Otago Settlement Jubilee Number -  March 17 1898

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Otago Settlement Jubilee Number 

Otago Witness Thursday  March 17, 1898 Pages 57 - 126
The Founding of the Otago Settlement
Its History and Development.

Go to the NZ National Library Papers Past site (opens in another window), newspaper images online. 
Also Otago Witness, 31 March 1898, Page 11

Below I made a list of the contents. The page numbers are the image page numbers, not the newspaper page numbers and the names represent photographs on the page. *Passenger lists (John Wickliffe, Philip Laing, Blundell and Ajax) can be found on pages 70, 73, 74.  On page 104 there is additional names and corrections for the passenger lists. (Another site with passenger lists, lists only those who disembarked at Dunedin, often the ship sailed for the northern ports, with other passengers). This Jubilee issue is jammed packed with the history of the Otago Province, photographs of citizens and buildings, and brief snippets of the early settlers.  Remember these biographies are full of error and when they were compiled for the 50th celebrations many of the dates and shipping details were reported incorrectly at the time.

Example: page 101
    Orbell, MacLeod C., came out in Mariner, the family taking land at Hawkesbury Bush. There were only a few hundred sheep between Dunedin and the Waitakiai that time, and they had to clear land to grow wheat and vegetables for their own use, depending upon wild pigs and native birds for their supply of meat. Took up runs comprising about 60,000 acres: and Mr M.C. Orbell has been a runholder ever since. M.P.C. 1866, and a member of Vogel's Government. Lived 42 years in Waikouaiti district; now resides in Geraldine.
    Orbell, F.E., born in Essex 1831, came out in Mariner 1849; after serving as a cadet in the North Island, took the management of a sheep and cattle station. Stock Inspector many years. Photo of Henry Orbell page 91.

page 91
   CUDDY, Thomas, born 1821, came to colony in Philip Laing. After the usual vicissitudes, settled at Saddle Hill in 1857, dying there in 1871. Member of Road Board. Family 11, two sons, five daughters living.

