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Hurrah for Otago! We're now on our way,
Where there's plenty of work, and plenty to pay;
Hurrah for Otago! our friends are before,
But the land of the heather we'll never see more.

John Barr 1860

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The Otago Witness, newspaper published weekly, on Saturday mornings.  The  shipping column. and BDM's are usually found on page 4 above the editorial. 

Printed and published every Saturday morning by D. Campbell, at the office of the Otago Witness, Clifton Cottage, Princes Street, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.

Saturday Jan. 7 1860 page 5 
Births. At Dunnottar, near Dunedin, on the 31st ult., the wife of Mr Robert Chapman of a son.

At Oamaru, on the 2nd inst., the wife of H.C. Hertslet of a Daughter.

January 14 1860 page 5
Birth. At Church-hill, Dunedin, on the 1st instant, the wife of Mr E.A. Amies, of a daughter.

January 21 1860 page 4
At Bracon Ash Cottage, Pelichet Bay, on the 12th instant, Mrs G.J. Jenkins of a son.
At Hillhead, Dunedin, on the 12th instant, Mrs Millar Anderson of a daughter.
At Rattray-street, on the 18th instant, Mrs John McNeill of a son.

At Dunedin, on the 13th instant, by special license, Mr James BECK, Upper Harbour, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr John Rennie, Alva, Stirlingshire, Scotland.

At Dunedin, on the 13th instant, by special license, Mr George FLETT, East Taieri, to Janet, eldest daughter of Mr John McNeill, Dunedin.

Died. At Bellevue, on the 15th instant, Mr George Ross, Merchant, Dunedin.

February Saturday 4th 1860 page 4
Birth. At Maitland Street, Dunedin, on the 2nd inst., the wife of Mr William Weatherstone of a son.

February 18 1860 page 3
Jury list for Otago 1860-61

February 18 1860 page 5
Birth. At Invercargill, on the 31st ultimo, the wife of John Blacklock, Esq., of a son.

Death. Suddenly, at the West Taieri, of croup, David Forest, aged eleven months, second son of William McDiarmid.

Saturday February 25 1860 page 3
On the 14th instant, at Firgrove, Dunedin, the wife of Mr F.L. Mieville, of a daughter.
At Maclaggan street, Dunedin, on the 20th inst., the wife of Mr James R. Hood, tailor and draper. of a daughter.

At Waihola, on the 26th ult., by the Rev. John McNicol, Mr Andrew Robertson, to Mary second daughter of Mr Donald McMaster, Fassfern, Waihola.
At Brandon Cottage, Flemington, Melbourne, on the 11th inst, by the Rev. John Ballantyne, John Robert Cuthbertson, Esq., of Otago, to Anne, only daughter of the late Robert Moncrieff, Esq., solicitor, Glasgow.

Death. At Balmoral House, Dunedin, on the 15th instant, Mary Ann, daughter of Mr David Adam, aged 3 years and 3 months.

Saturday March 3 1860 page 5
Deaths. At Brookfield, Saddlehill, on the 20th ult., Elizabeth, aged 2 years and 2 months; also on the 26th ult., Thomas Ross, aged 4 years and 2 months, only daughter and eldest son of Mr John Hunter.
At Janefield, East Taieri, on the 28th ult, Jane Todd, aged 24 years, wife of Mr D.W. Oughton.

Fatal Accidents. On Tuesday, the 24th ult., another fatal accident occurred on the harbour, by which Mr Young, the engineer of the steamer "Pride of the Yarra," lost his life. It appears that about five o'clock on the afternoon of the day in question, the steamer was leaving the Dunedin jetty for the purpose of proceeding down the harbour, laden with cargo. When a few hundreds yards from the jetty, a sudden squall struck the boat. The deceased was on deck arranging a sail placed over some bales of wool, when the wind, catching the cloth, threw him overboard. It was a some time before the engine could be stopped, and the anchor let go. The steam was them turned on to the whistle, which attracted the attention of the persons on the jetty. The deceased being the engineer, the boy and man remaining on the steamer were unable to manage her, or to render any assistance. The unfortunate man sank before it could be possible to make an effort to save him. The deceased left a wife and three children to morn the loss, who with the assistance of the public, have been sent back to their friends in Melbourne, from whence they came from. This is the second instance of a person being drowned from falling out of the unfortunate craft, the "Pride of the Yarra;" and on both occasions the want of a boat has precluded the possibility of giving assistance in time; when , on the first occasion to which we allude, that of the death of Captain Petrie, there can be little doubt had there been a boat at hand he would have been saved.

