"RIMUTAKA" to New Zealand 1921-1922

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The New Zealand Shipping Company Limited

 R.M.S. Rimutaka

To Sail From 
2nd December, 1921,

Commander: F.A. HEMMING

Chief Officer:    F.W. ROBINSON, D.S.O.
Second Officer: F.T. BISLEY 
Third Officer:   R.C. Cotter
Fourth Officer: N. ROSS 
Chief Engineer:      F. McLEAN
Surgeon: H. MANDERS, F.R.C.S., M.R.C.S., L.S.A., M.D.
Steward in Charge: D.M. Evans


SALOON - 71 passengers

Bailey, Miss E.
Ball, Mr J.C.
Barclay, Miss M.
Bell, Mr A.E.
Bottomley, Mrs S.
Bottomley, Miss E.M.
Brown, Mr D.L.
Buddle, Mr C.F.
Buddle, Mrs
Cowlishaw, Mrs O.
Cowlishaw, Miss B.A.
Daltry, Mr H.J.
Dewhirst, Mr. H.J.
Dixon, Mrs S.
Dixon, Miss D.
Donne, Mrs J.N.
Draper, Mr J. E.
Eastwood, Miss E.
Fell, Mr J.
Fell, Mrs
Fenn, Mr H.L.
Fenton, Miss E.
Gerard, Mr G.
Gerard, Mrs
Gosset, Miss C.
Grant, Miss I.
Hay, Mrs M.
Hay, Miss N.
Hosking Mrs E.
Houghton, Mr C.V.
Houghton, Mrs
Houghton, Miss B.E.
Kehoe, Sister Mary
King, Miss E,
Kong, Miss E.
Lippitt, Mrs E.E.
Logan, Miss A.S.
Matheson, Sir Alex P. Bart.
Norrish, Miss M.
Oakes, Miss V.A.
Parker, Mr F.
Parker, Mrs
Peer, Mr E.H.
Peer, Mrs
Peer, Miss E.M.S.
Pellew, Miss G.
Piddock, Miss F.E.
Price, Mr G.A.
Rees, Mogg. Miss E.
Rivers, Mrs C.L.
Savage, Miss F.
Scott, Miss M.
Skeoch, Mr H.
Skeoch, Mrs
Skeoch, Miss M.
Smille, Miss E.
Spiller, Mr W.
Spiller, Mrs
Spiller, Mr P.
Spiller, Mr A.
Stewart, Mrs E.
Stovell, Mr H.V.
Stuart, Mr J.H.
Sweetapple, Mr R.D.
Sweetapple, Mrs
Thompson, Mr C.
Thompson, Mrs
Thompsom, Miss D.
Tolley, Mrs M.C.
Tolley, Miss M.
White, Mr E.R.