Otago Witness 17 March 1898 page 19730 Biographical Sketches of the Colonists of the first Decade
with brief notices of a few of the prominent colonists of later years. e.g.
Adam		Alexander		Nourmahal 1858, b. East Lothian 
Adam 		James 			Philip Laing 1848
Adam		Thomas			Strathmore 1856, b. East Lothian
Adam		William			Robert Henderson 1857, b. East Lothian
Adams 		John J. 		Blundell 1848
Adams		John Archibald Duncan	Blundell, b. 1844 at St Boswell's Roxburghshire
Affleck		Andrew			Jura 1858, b. East Lothian
Aitchison	William			Moolton 1849 b. Edinburgh 1832
Aitken		Mrs James		Simla, 1851
Aiken		William			Strathallan, 1858, blacksmithing Timaru
Allan 		Colin 			Strathmore 1856
Allan 		John 			arrived in Nelson 1842
Allan 		John 	son
Allan 		James 	son
Allan	 	James 	son
Allan		Mrs William		Philip Laing 1848, to Waimate 1879
Allom		Albert J		arrived in Wellington, 1842
Amies		Edward A		Strathmore 1856
Anderson 	Adam 			Blundell 1848
Anderson 	Archibald 		from Wellington 1840
Anderson 	John 			Ajax
Anderson	John			Bernicia 1848
Anderson 	John 			Oriental to Wellington 1840 
Anderson	Miller			Southern Cross 1857, b. Stewarton, Ayr
Andrew		John			Maori, first trip
Angelo		Stewart			Jura
Antonio		Joseph			deserted American whaler. B. Flores, Axores
Armstrong	Henry
Ashore 		Mrs Mary 		1850 from Victoria, AUS
Atkinson 	Edward Bland 		John Wickliffe
Ayson		Alexander		Royal Albert 1853
Ayson 		Alexander 		Strathmore 1856
Ayson		Douglas L		Royal Albert 1853 b. Glenshee, Perthshire
Ayson 		Peter 			Royal Albert 1853
Ayson 		Peter 	son
Archibald 	Thomas, Andrew, Alexander
Bain		Mrs James		Larkins 1849, b. Edenborough 
Bain 		James Walker 		Jura 1858
Bain		John			Larkins 1849, b. Edenborough Oct 1843
Bain 		Kenneth 		Mariner
Bain		Thomas			Mariner 1849
Baldwin 	William 		1860
Balfour		James Melville		Sir Ralph Abercromby 1863, b. Edinburgh
Bannerman	Rev. William		1853 see church history page 47
Barness 	John 			Nourmahall
Barr 		Archibald 		Mariner 1849
Barr 		John 		1854 born Paisley
Barr 		John 			Phillip Laing, a Paisley weaver
Barr 		John 	son
Barr 		William 		Royal Albert 1851
Barrat 		Henry 			Nourmahall
Barron		William			Lady Egidia 1861
Barry		Jane Fitzgerald		Magnet 1841, b. 1810
Basire 		Dr. Frederick Daniel
Baskett		William			Maori 1853
Bates		Mrs (nee Mosley)	John Wickliffe
Bathgate 	John 			1853
Batson		F			Bosworth 1857
Bayne		P			Sir Edward Paget 1856
Beal 		Joseph 			Magnet 1840
Beck 		Albert 			Palmyra 1858
Beck		Mrs James (nee Mary Rennie) Strathfieldsaye
Beetham 	Richmond
Begg 		Adam 			Blundell 1848
Begg		Adam Jr			Blundell 1848, b. Liberton, Edinburgh
Begg		William			Blundell 1848, b. Liberton, Edinburgh
Bell 		Sir F. Dillion 		to Wellington Ursula 1843
Bell		G.M.			1867
Bell		John			Philip Laing b. Glasgow 1826
Bell		Mrs John		Alpine 1859 b. Berwickshire
Bell		Jane (nee Jane Taylor)	Jura 1858 b. Duns. Berwickshire
Bell		Peter			Jura 1858 b. Druse, Berwickshire
Bellairs 	Captain Edmund Hoak Wilson relative of W. Carr Young
Bennett		James			Regina 1858
Bennetts 	John James 		Auckland 1850
Berney 		George R.B. 		Poictiers 1850
Berwick 	Mr Harry (nee Agnes Logan) Jura 1858
Bethune		Mrs			photo page 49
Beverley 	Arthur 			via Melbourne 1858
Birch 		Thomas 			Slains Castle 1852. Went home on the Strathallan
Bishop		Ann (nee Morris)	Mooltan 1849
Black		Andy (Aust. native)	on a John Jones trader
Black 		John 			Blundell 1848
Blackie 	James 			Philip Laing
Blackie 	Captain William 	Mootlan 1849
Blackie 	Walter 	son
Beaumont	Archdeacon George Price
Begg 		A.C. 
Begg 		Alexander A. 		Thomas and Henry 1856
Belcher 	Rev. Robert Henry
Blair 		John 			Dunedin 1855
Blair 		Robert 			George Canning 1856
Blatch 		Alfred Frederick and Mrs John Wickliffe
Blatch		Emma and Mary E. d/o of A. F. Blatch, John Wickliffe
Blatch		Margaret (nee McKenzie) Rajah, d. Oct. 19 1897 b. Dumbeth, Caithness,
Blatch		Thomas Henry Joseph	John Wickliffe b. Hammersmith, London, 1834
Blues		Mrs James (nee Duthie)  Maori 1856 b. Kincardinesshire
Borrie		the Rev. David		Maori, b. Perthshire Oct. 30 1846
Borrie 		Donald			Maori, b. Perthshire Marxh 23 1843
Borton 		Joseph B 		Dolphin 1854
Bootten		James			Lord Worsley 1858
Borrows		T			George Canning, photograher
Bower 		David 			Philip Laing
Bower		Hugh			Larkins 1849 b Inverness-shire Feb. 12 1830
Bower		Joseph			Larkins 1849
Boyd 		Allan and John 		Mootlan 1849
Boyes 		Andrew 			Mariner 1849
Bracken 	Thomas 			from Victoria
Branigan 	St. John 		via Victoria
Brash		William			Three Bells b. Midcalder
Brebner 	Thomas 			John Wickliffe
Brebner 	Captain Robert 		John Wickliffe
Brebner 	Adam Glendinning 
Brookes		Thomas			Govt. brig, Victoria, 1841, mate
Brotherston	Charles			Larkins 1849 b. Edinburgh 1822
Brown 		Alexander 		Eden 1850 b. Morayshire
Brown 		Ebenezer Erskine 	Stately 1852
Brown 		George 			Eden 1850
Brown 		J. Elder 		Ajax 1849
Brown 		James and Mrs 		Bernicia  1848
Brown 		John, Robert, and David
Brown 		James 			Larkins 1848
Brown		John			arrived WTN July 1852 and to Otago Stately
Brown 		J.C.
Brown		Daniel and John		Strathfieldsaye May 1858
Bruce 		John 			Southern Cross 1856
Brugh		S			Glentanner at Lyttelton
Buchanan 	Dr
Buchanan 	John F.L.S. 		Columbus 1849
Buchanan 	Thomas 			Philip Laing
Buchanan 	Gilbert 	son
Buchanan 	James
Buchanan	John			Philip Laing
Burn 		Mrs Margaret Gordon 	via Victoria
Burns 		Arthur J s/o Rev. Dr Burns Philip Laing
Burns		Dr. Robert		Three Bells 1858
Burr		Mrs John (nee Fairley)	Three Bells 1858. died 1889.
Butler		John george		George Canning, 1857
Bush		Mrs (Dr) G.F. (nee Alexander) John Wickliffe, sis. of Mrs AD Bayfield, Westport
Clader 		David 			Mariner 1848
Calder 		Hugh
Calder 		George 
Calder		Mrs peter (nee Sinclair) Maori 1857
Caldell 	James
Callander 	James 			Phillip Laing 1848
Callender	Mrs wife of James	George Canning 1857
Callender	John and Alexander	Phillip Laing
Cameron 	High 			from Sydney 1854
Cameron		Alexander		Slains Castle with parents George & Christina
Campbell 	Daniel
Campbell	Robert			Ajax 1848 b. Sept. 1814 Renton, Cardross, Dumbartonshire
Cantrell 	Richard Seaward		April 1858
Carew 		Edgar Hall
Carey 		David 			Via Sydney on the Coromandel 1838
Cargill 	Captain William
Cargill 	Edward Bowes
Cargill 	John			John Wickliffe d. Feb. 1898
Cargill		Lieut.- Col. Spencer, R.A. John Wickliffe, resides Dunapoer, Bengal
Carrick		Robert			Philip Laing b. Glasgow
Carroll 	John
Carter		James			True Briton 1852. Mrs Carter arrived by the Jura
Carter		Price and John		Cornwall 1849
Chalmers	David			Robert Henderson, wed Miss Black
Chalmers	James			Robert Henderson
Chalmers	John			Robert Henderson resides Napier
Chalmers	Robert			Robert Henderson 1856 b. Fife
Chalmers	Robert			Robert Henderson b. Dunfermline	
Chalmers	Thomas			Robert Henderson wed Sophia Careless, who arrived 1854	
Chapman 	Mr Justice Henry Samuel
Chapman 	Robert 			Blundell 1848
Chapman 	Dr
Chapman		J			Cornwall, went to Wellington province
Chapman		James			1857, b. Stirlingshire
Chase		Frank			Bosworth 1857, now resides Oamaru
Cheyne 		Mrs J.A.
Chisholm 	Robert 
Chisholm 	Rev. James
Christie 	James 			Statley 1854
Christie 	Andrew 			Phillip Laing
Christie	James			Seville 1858
Christie	Robert			Rajah 1853 b. PErthshire
Christie	Mrs T, sons Wm & Thomas, & niece Sophia Todd Strathmore 1856, reside Seadown, Timaru
Churchill	William			Thetis 1854, wed Annie Hair from Philip Laing
Clapcott	Henry			Carnatic Dec. 1852
Clark 		Adam S 			George Canning 1857
Clark		Archibald		Three Bells 1858 b. Edinburgh
Clark		George, David, Jasper	Jura 1858 b. Dunse, Berwickshire
Clark 		Henry 			Blundell
Clark		Henry			Jura 1858
Clarke		Hender Luke Noble	Larkins 1849
Clemison 	Plumpton 		Mootlan
Coleman 	Benjamin 		Magnet
Connebee	Rev. R.			see page 53 Congregtional
Cooke		John			Jura b. Fifeshire
Copestake	Thomas			Bosworth Nov. 1857
Copland		Rev. James		Nov. 1864 see church history page 48
Couper 		George 			Royal Albert 1853
Craig		James			Maori b. Glasgow
Craig		William	Francis		Java, troopship to Auckland, b. Dromore Co. Down
Craig		William and John	Maoria b. Stranraer, West Galloway
Craigie 	Richard 		Bernicia 1848 b. Ronsay, Orkney Is.
Crane		James 			Lady Clark May 16, 1850
Cranston	James			Three Bells, b. Edinburgh
Cranston 	Mrs James		Three Bells	
Crawford	Elizabeth (nee Fleming)	Palmyra 1858 m. John Crawford
Crawford	John			Robert Henderson 1858
Crawford 	Peter 			Philip Laing
Creed		Rev. Charles		"James" (Capt. Todd) to Auckland 1839 see page 52
Crickmore 	John 
Crocker 	Major
Cuddy 		Thomas 			Philip Laing
Cullen 		James 
Cullen 		Mrs (Jane Stevenson came out in the Philip Laing)
Culling 	Thomas 
Cunningham 	James 			Philip Laing
Curle		David			1857 on his own galliot, screw steamer Victoria
Curle		John			Mooltan 1849, died, 1891
Curle		James			Mooltan 1849, b. Edinburgh
Cutten 		William Henry 		John Wickliffe
Dall 		Thomas 			Slains Castle 1853
Dallas		William			Jura
Dallas		Mrs Charles		Jura
Dalrymple 	Miss
Dalrymple	John Taylor
Dalrymple 	Peter
Dalrymple	William			Rajah 1853
Dalrymple	William jr.		1858
Dalziel 	Andrew 			Philip Laing
Daniel 		Theophilus 		via Aust. in the Hercules
Davies J.R.
Davis		Rev. J. Upton		1874 see page 53 Baptist
Dawson		Benjamin		Rajah 1853, b. Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire	
Dawson 		Thomas A 		Caroline Agnes 1855
Dawson		William			Phoebe Dunbar 1850
De lacy		Tomas C.		Royal Albert 1853, b. Pont-y-ruchan, nr Abergavenny
Denniston 	Mr Justice
Denniston 	Thomas
Dewar 		David 			Palmyra 1858
Dewar 		Mrs (Jane Marshall) 	Philip Laing 1858
Dewe 		Rev. John 		Blundell 1848
Dick 		Hon. Thomas 		Bosworth 1857
Dickson					Sept, 14 1863
Dickson		Alexander		Philip Laing b. Portpatrick, Wigonshire, May 1811
Douglas 	Dr. 
Douglas 	John T.			Jura 1858
Dow		James and Alexander	Agra 1852
Dowie		Robert			Southern Cross 1856
Dowie		Robert			Blundell 1848
Downes		Edward			Statley, Feb. 1853, b. Shroshire, Sep. 1813
Downes		Rosetta (nee Elmer)	Thetis Aug, 1854, b. Gravesend, Kent June 1844
Downes		Thomas H		Sarah and Esther  b. at sea
Drake		Rev. Benjamin
Driver		Henry			
Driver		Richard			in the American whaler, John Edwards in 1838
Drinnan		James			Jura 1858 b. Symington,  Ayrshire
Dryden		George			Jura 1858
Duckworth	Robert Francis		Mary
Duff		William and Mrs		Philip Laing
Duncan		George			Mooltan 1849
Duncan		John			with his brother in the Mooltan
Duncan		John			Mooltan
Duke		Charles			Palmyra 1858
Dunkley		D			George Canning
Dunkley 	George			Palmyra Feb. 1858 b. Keddlingworth, Leicestershire
Dunkley		R			George Canning 1857
Dunlop		Peter			Three Bells
Dunn		David			Rajah 1853, b. Auchterarder
Duthie		Alexander		to Wellington - came to Otago with first party of surveyors
Duthrie		James			Maori b. Kincardineshire
Duthrie		Jane Martin		landed in Wellington Lady Nugent 1841
Duthrie		John			Jura 1858, b. Kincardineshire 1846
Duthrie		Robert, sen.		Maori	b. Kincardineshire
Dyer		Mrs William (nee Redmayne) Bosworth 1857
Dyer		William John		arrived Sydney 1839, Otago 1857
Eccles		Dr			m. Mary Jones, d/o John Jones
Edwards		Rev. E.G.		appointed to St Paul's Otago on 859 b. Bedfordshire
Elder		James R			Thetis 1854 b. Barking, Essex, 1823, master mariner
Elles		Captain			commanded the Philip Laing, m. d/o Dr Burns, settled in Southland
Elmer		John (son)		d. March 3 1895, 
Every		S.F.			1856 youngest s/o Sir Henry Every, Bart., Eggington Hall, Derbyshire
Familton	A.S.			Three Bells, lives in Oamaru
Familton	Robert			Columbus, 1852, now at Hampden
Fairley		George			Three Bells, 1858, seaman, d. 1897
Fairbairn	James			Jura, 1858, now farming Highcliff
Fazakerley	Henry			Strathallan, 1858, b. Liverpool 1811
Farley		William			goldfield days, went back to AUS
Farjeon		B.L.
Fenton		Archdeacon 		chaplain on the Bangalore, b. Sheffield 1821
page 95
Ferens		Thomas			John Wickliffe b. Durham 1823 see page 52
Ferens		Mrs Thomas nee Margaret Westland. John Wickliffe with Aunt & Uncle
Ferguson	Robert			Southern Cross b. Alyth 1823
Fenwick		Robert			1856 Challenger, b. Newcastle, ENG
Filleul		W.G.			Ajax 1849 with Uncle Mr Valpy, b. Jersey 1831. Lost brother on Lord Raglan
Finch		John			John Wickliffe b. Derbyshire 1814
Findlayter	Alexander		Lady Nugent 1850
Findlayter	James Turnbull		son
Finn		John			by schooner Ellen 1853 from Auckland. B. St John, N.A.
Finney		Thomas			Gil Blas 1858
Fish		Henry Smith		to Melbourne 1849, 1863 from Victoria. b. London 1838
Fitchett	Alfred Robertson	b. Granthan, Lincolnshire
Fleming		John			Palmyra, 1858
Fleming		Thomas			Palmyra, 1858, b. Blackwater, Perthshire
Forsyth		David			Strathallan, 1858 b. Laurencekirk, Lincardineshire
Foster		Henry Angel		Mary, 1849, b. Guernsey
Fowler		James			Three Bells 1858, b. East Lothain
France		Mrs Helen (nee Anderson) Bernicia, b. N. Scotland, m. Henry France
France		Henry			arrived Otago 1852. b. London
France		John			George Canning 1857
Fraser		John			Strathmore 1856, b. Sutherlandshire
Fraser		William, Jr		Strathfieldsaye 1858, b. Ross-shire
Frazer		James			Bernicia 1848, b. Inverness, dec. 2 1847
Frazer		William			Blundell
Frazer		John			Blundell, son
French					Ajax
Fricker		Edward			John Wickliffe
Fry		Richard			John Wickliffe b. Weston-upper-mare
Fullarton	Archibald		took part in survey Acheron under Capt. Stokes.
Fuller		Alfred D.
Fulton		Francis			Maori, 1851, chartered the Easby and traded between Dunedin & Sydney
Fulton		James  M.L.C.		Ajax. Brother lost in the Lord Raglan.
Fulton		Robert			artist. His relative R. Filleul was also lost on the Lord Raglan.
Fyfe		George Gibb		Phoebe Dunbar b. Feb. 14 1825 Kincardineshire, SCT