We have to regret another fatal accident, which occurred at the Barracks in Dunedin on Tuesday evening last, by which a child, 18 months of age, the son of William Orr, who lately arrived by the "Gala," lost its life. We understand that the Barracks have an uncommonly steep stair leading to the upper storey, which was originally not intended to be used as a Barrack; but the pressure for room which occurred about twelve months since from the rapid arrival of immigrants, caused it to be fitted up and used for immigrants. The stair leading to this upper storey deserves the title of a ladder rather than a stair. The child, in attempting to descend to the lower story, fell to the bottom of the stair, and in a few minutes expired.

March 10 1860
Births. At Silver Mains, East Taieri, on the 25th ult., the wife of Mr Robert GIBSON, of a daughter.

At Great King-street, Dunedin, on the 1st inst., the wife of Mr James Beadle of a son.

At Middleton Cottage, Dunedin, on the 5th inst., the wife of Mr. T.W. Bamford of a daughter.

March 17 1860
Births. At Silver Mains, East Taieri, on the 25th ult., the wife of Mr Robert GIBSON, of a son. 

At Tui Bank, Dunedin, on the 15th instant, the wife of Mr James Wilson of a daughter.

Marriage. At Riverton, Otago, on the 28th ult., by the Lord Bishop of Christchurch, William Henry, second son of the Rev. W. Aylmer, of Akaroa, Canterbury, to Henrietta Harriet, only daughter of James Martin, Esq., formerly of Christchurch, N.Z.

Death. At Silver Mains, East Taieri, on the 10 inst., the infant son of Mr Robert GIBSON

March 17 1860 Resident Magistrate's Court page 6
Thomas Byron, William Worthington and James Wilson, settlers of Dunedin, were charged with unlawfully riding through a street in town, so as to endanger the limbs or lives of other persons. Fined 7s. 6d, with costs.

March 24 1860
At Pelichet Bay, Dunedin, on the 4th inst., the wife of Mr T.B. Gilles of a daughter.

At the Grange, Dunedin, on the 20th instant, the wife of the Hon. J. Hyde Harris, District Judge, of a daughter.

Married. At Smedley Villa on the 15th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Stewart, Alexander Williamson to Ellen Chase, of Dunedin

Death. At Pelichet Bay, Dunedin, on the 14th inst., the infant daughter of Mr T.B. Gilles.

April 7 1860
Married. At Holyrood Cottage, on the 30th ult., by the Rev. D.M. Stewart, James CURLE to Jane ROBERTSON, both late of Edinburgh.

April 14 1860
Birth. At Dunedin, on the 13th instant, the wife of W.H. CUTTEN, Esq., of a daughter.

April 7 1860 page 7
Electoral Roll for the District of the Town of Dunedin

Saturday 21 April 1860 page 4
Died. At Lyttelton, Canterbury, on the 12th instant, Frederick Witherby, Esq., Manager of the Union Bank of Australia, aged 33 years.

Saturday April 28 1860 page 5
Marriage. At the Episcopal Church, Dunedin, on the 21at instant, by the Rev. E.G. Edwards, Mr William John DYER, to Annie Maria, youngest daughter of the late C. Redmayne, Esq., of Liverpool, England.

Saturday May 5 1860
Births. At the Water of Leith, Dunedin, on the 28th ult., the wife of Mr William Mitchell of a daughter. 
    At Pelichet Bay, on the 1st May, the wife of Mr John Reid, of a son.

Marriage. At Upper Harbour, East Side, on the 27th ult., by the Rev. Thos. Burns, Mr Frederick WALKER, of Dunedin, to Eliza REID, youngest daughter of the late John Stuart, Esq., of Inverness.

Death. At the Club House, Dunedin, on the 2nd inst., after a lingering illness, Mary Ann Herbert, aged 15 years, eldest daughter of William Towers, late of Birmingham, England, Friends at a distance will please accept of this intimation.