THIRD CLASS - 274 passengers

Abbot		Miss M.A
Archer		Mr G
Aspin		Mr H.H
Aspin		Mrs
Ault		Miss E.J
Barling		Mr C
Bartlett	Mrs B.G.L
Bartlett	Mr G
Bartlett	Mr E
Bee		Mr W
Bee		Mrs
Bee		Miss E
Beatley		Master L
Beatley		Mrs M.E
Bolton		Mr E
Bolton		Mr J
Booth		Mr W
Booth		Mrs
Brown		Miss L
Brown		Mr W
Brown		Mrs
Buchanan	Mrs N
Buchanan	Miss M
Buchanan	Miss E
Bullock		Mr J.C
Bullock		Mrs
Bullock		Miss M
Bullock		Mr A
Byrne		Miss A
Campbell	Mr H
Campbell	Mrs
Campbell	Master E.G
Campbell	Master S.H
Cantley		Mr T
Cantley		Mrs
Cantley		Mr T.D
Caulfield 	Mr R
Cawtheray 	Mr J
Cawtheray 	Mrs
Cawtheray 	Mr S
Cawtheray 	Miss J
Chambers	Mr W.H
Chambers	Mrs
Chapman		Mr H
Chapman		Mrs
Clark		Mr G.A
Clark		Mrs
Clark		Master G.A
Clarke		Miss E
Clayden		Miss N.E
Clough		Mrs M
Connell		Mrs 
Coxon		Mrs A
Coxon		Master W
Crawford	Miss J
Crosby		Mr J
Crosby		Mrs
Crosby		Miss H
Cutter		Mr J.H
Cutter		Mrs
Cutter		Miss A
Cutter		Miss S
Dargie		Mrs E
Davies 		Miss B.M
Davies		Mr T
Day		Miss E
Dean		Mr J.A
Dean		Mrs
Dean		Mr J
Dean		Master A
Dean		Miss P
Dean		Master J
Dixon		Miss C.K
Dovey		Mrs J.E
Dutton		Mr J
Dutton		Mrs
Dutton		Mr E
Dye		Mrs E.L
Eglinton	Mr F.A
Eglinton	Mrs
Eglinton	Master F.M
Eglinton	Miss  A.J
Elsey		Mr C
Elsey		Mrs
Elsey		Master L
Farrer		Mr L
Farrar		Mrs
Farrar		Mrs S
Farrar		Master R
Ferguson	Mr J
Ferguson	Mrs
Forbes		Miss J
Freshwater 	Mrs A
Godbeer		Mr R
Gough		Mr F
Gough		Mrs
Gough		Miss F
Gow		Miss H.M.L
Graham		Mr J
Graham 		Mrs
Graham		Master L
Graham		Miss E
Griffen		Mr A.E
Griffen		Mrs
Griffen		Master L
Hally		Mr J
Hally		Mrs
Hancock		Mr T
Hancock		Mrs
Hancock		Mr G
Hancock		Miss E
Hancock		Mr J
Hancock		Miss F
Hancock		Miss B
Hancock		Miss M
Hancock		Miss P
Hancock		Miss B
Hanna		Mrs E.A
Hanna		Miss G.E
Houston 	Mr E
Henderson 	Mrs L.M.M
Henderson 	Master J.G
Herd		Mrs E
Hutton		Miss A.W
James		Mr D
James		Mrs
James		Master J.T
James 		Miss C
James		Master B.J
James		Mrs B
James		Miss E
James		Miss I
Jamieson	Miss B.C
Jamieson	Miss M
Jamieson	Miss A.M
Johansen	Mr P
Johnston	Mr J
Keith		Mrs D.E
Keith		Miss B.E
Lang		Mr F.H
Lang		Mrs
Lang		Miss V.A
Lawrence	Mr F
Lawrence	Mrs
Lawrence	Miss K
Lawrie		Mrs E
Lawrie		Miss M
Leddra		Mr St. E
Leddra		Mrs
Leddra		Miss H.I
Leddra		Master J.H
Leddra   	Miss B.G
Leddra		Miss N.A
Lenton		Mrs M
Lester		Mr F
Lester		Mrs
Lester		Master F
Lester		Master W
Lewis		Mrs F
Lonsdale	Miss M.P
Lothlin		Mr J
MacDonald 	Mr G
MacDonald 	Mrs
MacDonald 	Master G
MacDonald 	Mr W
MacKenzie 	Mr N.N
Mann		Mr H.F
Mann		Mrs M.A
Mann		Miss M
Marven		Miss E.F
McDonald	Mrs M
McDonald	Miss A.P
McDonald	Miss E.T
McGregor	Mrs B
McGregor	Master T
McKinstry 	Mr J
McKinstry 	Miss J
Mead 		Mr L.E
Mead		Mrs
Mead		Mrs M.A.R
Mead		Mr C.E
Metcalf		Mr R 
Mitchell	Mr A
Mitchell	Mrs
Moore		Mr G.H
Moore		Mrs
Orr		Mr J.R
Orr		Mrs
Orr		Miss E
Orr		Master I
Orr		Miss N
Parker		Mrs J
Parker		Miss H
Porter		Mr S
Poulton		Mrs M.M.
Privilege	Mrs C
Ragg		Mr T
Rathie		Mr R.I
Reed		Mr A.J
Reed		Master F.W
Reed		Master J.W
Richards	Mr C.L
Richards	Mrs
Rowan		Mr F
Rowan		Mrs
Rowan		Miss M
Sims		Mrs M.C
Sims		Master H
Smalley		Mr W.
Smalley		Mrs
Smith		Miss A
Smith		Mr I.W
Smith		Mrs
Smith		Miss E
Smith		Miss D
Spencer		Mrs G
Spencer		Miss I
Stanton		Mr G.R
Stanton		Mrs
Stillman	Mr C
Taylor		Miss J
Templey		Mr J
Thomasen	Mrs J.M
Thomasen	Miss W.M
Thomson		Mr J
Thomson		Mrs
Thomson		Mr P
Thomson		Miss M
Tinkler		Mr W.E
Tinkler		Mrs
Townsend	Mr R.E
Townsend	Mrs
Townsend	Master W.A
Wallace		Miss E
Wallace		Miss A
Wallace		Miss N
Wallbank	Mrs E
Wallbank	Miss M
Walton		Miss F
Watson		Mr J
Webb		Mrs B
Webb		Miss D
Webb		Master O
Webb		Master W
Webb		Miss W
Westfall	Miss J
Westmacott	Miss L.E
Westney		Mrs N.F
Westney		Master S
Westney		Miss V
Whetren		Mr P
Whetren		Mrs
White		Mr T
White		Mrs
Whitehead	Mr C.H
Whyte		Mr W
Whyte		Mrs
Wilks		Mrs H
Wilks		Miss D
Wilson		Mr A.R
Wilson		Mrs
Worthington	Mr J
Worthington	Mrs
Worthington	Master S
Wrathall	Mrs H.M
Wrathall	Miss D
Wrathall	Master R
Wratten		Miss A.L
Wright		Mr E.P
Wright		Mrs
Wright		Master W
Wright		Master I
Wright		Master H
Yuill		Miss M	