Gardner		Robert			Strathfieldsaye, 1858 b. Edinburgh
Garrick		David
Gartshore	Robert			Palmyra b. Dunbartonshire
Garvie		Alexander		Blundell
Gavin		Alexander		Blundell
pg 36
Geary		Hannah (nee Nuttall)	Sir Edward Paget 1856 b. Nottinghamshire June 9 1831
Geary		Mrs William		Sir William Paget 1856
Gebbie		James jun.		Mootlan 1849 b. Ireland	
Gebbie		James			Mootlan
Geggie		John			Strathmore 1856
Gibbs		Samuel			1848 b. 1817
Gibson		Robert			Blundell
Gibson		William			Blundell b. Haddington, 1807	
Gifford		Rev. Algernon		1862 from New Foundland
Gillies		J.L.			landed in Adelaide 1851, Gil Blas 1855
Gillies		John			Slains Castle 1852
Gillies		Mr Justice Thomas Bannatyne	
Gillies		Robert			Gil Bass 1855 from Victoria
Gillies		Rev. William (went to Timaru)
Gillies		Robert			Philip Laing b. Paisley
Gillon		Edward Thomas		arrived in Otago 1852
Gillon		James			Maori 1852 b. Iteland 1899
Gleenson	Michael Sherlock	1850
Goodall		James			b. Kirkcaldy, 1807, came from Victoria
Goodall		William			arrived 1849
Gore		James			b. Liverpool
Gourlay		Elizabeth (nee Dawson) Tasmania, 1853
Gourley		Hugh			came from Victoria in 1861
Graham		Francis			Pladda 1860, b. Greenock
Graham		H.B.			Blundell
Graham		John			Gloucestershire 1858
Grant		James Gordon Stuart	to Melbourne, to Dunedin 1855, b. Strathspey 1837
Grant		Judge Wilson		1862 via Victoria b. Co. Mayo 1813
Grant		John			Glentanner at Lyttelton, to Pt Chalmers in the Kate Kearney Oct. 25 1856
Grainger	Thomas			b. Anderson's Bay march 8 1850
Gregg		John			Gil Bas 1855 b. Windermere, Westmoreland
Green		George			'Dunedin' 1856, b. Middlesex
Green		Isaac			s/o George Green
Green		James 			s/o George Green
Grey		John			Jura 1858
Grey		William			b. Berwick-on-Tweed
Grey		John			Blundell
Grieve		Robert			Cresswell 1851, b. Roxburghshire April 18_3
Griffith	Mrs E.C. (nee Mosley)	John Wickliffe
Grigor		Alexander		Three Bells 1858 b. Cromarty 1831
Grigor		Robert			Three Bells 1858 b. Edinburgh 1811

Haberfield	William	Isaac		landed March 17th 1836, whaling, ex Navy
Haggen		James			Strathmore b. IRE
Hair		James			Philip Laing, wife had a daughter the day the vessel landed
Hammond		Charles			George Canning 1857
Harding		Isaac			b. Somersetshire. Died Queensland July 1897 aged 82. see page 52
Hardy		Henry Frederick		Rajah	1853
Harris		John Hyde		Poictiers 1850, m. Annie Cunningham 2nd d/o Capt. Cargill, in 1851

pg 37 
Harrison	Thomas			True Briton 1853 to Wellington
Harwood		Octavius		was a storkeeper when first settlers arrived
Hastle		Robert			Philip Laing b. Rutherglan
Haughton	C.E.			lived at Queenstown
Hay		George			Ajax 1849 b. Banffshire 1819
Hay		John			Ajax 1849 s/o George
Hay		William			s/o George
Haynes		Charles			b. Tasmania, came in 1859
Healey		John
Heckler		William			Rajah 1853 b. Knasborough, Yorkshire 1830
Heenan		Denis			Mary
Heenan		Mr Sen.			1852
Hepburn		George			Poictiers 1850, b. Lesile, Fifeshire
Hepburn		William			son
Heriot		Samuel			Robert Henderson 1857
Hertslet	Henry Charles		Mandarin 1841 to Wellington
Hill		John			Blundell b. in Ayr
Hickson		R.S.
Hislop 		John			Strathmore 1856, b. Pentland, Midlothian 1821
Hislop		James and Mrs		Palmyra
Hislop		James			b. Glasgow 1859
Hocken		T.M.
Hodgkinson	Dr Samuel		Bombay 1842 to Nelson then to Sydney
Holmes		Hon. Mathew		Pirate 1859 from Victoria
Hood		Rev. Robert		Victoria 1839
Houghton	Henry
Howden		David			Bernicia
Howorth		James			Slains Castle
Hughan		Thomas			Gil Bas 1855
Hulme		Dr Edward		Strathmore 1856
Hunt		John			Boswell 1857
Hunter		John Wasburn		German whaling barque 1852
Hunter		John			Royal Albert 1852
Hunter		James			Columbus 1852
Isacc		William
Jackson		Freeman Raney   	(to Lyttelton in 1851)
Jaffray		William and Mrs		Philip Laing
James		Sydney			Queen 1858 & Gil Bas 1855
Jeffreys	Rev. Charles		Maori 1852
Jeffreys	Julius S.		John Wickliffe
Jerkinson	J. Hartley		Blundell, b. Halifax, Yorkshire
Johnston	Adam Dickson		taught at Wakari 1858-1864
Johnston	John			Blundell, died two years after arrival
Johnstone	Rev. William		1858 see church histories page 48
Johnstone	Rev. D. 		see page 53 Congregational