May 12 1860
Births. At Dunedin. on the 16th ult., Mrs W. Shand of a son.
At Primrose Mount, Dunedin, on the 7th inst., Mrs John Healey of a daughter.
At the Forbury, on the 8th inst., Mrs Francis Fulton of a son.

May 19 1860
Births. At Dunedin, on the 12th instant., the wife of Mr Thomas Hastie of a daughter.
At Dunedin, on the 14th instant, the wife of Mr W.L. Leggatt of a son.

May 26 1860.
Died. At the Cottage, Hillside, on the 19th instant, the infant daughter of Mr Thomas Hastie.

Saturday June 2 1860
Died. At the Taieri Village, on the 29th ult., Jane Fraser, aged 49, wife of Mr Peter Campbell. Her loss is deeply lamented by her family.

Saturday June 9 1860 page 4
Births. At the parsonage, Dunedin, on the 6th instant, the wife of the Rev. E.G. Edwards, of a daughter.

At Prospect Farm, Waikouaiti, on the 29 May, the wife of J.R. Jones, Esq., of a son.

Death. At Dunedin, on the 3rd instant, Thomas, eldest son, of Mr Thomas Bryce, late of West Calder, Scotland.

Saturday June 16 1860
Birth. At Invercargill, on the 24th May, Mrs John MORTON, of a son.

Marriages. On the 25th ult., by the Rev. D.M. Stewart, Mr J.T. WAIN, Dunedin, to Catherine daughter of Mr Jenkins of Ballochmyle, Half-way Bush.

At Dunedin, on the 21st ult., by the Rev. D.M. Stewart, Mr Alex WOOD, to Helen, daughter of Mr P. Weatherson, North-east Valley.

At Anderson's Bay, on the 1st inst., by the Rev. D.M. StewartMr E.V. BRISCOE, Dunedin, to Alison McKAY, stepdaughter of Mr P.McTansh, Anderson's Bay.

At Anderson's Bay, on the 7th instant, by the Rev. Thomas Burns, Mr James SOMERVILLE to Isabella, eldest daughter of Adam Begg, Esq., of Aitken Brae.

At Dunedin, on the 12th instant, by special license, Mr Alexander WILSON to Agnes, daughter of Mr Nisbet, lithographer, Elm Row, Edinburgh.

June 23 1860
Births. At Tokomairiro, on the 9th instant, Mrs William BLACK of a son.

At Waihola Grange, on the 13th instant, the wife of Mr William GREY of a daughter.

At Lindsay Lodge, on the 21st instant, Mrs R.L. BEGG of a daughter.

At Bath Cottage, Dunedin, on the 23rd ult., Mrs FRANK S. CANNING of a daughter.

Death. At Kuri, on the 17th instant, Robert, aged two years and three months, youngest son of Mr James Skedden Young, late of Berwickshire, Scotland. 

June 30 1860. 
Birth. At East Taieri, on the 18th instant, Mrs Robert STEVENSON, of a daughter.

Death. At Woodside, on the 27th instant, Jessie Don, second surviving daughter of William Purdie, M.D. aged 20. The funeral will take place this day at one o'clock. Friends will please accept of this intimation.

June 30 1860. page 5
To the Editor of the Otago Witness.
    Sir, I beg to call your attention to the number of sudden deaths which have occurred in Dunedin within the last few days, and at the same time to express my astonishment that no inquest has been held upon the bodies of any of the deceased parties.
    First on the sad list is the case of Mr. Dewar, mason, said to have died from the excessive drinking.     
    Next is the case of a young women, who died suddenly in the house of Mrs Manuel Luno, in Rattray-street. Buried the next day.
     Next is the case of a young man who walked in from Saddle Hill, called upon our Chief Constable, declared himself unwell, got nothing from him but the privilege of sleeping on the wood all night, went to the Hospital next day, and was found dead in bed before the doctor's arrival; body so swollen that the undertaker had to make a coffin, 19 inches deep, by upwards of two feet wide; was buried as a pauper yesterday; no inquiry made; no inquest held. 
    And again this morning I find that a young man, that at seven o'clock last night I saw transacting business in a store, apparently as well as I was, is found dead this morning in a house in Rattray-street.

ED. O.W. No doubt the number of sudden deaths are very startling in a small community. Where, as in the case of the death which occurred at the hospital, we understand that the cause of death, viz. the bursting of a blood vessel, was so evident, that it was quite unnecessary to incur the expense of holding an inquest. In those cases where the deceased person has been attended by a respectable medical practitioner; it is not usually considered necessary to hold an inquest without there are suspicious circumstances. 

