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The "Witness," usually published weekly, but if there wasn't any news, published fortnightly., deliverable on Saturday Morning.  BDM's are found on page two above the editorial and on the same page as the shipping column.

January 7 1854
Death. We have to lament the death of Mr Thomas Bain, who departed this life on the30th ult. He was one of the early settlers of Otago, an elder of the Church, and in that capacity was a most energetic and useful member of the Deacons' Court. To his untiring zeal we are indebted for many useful institutions. To him we owe the establishment of the property Investment Company, and until his declining health compelled him to relinquish his many honourary and gratuitous public services, he was foremost in all movements for the welfare of the community. The last tribute of respect was paid to his memory on the 3rd inst., when upwards of 200 of his fellow-colonists attended the melancholy ceremony of his interment in the public cemetery.

January 21
At Airlie Bank, Upper Harbour, on the 11th instant, the wife of Mr J. Christie, of a Son.

February 11th. page 2
Birth. At Princes street, on the 2nd instant, Mrs John Mollison, of a Son.

February 18 1854
Births. At Saddle Hill Park, on the 1st inst., the wife of Mr William Jeffray of a Daughter.
At West Taieri, on the 14 inst., the wife of Mr William McDiarmid, of a Daughter.

April 1 2002
Births. At Portobello Bay, on the 14th ult., Mrs Shand, of a Daughter.
At Dunedin, on the 25th ult., Mrs P. Proudfoot, of a Son.

April 1 1854
Dunedin School

April 22
Births. At Ambresbeg, Caversham Vale, on the 9th inst., Mrs John McGibbon, of a Son.
At The Forbury Hill, on the 11th instant, Mrs. John Anderson, of a Son.

April 29
Births. At Jessewood, South Molyneux, on the 2nd inst., Mrs A. Mercer, of a Son.

Married. At the Court-House, Dunedin, on he 18th inst., by the Rev. J.A. Fenton, Frederic Louis, second son of A.F. Mieville, Esq., of Dorking, Surrey, to Fanny Stokes, only daughter of Frederick H. Richardson, Esq., late of Chelthenham.

May 20 1854
Birth. At Princes Street, Dunedin, on the 15th instant. the wife of Mr James W. Jones, of a Son

June 10 1854
At Princes Street, Dunedin, on the 1st instant, the wife of Mr John Healey of a Son.

Death. At his residence, High Street, Dunedin, John Boyle TODD, printer, after a short illness, departed this life on the 27th ult (Saturday). In recording the death of him with whom we were so familiar, and who has so long and industriously laboured with us, a sense of duty and respect calls upon us to express our deep sorrow and regret for his sudden and unexpected removal from amongst us, and from that new sphere of life upon which in the highest hopes he had newly entered, he having being married only two days previous to his being seized with the illness which terminated his days,- thus cut down in the midst of his happiest hours and in bloom of youth. Besides following his own occupation, he held the office of Secretary of the Property Investment Company, in which he took a particular interest; and his kind and obliging disposition in that as in his every other capacity, gained for him the love and esteem of all who knew him. He remains were accompanied to the cemetery by a large and most respectable company, including the members of the Odd-Fellows' Lodge, who kindly attended in a body.

July 8 1854
We presume our readers are aware that we know the difference between ult. and proximo, though we are not infallible, any more than our fellow-men, as many would have the conductors of a journal to be.

July 29 1854
Birth. At Dunedin, on the 22md inst., the wife of Mr John Nicolson of a Daughter.

August 26 1854
Births. At Princes Street, Dunedin, on the 13th instant, the wife of W.H. Cutten, Esq., of a Son.
At East Taieri, on the 13 instant, the wife of Mr James Cullen of a Son.
At Port Chalmers, on the 23rd instant, the lady of Charles Logie, Esq., Collector of the H.M. Customs, of a Son.

September 9
Died. At High Street, Dunedin, on the 16th August, Mrs Catherine Scott, aged 79 years.

September 23
Birth. At Cheetham Cottage, on the 17th inst., the wife of Mr William Robinson Perkins of a Daughter.

October 14
Married. On the 22nd September, by Rev. Thomas Burns, at Content Cottage, John Walter STODDART, Esq., to Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr John Dempster, of Mary Place, Green Island Bush.

November 4 1854
Birth, At East Taieri, on the 7th ult., the wife of Mr William Stevenson of a Son.

On the 16th June, at the Green Island Bush, by the Rev. Thomas Burns, Henry, eldest son of the Henry Doig, Esq., of Alva, Scotland, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr Richard Runciman, of the Green Island Bush.

On the 22nd Sept., at the Green Island Bush, by The Rev. Thomas Burns, Thomas, second son of James Howarth, Esq., of London, to Barbara, second daughter of Mr Richard Runciman, of the Green Island Bush.

On the 23rd ult., by the Rev. Thomas Burns, Henry Frederick HARDY (late of Friar gate, Derby) to Isabella, widow of the late J.B. Todd, of Ebbin Cottage, Dunedin

November 25
Married. At Dunedin, on the 14th inst., by the Rev. Thomas Burns, of the Presbyterian Church, James SCOTT, late of Aberdeen, to Alison, eldest daughter of William Langlands, late of Edinburgh.

December 16
Marriage Act. Officiating Ministers for 1855.
    The attention of the persons or person within the colony of New Zealand, in whom is invested Ecclesiastical authority over any of the religious bodies enumerated in Schedule D annexed to the "Marriage Act, 1854,...
    It will therefore be necessary that the names of all Officiating Ministers, duly certified, be sent to me before the termination of the month of December next ensuing, in order that all such names may be entered in the list, a copy of which will be published in January 1855, in the New Zealand Government Gazette.

John B. Bennett,
Registrar-General's Office
Auckland, October 31st, 1854

December 16
Birth. On the 11th inst., at the West Taieri, the wife of James Fulton, Esq., of a Son.

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