" Thursday 10th November 1881 From: Melbourne
Arrival of: "ANNABEL" Thursday 10th November 1881 From: Newcastle
Arrival of: "RIO GRANDE" Monday the 14th November 1881 From: Foo Choo
Arrival of: "CITY OF LUCKNOW" Tuesday 15th of November 1881 From London

19 Nov. 1881 Passengers Inwards
Waitaki, s.s., 228 tons, Holmes, from Northern ports. J. Mills, agent. Passengers -

Denham 		Mr
Fortheringham 	Mr
Holden 		Mr
McFarlane 	Mr
Martin 		Mr and Mrs 
Watson 		Mrs 
Webb 		Mr
Wilson 		Mr
and five in steerage

Saturday 26 November 1881 pg 15
Arrival of: "ALHAMBRA" Thursday 15th November 1881
From Melbourne, via Hobart and the Bluff

Arrival of "RINGAROOMA" Tuesday the 22nd November 1881
From Melbourne via the Bluff

1 December 1881
Per Messrs P. Henderson and Co.'s Nelson, Captain Taylor, from Glasgow, September 27th, and Greenock 28th. For Otago (Consigned to Messrs Cargills, Gibbs and Co.);

Saloon - 
Andrews 	Mr Thomas
Forsyth 	Mrs
Forsyth 	Mr James
Forsyth 	Sarah
Forsyth 	Ebenezer
Forsyth 	Agnes B
Forsyth 	Jessie B
Forsyth 	Maggie B
Forsyth 	Sarah
Forsyth 	James
Forsyth 	Robina
Forsyth 	Alexander A
Mackenzie 	Mr D.A.
Stubbs 		Mr Charles
Wallace 	Mr George
Wallace 	Mrs
Wallace 	Ann
Wallace 	George
Wallace 	Margaret

Second cabin - 
Adams 		John
Arthur 		John P
Arthur 		Mrs
Davidson 	William
Durie 		Mr James
Durie 		Mrs
Durie 		Agnes
Durie 		Jessie
Durie 		Helen
Durie 		Alexander 
Durie 		Jennie
Durie 		James
Durie 		Martha
Hunter 		James
Telfer 		George
Telfer 		Mrs Emma
Telfer 		Colin
Adams 		George
Cameron 	Duncan
Cameron 	John
Creighton 	James
Ford 		Mrs
Ford 		Helen
Ford 		James
Ford 		Margaret
Ford 		Margaret
Kane 		James
Lane 		John
Lane 		Mrs
Lane 		Andrew
Lane 		Alex.
Lane 		William
McCallum 	Ann
McNie 		Annie
McRae 		Alexina
Milne 		Margaret
Miller 		Elliot
Mullen 		Patrick
Paterson 	Lizzie
Smith 		James
Turner 		George

1 December 1881
Per New Zealand Shipping Company's Loch Eck (Captain Peter Taylor), from London, October 19th, for Otago, New Zealand (consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Company Limited):

Saloon - 
Barley Mr Frederick H.
Cayzer Mr James
Gardiner Mrs
Gardiner Mr Allen F
Gardiner Mr William
Marsh Miss Francis
Roberts Mr Herbert
Taylor Miss Susan
Stalker Mr Daniel

Second Cabin - 
Cardlin Mr Patrick
Errand Miss Sophia
Innes Mr David
Mason Mr
Thompson Miss Jessie
Thompson Master Gilbert
Thompson Master George
Turnbull Mr Walter P
Strange Mr Walter

Steerage - 
Chapman Edward
Colclough John
Colclough Thomas
Fooley Margaret
Fooley Mary
Fooley Margaret
Fooley Jeremiah
Fooley Bridget
Fooley John
Fooley Catherine
Leffler J
Lynch Jeremiah
Lynch Bridget
Pearce Cludie
Sullivan Edward
Sullivan Josephine
Thomas David
Thomas Harriet
Thomas Elizabeth
Turberville Franklin
Wells Alfred
Wells Mary A
Wells Richard
Wells Richard
Williamson Mary A

Saturday 24 December 1881 pg 18 & 19

Arrival of: "EAST LOTHIAN" Friday 16th December 1881 From: Newcastle
Passengers: None listed in this paper

Arrival of "CANTERBURY" Friday 16th December 1881 From: London
Passengers: None listed in this paper

Otago Witness, 3 December 1881, Page 14
ENGLISH SHIPPING. PASSENGERS FOR OTAGO. Per Messrs Shaw, Savill, and Co.'s Canterbury, Captain M'Millan, from London (September 29th). For Otago (N.Z.) : Second cabin - Mr Henry Richardson, Mr and Mrs E. Percy, and Mr H Littlewood. Steerage� Mr George Giles, Mrs Jane Giles, Mr A. Broad, Mr W. Grahame, Mr J. Fergusson, Mr T. Rahill, Mr G. Poyser, Mr H. Poyser, and Mr D. Killane.