July 7 1863 Saturday page 4

Birth. At North-east Valley, on the 4th instant, Mrs R.L. Jeffreys of a son.

Death. At Green Island, on the 30th ult., Margaret Kirland, aged 10 years, youngest daughter of James Tannoch.

July 21 1860 page 5
Births. At Waihola Villa, in the 11th July, Mrs John MACKAY of a daughter.

At "The Cliffs," Waitaki, on the 15th July, the wife of B. Pike, Esq., of a daughter.

July 28 1860 page 4
At Rosemains, South Clutha, on the 24th ult., Mr James Johnston of a duaghter.

At Smedley Street, Dunedin, on the 21st. instant, Mrs James Jones of a daughter.

Deaths. At Stafford Street, Dunedin, on the 21st, Hugh, youngest son of Captain Davidson, aged 18 months.

At Tomahawk, Otago, on the 23rd instant, Jane, the beloved daughter of Charles and Isabella Smaill, aged 18 years, late of Corstorphine, near Edinburgh, N.B.

August 4 1860
Births. At Lower Kaikorai, on the 27th ult, Mrs James ISTEAD, of a Son.

At Stafford - street, Dunedin, on the 31st ult. Mrs Henry HOWORTH, of a daughter.

Marriage. At the Episcopal Church, Dunedin, on the 31st ult., by the Rev. E.G. Edwards, Thomas BUBB, late of Marylebone, London, to Isabella, eldest daughter of James Steuart SHANKS, Esq., of Rosemount, Upper Wakari. 

August 11 1860
Births. At the Otamatakau Station, Waitaki, on the 14th ult., the wife of the Rev. J.C. Andrew, of a son.

At Maclaggan-street, Dunedin, on the 4th last., the wife of Mr William Millar, of a son.

At Lee-street, Dunedin, on the 6th last, the wife of Mr John Wilson, of a son.

At Woodlands, near the Water of Leith, Dunedin, the wife of Henry ARGLES, Esq., of a daughter. 

August 11 1860
Death of Captain Cargill, the first Superintendent of Otago. During the past week there has gone from amongst us the leader and founder of the settlement of Otago. Captain Cargill departed life on Monday the 6th instant, at ten minutes past five o'clock a.m., after an illness of eight days. Dr Hulme, the Provincial Surgeon was in attendence. Had difficulty speaking and walking. The flags at the flagstaffs and vessels in port were hoisted half-mast high; the public offices were closed, and a Gazette, issued. The funeral took place yesterday, a two o'clock. The mortal remains of Captain Cargill were deposited in the public cemetery.  How come he is listed as being buried in England?

Captain William Cargill was a direct lineal descendant of Donald Cargill, the Cameronian minister suffered martyrdom at Grassmarket, Edinburgh, in the year 1680. Captain Cargill was born at Edinburgh, on the 28 August 1784, and was educated at the High School.

In 1802 he joined the army as an Ensign in the 84th Regiment, then stationed in India, In the following year he was promoted to a Lieutenancy in the 74th Highlanders. He served with the 74th Regiment under Sir Arthur Wellesly during the remainder of the Mahratta war, and returned home with the regiment in 1807. The 74th was again on active service in the Peninsular in 1809, having joined Wellington's army after the battle of Talaveram and took part in all the leading operations in that war up to its termination at Toulouse.

Captain Cargill was severely wounded by a musket shot in the leg at the battle of Busaco and was invalided home, where he remained for two years. He rejoined his regiment in 1812 and promoted to a Captaincy in 1813. He was present at the occupation of Madrid and the battle of Vittoria. Vittoria was followed by battles of the Pyrenees - Neville, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse, at all of which Captain Cargill was present - the 74th forming part of Sir Thomas Picton's division; After Tourlouse he returned home with his regiment. He was not at Waterloo. He retired from the army in 1821.He occupied himself with various civil pursuits (director of the Oriental Bank in London) until 1844. For three years he laboured with a rare degree of energy and singleness of purpose, in the launching of the scheme for settlement of Otago.