actual page 39 missing
Jones		John			b. Sydney 1809
Keddell		Major Jackson		came from Victoria with Mr Branigan in 1861
Kennard		William			Magnet March 23 1840
Kenyon		Edmund Peel		arrived in Auckland in 1858 b. Drayton Bassett Rectory, Staffordshire
Kettle		Charles Henry		to Wellington at age 18, during founding. b. Dover 1821
Kettle		Amelia			Mary Catherine, to Wellington  nee Omer	
Kilgour		James			Clutha, 1861 b. Kinrosshire
Kinross		Andrew			from Victoria (184) in brig Dunedin in 1861 b. Glasgow
Kirk		Rev. William		John Wesley April 1847 to Auckland see page 52 
Kirkland	John			Nooltan. B. lancashire
Kirkland	James			Otago 1852. b. Kilmarnock.
Kirkland	William			Maori 1852
Kirkland	Alexander		b. Kilmarnock. Came out with his father
Knewstubb	Thomas			
Lambert		William			Queen of Perth, 1856
Laing		Andrew			Three Bells b. Stirlingshire
Laing		Frances Gregory		Cornwall, 1849, with brother. B. Crieff
Laing		John William		from Sydney 1842, a couple of years after his brother
Langlands	William			1850
Langlands	Lachlan			Victory 1848, b. Ayrshire
Law		John			Blundell, from Edinburgh
Law		David			1853. B. London
Leary		Richard Henry		to Otago from Victoria. B. Middlesex
Leckie		James			Edward Paget, 1856, with wife, from Glasgow
Lee		Edward			served in Austrian Cavalry
Lemon		John			Mary, 1849
Lindsay		George			Royal Albert. B. Glasgow, 1826
Livingston	Alexander		from Paisley. Philip Laing
Livingston	Alexander		b. in Kinross. Came on the Strathmore
Livingston	A.R.			son. Married a d/o Dr Burns.
Lloyd		George			Mary. b. In Wales. Son George lives in Brighton
Logan		John			Constantie, 1854. B. Rothesay
Logie		Charles Hook Gordon	landed in Sydney 1839, b. London 1810
pg 40 Otago Witness 17 March 1898 pg 99a    
Loper		James			a whaler, an American
Lovell		John			Tasmania 1853
Low		William ("Sandy")	b. Christopher Island 1823, wrecked Waipapapa Pt
Lumsden		George			Oscar 1861 from Geelong and wrecked
Macandrew	James			Titan schooner in 1851 b. Aberdeen
MacCarthy				from Wellington 1848, first collector of customs
Macassey	James
Macdonald	Archibald		Philip Laing
MacGregor	Neil J.B.		1850, b. Thurso 1817
Mackay		John			Rajah 1853
MacLean		John, Hugh J., and Lachlan
Mahon		Alexander		Philip Laing b. Falkirk
Maitland	James Pillans		early 1850s
Manning		Dr Henry		John Wickliffe, surgeon, Nelson 1840 
Manning		John			to Nelson 1840s
Mansford	William Henry		Victory 1848
Mansford	T.A.			c. 1862
Matthews	Thomas			Blundell
McDermid	Hugh			Philip Laing
McDiarmid	Francis			Philip Laing b. Clackmannanshire 1801
McDonald	Alexander		John Wickliffe
McDowall	Capt. James		Philip Laing (steamer on Lake Wakatipu, Ben Lomond)
McDowell	Robert Montgomery	Mooltan, b. London
McFaden		Hugh			Mariner 1849
McGibbon	John			Mootlan 1849 b. Glasgow
McGill		Peter			Mooltan 1849, b. Wigtonshire 1826
McGlashan	John			1853
McGlashan	Edward			1850 s/o John
McIndoe		James			Alpine 1859 b. Rothesay 1821
McIntyre	Alexander		Robert Henderson 1858
McKay		William			Philip Laing
McKay		William			Philip Laing
McKay		Alexander		Philip Laing
McKay		Thomas			1840 Auckland, then Home, Philip Laing, wife delivered a girl on landing at Pt Chalmers
McMaster	Allan			Mooltan 1850, b. Fort William
McMillan	Angus			Mooltan b. Fort William
McNab		Alexander		to Sydney 1839, Otago 1855 b. Argyleshire
McNeill		James			Mootlan
McNeill		Mrs Margaret Blair (nee McDonald) Simla 1851, Mrs Whelan (Waihola) & Mrs Charles Morgan (Taieri) her sisters
McNeill		James			Mooltan 1849, b. Dumbartonshire
McNeill		John			Mooltan 1849, b. Dumbartonshire
McNicol		Donald			Ajax
Marshall	James			Cornwall
Marshall	Francis			Philip Laing b. Paisley
Martin		F.V.			c. 1849

page 41
Martin		Edward			landed Wellington 1841, Otago 1841, Duthie brother in la
Martin		Richard Bowden		to Victoria 1854, to Otago 1859 b. Cornwall
Martin		William			Philip Laing, b. Littnahagon
Martin		Edward			arrived Wellington 1841, b. Moneymore, Limerick -sisters & brothers listed.. (Mrs Smith, Greenfield)
Mason		William			arrived Sydney 1838, to Auckland. b. Ipswich
Matthews	George			Lady Nugent 1859, b. Turf Hill, Aberdeenshire, came with wife, 3 children and sister later Mrs Jenkininson
Mercer		Andrew			Philip Laing 1848
Millar		David			Philip Laing
Millar		David			Mooltan
Millar		George Wickham		shipped in the William Tell at Boston 1847, he and 3 others left at Pt Chalmers
Millar		Mrs G.W. (nee Susan Dow) Phoebe Dunbar 1851 with parents
Miller		Hon. Henry John		1860 b. Hants 1830 s/o Rev. Sir C.T. Miller
Miller		Walter			(whom Miller's Flat is named)
Mills		William			George Fyfe 1842 to Wellington
Mills		James			b. in Wellington in 1847 to Wm Mills
Mollison	Alexander		Egmont 1856, b. Laurencekirk
Mollison	John			brother, landed 1852
Monson		Henry			John Wickliffe, b. Yorkshire, Aug 25th 1793. see page 52
Monson		William Henry		s/o Henry
Monson		John Robert		s/o Henry b. London 1829
Moran		Rt. Rev. Patrick D.D.,  see churches
Morris		William			Stately 1853 b. Montgomeryshire
Mosely		William Alfred		John Wickliffe b. Radford 1817
Moss		Frederick J		check
Muir		John			Cornwall 1849, b. Wigtonshire
Murison		Alexander 		Thomas and Henry 1856, b. Aberdeen
Murison		W.D. 			b. Alyth 1837, came when 19. has a brother.
Murray		John			Agra b. Berwickshire
Murray		Robert Kinniburgh	Normahall 1858
Murray		Robert			Mariner 1849, b. Sutherlandshire
Nevill		Right Rev. Samuel Tarrent see church	
Nicholson	R.S.			Titan 1851
Niven		Dugald			Philip Laing. Died West Taieri 1848 (daughter Mrs W.T. West nee Christian Niven)
Ogilvie		William Baird		Strathmore 1856 b. Edinburgh
Oliver		Hon. Richard		
Orbell		John			Mariner 1849, d. Jan. 1879, age 79
Orbell		Henry			son, m. Margaret in Europe 1862-63 d/o  Edward McGlashan 

