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The Otago Witness was a four page newspaper was published weekly, on Saturday mornings.  BDM's are found on page two above the editorial and on the same page as the shipping column

Julia Ann was born on April 21 1841 d/o David and Hannah Carey, was the first child born to European parents in Otago. Baptised by Rev James Watkin June 20 1841.

December 10 1846 - First white child born in Dunedin (the son of John Anderson, after whom Anderson's Bay is named.)
March 3 1847- Second child born in Dunedin (the daughter of Mr Kettle, and afterwards the wife of Mr. James Macassey, a prominent solicitor. She had the distinction of being the first white girl born in Dunedin. In April 1847 Mr Creed was in Dunedin and on the 11th baptised John, son of John Anderson and of Isabella his wife. On the same day he baptised Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Henry Kettle civil engineer, and of Amelia his wife.

Otago Daily Times and Witness, Otago Jubilee Supplement, 1898.
Judge KETTLE has placed the following document at our disposal showing the fourteen earliest births registered in Otago, together with the Registrar-General's letter accompanying it. The letter and documents speak for themselves:- "Registrar-General's Office, Wellington, 24th September 1898.
Sir - I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 19th instant, requesting the names and other particulars of the first six or seven children born in Dunedin. I transmit herewith a list of the 14 earliest births registered as having occurred in the Otago district; but it will be seen that in most of the entries the place of birth has not been stated. I am unable, therefore, to specify that the births took place in Dunedin.
I have &c., WM B B BROWN, Registrar-General"
Columns"  When born, and where; Name, if any; Sex; Name and surname of father; Name and maiden surname of mother; Rank or profession of father; Signature, description and residence of informant; When registered; Signature of Deputy Registrar.

May 3, 1848, at Otakou; Amelia Emma SUTTON; female; John SUTTON; Emma SUTTON, formerly TOMPKINS; Stockholder; John SUTTON, father, Otakou, stockholder; August 1, 1848; John McCARTHY.

July 31, 1848, born at sea; Ellen HARRISON; female; Thomas HARRISON; Janet HARRISON, formerly SPARK; Labourer; Janet HARRISON, mother of the child; July 3, 1848(sic); Robert CHAPMAN.

November 15, 1848; Maria BEAL; female; Joseph BEAL; Mary Ann BEAL, formerly KENWARD; Storekeeper; Mary Ann BEAL, mother of the child; November 18, 1848; John McCARTHY.

December 2, 1848; Robert Chalmers ANDERSON; male; James ANDERSON; Ann ANDERSON formerly DOW; Publican; James ANDERSON, publican, Otakou; January 2, 1849; John McCARTHY.

December 10, 1848; Hector McKAY; male; Alexander McKAY; Janet McKAY, formerly ALLAN; Storekeeper; Alexr. McKAY, storekeeper, father of the child, Otakou; December 27, 1848; John McCARTHY.

Dec. 20, 1848, at Otakou; Charlotte COLEMAN; female; Benjamin COLEMAN; Mary COLEMAN, formerly CAREY; Farmer; Benjamin COLEMAN, father of the child, farmer, Otakou; December 27, 1848; John McCARTHY.

April 13, 1849; George James BENTLEY; male; Charles BENTLEY; Harriet BENTLEY, formerly WRAGG; Stockman; Samuel SHAW, painter, Dunedin, Otago; April 27, 1849; John McCARTHY.

May 25, 1849; Mary Alice BREBNER; female; Thomas BREBNER; Mary BREBNER, formerly HAMBLETON; Labourer; Thos. BREBNER, labourer, Port Chalmers, Otago; August 14, 1849; John McCARTHY.

June 15, 1849; Robert John SEATON; male; James SEATON; Marion SEATON, formerly THOMPSON; Farmer; Jas. SEATON, farmer, Portobello, Otago; July 17, 1849; John McCARTHY.

June 17, 1849; Jessie URE; female; James URE; Elizabeth URE, formerly STREET; Brickmaker; James URE, of Dunedin, brickmaker; July 2, 1849; John McCARTHY.

August 21, 1849; William Otago SHERLEY [sic SHIRLEY], Francis SHERLEY; Eliza SHERLEY, formerly HART; Shoemaker; Francis SHERLEY, shoemaker, Otago; September 6, 1849; John McCARTHY

November 3, 1849; Walter Fletcher RIDLEY; male; Henry Stratford RIDLEY; Violetta RIDLEY, formerly HARRISON; Gentleman; Henry St. RIDLEY, Portobello, Otago; November 5, 1849; John McCARTHY.

November 14, 1849; Sarah Jane ANDERSON; female; Archibald ANDERSON; Anna ANDERSON, formerly MILLER; Settler; A ANDERSON, settler, Dunedin, Otago, father of the child; December 1, 1849; Robert CHAPMAN.

December 19, 1849; --- ; male; John FERGUSON; Mary FERGUSON, formerly DALZELL; Carpenter; A Chetham STRODE, J.P., Dunedin, Otago; December 29, 1849; Robert CHAPMAN.

Otago Witness Saturday  January 3 1852 

Birth. At Anderson's Bay, on the 24th ult., the wife of Mr James Murdoch of a son.