He finally left the shores of Great Britain, with a part of the first body of colonists, in the "John Wickliff," in December 1847, and landed in Otago on the 23 March 1848, As the New Zealand Company's agent, and as the representative of the Otago Association, the business of founding the colony rested with him; and in this capacity he continued at the head of the affairs of the settlement of Otago, until may 1850, when, by the cessation of the Company's operations, his official position lapsed; The New Zealand Company's charter having been surrendered two years before....

The advent of the Constitution in 1853 afforded the people of Otago an opportunity of expressing their approval of his past conduct, and confidence in his wisdom and ability. He was unanimously elected as the first Superintendent of the Province on the 6th September 1853. In December 1855, he was elected a member of the General Assembly. His influence was more felt out of the House than in debate; He was re-elected Superintendent in November 1855, and continued to hold office until 3rd January 1860, Six months before that period he had announce to his intimate friends and public that he had received unmistakable warning to prepare for another world, and that he intended to retire from public life.

He was married in 1813, to Mary Ann, the only daughter of Lieutenant Yates, of the royal Navy who survives him. He leaves five sons and three daughters and 43 grandchildren, of which 23 are in the Province.

He was somewhat under the middle size, being 5 feet 5 in height, strongly made with a strong constitution. His gray hair, lofty forehead and expanded brow, gave him a venerable and intellectual appearance. He was an exceedingly early riser. He usually rose between four and five o'clock; spent the early morning reading and writing. He was a great reader.

The one great object of many years of his life was to establish a colony of his countrymen. That object he accomplished, and succeeded in stamping upon the colony of Otago a character which will last as long as people endure, and in rendering his name equally imperishable as the leader and founder of the colony.

Otago Witness Feb. 17th 1898 page 23 column 3
Death of Mr John Cargill

Information has been received of the death at Landsdowne, in the Okanagan district, British Columbia, of Mr John Cargill, brother of his Worship the Mayor, who was a prominent figure in the early history of this portion of the colony. While a young man Mr Cargill served for a short time in the Royal Navy, and spent two or three years on the West India station in the brig Ringdove and the frigate Seringapatam, having left the service and returned to Great Britain he made a voyage about 1841 to Tasmanian and Port Phillip, and, after a cruise among the Pacific Islands, settled in Ceylon, where he was engaged as a coffee planter up to the year 1846. Returning, once more to England he was in time to assist his father, Captain Cargill, in the formation of the Otago settlement, and he came out with him in the John Wickliff. He was one of the earliest runholders in Otago. His first run was on the coast line at Tokomairiro. He afterwards took up the Taieri Plain. On the outbreak of the diggings he removed to what was then looked upon as back country, taking up what afterwards became the well-known Teviot run. Here he joined in partnership with his son-in-law, Mr E.R. Anderson, and Cargill and Anderson's run was long known as one of the finest in the South Island, having a flock of 55,000 well-bred merino sheep. They afterwards took up a large property in the south, known as Gladfield. Unfortunately, owing to the irruption of rabbits and the breakdown in wool values, their ventures resulted in heavy loss, their experience being shared by many of the pioneer settlers, and both Mr Cargill and Mr Anderson turned their eyes to other countries. Mr Cargill left New Zealand for England in 1884. He found his way to British Columbia about 1887, and continued to reside there, with his youngest daughter, up to the time of his death, which occurred at the ripe age of 77 years. While in Otago he took an active part and leading part in the political movements of the time. He was one of the first representatives of the province elected to the General Assembly which met in Auckland immediately after the constitution of the provinces, being returned unopposed in October, 1853, in conjunction with Mr W.H. Cutten, to represent the country district of Otago. Mr Cargill went up to Auckland in the company with his father and the late Mr J. Macandrew to attend the parliamentary session. In 1855 he was elected member of the Tokomairiro district, and in the same year was re-elected M.H.R. for the Dunedin country district with his father. Mr Cargill also took a lively interest in the volunteer movement. During one of his visits to the Home country he joined the Edinburgh corps and became ensign therein; he also attended the School of Musketry at Hythe, and obtained a certificate as a first-class marksman. On returning to the colony he used his knowledge to help in the establishment of volunteering, and he became and continued for some years colonel in the command of the militia and volunteers in the Dunedin district. Mr Cargill was married, shortly after his arrival in the colony, to the eldest daughter of the late Mr John Jones, but she died in January 1868, and he subsequently married a daughter of the late Dr Featherson. Of the first marriage there was a family of four daughters and two sons. Charlotte, the eldest daughter, married Mr Charles Ireland (son of Mr Ireland, Q.C.), barrister, and now resides with him and their family in British Columbia; Madeline married John, son of the late Mr J. Hyde Harris, and now lives in Europe with one daughter; the third daughter married Mr. E.R. Anderson, and she also resides in Europe; the youngest daughter is in British Columbia, and was with her father at the time of his death; and the sons John and Edward, who have settled in British Columbia. The family of the second marriage consisted of three children, of whom two survive, - the elder son being a doctor of medicine at present in South Africa, and the younger son being with his mother in England. The deceased gentleman was a man of high personal character, who won warm esteem of his fellow colonists.