page 42
Orbell		MacLeod	C.		Mariner
Orbell		F.E.			Mariner, b. Essex 1834
Parker		T.W.			1858, b. 1809
Parsons		Rev. J.L.		see page 53 Baptist
Paterson	Hon. James		Clutha 1854, George Ross' barque
Patrick		James			Philip Laing, b. Lanarkshire 1811
Pearson		Mrs E. nee Gibson	Blundell with parents
Pearson		Robert			Larkins 1849
Pearson		Walter Henry		1855 from Victoria
Perry		Samuel			Blundell b. St. albans
Peterson	Peter			Kelso 1849
Pillans		Francis Scott		Mooltan 1849, b. Fifshire
Pinkerton	William			from Adelaide, b. Northumberland
Pollock		William			Philip Laing b. Rutherglen 1819
Pollock		Mrs (nee Janet Brown)	Bernicia with her parents
Poppelwell	William			mate of the Tyne to Wellington 1840, Blundell to Otago
Prictor		George			
Proudfoot	John			Larkins 1849
Proudfoot	Mrs			Mooltan
Proudfoot	David
Proudfoot	Peter			s/o James Proudfoot
Purdie		Dr William		Mooltan b. Airdrie
Pyke		Hon. Vincent		to AUS 1851, Otago 1862, b. Somersetshire 1827
Ramsay		Keith			1862, b. Alyth manse 1865
Ramsey		Dr			Philip Laing, first to warn of poisonous nature of tutu berries
Read		Gabriel			see mining pages
Roberts		John			to Melbourne in 1864, Otago 1868 b. Selkirk 1845
Redpath		Thomas			Ajax 1849
Rees		W.G.			Rees River named after him b. Gloucester
Reeves		Charles	J.		1863, b. Wexford
Reid		Charles			Mary 1848, b. Perth 1828, son Dr R.S. Reid, Timaru
Reid		Donald			Mary, 12848, brother b. Strathay 1838
Reid		John			Pridsey Dawson 1854, b. Longside 1829
Renwick		Mrs			Strathallan, 1ts Jan. 1858, daughters Mrs A. Hislop and Mrs Kilgour came out with her
Rennie		Alexander		Phoebe Dunbar 1865, b. Old Meldrum
Reynolds	William Hunter		Titan, 1850, b. Chatham 1822
Reynolds	Mrs W.H.		b. Adelaide 1838, came with parents Pinkerton 1855
Reynolds	Thomas William		Titan b. London 1811
Richardson	Dr Frederick Hall	Dominion 1851, b. London 1806
Richardson	Hon. G.F., M.H.R. 	son, arrived with father 1851
Richarson	Mallcott		second son
Richardson	James			youngest son b. Cheltenham 1851
Richardson	Major Sir John Larkins Cheese b. Bengal 1810. Strathmore 1856
Richmond	Mr Justice Christopher	1855, b. 1821 London
Robinson	Henry W. 		see magistrates
Robinson	Robert			Ajax
Roberts		William Henry Sherwood	1855, b. 1834
Robertson	Andrew			Blundell
Robertson	James			Southern Cross 1856, b. Strathardle, 1813
Robertson	Thomas			Philip Laing, from Edinburgh
Robertson	Peter			pre 1863
Robertson	William			Larkins 1849
Robson		Robert			to Wellington 1851, b. Howick
Robson		Walter			son
Rochefort	William			from Nelson
Roebuck		Mr and Mrs C.		arrived Nelson 1842
Roseby		Rev. Dr.		see page 53 Congregtional
Ross		George			Philip Laing, retuned had Clutha built, 1854
Runciman	Richard			Rajah 1853
Sanderson	William			Cornwall 1849, b. Midcalder
Saunders	William			came from Victoria, via Sydney 1855, took over The Wolds
Scandrett	W.B.			Nourmahall, 1858, b. London 1840
Scott		Mr and Mrs James	Lord Worsely 1858
Scoullar	Arthur			came from Victoria (1851), to Otago Gabriel's Rush
Seaton		James			Philip Laing, b. Ayrshire 1822
Seed		Mrs and Mrs Nash	Martha Ridgway, 1840 , to Otago 1849
Selwyn		Bishop George Augustus, to Auckland 1842, b. Hampstead 1809
Shand		John			Phoebe Dunbar 1850
Shand		James			brother
Shand		Alexander		Maori 1852. Mrs Shand (nee Todd) arrived Mooltan
Shanks		J.S. with Mrs Shanks	Kelso 1849
Shanks		J.S. jun.		with parents, Kelso (wife nee McGibbon, Mooltan)
Shadrach	Jones			goldfield days
Shaw		John			Maori, 1852, b. Perthshire
Shaw		John			Newrie	with sister	
Shennan		Watson			with brother Alexander via Melbourne, Thomas and Henry, 1857
Shepherd	John and wife		Ajax b. Skeen
Shiels		James			Jura
Short		Robert			Cornwall 1849, b. Edinburgh
Sibbald		John			b. Edinburgh
Sidey		John			Blundell 1848, b. Edinburgh
Simmons		Rev. Frank C.
Simpson		William Lawrence
Simpson		Captain			from Melbourne, in the Our Spec
Sinclair	Nicholas, A.B. on the Strathallan, Jan. 1858. 
Sinclair	Mrs			Philip Laing
Sligo		Alex.
Small		Andrew			Strathallan, 1858 b. Edinburgh 1815
Smith		Mrs George, Mrs J. Sharp and Mrs William Christie, Warepa, sisters, nee Diack), Normahall, 1858	
Smith		Edmund			s/o Rev. John Smith John Wickliffe
Smith		Peter			Larkins b. Aboyne 1825
Smith		William			Larkins, b. Glentanner 1814
Smith		James Greenfield	"New Zealand" to Nelson Nov. 1842, to Otago May 1848
Sommerville	John			Blundell b. cranston 1799
Sommerville	John			son b. at Edgehill 1828
Sommerville	William			brother, came out with parents and family
Souter		William			Silitra b. Clova, Forfarshire
Stannard	Rev. George		1857 see page 52 
Stavely		William
Steel		D.P.			1851
Stephenson	Captain William		Navy service. Seasnake, took command of the Endeavour
Stevens		Captain William		to NSW with parents, b. Eastbourne 1825
Stevenson	John			Larkins, b. Glasgow 1840
Stevenson	William	Blair		Philip Laing, b. Glasgow
Stewart		Louis			came down with first custom officers from Wellington
Stewart		Hon. W. Downie	
Stobo		Rev. A.H.		1860 see church history page 48
Stout		Sir Robert		1863	
Strain		William			Ajax b. Co. Down
Strain		James			with his parents on the Ajax. b. Co. Down
Stratford	H.S.			in command of the Marchioness, a lieut. in the RN
Street		William Parker		
Strode		A.R.C.			s/o Sir Edward Cheatham Strode. To Otago April 20 1848, in the Perseverance
Suisted		Captain Charles		to NZ 1842, to Otago 1847, b. Carlstadt, Sweden
Sutton					first chemist in Otago
Swanston	Andrew			Three Bells 1858
Taiaroa		a chief

page 44
Tayler		Thomas			Mary 1849
Tayler					son, Mary 1849
Taylor		David			accompanied by his sister, Larkins 1849
Thomson		John			Blundell, b. Dewarton
Thomason	Captain William		b. Alloa in 1822, Gil Bas (Capt. Nicol) as a passenger, then commanded the Thomas and Henry, later the Geelong
Thomason	John Bryce		landed January 1865 -see mayors b. Glasgow
Thomason	Mrs William		Maori 1852. Mrs W.A. McKay, sister, also in the Maori
Thomason	Mr and Mrs Thomas	Mariner
Thomason	John Turnbull		to Auckland 1856, to Otago May that year. b. Northumberland
Todd		Alexander 		Mooltan 1849
Todd		Rev. Alexander B	Mariner 1858 see church history page 48
Tolmie		Mrs T			Southern Cross 1856
Trumble		Thomas			Mariner 1850 (second trip)
Turnbull	George W		
Twelevetree	R.B.			Mariner 1858
Twemlow		Frederick Ford		Carnatic 1853
Valpy		William Henry		b. Reading, England, educated Forbury School
Valpy		William Henry		son, came with his parents on the Ajax 1849, m. Miss P.C. Every
Verdon		Rev. Michael D.D. see church
Wain		Job			Triton, over to Victoria, return on the Challenger 1856
Vogel		Sir Julius		m. daughter of H.W. Clayton, architect
Wales		Nathaniel Young Anderson from Victoria 1861
Walker		Frederick		Bosworth 1857
Wallace		John			Philip Laing
Wallace		John			son, came out in the Mary 1849
Walsh		Willaim			seaman on the Philip Laing, b. Co. Kerry, m. Annie Crawford (Philip Laing
Walter		Henry John		to Victoria 1853, b. Jamaica
Ward		Charles Dudley Robert
Ward		William Benjamin	to Wellington 1853, b. London 1835
Watkin		Rev. James		to Auckland in whaler Lloyds 1831   see page 52, and Regina May 1840
Watson		Alexander		Philip Laing, b. Kirkentulloch
Watson		Walter			son, came out with parents
Watson		Andrew Geils		Philip Laing, b. Dumbarton
Watson		Henry			Sir Edward Paget 1856 with his wife and child
Watson		T.S.			drowned in boat accident 1849	
Watt		Isaac Newton		Taranaki 1842, became a  doctor	
Welbourn	Thomas			Nourmahall
Westland	George and William	John Wickliffe, sister Elizabeth w/o E.B. Atkinson
Williams	Rev. John 		1868, b. Pembroke 1817
Williams	Joshua Strange		Derwentwater 1861
Williams	Dr Robert		Bernicia Dec. 1848, b. Monmouth
Williams	Peter 			to Auckland 1841. b. Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire
Williams	Mrs Peter 		(accompanied lst husband Benjamin Coleman, Magnet)
Williams	Rev. W.J.		see page 53 Baptist
Williamson	James			Philip Laing. Son - James. Daughter married J.T. Thompson, chief surveyor
Willocks	William			Mariner 1850, b. Breehin 1822
Wilsher		George			to AUS, squatted with Russell at Wilsher Bay, Pt. Molyneux

page 45
Wilson		Alexander		1874 to Auckland
Wilson		David			Lady Nugent 1851
Wilson		William			Clutha Jan. 20 1856 with cousin George Ross and James Kilgour. b. Kirkcaldy, Fifeshire March 20 1819
Wilson		Robert
Wilson		Robert	Caversham	Mariner 1849, b. Pittenween
Winton		William	with wife and family Philip Laing
Wood		John Nugent		from South Australia
Woolley		Samuel with wife and family Ajax 1849	
Wright		John			Strathmore
Young		William Carr		Pridsey Dawson 1854		
page 57 Title page. 
page 58 Adverts.
page 59 Captain Cargill
page 60 Key to plan Dunedin 1848, Port Chalmers painting
page 61 Rev. Thomas Burns
page 62 Key plan to Mr G.B. Shaw's picture of Dunedin in 1851page 63 (large file 717 k.)
page 63
John Jones
Sir J.L.C. Richardson
Charles Kettle
Hon. W.H. Reynolds
John McGlashan

page 64 Post Office and Harbour 1849

page 65
List of who was living in the districts in 1848
e.g. At Port Chalmers - Mr and Mrs McKay (first inn), Mr and Mrs Wyllie (sawyer) and French Peter
At Molyneux Bay - Willsher and Russell
At Stewart Is....