Information above courtesy of Pam Clarke. The source is the original 'folder' given to passengers upon boarding. Pam's grandfather came on the voyage, an electrician. He came alone to New Zealand probably looking for a better life, work prospects etc. but had other siblings already out here at the time. Total passengers 345 so the 'Rimutaka' was at full capacity.  Posted Jan. 29th  2002.

RIMUTAKA (2) was built by Wm Denny, Dumbarton in 1900 for NZSCo. She was a 7,765 gross ton ship, twin screw, 14 knots, accommodation for 40-1st, 50-2nd and 250-3rd class passengers. She commenced London - Cape Town - Auckland -  Wellington sailings on 3/1/1901 and continued on this service until 1920 except for the war years. On 23/12/1920 she commenced Southampton - Panama - Auckland - Wellington voyages and started her last sailing on this route on 15/11/1929. She was scrapped the following year. North Star to Southern Cross by John M.Maber.

The Star Wednesday April 21 1897
Arrival of the Rimutaka 
Wellington April 20th

The Rimutaka from London, via the Cape and Hobart, arrived to-night. Passengers for Lyttelton:
Mr W.P. Bent
Miss E. Buller
Mr Currie
Mr J. Cower
Mr Harrison (2)
Mr F. Hodge
Mr G.A. Fielder
Misses A. Gilmour
Miss G. Ludbrook
Mrs Ludbrook
Mr Ludbrook
Master Ludbrook
Misses A. and L. Mathias 
Misses E. and B. O'Neill
Mrs M. O'Neil
Master O'Neill
Miss Staniland
Mrs Standring
Mr A. Standring
Mr D.M. Watson
Mrs Watson

The Star 2nd April 1889 pg2 pdf
Passengers by the Rimutaka
By San Francisco mail. The NZSCo. are advised that the following saloon passengers had taken their passengers by the R.M.S. Rimutaka up to Feb. 24:-
For Lyttelton - Messrs Greenstreet, Allen, H.E. Morton, D. Morton, Sir John and Lady Hall, three sons and daughter.
For Wellington - Misses Reader, Hadfield, Harvey, Kennedy, Lord and Lady Ribblesdale and servants, Lady Ribblesdale's sister, Colonel and Mrs Cameron, General Sid Archibald Little and party (5), Dr and Mrs Allingham, Rev. A. Grey, Messrs Simpson, Wolfe Murray, Mrs J. Iconsy.
For New Plymouth - Messrs Carruthers, Kingsford, Eskrigge.
For Port Chalmers - Dr and Mrs Scott and family
For New Zealand - Mr Weld
For Capetown -Mr Hurry.