CARGILL, Private Clive Napier Divisional Signal Corps, Otago, who died of wounds received in action at the Dardanelles on June 15, was the eldest son of the late Mr A F Cargill, the great grandson of the late Captain William Cargill, founder of the Otago Province. He was born at Port Pirie, South Australia, and educated at the Albany Street and Mornington schools, Dunedin, and subsequently became a fitter at the Hillside railway workshops. [Auckland Weekly News 22.07.1915]

August 18 1860
Birth. At North Clutha, on the 19th July, Mrs William Smith of a son.

August 25 1860
Births. At the Kuri Bush, on the 16th instant, the lady of William Johnston, Esq., solicitor, of a son. 
At Ocean Bank, Anderson's Bay, on the 16th instant, the wife of Mr Daniel Weir of a son.
At Silverdale, East Taieri, on the 22nd instant, the wife of Mr William Shand of a son.

Death. At Dunedin, on the 21st instant, William, aged 28 years, third son of the late Rev. William Laing, of Crieff, Perthshire, N.B.

Saturday September 1 1860 page 5
Birth. At Port Chalmers, on the 28th ult., the wife of Mr John Monson, of Her Majesty's Customs, of a daughter.

September 8 1860.
Birth. At Rattray-street, Dunedin, on the 26th ult., the wife of Mr Robert Murray, confectioner, of a son.

September 15 1860
birth. On the 12th instant, at her residence, Moray Place, the wife of Captain G.H. Wilson, of a son.

Died. At his residence in Pelichet Bay, on the 31st ult., Millar Gilchrist, late gardener to J.H. Harris, Esq., Dunedin. Friends in the Home country will please accept this intimation.

September 22 1860
At Port Chalmers, on the 19 September, Mrs F. Basire, of a daughter.

At Salisbury, West Taieri, on the 12th inst., the wife of Mr David Donald Reid of a daughter.

On the 28th of August, at the Office of the Register, Invercargill, Francis DeSalis O'TOOLE, to Amelia, eldest daughter of Mr Lonquet Levy, Bluff Harbour.

At Dunedin, on the 13 instant, by special license, Susan Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Daniel Edwards, Esq. of Hobart Town, Tasmania, to Mr John McNeil, late of Melbourne.

At Martin Cottage, Duncan Street, Dunedin, on the 18th inst., by the Rev. D.M. Stewart, Thomas AINER, engineer, to Margaret Martin, late of Leith, Scotland. 

Death. At Dunedin, on the 19th inst., Mr Stephen Smith, aged 55 years.

September 29 1860
Births. On the 7th instant, at Tokomairiro, the wife of Mr John Finch, of a son.
On the 12th instant, at Horseshoe Bush, Waihola, the wife of Mr J. Riddle of a daughter.
On the 14th instant, at Runnineade, Waihola, the wife of Mr Benjamin Dawson of a Son.
On the 16th inst., at the Manse, South Clutha, the wife of the Rev. William Bannerman of a daughter.
On the 25th instant, at Filleul-street, the wife of Mr James Souness of a son.
On the 26th inst., at Peebles Cottage, Dunedin, the wife of Mr Albert Beck of a daughter. 

Marriage. At McPherson street, Glasgow, on the 28th June last; Mr William Wallace, Hamilton, to Catherine Stirling, grand-daughter of Mrs Boyd, Lowden Arms Inn, High-street, Glasgow, Scotland.

