'Sir George Pollock' arrived Lyttelton November 1851

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'Sir George Pollock'

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Sir George Pollock, ship, 630 tons, sailed from England 17 July and arrived Lyttelton 10 November, 1851, with 145 passengers.

A List of Persons whom the Canterbury Association have authorized to embark for Canterbury, New Zealand per Ship "Sir George Pollock". Withers, Commander. Dr Moore Surgeon-Superintendent, Frederick Young, Manger of Shipping. Shipping Office, Canterbury Association 15 July 1851.

Chief Cabin

Brown      Mrs             F        
Cotterill  Arthur J.  3    M        
Cotterill  Frank H.   2    M        
Cotterill  G. Rev.'d       M  Y 3  ship's Chaplain
Cotterill  Georgeann  inf  F        
Cotterill  Mrs             F  Y 3   
Cotterill  Mrs             F        
Jackson    Alexandria inf  F        
Jackson    Arthur     13   M        
Jackson    Charlotte  11   F        
Jackson    Frederick  12   M        
Jackson    Henrietta  8    F        
Jackson    Henry      9    M        
Jackson    Mrs A.          F    6   

Lard?      Miss            F        
Liberty    Miss            F        
Mexess?    Mrs             F        
Moore      Alice      8    F        
Moore      Anne       inf  F        
Moore      Dr.             M  Y 6   
Moore      Elizabeth  20   F        
Moore      Ellen      2    F        
Moore      Louise     4    F        
Moore      Mrs             F  Y 6   
Moore      Thomas     6    M        
Muter      Mr Basil        M        
Storer     Mrs             F        
Wakefield  Edward          M        
Wakefield  Felix           M    4   
Wakefield  Josephine       F        
Wakefield  Miss            F        
Wakefield  Oliver          M      [b. Tasmainia]  
Wakefield  Priscilla       F        
Wakefield  Salvator        M       
White      Mrs             M        

Second Cabin

Bickley, J.B.    24
Ffitch, George    40
Ffitch, Emma     38
Ffitch, George John    12
Ffitch,  Henry    11
Ffitch, Francis    9
Ffitch, Mary    infant
?Euiables, J.H.
Kennett, John
Long, George
McCord, Robert    19
Venables, J.H.
Wood, Mrs     2 children