January 10th
Birth. At Princes Street, Dunedin, on the 6th instant, Mrs John Sutton, of a Son.

January 24. Married. On the 15th inst., at The Forbury, near Dunedin, by the Rev. J.A. Fenton, Henry JEFFREYS, Esq., J.P. eldest son of the late Venerable Archdeacon of Bombay, to Ellen Penelope, eldest daughter of W.H. Valpy, Esq.., J.P. late of the Honourable East India Company's Bengal Civil Service.

Saturday February 21
 Jury list for District of Otago.

February 28
Married. By Special Licence, this day, February 28th, at Dunedin, by the Rev. J.A. Fenton, Henry MANNING, Esq., a son of the late Geo. Manning, Esq., surgeon, of Harlington, Middlesex, to Eliza Stokes, youngest daughter of the late John Stokes, Seq., of Pauntley Court, Glo'stershire.

March 13
Birth. At Rattray Street, Dunedin, on the 6th inst., the wife of Mr John Hill, of a daughter.

March 20
Birth. At Thistle Inn, Port Chalmers, on the 10th instant, the wife of Captain Peter Williams, of a son

March 27
Died. At Dunedin, on the 24 inst., Mr James Martin, plumber, son of the late Mr James Martin, butcher, Queen Street, Edinburgh. His Friends at home will please accept of this intimation.

April 3
Births. At Dunedin, on the 21st March last, the wife of Mr Daniel Macandrew, of a son.

At Airlie Bank, on the 27 ult, the wife of Mr James Christie, sawyer, of a son.

April 24 
Birth. At Taieri Village, on the 8th instant, the wife of Mr Edwin Palmer, of a Son.

May 1
Birth. At Grant's Braes, on the 26 ultimo, the wife of Mr Thomas Cuddie of a son.

May 8
An accident occurred on Sunday last. A Maori boat belonging to a native known as "Big-fellow" was capsized in the harbour off Port Chalmers, and the whole of the crew, consisting of the owner and three native boys, were drowned.

May 15
Birth. At West Taieri, on the 16th ultimo, the wife of Mr Walter Millar of a daughter.

May 22
At Jessiewood, South Molyneux, on the 19th ult., the wife of Mr A. Mercer of a daughter.

June 5
Birth. At Saddle Hill sheep-station, on the 3rd instant, the wife of Mr William Jeffrey, of a son.

June 5
Man lost. It is rumoured that a carpenter named Thomas Tandy has been lost on the mountains between Dunedin and Waikouaiti. He has been missing for a month.

June 19
Married. At Christchurch, Canterbury, on the 3rd ultimo, by the Rev. O. Mathias, Mr T. Culling, of Lyttelton, to Miss Margaret TORRANCE, late of Otago.

July 3. Birth. At Rattray Street, Dunedin, on the 29th ult., the wife of Mr Joseph Milstead, of a daughter.

Married. At Hopefield, Anderson's Bay, on the 22nd ult., by the Rev. T. Burns, Mr Peter M'Gill to Jane,, third daughter of Mr George Brown, late wood agent of Gordon Castle.

July 10
Birth. At Campbellfield, Caversham Vale, on the 30th ult., the wife of Mr John Nicholson, of a Daughter.

June 17
At Ferguslie Cottage, North East Valley, on the 1st inst., Mrs John Duncan of a daughter.

August 14 1852
Coroner's Inquest. An inquest was held before Mr Coroner Williams and a highly respected jury at the Royal Hotel, Dunedin, yesterday, on the body of Catherine Murray, an infant, who was found dead on Thursday morning. The deceased was about six months old, and was the daughter of John Murray, a boatman, who lately died from the effects of intemperance, and upon whom an inquest was held a few weeks ago. The mother of the child died at its birth, and it was placed out to nurse with a Mrs M'Phee. Dr Manning, proved that the child had died of Morasma.

August 21 
Birth. At Dunedin, on Wednesday last, the 18th inst., the wife of J.H. Harris, Esq., a daughter.

September 25
Births. At the Waihola, on the 15th instant, the wife of James Gillon, Esq., of a daughter.
At Dunedin, on the 18th instant, the wife of Mr John Healey, baker, of a daughter.
At Dunedin, on the 13th instant, the wife of Mr James Cullen, of a son.
At Dunedin, on the 20th instant, the wife of Mr James Allan, storekeeper, of a daughter.

October 9
Roll of Voters for the Dunedin Country and Town Districts page 2

October 9
Birth At Parson's Green, Glasgow, on the 25th Novr., Mrs John Blakie, junr., of a son

November 13
Birth. At Dunedin, on the 8th inst., the wife of Mr William Langlands of a daughter.

Nov. 20.
Birth. At Belle Vue Cottage, on the 14th inst., the wife of Mr Archibald Anderson of a daughter.

Dec 18
Birth. At Dunedin, on the 13th instant, the Lady of Frederick Brock-Hollinshead, Esq., of a son and heir.

December 25
Birth. At Dunedin, on the 17 instant, the wife of Mr William Stevenson. of a son.

Married. At Dunedin, on the 17th instant, by the Rev. T. Burns, James Stevenson, late of Glasgow, to Ann McIndoe, late of Paisley.

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