Deaths. On the 17th instant, at Tokomairiro, James, the infant of Mr John France.
On the 23rd instant, at great King-street, Mary Hill, aged 14 months, daughter of William Hutton, late of Dunfermline.
On the 24th instant, at Stafford-street, of gastric fever, John, aged 12 years, eldest son of the late William Dewar.

October 6 1860 page 5
Births. At Esk Bank, Tokomairiro, on the 26th Sept. the wife of Mr Thomas Reid, of a daughter.

At Moray Place, Dunedin, on the 19th September, Mrs R. Burns, of a son.

Marriage. At Dunedin, on 18th September, by the Rev. D.M. Stewart, Mr John McKellar to Ann Duncan, late of Abernethy, Scotland.

October 13 1860 page 5
Births. On the 29th ult., at the manse, Tokomairiro, the wife of the Rev. A.B. Todd, of a son.
At Silver Mains, North Taieri, on the 4th inst., the wife of Mr Donald McKay, of a son.
At Hawkesbury Bush, on the 6th instant, the wife of J. Crocome, Esq., surgeon, of a son.
At the Manor Place, Dunedin, on the 7th inst., the wife of D.J. Napier, Esq., of a son.

The Times, Tuesday, Feb 05, 1861 pg 1Birth
On the 7th Oct., at Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, the wife of David J. Napier, Esq., of a son.

Married. At St Peter's Church, Wellington, on the 1st September, by the Rev. R. Taylor, Mr John Dixon, eldest son of Mr Joseph Dixon, Wellington, to Margaret, second daughter of Mr William East, of Hayes, Middlesex, England.

At Dunedin, on the 28th ult, by the Rev. D.M. Stewart, Mr Richard SANDLANDS, to Ann, fourth daughter of Mr Alex. Bremner, of George-street, Dunedin.

At Rose Bank, Dunedin, on the 5th inst., by the Rev. D.M. Stewart, Mr Peter Harwood, to Elizabeth Ainslie, daughter of Mr John Adams, Dunedin.

Died. At Maclaggan-street, on the 1st inst, Elizabeth BRAND STENTIFORD, aged 9 years, eldest daughter of Mr W.N. Stentiford.

October 20 1860 page 4
Births. At Winchenden, on the 27th August, Mrs Frederick L. Jeffcoat of a son and heir.
At Cave Valley, Oamaru, on the 10th instant, Mrs James Hassell of a son.

Saturday November 3 1860 page 5
Births.  At Dunedin, on the 15th ult., Mrs A. Garden of a son.

At George-street, Dunedin, on the 28th ult., the wife of Mr Robert THOMSON, Candle Manufacturer, of a son.

Nov. 10 1860. page 4
Birth. At the North-east Vammey, on the 4th instant, the wife of Mr Andrew ROBERTSON, of a son.

Marriage. At Arnott-Dalem Dunedin, on the 6th inst., by the Rev. D.M. Stewart, Mr Thomas Ronaldson, Carpenter, to Euphemia, second daughter of Mr George Rennie, Alva, Scotland.

Death, At Caversham, on the 5th instant, Oliver SUTTON, late of Manchester, after two days' illness, leaving a wife and eight children to mourn his loss.

November 17 1860. page 5
Births. At Pinkie Burn, Upper Harbour, Dunedin, on the 4th inst, the wife of Mr William McEwan of a son.

At Duncan-street, Dunedin, on the 11th inst, the wife of Mr George DRYDEN of a son.

November 24 1860. page 4
Births. At North-cast Valley, on the 22nd instant, the wife of Mr David WALLACE, of a daughter.

Married. At Stranraer, Wigtonshire, N.B. on the 19th July last, Alexander McMaster, Esq., J.P. Waitaki, to Helen, eldest daughter of John Adair, Esq., of Stranraer.

Dec. 1 Otago Witness page 4
Deaths. At Hawkesbury Bush, on the 7th ult, of congestion of the lungs, Charlotte, aged 7 weeks daughter of Mr Richard Fry.

At Invercargill, on the 17th ult, of consumption, after a long and lingering illness, Mr Wm. M. Gale, late of Horndean, Hampshire, England. Deeply regretted by all his friends and connexions. 

At Anderson's Bay, on the 25th ult., Mr Archibald TODD, late of Glasgow.