Steerage Cabin

?Shass, Michael     43, Bricklayer
?Shass, Caroline     12

Steerage Paying

Owen, Frederick    Laborer, 21


Adam       George    2     M                         not going                                                  
Adam       Margaret  23    F  Y  2                   not going                                                  
Adam       Margaret  inf   F                         not going                                                  
Adam       Robert    24    M  Y  2  Baker            not going                                                 
Bell       Ann       23    F        Domestic Servant not married                                       
Bell       William   25    M        Ag. Laborer                                                        
Cockburn   Andrew    21    M        Ag. Laborer                                                        
Cowie      Jane      21    F        Dairy woman                                                        
Davey      Ann       38    F        Domestic Servant                                                   
Ford       Amelia    9     F                                                                           
Ford       Augustus  4     M                                                                           
Ford       Augustus  38    M  Y  5  Shoemaker                                                          
Ford       Emma      11    F                                                                           
Ford       Helen     6     F                                                                           
Ford       Henry     1     M                                                                           
Ford       Sarah     35    F  Y  5                                                                     
Gee        Alfred    11    M                                                                           
Gee        Alice     1     F                                                                           
Gee        Eleanor   44    F  Y  5                                                                     
Gee        Ellen     17    F        Domestic Servant                                                   
Gee        George    9     M                                                                           
Gee        Harriet   11    F                                                                           
Gee        Matilda   12    F                                                                           
Gee        Thomas    42    M  Y  5  Baker                                                              
Gee        Walter    19    M        Carpenter                                                          
Graham     Hannah    5     F                                                                           
Graham     James     10    M                                                                           
Graham     James G.  18    M        Turner                                                             
Graham     John      11    M                                                                           
Graham     Margaret  15    F        Domestic Servant                                                   
Graham     Mary      13    F                                                                           
Graham     Mary Ann  32    F  Y  5                                                                     
Graham     Sarah     3     F                                                                           
Graham     William   41    M  Y  5  Turner                                                             
Green      John      3     M                                                                           
Green      John      35    M  Y  1  Ag. Laborer                                                        
Green      Susan     34    F  Y  1                                                                     
Harper     John      22    M  Y     Shepherd                                                           
Harper     Maria     21    F  Y                                                                        
Harris		     18    M
Hunter     Alexander 2     M                                                                           
Hunter     Margaret  7     F                                                                           
Hunter     Margaret  28    F  Y  5                   and infant                                        
Hunter     Robert    31    M  Y  5  Carpenter                                                          
Hunter     Robert    5     M                                                                           
Hunter     William   8     M   
Hurrell	   Henry     21    M                                                                         
Jarrett    Martha    32    F  Y                                                                        
Jarrett    Richard   32    M  Y     Ag. Laborer                                                        
Kerr       Margaret  27    F  Y    			 ?Derr                                                                  
Kerr       Peter     36    M  Y                                                                     
Lovely     Mary Ann  8     F                                                                           
Manning    William   24    M        Carpenter                                                          
Marshall   Ann       20    F  Y  3                                                                     
Marshall   Charles   1     M                                                                           
Marshall   Esther    12    F                                                                           
Marshall   George    8     M                                                                           
Marshall   John      35    M  Y  3  Carpenter                                                          
Milne      John      25    M        Ag. Laborer                                                        
Moore      Elizabeth 33    F  Y  4                                                                     
Moore      John      4     M                                                                           
Moore      Louisa    6     F                                                                           
Moore      Mary Ann  2     F                                                                           
Moore      Rosa      inf   F                                                                           
Moore      William   32    M  Y  4  Sawyer                                                             
Pettyord   Mary Ann  5     F                                                                           
Pettyord   Richard   2     M                                                                           
Pettyord   Richard   33    M  Y  3  Ag. Laborer                                                        
Pettyord   Sarah     26    F  Y  3                                                                     
Pettyord   William   inf   M                                                                           
Ramsey     Peter     24    M        Ag. Laborer                                                        
Rawonsby   Charles   9     M                                                                           
Rawonsby   Elizabeth 5     F                                                                           
Rawonsby   Emma      1     F                                                                           
Rawonsby   Isabella  33    F  Y  4                                                                     
Rawonsby   John      30    M  Y  4  Ag. Laborer                                                        
Rawonsby   Sarah     4     F                         not going                                                 
Robson     Margaret  25    F        Domestic Servant                                                   
Rumming    Charlotte 23    F        Domestic Servant                                                   
Rumming    Robert    18    M                         not married                                       
Tatelsell  James     17    M        Ag. Laborer                                                        
Taylor     James     21    M        Ag. Laborer                                                        
Townsend   Ellen     29    F  Y  3  School Master                                                      
Townsend   Ellen     9     F                                                                           
Townsend   Richard   38    M  Y  3  Cabinet maker                                                      
Townsend   Thomas    5     M                                                                           
Townsend   William   2     M                                                                           
Turton     William   18    M        Ag. Laborer                                                        
Walker     William   75    M        Carpenter                                                          
Ward       Ann       10    F                                                                           
Ward       Eliza     31    F  Y  3                   married to John                                   
Ward       Elizabeth 8     F                                                                           
Ward       George    5     M                                                                           
Ward       George    20    M  Y     Ag. Laborer                                                        
Ward       Hannah    inf   F                                                                           
Ward       Harriet   1     F                                                                           
Ward       John      4     M                                                                           
Ward       John      32    M  Y  3  Ag. Laborer      married to Eliza                                  
Ward       Joseph    34    M  Y  2  Ag. Laborer      married to Mary                                   
Ward       Mary      28    F  Y  4                   married to Thomas                                 
Ward       Mary      34    F  Y  2                   married to Joseph                                 
Ward       Mary      22    F  Y                                                                        
Ward       Sarah     4     F                                                                           
Ward       Selina    5     F                                                                           
Ward       Thomas    37    M  Y  4  Ag. Laborer                                                        
Ward       William   7     M                                                                           
Waterman   George    24    M        Ag. Laborer                                                        
Wilson     Anne      31    F  Y  2                                                                     
Wilson     Charles   8     M                                                                           
Wilson     Henry     34    M  Y  2  Ag. Laborer                                                        
Wilson     Julia     12    F                                                                           
Summary as sent to the Association
Chief Cabin 35
Second Cabin 14
Steerage Cabin 2
Steerage Paid 1
Steerage Assisted 109
Total 161

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Salt Lake City, 1973. Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515 Handwriting was difficult to decipher for cabin passengers.

Canterbury Jubilee Celebrations, published Christchurch Press Printers 1900 by Old Colonists Committee (Canterbury N.Z.) Passenger lists of Canterbury Association Ships.

Copy of the original passenger sent to the Captain.
Archives New Zealand, Christchurch Ref; CASP CH 290 Item 415 Box 6

The Star Saturday 18 April 1891* page 3
Death of an old Identity - COWAN
On Friday night, at Lyttelton, there passed away another of the old identities whose ranks are being stripped at a rapid rate. The last victim is John (Sid) Cowan, who arrived in Lyttelton in the ship Sir George Pollock in 1851. The deceased has, with the exception of about 12 mths spent on the Victoria diggings, resided in Lyttelton ever since. He married fellow passenger by the same ship, and now has several grown up sons in the place. For some considerable time past Cowan has been bedridden, suffering from cancer in the throat, which terminated his existence.

Evening Post, 23 May 1941, Page 9
The death occurred yesterday at Auckland of Mr. George Gee, in his hundredth year. Mr. Gee, who celebrated his ninety-ninth birthday last October, enjoyed excellent health up to about a month ago. Except for impairment of his sight and hearing, he was able to keep in touch with everyday affairs. Born in London, he came to New Zealand at the age of 10 with his parents on the ship Sir George Pollock, which arrived at Lyttelton in 1851. Mr. Gee was in business in Christchurch for some years and later lived at Timaru and Dunedin before settling in Auckland. Later he spent five years at Tauranga. In 1862 he married Miss Elizabeth Ann Wood, who also came to New Zealand on the Sir George Pollock. His wife died in 1919. Two sons and three daughters survive, and there are 12 grandchildren and 12 greatgrandchildren.

