1853 BDM's from the Otago Witness

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The "Witness," published weekly, deliverable on Saturday Morning.  BDM's are found on page two above the editorial and on the same page as the shipping column.

Jan 15. 1853
Birth. At Little Paisley, on the 29 ult., the wife of Robert Gillies of a daughter.

January 22
Birth. At Airlie Bank, Upper Harbour, on the 20th inst., the wife of Lewis Edwards, of a Son.

January 22
The whole population being about 1700 souls, 1178 are located on Dunedin and on the suburban lands around it, and 226 at Port Chalmers and both sides of Upper and Lower Harbour, leaving about 300 scattered over a country district 50, miles long by 10 of average width.

February 12
Births. At Aiken Braes, Anderson's Bay, on the 5th instant, the wife of Mr. Adam Begg, of a son.

At Pleasant Villa, Caversham, on the 7th instant, Mrs Wm, Blackie, of a son.

March 19. 
Inquest. A Coroner's inquest was held on Tuesday last, and adjourned to Friday, on the body of To Au Wahine, a native women, the wife of John Williams, better known as Black Bill, a man of colour. The women died on the 8th instant, and was buried at the native village at the Heads by the Natives. Suspicion having got aboard that the deceased had been poisoned, the Coroner, accompanied by Dr Manning, proceeded on Sunday last down the harbour, and on the following day exhumed the body, which was brought back to Dunedin and the inquest held. John Williams and a Mrs Archibald with whom he was living were taken into custody by the police, and remained in prison until the verdict of the Jury was delivered. The suspicion appears to have been founded on the statement of the deceased made to a native of Waitoto, known as New Zealand Jack, "that she had been physiced."  which phrase is translated "poisoned." The deceased had been at Mrs Archibald's, and being in an ill state of health had taken some tea and spirits. Dr. Manning made a post mortem examination, and analysed the contents of the stomach with the assistance of Dr Richardson; and although the usual tests were applied, no traces of poison were discovered. Dr Manning's evidence proved that the deceased had died from natural causes. The Jury returned a verdict accordingly.

April 23
Birth. At Pelichet's Bay, on the 17th instant, the wife of David Bower, of a Daughter.

May 14
Birth. At Port Chalmers, on the 19th instant, Mrs Williams, of a Daughter.

May 21
Birth. At Dunedin, on the 14th instant, the wife of Mr Robert Chapman, of a Daughter.

May 28
Birth. At Maclaggan Street, Dunedin, on the 24th inst., the wife of James Callander, of a Son.

June 4
Died. At Pleasant Villa, near Dunedin, on the 28th ult., William, eldest son of William Blackie, aged 15 and 9 months, of polypus and cancer.

June 11
At Dunedin, on the 9th instant, the wife of W.H. Cutten, Esq., of a Son.

At Tayler's Bay, Otago, on the 9th instant, the wife of Dr. Basire of a Daughter.

July 30
At Anderson's Bay, on the 25th instant, Mrs Alexander Todd of a Daughter.

Married. At the Manse, Dunedin, on the 27th instant, by the Rev. Thomas Burns, James William JONES, second son of the late George Jones, Esq., Manchester, to Janet WISE, eldest daughter of James Williamson, Esq., Kaikorai Bank.

July 16
Electoral Roll for the Dunedin Country.

September 17
Births. At Tokomairiro, on the 1st instant, the wife of John Cargill, Esq., of a Daughter.

At Homes' Farm. East Taieri, on the 11th instant, the wife of Mr N.J.B. McGregor of a Daughter.

At Dunedin, on the 14th instant, the wife of Mr James Stevenson, of West Taieri, of a Daughter.

September 24.
Birth. At Dunedin, on the 21st instant, the wife of Mr John Grey, Tokomairiro, of a Son.

October 1 1853
Births. At Burnside, North-East Valley, on the 21st September, the wife of Mr David Loudon, of a Son.

At the Waihola, on the 16th September
, the wife of James Gillon, Esq., of a Daughter.

At Port Lyttelton, Canterbury, on the 5th June, the wife of Mr Thomas Culling, Printer, of a Son.

October 15
Births. At West Taieri, on the 3rd instant, the wife of James Fulton, Esq., of a Son.

