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'Samarang' arrived Lyttelton July 1852

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New Zealand Bound

Samarang, bark, 582 tons, sailed from England 26th March 1852 under the command of Captain Escott and arrived Lyttelton, New Zealand 31 July with 121 passengers.

Chief Cabin

Caulfield W.
Clements C.
Brook, Mr. Frederick
Brook, Mrs Mary
Brook, Florence
Brook, Amy
Hall W.        
for Wellington
Knight W.
Knight  A.C. 
Livingstone, Dr.
Morris Rev.
Seale W.
Wilkinson, W.
Wright W.

Second Cabin

Brown        Horace J.   26   M       Gentleman                
Brown        Mary Ann    26   F                                
Frew          Charles     16   M       Solicitor                
Fonlger      John        27   M       Carpenter                
Fonlger      Mary Ann    26   F                                
Goodall      Sarah       29   M                                
Goodall      William     32   M       Settler                  
Hichens      Elizabeth   27   F                                
Hichens      Emma        15   F                                
Hichens      Grace       18   F                                
Hichens      Grace       53   F   Y 5                          
Hichens      Jane        22   F                                
Hichens      Mary        24   F                                
Hichens      Thomas      57   M   Y 5 Agriculturist            
Hutton       Henry John  23   M       Stationer                
Immray       William          M                                
Wigglesworth Elizabeth   48   F       Governess                
Wigglesworth James       16   M       Hairdreper               
Wright       Fortunatro  23   M   Y   Settler                  
Wright       Mrs Louisa  20   F   Y                       

Paying Steerage image of embarkation list

Bray        John        18   M       Mason                                                              
Clarke      Thomas      33   M       Agr. Labourer                                                      
Collett     Francis     45   M       Blacksmith                                                        
Coulson     Alfred      28   M       Carpenter                                                          
Goodyear    Samuel      22   M       Carpenter                                                          
Hancock     Eliza       9    F                        daughter of Mrs Hunt                              
Hichens     Benjemin    12   M       Agriculturist                                                      
Hichens     Thomas      14   M       Agriculturist                                                      
Hunt        Ann E.      37   F                        Wife to Mr Hunt who sailed in the 'Stag'.         
Martin      Charles     20   M       Labourer                                                           
Martin      William     18   M       Labourer                                                           
Nelson      Elizabeth   9    F                                                                          
Nelson      Ellen       15   F                                                                          
Nelson      James       41   M   Y 2 Carpenter                                                          
Nelson      Jane        39   F   Y 2                                                                    
Payne       George      20   M       Shoemaker                                                          
Piper       Henry       19   M                                                                          
Sowerby     Henry       18   M       Pawnbroker                                                         
Sowerby     John        20   M       Sailor                                                             
Wilkinson   Ellen       13   F       Nurse                                                              
Wright      Charles     21   M   Y   Wheelwright      Wellington                                        
Wright      Eliza Sarah 20   F   Y                    Wellington                                        

Assisted Passages

Bathurst    Caroline     17   F                                                                              
Bathurst    Ellen        12   F                                                                              
Bathurst    Emma         10   F                                                                              
Bathurst    Phoebe       38   F     7  Widow                                                                 
Bathurst    Richard      13   M                                                                              
Bathurst    Sarah        11   F                                                                              
Bathurst    Thomas       inf  M                                                                              
Bathurst    William      15   M                                                                              
Baxter      Archibald    26   M        Carpenter                                                             
Bidnead     Charles      39   M   Y    Dairyman                                                              
Bidnead     Mary Ann     38   F   Y                                                                          
Bryant      Henry        41   M   Y 1  Machinist                                                             
Bryant      Jemima       31   F   Y 1                                                                        
Bryant      Maude        0    F                                                                              
Cloud       Jane         28   F   Y 1                                                                        
Cloud       Thomas       inf  M                                                                              
Cloud       Thomas       25   M   Y 1  Bricklayer labourer                                                   
Collett     Henry Cornl. 15   M        Carpenter                                                             
Devnie      Elizabeth    19   F   Y 1                                                                        
Devnie      John         21   M   Y 1  Bricklayer labourer                                                   
Devnie      Thomas       inf  M                                                                              
Edwards     Otavious     23   M        Agr. Labourer                                                         
Everest     George       10   M        Labourer            nephew to Henry Everest                           
Everest     Henry        22   M        Agr. Labourer                                                         
Frost       Hannah       22   F   Y                                                                          
Frost       James        23   M   Y    Agr. Labourer                                                         
Hall        Robert       24   M        Carpenter                                                             
Harrington  Anna         18   F        Domestic Servant                                                      
Harrington  Henry        1    M                                                                              
Harrington  William      22   M   Y 1  Wheelwrigh
Harrington  Marianne     24   F   Y 1                                                                        
Harrington  Sarah        26   F        Domestic Servant 
Harrington  Amos	 18   M		  
Harrison    Alice        7    F                                                                              
Harrison    Eliza        11   F                                                                              
Harrison    Emma         9    F                                                                              
Harrison    George       6    M                                                                              
Harrison    Hannah       12   F                                                                              
Harrison    John         40   M     6  Tailor                                                                
Harrison    Kate         13   F                                                                              
Harrison    Sarah        17   F        Domestic Servant                                                      
Harrison    William      5    M                                                                              
Hill        James        32   M        Laborer             Mr Phillips charatur?                         
Medlyn      John         32   M        Agr. Labrer                                                           
Phillis     Charles      1    M                                                                              
Phillis     Eliza        24   F   Y 1                                                                        
Phillis     Thomas       26   M   Y 1  Agr. Laborer                                                          
Shalder     Harriet      18   F        Domestic Servant                                                      
Shalder     Robert       16   M        Shoemaker                                                             
Snell       Joseph       17   M        Agr. Laborer                                                          
Stoud       Henry        13   M        Labourer
Stubbs      Francis W.   17   M        Laborer                                                                
Turner      Caroline     25   F   Y 5                                                                        
Turner      Caroline     inf  F                                                                              
Turner      Fanny        9    F                                                                              
Turner      Olive        7    F                                                                              
Turner      Rhoda        4    F                                                                              
Turner      Thomas J.    46   M   Y 5  Carpenter                                                             
Turner      William      3    M                                                                              
Wilson      Thomas       22   M                                                                              
Wright      Frederick    19   M        Carpenter           2nd cabin steward                                 