First Provincial Council
William Henry Cutten
Archibald Anderson
James Adams
John Hyde Harris
Alexander Rennie
John Gillies
Wm Hunter Reynolds
Edward McGlashan

page 66
W.H. Cutten's house, Stuart St, 1855
The Otago Association

page 67
High St. Dunedin 1866

page 68
Royal Hotel 1860
Octagon, Dunedin 1861

page 69
Dunedin Harbour, from Stafford St, 1860
Provincial Hotel, 1860

Page 70 (large file 70k)page 70 & see page 104 for corrections.
Dunedin Wharf from Bell Hill 1862
Princess St 1862
*Passengers on the Philip Laing and John Wickliffe
also see additions and corrections on Papers Past, at the end of
Biographical Sketches of the Colonists of the first Decade

page 71
Oamaru 1860
Old Queenstown

page 72
The First Strike
Dunedin 1865

page 73
Watson Shennan's Puketoi Station, 1860
*Passenger lists Blundell
Poem - The Moses and Aaron of the Settlement by Wm Gillies
Bridge Hotel, Cromwell 1869

page 74
*Arrival of the Ajax, passenger list
Otago Conference 1869
Members sketches :Campbell McIntyre
John Willie Gillies
William Carr
Peter Lemmond Lettie
Robert Swyer
James Hoyle
Vincent Pyke
John Shannon
Michael Gaffney
John Mouat

page 75
John Logan's House, 1860

page 76
Wm Kennard
Mrs Kennard
Richard H. Driver
Wm I. Haberfield
Chas. E. Suisted

page 77
Mr and C.H. Kettle
Judge Kettle
Mrs James Macassey
Discovery of Gold

page 78
The Shipping Trade
Mr Carey
Mrs Carey
Mrs Tayler
Letters from pioneers

page 79
Henry Monson ("John Wickliffe")
Mr and Mrs Ferns ("John Wickliffe")
E.B. Atkinson ("John Wickliffe")

page 80
Thomas Brebner ("John Wickliffe")
Mr and Mrs Blatch ("John Wickliffe")
Hon. Dr. Menzies
Walter H. Pearson

page 81
Invercargill 1859 1898

page 82

page 83
John P. Taylor
W.R. Scandreft
Theophilus Daniel
Robert Stuart
George Lumsden
Peter Dalrymple
James Harvey
J.R. Cuthbertson
John Blacklock
Nathanl. Chalmers
A. Kinross
W.H. Calder

page 84

page 85
Colonists of the first decade
James Seaton ("Philip Laing")
Wm Jaffray  ("Philip Laing")
Mrs Wm Jaffray ("Philip Laing")
Wm Duff ("Philip Laing")
Mrs William Duff ("Philip Laing")
Dr Ramsay ("Philip Laing")
Mrs James Seaton  ("Philip Laing")
Captain John Ellis ("Philip Laing")

page 86
James Christie ("Philip Laing")
Mrs D. Sinclair ("Philip Laing")
John D. La C. Carnegie ("Philip Laing")
Mrs David Wilson ("Philip Laing")
Mrs Mary Ann F. Christie ("Philip Laing")
Mary Ann F. Christie ("Philip Laing")
Mrs A. Watson ("Philip Laing")
Mr and Mrs A.G. Watson ("Philip Laing")
John Buchanan ("Philip Laing")
Mr and Mrs Thos. Robertson ("Philip Laing")
Wm Pollack ("Philip Laing")
High McDermid ("Philip Laing")
Mr and Mrs Robert Hastie ("Philip Laing")

page 87
James Patrick ("Philip Laing")
Arch. McDonald, Mrs A. Macdonald, Chris. and Chas. ("Philip Laing")
Peter Proudfoot
Wm Winton ("Philip Laing")
J.A. McDonald ("Philip Laing")
Mrs F. McDiarmid, Francis & Frances McDiarmid, David Millar ("Philip Laing")
Dr Hulme
W.H. Valpy
Thomas McKay ("Philip Laing")
W.H. Monson ("Philip Laing")
Robert Brebner W.H. Mansford ("Philip Laing")
Dr Richardson

page 88 
Advert. Union Steam Ship Co. of NZ

page 89
Dr Purdie
Mr John Duncan
Dr Wm Mills
Dr John Hislop
Robert Chapman
Dr Basire
James Elder Brown
John Logan
Archibald Barr
Charles Logie
Wm Somerville
W.G. Filleul

page 90
Henry C. Hertslet
Robert Fenwick
Charles Reid
John Sidey
S.F. Every
Thomas Culling
Wm Kirkland
W.H.S. Roberts
Colin Allan
Wm Carr Young
James SMith
Rev. W. Gillies

page 91
Henry Orbell
Peter Robertson
Mrs Peter Robertson
R. Murray
Rev. John Dewe
Mrs Brebner
Samuel Gibbs
Mr amd Mrs John Law
Wm Blair Stevenson
Alexander Watson
Alexander Todd
Alex. R. Gibson

page 92

page 93
George Lindsay
Charles Broad
David Miller
Geo. Wickham Miller
Wm Sanderson
John Buchanan
A.C. Purdie

A group of Baluthaites
Wm. Battrick, John Finn, Jas. Rattray, Wm. Hope, Mrs Wm Battrick, 
Dr. J. Gibson-Smith, Mrs John Algie, John McLean

John Buchanan
Sandy Law
Mr and Mrs Callander
Richmond Beetham
St. John Branigan
W.L. Simpson
Ebenezer Brown

page 94

page 95
Sir Francis Dillon Bell
Judge Gillies
Donald Reid
James Mills
George Duncan
R. Gillies
J.L. Gillies
Vincent Pyke
Hon. Thos. Dick
Hon. J. Fulton
James Green
Captain Barlow

page 96
James Green
Mrs W. Barr
H.F. Hardy
Capt. Thomson
Hon. H.J. Miller
Hon. M. Holmes
James W. Bain
Alex. S. Begg
R.B. Twelftree
Mrs J.S. Shanks
Robert Robson
William Barr
Robert Coupland
A.R. Livingston

page 97
Adam Begg
E.R.B. Berney
Adam G. Brebner
N.J. B. MacGregor
Jas. McIndore
Hon. G.F. Richardson
M. Richardson
Jas. Richardson
Mrs J.  Barr
Mr John Barr
Robert Law
Mrs R. Law
Mrs J.R. Monson
J.R. Monson
Thomas Oliver
Francis Marshall
James Strain
Mrs Jas Allan
Robert Greive
Mrs Jas. Cheyne
Thomas Henderson
Mrs W. Patrick
Wm. Martin
Mrs Williamson
Wm Kirkland

page 98
(see page 126 - out of sequence)

page 99
George Matthews
Mrs G. Mathews
Dr R. Williams
Peter McGill
Wm Hephburn
Mrs J. Callander
Jas. Callander
Mrs W.B. Ogilvie
Mrs R. Blair
Robert Blair
John Allan, sen
Mrs J. Allan
James Allan
John Allan, jun
Joseph Allan
Alex. McKay
Mrs A. McKay
Mrs (Dr) Hislop
R.K. Murray
James Hislop
John Finch
Jas. Cunningham
Mrs J. Cunningham
Mrs D. Millar
David Brown

page 100
Mrs Geo. Duncan
John Wallace
Arthur Bevely
Peter Ayson
John J. Adams
F.G. Laing
Mr and Mrs P. Clemison
Mr and Mrs J. Leckie
William Stran 
Robert Duckworth
John Hill
Rev. C. Jeffreys
Julius S. Jeffreys
George Brown
Thomas Taylor
John Somerville
Rev. Robert Hood
Wm. Wilson

page 101
H. Cameron
Hugh Calder
A. Swanston
Mrs Wm. Brasch
page 102
Kenneth Bain
John Anderson
J. Anderson jun
Mrs J. Anderson
Robert Barr
Dr Hodgkinson
Judge Mansford

page 103
James Kilough
John McGibbon
John Shaw
Tom Archibald
D.P. Steel

page 104
*Additions and corrections to passengers lists
History of Churches of Otago 
First Church

page 105
Early Ministers photos
Knox Church - Rev. W. Hewson, Rev. A.P. Davidson, Rev. Dr. Stuart
First Church: Rev. Dr Burns, Rev. Gibb, _____, Rev. W.H. Gaulter, Rev. L. Mackie
First Session: Rev. Dr. Burns, Alex. Chalmers. Jas. Blackie, H. Clarke, Capt. Cargill
First Presbytery: Rev. Burns, Capt. Cargill, Rev. W. Will, Rev. Bannerman, J. McGlashan, Jno. Allan

page 106
Photos of pioneer Ministers, Elders and Ministers. 23 photos.

page 107
Photos of churches including Clutha and East Taieri

page 108
The Pioneer Women of Early Otago
Mrs W.H. Valpy
Mrs (Captain) Cargill
Mrs Reynolds
Mrs Bannerman
Mrs W.H. Cutten
Mrs (Dr) Burns
Mrs Bethune
Mrs MacGibbon

page 109
The Anglican Church
Bishop Selwyn
Bishop Nevill
Bishop Harper (family photo)
Bishop Jenner
Dean Fitchett

page 110
Archdeacon Fenton
Archdeacon Edwards
Archdeacon Beaumont
Rev. A. Gifford

The Roman Catholic Church
Bishop Moran
Bishop Verdon
Father Moreau

page 111
Methodism in Otago and Southland
First Mission House, Waikouaiti
Rev. James Watkin
Rev. Isaac Harding
Rec. C. Creed

page 112
Rev. J.L. Parsons
Rev. W.J. Williams
Rev. J.U. Davis

The Congregational Church
Rev. Connebee
Rev. D. Johnstone
Rev. Dr. Roseby
The Concersion of Maru

page 113
The Otago Daily Times  - history
The Otago Witness  - history
Poem - The Conquest of Civilisation by Constance Clyde

page 114
Photography - A thousand photos
Burton Bros.