At Dunedin, on the 7th ultomo, Mrs T.J. White, of a Son.

Death. At Mavis Bank, near Dunedin, on the 7th instant, of Iias, James, aged 3 years, son of Mr Robert Gillies.

November 5 1853
Death. At Half-Way Bush, on the 19th ultimo, after a painful illness, borne with Christian resignation, Janet McCallum Bennie, aged 25 years, relict of Mr William McMeikan.

November 12
Birth. At Sydney, on the 3rd September, the wife of T.A. Cargill, Esq., of a Son.

November 12 1853. 
Death. At Half-Way Bush, on the 29th ultimo, after a painful illness, borne with Christian resignation, Janet McCallum Bennie, aged 25 years, relict of Mr William McMeikan.

December 3 1853
Birth. At the Green Island Bush, on the 17th inth ult., the wife of Mr William Martin, of a Son.

At Dunedin, on the 29th ult., the wife of John Hyde Harris, Esq., of a Son.

Death. At Johnston, East Taieri, on the 24 ult., after a protracted illness, Andrew TODD, junr., aged 27 years. He was one of the first settlers on the Plain, to whose assistance and energetic example much of the prosperity of the district is due. With him to be known was to be esteemed, and he died deeply and universally regretted.

December 17 1853
Birth. At Moeraki Bush, East Taieri, on the 16th inst., the wife of Mr Edwin Palmer, of two Sons.

Otago Witness January 1 1853
Song of the Emigrant
Hurrah! hurrah! for an emigrant's life,
Who enjoys health and happiness day after day;
In a home without care, and a land free from strife.
How cheerfully passes his lifetime away.
He need never know want, if he's willing to work,
Nor taxes nor poor rates be called on to pay
(To feed idle paupers from labour who'd shirk);
No riots to dread, nor thieves to dismay.

For when, like an exile, he left Briton's shore,
To seek a new dwelling-place o'er the wild sea,
He from misery trusted to part evermore,
When he came to a country unfettered and free.
And truly he's found one-God's sun never shone
On a spot more adapted to make his heart glad;
If the world were searched through, from the pole to the zone,
A climate much finer could scarcely he had.

The islands of honey and milk are o'erflowing,
With cattle and herds too, with corn and wine;
With soil of the richest, both fruits and flow'rs growing
On so favoured land, surely none will repine. 
See the hills clad in verdure so fresh to the sight,
The woods fill'd with birds, and the waters with
The plains scattered o'er in variety bright, [fish;
The vallies, but what more could mortal man wish?

Now the emigrant after his cattle is chasing,
or perhaps he is ploughing, or mowing the hay;
Or shooting, or dancing, or courting, or racing;
Or laughing and joking, or smoking away.
Yet amid these wild scenes he will never forget
To think of his friends far across the wild foam;
Ah! no, and their absence he feels with regret,
And naught pleases him better than tidings from home.

If he's poor-he comes here to get rich to be sure,
By willing industry, but not to be driven;
If he's rich-why he wishes his health to secure,
By adopting a land that is favoured by heaven.
If he's dull-he endeavours, by temperate toil.
To chase away thoughts which he cannot endure;
If he's sick-let him rest here, away from turmoil.
The clime may relieve, if not thoroughly cure.

Should strangers arrive with these prospects in view,
They a good hearty welcome will get when they land;
he wishes some hundreds who're struggling in England
Would not w ait to be ruined, but haste to our shore;
Lots of gold-if they'll work-may-be found in New Zealand,
For we're not overcrowded, and have room for more.

May success still continue the path to attend
Of the emigrant who will his honour uphold;
May he always his liberty strive to defend,
To sound honest principles may he still cling,
Repressing bad feeling should discord be rife;
And with one hearty voce we'll shoot and we''ll sing'
Hurrah! hurrah! for an emigrant's life.
-Nelson Examiner

January 1
Colonisation   Blackwood's Magazine

January 15
Daily Work
by Charles Mackay

January 22 1853

Saturday May 21 page 4
'Was sent to the diggins'  Bill Syees

Set a stout heart too a steep brae.
Faint heart never won a fair lady.

November 26 1853
What a Puseylite?

December 10th
American Slavery

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