Reference: Canterbury Association Shipping Office (London, England) Lyttelton Shipping List  Published: Salt Lake City, Utah.  Copy of passenger lists of some Canterbury Association emigrant ships held in the Canterbury Museum.  Available on microfilm at Family History Centres worldwide through their loan programme. Item #1066515

Passenger Lists of Canterbury Association Ships published 1900 will contain additional details on the above passengers.   

Ashburton Guardian, 20 January 1904, Page 2 Obituary.
Mr H. S. Brown

One of Canterbury's pioneer settlers, is the person of Mr Horace Simpson Brown, passed away at his residence, "Eliminook" yesterday, after a short illness. Mr Brown was a passenger by the ship " Samarary," [sic] arriving in Canterbury, whither he came to join his brother, Mr J. T. Brown, in 1852. He subsequently purchased a property, known as the Fauucet Farm, and after successfully engaging in pastoral and agricultural pursuits for some years, he sold out to the late Mr Lewis, the property being now in the hands of Mr Chas. Lewis, M.H.R. for Courtnay. In company with Messrs J. T. Brown and T. W. Maude, he purchased the Albion Brewery from the late Mr Geo. Willmer, and afterwards erected the Royal Brewery, a large stone building on the South Belt, Christchurch. Some years ago he sold out of the brewery business and went to Timaru, where he again engaged in farming. He joined the railway service in 1875, and was for over twenty years stationmaster at Papanui. Leaving the service about three years ago, he settled down in Ashburton, where he lived in retirement till the day of his death. , Deceased was the son of the Rev. J. Brown, chaplain at Norwich Castle, and was educated at Norwich. His widow is a daughter of the late J. Moon, of Folkestone, England. He leaves two daughters, one of whom is the wife of Mr C. J. Jennings, of Ashburton. Mr Brown was at various times a member of the vestry of churches of the Anglican denomination, and was a staunch churchman, taking a great interest in everything concerning his religion. He was one of the earliest members of the Canterbury, Pilgrims' Association and the first Canterbury Farmers Association, and was also an enthusiastic member of the Canterbury Yeomanry Cavalry, which he joined shortly after its inception, The funeral will leave the residence of the deceased at 2 o'clock tomorrow, the interment taking place at the Ashburton Cemetery.

HALL: John arrived on the SAMARANG at Lyttelton.

He was lucky to meet John Robert Godley, followed by a dinner with James Edward Fitzgerald.  As a result of the meeting with these two very influential men, he ascertained that the only available sheep runs were those south of Rakaia. He examined the area with two Maori guides and the Knight brothers, as his brother George had asked him to undertake the selection of a property on his behalf also. He then went to the North Island to look further, as he was not prepared to commit George to the South Island without being sure that it was the best option.  He looked at the hinterland of Hawke's Bay, and was not impressed with the landscape there, so returned to Canterbury.   He acquired Rakaia Terrace Station on 25th May 1853 - this is now known as Hororata - and advised his brothers George and Thomas that Canterbury was their best bet for farming.  John HALL was knighted for his political services, particularly relating to his involvement in obtaining voting rights for women in NZ. Information courtesy of Wendy Morton. Posted 21 Feb. 2001. John Hall kept a diary was editor of the ship's newspaper "The Sootie Sammy", No 1 Apr 15 & No. 4 May 7. Faint photocopies are at the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington. 