Press 16 June 1919 Page 2
Mrs George Gee died at Auckland on Saturday (telegraphs our correspondent). Mrs Gee, who was born at Ealing, London, in 1840, arrived at Lyttelton in the ship Sir George Pollock in 1851, her husband with his parents being a passenger by the same ship. Mrs Gee's parents settled first at Sumner, but subsequently removed to Banks Peninsula. Mrs Gee was married in Lyttelton in 1863, and went to Auckland in 1881, where she had resided ever since. She is survived by two sons� Mr Douglas Gee, of Manaia, and Mr Stanley Gee, of Clevedon � and three daughters � Mrs J. R. Raw, of Auckland, Mrs S. V. Jones, of Epsom, and Miss Gee.

HENRY HURRELL (1830 - 1867)
Henry arrived in Lyttelton, New Zealand, onboard the "Sir George Pollock" [under contract to the Canterbury Assn] in January 1851.  It appears that he was a late addition to the passenger list. He appears on the last page of steerage passengers with three others: Peter and Margaret ?Kerr or ?Derr and Marg't Robson). Fairly obvious they replaced others who did not accept the passage offered. Henry's age was given as 21. From rather confused records (including the fact that the 1851 English census record is missing at Felsted, Essex) he may have been escaping the responsibilities of parenthood. His father, also Henry, was apparently not married to our Henry's mother and indeed he may have been christened George and raised from an early age by his paternal grandparents. His mother was married to father in 1834, three years after the birth of the last child.  Another was born in 1839.  Mary died in 1844.  In 1852 Henry is recorded as being in partnership with George Fitch and successful in obtaining a draining contract at Heathcote. [NZ National Archives, Chch.]  In 1853 he is listed as being on the Jury Roll and living at Avonside [MacDonald's Biographies of  Canterbury Settlers].
Information courtesy of Clyde Hurrell. Posted 26 May, 2000.  Clyde Owen HURRELL of Levin died on Monday June 6, 2005. A committed researcher.

Manawatu Standard, 8 June 1900, Page 2
We regret to nave to record the death this morning of one of the best known residents of this coast, Mr Freeman R. Jackson, of Wanganui, which took place after a long and painful illness. Mr Jackson was born at Riccall, Yorkshire, and left England for New Zealand in 1851, per ship Sir George Pollock, arriving in Lyttelton with the Canterbury pilgrims. He explored the southern part of the South Island, and was on the sites of Invercargill and of Riverton before either of these towns were laid out. As a member of the Provincial Council of Southland, Mr Jackson sat for about three years in the early sixties. He settled in Wanganui in 1867, and his name has been a household word wherever good-nature, open handed generosity and highminded chivalry is popular. As a business man, his word was his bond, and his contempt for underhand work and the broadness of his character made him a universal favorite. During the Maori war, Mr Jackson served as a member of the Wanganui | Yeomanry cavalry, and later on held the rank of ensign in the militia. He was for years secretary of the Wanganui Jockey Club, and in civic matters held every office in the gift of his fellow townsmen, while it was generally recognised that at any time the representation of Wanganui in Parliament was at his command; Mr Jackson, who was about 65 years of age, leaves a widow, one daughter and three sons (one of the latter being the popular auctioner, Mr F. L. Jackson, to mourn their loss.

Otago Witness 21 June 1900, Page 37
Mr F. R. Jackson, the well-known Wanganui auctioneer, is dead. I was surprised that no remark was made about his having been an early Otago settler. I am pleased to see that Mr James M'Indoe drew attention to it in a letter printed in your issue of June 14, in which he states that he knew Mr Jackson at Invercargill in 1861. As your readers may think that Mr Jackson had only then arrived in the colony, I write to inform you that he landed at Lyttellton from the ship Sir George Pollock in 1851. He travelled overland to Murihiku, as Southland was then called, in 1854, and was one of the first Europeans to visit Te Anau and Manapouri lakes. He took up a sheep run (numbered 343) between Jacobs River and the Waiau, which he named Birchwood, and stocked it in partnership with Mr Henry M'Culloch. He also applied for the Manapouri Run, but did not stock it. I had the pleasure of accepting his kind hospitality on the night of December 2, 1857, at his comfortable homestead. Mr Henry M'Culloch married Miss Mary Shea-Lawlor, and Mr Jackson espoused her sister, Miss Anna Eleanor Augusta Shea-Lawlor, a charming, bright, Irish Episcopalian young lady. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. William Bannerman, at Riverton, on February 19, 1859. Mr M'Culloch was afterwards resident magistrate at Invercargill.

Another Migrant Voyage

Sir George Pollock, 581 tons, Captain Frost, sailed from London 3 May, 1861 and arrived Nelson 31 August, 1861 with 79 passengers. Reference: White Wings Vol. II

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