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The Otago Witness was a four page newspaper was published weekly, on Saturday mornings.  BDM's are found on page four above the editorial and on the same page as the shipping column
including coastal shipping. 

Otago Witness Saturday Jan 3 1857 page 3
Births. At Port Chalmers, on the 22ult., the wife of Mr J.R. Monson, a son

Jan 10th 1856
Birth  At Stafford Street, Dunedin, on the 21st ult., the wife of T.J. White, Esq., of a Daughter.

At Alma Cottage, Upper Harbour, the wife of Mr A. Baker

Saturday Jan. 17th 1857 
At Lower Kaikori, on the 17th ult., the wife of Mr John Stoddart of a daughter

Saturday Jan. 31st 1857 page 4
At the Saw Mills, North-east Valley, on the 17th ult,. the wife of Mr Robert M'Dowall of a Daughter.

On Sunday, 25th inst., the wife of Mr Robert Twelftree of a Daughter.
At Spring Gardens Cottage, on the 26th instant, the wife of Mr James Isteed of a Daughter

Saturday Jan. 24th 1857 
Birth. At Tehauka, Molyneux, on the 15th inst., the wife of Mr Thomas Martin, of a Son. 

Saturday Feb. 14th 1857 page 3
Birth. At Waihola Lake, on the 10th instant, the wife of Mr Wm. Grey, of a Daughter

Saturday Feb. 21 1857 
Birth At Luther Bank, on the 13th inst., the wife of Mr John Mollison, of a Son.

Death At Luther Bank, on the 15th inst., the infant Son of Mr John Mollison, Storekeeper, Dunedin

Saturday Feb. 28 1857 page 3 
Birth At Warepa, on the 12th instant, the wife of Mr James M'Niel, jun, of a son

Saturday March 21 1857 page 4
Births At Runnimede, Waihola, on the 2nd inst., the wife of Mr B. Dawson, of a Daughter.
At the Manse, Taieri on the 14th inst., the wife of the Rev. W. Will, of a Son. 

Saturday April 4 1857
Birth  At Caversham, on the 2nd inst., the wife of Mr Donald Reid, of a son. 

Births. At Anderson's Bay, on the 10th instant, Mrs Alexander Todd, of twin sons,
one still born.

At Spring Bank, on Wednesday, 15th April, Mrs John Reid, of a daughter

Saturday April 25 1857
Birth At Princes Street, Dunedin, on the 14th instant, the wife of Mr James Paterson, of a Daughter.

Fatal Accident - A fatal accident occurred at the Taieri Ferry on Thursday last, by which a person of the name Charles Armstrong lost his life. From the information which has reached us, it appears that the unfortunate man was standing in a canoe, and was rocking it in a jocose manner from side to side, when it upset, and precipitated him into the water. He sank and rose once....

Saturday 2 May 1857
Birth At Princes Street, Dunedin, on the 27th ult., the wife of Mr James Sounness, junr., of a Daughter

Saturday May 16th 1857
Married. At Luther Bank, Saddle Hill, on the 30th ult., Mr William SHAND, Farmer, Silver Side, East Taieri, to Anne WEBSTER, eldest daughter of Mr James Christie, late of Montrose.

Saturday 23 May 1857
Birth. At Dunedin Flour Mills, on the 15 inst, the wife of Robert Christie of a Son.

Saturday 13 June 
Died. At Invercargill, on the 16th inst., James KELLY, aged 57 years.

Saturday 20th June
Married, At Burnside, on 28th ult, by the Rev. Thos. Burns, Mr William SMITH, Farmer, Molyneux, to Margaret, seventh daughter of the late David Smith, Farmer, East Woodton, Fettercairn, Scotland

Saturday July 4 
Birth. At Dunedin, on the 28th ult, the wife of Mr William Stentiford, of a Daughter.

Saturday 1 August 1857
Birth. At Dunedin, on the 24 July, the wife of Mr H.F. Hardy, of a Son.

Saturday 8 August
Birth. At Dunedin, on 3rd inst., Mrs Thomas B. Gillies, of a Son.

Saturday 15 August, 1857
Births. At Dunedin, on the 31st ult., the wife of Mr John M'Glashan, junior, of a daughter.
At Green Island Bush, on the 10th instant, Mrs George Howarth, of a Son.

Saturday 22 August
Birth. At Waihola, on 23rd ult., the wife of Mr F. Hare, of a Son

Saturday 29 August 1857
Births. At Mavis Bank, on the 15th instant, the wife of Mr David Wilson, of a Daughter.
At Spring Head Cottage, Dunedin, on the 25th instant, the wife of Mr Hugh Bower, of a Daughter.

Saturday 19 Sept, Birth. At Moeraki, on the 25th ult., the wife of W.A. Trotter of a Son.

Saturday Oct. 17 1857
Death. We have the melancholy duty to perform of recording the demise of P. Proudfoot, Esq., Chief Commissioner and treasurer of the waste Land Board, which took place at his residence in Dunedin at half-past ten o'clock on Wednesday evening last. Mr Proudfoot's state of health for a long tome past has been such as to afford his friends no hope of his ultimate recovery; but the closing scene was more rapid than was anticipated, and his death has taken the public almost by surprise. We understood that Mr Proudfoot, up to a few hours before his death, was engaged in the duties of his office, the close attention to which, it is believed, tended to accelerate his end.

Saturday 24 Oct. 1857
Births. At Campbelltown, on the 1st instant, Mrs Elles of a Son.
At Clutha Ferry, on the 16th instant, Mrs John Barr, junr., of a Daughter.

Saturday 31 Oct. 1857
birth. At Silver Mains, North Taieri, on the 27th inst., Mrs James Gibson of a daughter.

At Moray Place, Dunedin, on the 22nd instant, by the Rev. Thomas Burns,
Alexander RENNIE, Esq., M.P.C., late of Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire, to Ann, only daughter of the late Mr James Wilkie, Gardener, Forneth, Perthshire.

Saturday 7th November 1857
Birth. At Craydon Cottage, Popotunoa, wife of the late N. Chalmers, of a Son.

Died. At Kaikorai Bank, on the 23rd October ult., Mr James Williamson, senr.

Saturday 14 November 1857
Birth. At Meadowbank, Tokomairiro, on Friday the 6th instant, the wife of John Cargill, Esq., of a son.

Saturday December 5th 1857
Birth. At Kaihiku, Clutha, on Saturday, the 26th November, the wife of C.H. Kettle, Esq., J.P., of a Son.

Saturday 12th Dec. 1857
Births. At Dunedin, on the 5th instant, the wife of Mr Alexander Mollison, of a Daughter.
At the Forbury, on the 9th instant, the wife of Robert Stuart, Esq., of a Daughter.

Saturday 19th Dec. 1857
Married. On the 1st November, at Wingatuie, East Taieri, by the Rev. W. Will, Mr George COUPER, to Jane, second daughter of the late John Forrester, Esq., of Glasgow.

Birth. At Princess Street, Dunedin, on the 11th instant, the wife of Mr J. Healey, merchant, of a Daughter.

Saturday 26 Dec, 1857
Births, At the Mills, Dunedin, on the 20th instant, the wife of Henry Charles Herslet, Esq. of a son.
At Dunedin, on the 23rd instant, the wife of W.H. Cutten, Esq., of a Son.

Death. At Chalmerston, on the 23rd instant, after a lingering illness, Jean, wife of A. Chalmers, Esq.

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