Saturday December 8 1860 page 5
Births. At Cheetwood, South Clutha, on the 15th ult., the wife of W.R. Perkins, Esq., of a son.
At Abertiny, Clutha, on the 23rd ult., the wife of Mr Joseph BOWER of a son.
At Woodhaugh, on the 3rd inst., the wife of Mr W.R. Douglas of a daughter.
At Ravensbourne, West Taieri, on the 4th inst., the wife of James Fulton, Esq., of a son.

Marriage. At Mount Pleasant, near Port Chalmers, on the 29th ult., Mr James Galbraith, of Port Chalmers, to Dinah, eldest daughter of Mr Charles Hammond, of Mount Pleasant, Sawyers' Bay.

December 15 1860 page 5.
Married. At Dunedin, on the 3rd inst., by special license, Mr Charles McQuarrie, to Jessie TURNBULL, late of Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

Died. At Islington, East Taieri, on the 9th instant, Jane Macadam, wife of Mr Alexander Todd.

December 22 1860 page 5
Birth. At Moray Place, Dunedin, on the 19th instant, Mrs James Forester Millar of a daughter.

Otago Witness Saturday December 29 1860 page 5
Birth. At Laurel Point, Anderson's Bay, on the 24th inst., the wife of Mr David Bower of a Son.

Married. At Rattray-street, Dunedin, on the 24th inst., by the Rev. D.M. Stewart, Mr Robert Stirling, grandson of Mrs William Boyd, of the "Loudoun Arms Inn." Glasgow, N.B. to Helen, eldest daughter of the late Mr William Robin, of Melbourne, Victoria.

The Times, Friday, May 10, 1861; pg. 2
Mr David Garrick, Solicitor and Notary Public, of Dunedin, Otago, NZ, who went out in 1847, will return to the colony in a few weeks.

A Simple Weather Glass January 7 1860 page 6

Original Poetry

January 21 1860 page 5
Oor Susy  by J. Barr , Craigielee, Otago
Success to the Royal Bride  by Anon - Canterbury Standard

February 4 1860  page 5
The Ploughboy by John Barr, Craigielee, Otago

March 24 1860 page 3
New Courtship by J. Barr, Craigielee, Otago
The Volunteer's Song by Mr Smith of Adelaide.

March 10 1860 page 6
Song of the Reapers by Beth  - Nelson Colonist

June 23 1860 page 5
A Toast by John Barr, South Craiglee, June 1860.
The Woodman's Wife by Clara.

August 11 1860
John Frost page 5

August 25 1860 page 6
The Leaves of the Forest by Beth

September 8 1860 page 5
The Biped Race by Town Hawkey
My Cow Pranky.

September 29 1860 page 5
A Fig for Education by John Barr, South Craiglee
The Mataura Diggings by Mataura
A Fragment by Crinis

Otago Witness January 21 1860 page 5
Success to the Royal Bride 

We stood on rock St. Vincent,
In the early Summer day,
To see her leave her moorings,
To see her under weigh.
We watched the stately vessel
Down the swift Avon glide;
Hurrah for Miles and Kington;
God speed the Royal Bride.

We thought of Britain's Sovereign,
Who gave her earliest flower,
Twined in a bridal chaplet
To deck a foreign bower.
We saw her in her beauty,
At her chosen husband's side;
God save the Prince of Prussia
God save his Royal Bride.

And as now in early summer,
She nears Zealandia's shore,
Let us give her hearty greeting-
Greeting kindly as before.
Let us give her kindly welcome,
And bid her share the blessings
of this our favoured land.

And when again she leaves us,
Bound on her homeward track-
Laden with our snowy fleeces-
May she journey safely back.
Safely o'er the foaming tide,
To the shores of Merry England,
God save the Royal Bride.

Long may be there peace in Europe;
And England's voice be heard
The wisest in her Council,
The bravest with the sword.
May the bulwarks of her freedom
Long o'er the ocean roam,
Protectors of our commerce
Staunch guardians of our home.

Ere long our wealth increasing,
Zealandia will be known,
The boast of Merry England - 
Brightest jewel of her Crown.
And each year our ships returning.
We'll welcome with honest pride,
God bless our Royal Sovereign,
Hurrah for the Royal Bride.

by Anon - Canterbury Standard

The "Royal Bride" was a steam clipper, 983 tons register, 1800 tons Burthen, Alex. Newlands, Commander.

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