page 115
The first decade of the Goldfields
Roberts 1866
Douglas 1864
Gilchrist 1864
Stewart 1866
Bourke 1867
A. Bathgate 1867
Christophers 1865
Grumit 1866
Preshaw 1865
Horton 1865
Farrer 1868
Hull 1865
Holmden 1866
Wakefield 1865
Campbell 1866
Gabriel Reid
Black Peter
Chas. Black
George Brodie
Henry John Abel
Dr Doglas

page 116
Bank NSW

page 117
Cromwell 1867
Kawarua Falls
Dunstan 1864
Hamilton 1869
Switzers 1867
Hogburn 1863

page 118
University of Otago
Alex. Livingston
Rev. T.H. and Mrs Campbell
Stuart Hawthorne
Frank Simmons
Mrs Burns
Miss Allman-Marchant
Miss Dalrymple

Otago High Schools & Southland & Waitaki
Mr Wm Norrie
Dr Macdonald
Dr Henry Belcher
Mr Alex Wilson

page 119
Judges and Magistrates
Mr Justice Chapman
Mr Justice Gresson
Mr Justice Williams
Mr Justice Richmond
Judge Ward
Dist. Judge Wilson Gray
District Judge Bathgate
Mr A.R.C. Strode, R.M.
District Judge Board
E.H. Carew, R.M.
Nugent Wood, R.M.
T. W. Parker. R.M.

page 120
Dunedin today - photos

page 121
Photo Trinity Wesleyan Church
Mayors of Dunedin
William Mason
John H. Harris
Thomas Birch
Henry S. Fish
Andrew Mercer
Keith Ramsay
Henry J. Walter
Charles S. Reeves

page 122
Richard H. Leary
A. Hilson Ross
James Gore
John B. Thomson
Wm. Parker Street
Arthur Scoullar
John Barnes
William Dawson
Hugh Gourley
John Roberts
John Carroll
Charles R. Chapman
Charles Haynes
N.Y. A. Wales
Edward B. Cargill

page 123
The Dunedin Club
Chas. E. Bird, Manager

page 124
page 125

page 126 (page 39 - comes before page 99)
John Winton
Mrs Wm Nichol
T.C. DeLacy
Mrs Oliver
Adam Oliver
Mrs J. Wilson
Mrs H. Livingston
Mrs J. Somerville
Mrs John Gow
Mrs T. Oliver
Capt. P. Williams
Mrs Capt. Williams
Alex. Ayson
Alex. Mollison
Mrs Roebuck
John Gray
Dr Buchanan
J.T. Thomson
Wm. Morris
Mrs Morris
P. Crawford
Mrs P. Crawford
J. Graham
Jas. Somerville
Alex. McNab

Otago Witness Thursday 24 1864 page 34
Old identity
We proudly name the blue shirt days
The axe and tent and bullock drays,
The rain and hail, the mire and slush,
The thirst for gold in Gabriel's rush,
Of Old Identity.

We speak of camp in virgin block
Of food in rough and scanty stock,
of welcome always preferred kind
With willing hand and cheerful mind
By Old Identity.

Our harvest fields in golden grain
were cleared of bush in gale and rain,
And to his children still
Betoken toil and iron will
Of Old Identity.

Our busy streets, our buildings fair,
Bespeak a hard-won battle there
And nobly gained; each well-known name
Will honoured be in blue shirt fame
Of Old Identity

The daring maids and stalwart men
Who rose and fell and rose again
Are with us now; 'tis fitting time
To honour them for 'auld lang syne"
with hand and heart and whishes kind-
Greet old Old Identity Fifty Years.

To H. L___ m.

Otago Witness Saturday 16th March 1872 pg6
Half-Way Bush Settlers
My mate and I had a home-made sledge and bullocks. Purchased goods at Mercer's. We get a bag or half a bag of flour on his back, the other a Maori basketful, strapped with flaxes across his shoulder, and thus burdened make a start - a kolladie (the flower-stalk of the flax) carried by each, as a balancing staff. The hill is steep, and tall hard ferns make rough walking. We make Shank's nags do the business. By the time we get to Tam Howie's creek we are ready to rest. Constitution Hill (Sunnyside) being descended, we come to a slough of despond at the bottom. No bridge. How will we "warstle" through it - with some mud-wadding and splashing, and reach our isolated dwelling.
"Black Bill" a kindly and adventurous negro who lived all alone nearby who varied the monotony of his life by starting every now and again on a solitary pig-hunting expedition. He would bring a sow cut up and strapped across his shoulders and the litter alive in a bag to become the progenitors of a race that in direct line may be living on till now.

Otago Witness Saturday  November 2nd 1872
Chapter III - Early Projects - page 32
Mr Daniel Macandrew, brother to Mr James Macandrew.

Otago Witness Dec. 14 1872 pg 16
Chapter IX - Social Progress
Also Letter to the Editor regarding the truth of the Early Days of Otago articles.

Otago Witness Saturday December 21 1872 pg18
Chapter X - The Constitution at Last

Otago Witness December 28 1872 page 3
Chapter XI  - The Constitution at Last

Otago Witness  January 4 1873 pg3
Chapter XII - Dinner to Captain Cargill

Otago Witness  January 11 1873 pg 4
Chapter XIII - Electioneering

Otago Witness January 18th 1873 pg3
Chapter XIV - Up to Date

Otago Witness February 1 1873 page 3
Chapter XVI - The First Session

Otago Witness February 8 1873 pg2
Chapter XVII - Church Extension

Otago Witness February 15 pg4
Chapter XVIII - The Second Session

Otago Witness February 22nd 1873 pg 2
Chapter XIX - Cheap Land pg2

Otago Witness March 1 1873 pg 3
Chapter XX - Immigration
1855 - Mr W.H. Reynolds went in the capacity of Immigration Agent to Melbourne and returned in early September in the "Gil Bass," with 59 passengers, most of whom had come under the auspices of the Provincial Government. The great attraction was cheap land. The new coming speedily found employment - married couples with rations 45 to 70 pounds. Single men 50 to 69. Shepherd 45 to 60. The "Thomas and Henry" was at that time also taken up by the Provincial Government for the conveyance of passengers. ...

Otago Witness March 15 1873 pg2
Chapter XXII - THE Customs Robbery
First Town Board Election

Otago Witness March 29 1873 pg2
Chapter XXIV - Discussion of 1856
The Superintendent and Mr Macandrew were absent during all this turmoil, doing duty in the General Assembly, and among the poetical sqibs which appeared was one bearing upon this: -

Nae doots, lad, when Jamie and Daddie comes back
They'll blame us richt sair for this ravelled wark,
But we'll play the auld tunes when we get a new key,
When our Daddie comes back, we'll see what we'll see.........

When Daddie comes back from the 'fairs of the State,
He'll set us a'richt, he can do it sae neat,
He'll smash a' the schemes o' the renegade pack
And we'll get to richt when Daddie comes back.

Otago Witness April 5 1873 pg2
Chapter XXV - Banking and Steam

Otago Witness April 12 1873 pg3
Chapter XXVI - The land Sales and Leasing Ordinance

Otago Witness April 19 1873 pg2
Chapter XXVII- The Colonist. Gold at Mataura.  poetry

Otago Witness, Saturday April 14th 1883. Page 25
Historical - Otago
Part VII - Crown Grants
Part VIII - Climate

Otago Witness, Saturday, April 21st, 1883. pg25
Historical Otago
Part IX - The Ballot

Otago Witness May 5 1883 pg 25
Historical - Otago
Part XI - Officials

Otago Witness 26 May 1883 pg27
Historical - Otago
Part XIII. Dissensions (continued)
Part XIV. Anniversary
A description of Dunedin and Port Chalmers in the first year.
The population at present is about 150, Port Chalmers. During the twelve months the number of vessels arriving or entered inwards from beyond seas were 17, with tonnage of 6187, and entered outwards beyond seas direct 10, tonnage 2035. Those entered coastwise numbered 32, tonnage 1792. Outwards coastwise 37, tonnage 17-5320. The foreign arrivals included the fine immigrant ships from Britain, seven from Sydney and Port Albert with horses, cattle and sheep, one from Hobart Town with sundries, the remaining four being United States whaling ships - to refit and provision. The coasting vessels entered were principally from and to Wellington, Nelson and Akaroa.

Otago Witness 9th June 1883 pg26 & 27
Historical Otago -
Part XIV - continues Politics
Part XV - Flour

Otago Witness, Saturday, August 4th, 1883. pg8
Historical Otago
Part XXI - Maoridom
The narration is extracted from a Hobart Town journal:- The Sophia, Captain James Kelly, sailed from Hobart Town on a sealing voyage in November, 1817, and on the 11th December following anchored in Port Daniel, a place only known to Europeans within the previous seven years. Otakua was known to whalers and sealers in these days as "Port Daniel."

Otago Witness, November 24 1883 pg 27
Historical Otago
Part XXXI - Various
The first Otago rush turned out a duffer.
Gabriel Read's discovery. 1861 closed the first era in the history of Otago, and opened a new one of much greater prosperity. The golden age.
The accession of population from all quarters by means of immigration for the three years ending 1860 amounted to over 8000.