Other voyages online:
1905 Wellington to London
1908 to Wellington
1920 to NZ

Evening Post,  8 May 1895, Page 2
The following passengers were booked up to 23rd March per ss Rimutaka, which sailed from Plymouth on 6th April for Wellington, via Tenenffe. Capetown, and Hobart � For Wellington : Saloon� Misses Tbornhull (2), Pickering, Mr and Mrs Weigall, Mr Dawes; steerage � Misses Sutherland (4), Mrs Cole, Mr Wilson, Masters Sutherland (8). For other ports : Saloon� Misses Boss (2), Bailey, Woolcombe, Carter, Needham, Mesdames M'Kindlay, Bailey, Luxmore, Carter, Needham, M'Gregor, Messrs Orford, Worthington (2), Shields, Bailey, Pardoe, Lithgow, Rodney, Masters M'Kindlay. Bailey (2); steerage-Misses Goodwin (2), Fleming (3), Byrne, Wilson (2), Gallher, Mrs Wilson, Messrs Jenner, English, Fleming (3), Wilson (2), Mitchell, Blewinan, Ahearn, Masters Bailey (2)

Evening Post, 3 July 1907, Page 8
The Rimutaka, which leaves Wellington for London to morrow, takes the following passengers:� First saloon. : From Wellington�Mesdames Fairholme and Watts, Mr.F. C. Fairholme.
From Napier � Miss Orford, Nurse Renouf, Mesdames Nelson and Picard-Hawkins. Messrs. Picard-Hawkins and Kettle, Masters Nelson (3) and Picard-Hawkins.
 Second saloon: From Wellington � Miss Byron, Mesdames E. A. Watts and Ryan, Messrs. A. J. Ryan and H. Woodhead. From Auckland� Misses K. Tyler, C. Eyden, Mrs. E. A. Tyler.
From Christchurch � Mr., Mrs., and Master Dowell, Mr. Hanmer.
From Dunedin � Miss M. and Mrs. J. A. Landels.
From Napier � Misses Bourne, V. Tosswill, and Aplin.
Steerage : From Wellington� Misses T., C., J.  and H. Hausen, Mrs. L. Malcolm, Messrs. Ryan, A. K. Smith, C. Simpson, M. Bryde, H. E. Dunn, and J. Hansen.
From Auckland � Misses L. Hodges, E. Potts, and R. Loughborough
From Christchurch � Messrs. T. I. Christensen and F. W. Cain.
From Dunedin� Miss S. B. Henderson, Mesdames C. Cruickshank, E. Barns, Messrs. P. Jensen, J. Kirk, and J. Hanson.
From Timaru� Mr. J.'M'Grath.
From Wanganui� Mr J. Cooper.
From New Plymouth � Mr. G. Allhusen.
From Waimate� Mr. G. Geddes.
From Napier� Mr. G. Frame.
 From Palmerston North� Mr. E. V. Elborne.

Evening Post, 28 August 1908, Page 8
By The Rimutaka,. The New Zealand Shipping Company's steamer Rimutaka, which is to leave at 6 o'clock on Sunday morning for London via Monte Video, is carrying the following passengers :� First saloon :
From Wellington � Miss H. M'Master, Messrs. A. D. M'Master, E. G. D. M'Master, D. Cunningham, J. A. Haig.
From Christchurch� Mibses I. C. Peache, F. Lankon, Mr. M. Walker.
From Auckland� Messrs. G. Bennecke, H. Northcote, A. Hewitt.
From Napier� Mr. R. Hoare.
From Dunedin� Mr. A. W. Brailsford.
Second saloon : From Wellington �Rev. C. H. Platt.
From Auckland- Miss M. H. Worsley, Mr. A. Broard.
From Christchurch� Miss E. Shillito.
From Timaru�Miss H. Gibson.
From Invercargill� Mr. W. N. H. Hall.
Third-class: From Wellington� Miss N. E. Nicol, Messrs. F. Challenger, J. Bass.
From Auckland � Messrs. G. Sumich, A. Phillips, R. Topley, W. Smith.
From Dunedin� Miss A. Kelly, Mr. A. Fraser.
From Timaru� Messrs. R. M'Alister (2).
From Greymouth� Mr. M. Joyce. From Lyttelton� Mr. F. Goodman.

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