The Pleiades, from London, to Lyttelton, N.Z. March 1878

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The following is a transcript from the The Star Monday 11 March 1878

Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co.'s ship Pleiades, from London, was signalled this morning, and was working her way up the harbour when our express left Port. The Pleiades was off the Lizard on Dec. 20, so has been 81 days on the voyage from that point. She brings a number of passengers and a large cargo. Messrs Edwards, Bennett and Co. agents.

The Star Monday March 11 1878 
Arrival Lyttelton
March 11 - Pleiades, ship, 997 tons, Setten, from London. Passengers:

Second cabin - 
Butler 		G
Hadley 		Mr A.E
Macready 	Miss
Sargisson 	Mr J.W.
Sargisson 	Mrs A. S.
Sargisson 	Percy William
Sargisson 	Evelyn
Sargisson 	Elizabeth L 
Stubbs 		Mr George
Stubbs 		Mary
Arthur 		John P
Arthur 		Charles H
Mackenzie 	James
Mackenzie 	Jessie
Austin 		Sarah A
Siedendenburg 	Rudolph
Butler 		John

The Star Tuesday 12 March 1879
The Ship Pleiades From London
Messrs Shaw, Savill and Co.'s favourite ship Pleiades arrived from London yesterday, after a splendid voyage of 79 days from Land's End to anchorage, or 77 days from Land to Land. The Pleiades is under command of Captain Setten, who visited Otago in her last year, but who makes his first visit to this port. Two heavy gales. One sea was shipped which smashed the skylight on the poop and carried away the bucket rack, buckets and another hencoop. Left London Docks on Dec. 12, the Downs on Dec. 14,Isle of Wright Dec. 17, Lizard Dec. 20 and took final departure from the Sandy End on Dec. 22. Jan 4. Spoke to the Loch Cree, barque, bound for Lyttelton, 22 days out. ....