Otago Witness 1st Dec. 1883 pg 26.
Historical Otago
Part XXXIL - Various
The laudable ambition of the settlers generally was to become possessed of a piece of land. A ready market and fair prices were realised for grain products, which were now regularly forwarded to Melbourne by the steamers Queen and Pirate to Melbourne. The first two story house was erected by Mr Alex Mollison near the foot of High Street, on part of the ground the Grand Hotel now stands. Stone and brick buildings began to supercede the timber structures, ...

Otago Witness 8 Dec. 1883pg 8.
Historical Otago
 Part XXXIV - Political

Otago Witness 23 August 1900 pg36

Otago Witness Sept. 30 1887 pg11
Otago Witness Oct. 7 1887 pg14
The Early History of Otago
Dr Hocken's Second Lecture.

The Otago Witness 15 Dec. 1883 pg 26
The Sketcher -Josiah Wedgwood - the lovely pale blue or grey china, on which are raised white figures.

Otago Witness 24 April 1890 pg 45
Old Identiana by Old Otago
My first acquaintance with Captain Cargill was when he was the manager of the Yorkshire District Bank in York. We went into the Castle yard to hear Victoria proclaimed Queen of England. Next time I saw Captain Cargill was in 1854 at Port Chalmers. Port Chalmers was just a few scattered houses. There was a public house (the Thistle), and a Custom House. I think Mr Miller and Mr Logie were in the Custom House then. We went to old Mr Taylor's old house in the evening, as they had a piano, there, and made a night of it. Captain Cargill introduced me to Mr Cutten, the proprietor and editor of the Otago Witness. We dined at Mr Smith's Royal Hotel. In walked great burly Captain Driver, the pilot. That man ought to be alive now, for he had a frame of iron. Mr Carnagie (the jolly wooden legged man). Old Mr Shepherd (the policeman, had a house at Molyneux.)
 OW. 22 May 34 1890 pg. 

Otago Witness June 19 1890 pg 34
Old Identiana VII
Reminiscences of Otago
Mrs George Smith, the landlady of the Royal, had a white cockatoo. Mr Grant, a scholar, who use to write beautiful effusions for Mr Cutten sometimes, was going past the Royal one day (I think Mr James Smith, of Tokomaririro, will remember) when the bird  addresses an observation to him. Mr Grant wore black cloth and a white cocker, but a belltopper and spectacles). One of Mr Shepherd's prisoners was there having ventured out of durance in the glare. The incarcerated Tar said "That be blowed for a yarn,: "the animal is a cock-a-too!" That night Mr Grant told a ghost story. It appears he was once on a ship that was haunted. Whether she sailed on a Friday, carried a parson, or a black cat, been followed by a shark, or a Mother Carey's chicken, matters not. Anyway all on board who had common sense became aware she was doomed. So one dark night near the Cape, when they were beating to windward with the starboard tacks aboard, what should they see cross their bows but a large vessel, gliding along with all sail set, and they knew she must be the Flying Dutchman by her rig and build. Then the men were paralysed, the ship missed the stays and fell off. No one went below. Then an awful voice sang out, "I say, mate, it's mortal cold up here to-night." That sail was reefed mighty quick, and you may be sure no one lingered behind. There was rush for the deck. "Ho, ho! ha, ha!" yelled the fiend louder and louder, as the ship flew through the foaming sea, till daybreak revealed the terrible sight of a white cockatoo in the rigging. The ship in the night was a homeward bound vessel and the "fiend" was a stray cockatoo, which had been transhipped in the dark, as the vessels passed each other.

Otago Witness 5 June 1890 pg 30
The late Mrs James Brown
On the 30th ult. another of the old identities passed away. Mrs James Brown, Greenlaw, East Taieri, was a passenger of the good ship Bernecia (1848). She was the eldest daughter of John Watt, laird of Muirhead, Stuarton, Ayrshire, and was born on the 17th May 1795. Before her marriage she resided with her Uncle, Dr Watt, Glasgow. She married James Brown, one of the heroes who returned from the Battle of Waterloo. They had 10 children, five of whom survived to reach Otago. They applied to Dr Alcon, Edinburgh, and he told them of Mr Valpy's scheme of engaging young men and women to work for six months for him, getting their passage free in return. They sold their property and sailed for New Zealand, where they found wages for men were 2s 6d a day, and for girls 15 per year, and provide their own sugar and tea. After several years they bought 50 acres on the Taieri Plain. Mr Brown died in 1879, aged 73. She leaves three sons and a daughter, 14 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.

Otago Witness March 1908
Diamond Jubilee of the Otago Settlement.
pg 49 Photos of early Settlers and descendants by ships John Wickliffe, Philip Laing, Victory and Blundell.
The first vessel built locally - Endeavour at Anderson's Bay in 1854.
pg 51 Early settlers photos by the Ajax and Mary 1849
pg 52 Early settlers photos by the Mariner, Larkins, Cornwall and Mootlan.
pg 53 Early settlers photos by the ships 1850 to 1861.

Timaru Herald Thursday 7 November 1889
Charles Bentley, father of Mrs Collins, with whom he is now living (in Timaru), is an old Otago identity. Mr Bentley arrived at Port Chalmers in March 1848 - forty-one years ago - in the John Wickliffe. The majority of his shipmates have passed away. He is now over three score and ten. He has remained an Otago man, yet has not seen Dunedin since '65 when he went to see the first Exhibition there.
Died" Dec. 1896. BENTLEY. At Wellington, on the 4th inst, Charles Bentley, father of Mrs W. Collins, Woodbury, aged 76. (Arrived Otago by the John Wycliffe in 1848).

Otago Witness 8th March 1905
pg 45 Portrait of the late Mr James Dutton of Owaka whose death at age 90 years is announced.
pg 91 Portrait of His Honour Mr. Justice Williams. 30 years Judge of the Supreme Court at Dunedin - March 3, 1875-1905

Otago Witness 15 March 1905 pg58 col.e Obituary
Mr Robert Leith Begg, passed away at Ashburton on Monday last after a long and painful illness. Some 40 years ago the deceased was senior partner in the firm of Messrs Begg, Christie, and Co., Dunedin, whose business afterwards passed into the hands of Messrs Ross and Glendining. Mr Begg left Dunedin, and resided in New Caledonia for a time, but he afterwards returned to the colony, and became Inspector of Public Works for the Otago Provincial Council, subsequently acting in a similar capacity for the Tauapeka County Council. As a result of a n accident some seven years ago at Matura, the deceased gentlemen has been invalided ever since. Since the death of his wife he has resided for the last two years with Mrs Nairn, of Ashburton. He leaves a family of five sons and five daughters.

An old colonist, Mrs Nicholls, wife of Mr Henry Nicholls, passed away at Christchurch a few days ago at the age of 75 years. Mrs Nicholls arrived in Canterbury the ship Caroline Agnes in 1855, and resided in Christchurch or its vicinity, since then until her death.

A Nelson telegram states that William Akerston, ex-councillor and a pioneer resident, died on Saturday; aged 80 years. He superintended the harbour works in the pioneer days. He was also famous for serving a process on the well-known "Bully" Hayes, and bringing him to Nelson in a whaleboat.

Otago Witness 15 Dec. 1883 pg 14 Obituary
George Hepburn, died December 9, 1883. Aged 81 years.
On September 4, 1850, Mr Hepburn arrived at the Port of Otago by the ship Poictiers, Captain Beal, after a seven months' voyage from London, being accompanied by his wife and a large family. Having secured a section of land at half-way Bush, he, with a will, and with the help of his young family could afford, tackled the arduous task of clearing the bush and making his ground yield out of its richness sustenance for his household. He six months lately Mr Macandrew arrived and offered him the position of a competent and trustworthy general manager and salesman and in 1859 in conjunction with Mr James Pateson purchased the business. Mr Hepburn leaves behind two sons, Mr William Hepburn, of the firm of McLandress, Hepburn and Co., the well known auctioneers, and Mr Andrew Hepburn. There are also two daughter, one married to Mr Arch. Barr, postmaster, and the other to Mr R.A. Lawson, architect. The service took place yesterday and was conducted by the Revs. Waddell and Sutherland, and Rev. Dr Stuart officiated at the grave. About 250 persons followed the remains to the Southern cemetery. Revs Rylry and Kerkham, the Hon. W.H. Reynolds, the Mayor and Messrs C.S. Reeves, J. Wain, R. Wilson, J. Wilson, W. Langlands, J. Barnes, H.J. Maclean, J.B. Park, J. Green (M.H.R.), N.Y.A. Wales, J. Findlay, A. Mollison, J. Sibbald, G.E. Eliot, G. Turnbull, T. Brown, A.C. Begg, K. Ramsay, Jas. Smith, A. Scoullar, R.B. Martin, J. Robin, and E.B. Cargill.

Evening Post, 2 January 1913, Page 8
DUNEDIN. This Day. Mr William Lindsay Christie, one of the promoters of Christie's colliery, at Green Island, is dead ; aged 73. Deceased came to Dunedin by the ship Stanley in 1851.