Arrival of: "FAIRLIE" Saturday17th December 1881 From: Sydney
Passengers: None listed in this paper

Arrival of: "ALHAMBRA" Sunday 18th December 1881 From: Melbourne via Hobart and the Bluff
Passengers: None listed in this paper

Otago Witness
Saturday 24 December 1881 pg 18 Page 19 on Website

Arrival of: S.S. Albion 840 tons, Webster Arrival date: ? Melbourne via Hobart and the Bluff. Agent: J Mills

Braby 		Master
Braby 		Mr
Cameron 	Mr
Greer 		Miss F Q
Griffiths 	Mr 
Griffiths 	Mrs
Letville 	Mr
Moore 		Mr
Moore 		Mrs
O'Brien 	Mr Steuart 
Raven 		Mr
Raven 		Mrs
Rollett 	Mr F
Seagrave 	Mr
Smith 		family 	x ?
Smith 		Mrs G V
Somerville 	Mr
Somerville 	Mrs
Stammers 	Mrs
Vincent 	Mr
Vincent 	Mrs
Wheeler 	Mr
Williamson 	Mr
Williamson 	Mrs
Steerage: Passengers x 13

Otago Witness, 3 December 1881, Page 14

Per New Zealand Shipping Company's Hurunui, Captain John Haslewood, from London (September 14th).
For Otago :

Mr W. Robert M'Kenzie, Mr Tom Russell, Mr W. S. Trotter, Mrs Trotter, Miss J. Trotter, Mr Richard Barkly, and Dr Vance.
Second cabin
Miss Elizabeth Davie and Miss Margery Davie.

Baker 		Alfred 
Brown Lee 	William
Brownlee 	Catherine 
Bellamy 	Samuel 
Bellamy 	Evangeline 
Bellamy 	William
Church 		Erne
Dawson 		Robert 
Debenham 	Alfred 
Debenham 	Annie 
Dougherty 	John
Flaherty 	Johanna 
Flaherty 	John 
Flaherty 	Mary 
Flaherty 	Thomas 
Flaherty 	Bridget 
Flaherty 	Morgan 
Flaherty 	Johanna 
Flaherty 	Ellen 
Flaherty 	Catherine 
Flaherty 	Patrick
Holmes 		Henry 
Hutton 		Anne 
Hutton 		William 
Hutton 		Theophilus 
Hutton 		Annie L. 
Hyde 		John 
Hyde 		Mary A. 
James 		William 
Knowles 	Richard 
Knowles 	Richard, jun.
McCormick 	Mary 
William 	T. Milward

Per, P. and O. Company's s.s. Deccan, from Southampton (September 28th). For Port Chalmers : Mrs. Davidson, Mr Moore.
Per P. and O. Company's steamer Clyde, from London (October 12th). - For Dunedin : Mr Jollie.

Shipping snippets from Papers Past "Star" Christchurch - March 1881
The "Star" was Christchurch's evening newspaper

Wednesday 2 March 1881 page 2
shipping - arrived "Oamaru" ship from London

Saturday 5 March 1881 page 3
shipping - Adelaide
arrived - the Orient Co.'s steamship "Cotopaxi" from Plymouth

Tuesday 8 March 1881
arrived the "Elizabeth Graham" from London, 10 passengers.

English shipping. page 3
The steamer Norfolk, loaded by Messers Shaw Savill & Co was to have left for Lyttelton and Wellington on 20 February, but being completely ice bound in the docks, could not leave until the 28th. She carries 181 passengers but the majority and a large portion of cargo are for Sydney. She will be followed by the Durham, also loaded by Shaw Savill for Lyttelton.
The "Merope" leaves for Auckland on 4 March with Fitzgibbon Zouch's?
special letters for Whangarei.

Friday 18 March 1881 page 2
shipping - The ship "Marlborough" from London arrived this morning. She left Gravesend on 12 December and was off the heads last evening, when the tug went out to her, but her assistance was declined.

Saturday 19 March 1881 page 2
shipping - The ship "Marlborough" of the Albion Shipping Co. fleet arrived from London yesterday, after a passage of 98 days from Gravesend. and 89 days from land to land.------- lots more. The ship brings 16 passengers.

Tuesday 24 March 1881
shipping - the SS Norfolk is now 51 days out from Plymouth today. Messers Dalgety & Co received advice by the Suez mail that the steamer was coming consigned to them. She goes from here to Wellington & thence to Sydney.

Saturday 26 March 1881
shipping - Lyttelton - arrived "Norfolk" SS 2327 tons, O'Callaghan from London.

The Telecom Symphony of Sails

released to coincide with the 2003 America's Cup, features the Auckland Philharmonia.
CD reference: Universal 99172

1. FARR From the Depths Sound the Great Sea Gongs, Part 1 (8.10) 
2. KHACHATURIAN Adagio of Spartacus & Phrygia, from Spartacus (9.39) 
3. MENDELSSOHN Hebrides Overture (10.14) 
4. OFFENBACH Barcarolle, from The Tales of Hoffmann (3.38) 
5. WOOD Fantasia on British Sea Songs, excerpts (6.12) 
6. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV The Sea & Sinbad's Ship, from Scheherazade (10.51) 
7. LILBURN Aotearoa Overture (8.19) 
8. WAGNER The Flying Dutchman, Overture (10.31)