The Harringtons come from Essex, around Twinstead, and Mary Ann Jacobs, (Bildeston) and Snells (Monks Eleigh) come from Suffolk, various villages and towns.  Mary Ann and William Harrington, sen. were married c. 1850 in the UK before coming to NZ. Wm. Harrington jun. and Marianne Snell were married in 1850. Mary Ann Jacobs was first married to Joseph Snell, (Marianne's father) in Nedging, Suffolk, UK on the 5 Oct 1826. Joseph would have died (date not known). William Harrington and his wife Marianne (nee SNELL), their son Henry William, 1 year old, Sarah Harrington, (who later married James Daniel GARWOOD, who arrived on the Travencore, 31 March 1851, at Lyttelton), Ann Maria Harrington, (sisters of William) and Joseph SNELL, (brother to Marianne), and James FROST and Hannah FROST (nee Snell, sister to Marianne) sailed in the Samarang from Gravesend and arriving at Lyttelton on 31 July 1852. William was a wheelwright, Joseph Snell was an agr/labourer, Daniel Garwood was a labourer and James Frost was an agr/Labourer.

William and Marianne had six more children in NZ, Ernest Joseph, William James, Albert Edmund, Cyrus Selwyn, Rose Emily and Lillian Marian. Their daughter, Rose Emily HARRINGTON, married my grandfather, Charles William WARD, 10 September 1889, in Sydney, Australia. (I have yet to find out why they went to Australia to get married).

William became a builder in Christchurch. He and Joseph FROST (who arrived on the Grasmere at Lyttelton 1855), built the first Armagh Street bridge over the River Avon, at a cost of 300 pounds. They also built the school in Rangiora. William also made alterations for Matson and Torlesse, Accountants, in their offices. William was on the first committee that organised the Christchurch Mechanics Institute. He was also on the committee that formed the first Canterbury Rifle Corps. He was also given two grants of land, one in Christchurch, near Papanui, (50 acres, 1862), and one near Little River, Bank' s Peninsular, (25 acres, 1867), both signed by Sir George Gray, Governor of NZ. William' s name appeared in the Lyttelton Times dated 31 March 1855 on the Jury List. Papanui Road, Wheelwright. Wm. Harrington sen. died in Montreal Street. William Jr. and Marianne both died in Sumner, and are buried in the Barbadoes Street Cemetery. Wm. Harrington sen. died 7 Oct 1883, (Area 1, Row A, Plot 34-35), there is no headstone, just grass.  

Mary Ann Jacobs was first married to Joseph Snell, (Marianne's father) in Nedging, Suffolk, UK on the 5 Oct 1826.
William HARRINGTON sen, also a wheelwright, (William' s father), and Mary Ann HARRINGTON (nee JACOBS, formerly SNELL, Marianne' s mother), (who married in 1850 before coming to NZ), Joseph FROST and Elizabeth FROST (nee HARRINGTON, William jun' s sister, and their daughter Sarah Emma FROST, William Dearsley and Sarah Emma Dearsley (nee SNELL, sister to Marianne HARRINGTON, nee SNELL), their two children Hannah Amelia and Joseph Henry and Robert DEARSLEY, William DEARSLEY' s brother, all arrived in the Grasmere 4 May 1855. William HARRINGTON sen. was first married to Jemima CURTIS, William HARRINGTON jun' s mother. The Harrington's come from Essex, around Twinstead, and Mary Ann Jacobs, (Bildeston) and Snells (Monks Eleigh) come from Suffolk, various villages and towns.  Information courtesy of Robin Ward. Posted 24 Dec. 2006.  Dearsley Street in Christchurch is named after William Dearsley (1821-1904), a labourer, who had arrived in Lyttelton in 1855 on the Grasmere. He had a small farm on Cashel Street East.

Wm. Harrington jun. died 16 Oct 1908, Mary Ann Jacobs died 16 Feb 1891, Marianne Snell died 28 April 1904.
Entry in book titled St. Michael's Baptisms. 1851 - 1867. # 114.
Harrington, Ernest Joseph, born 24 June 1853, baptised 7 August 1853. Son of William and Marianne late Smith (appears to be a mistake about her maiden name). Christchurch, wheelwright.
Sponsors:- William Harrington, James Frost, Hannah Frost, Rev. J. Wilson.

Entry from book titled St. Michael's Baptisms, 1851 - 1867. N# 293
Harrington, William James, born 7 November 1855, baptised 2 December 1855.
Son of William and Marianne, nee Snell.
Sponsors:- James D. Garwood, Sarah Garwood, James Frost, Rev O. Mathias.

Rose Emily was baptised on Sunday the 19th October 1862.
Sponsers were: Joseph Snib, Rose Anne Hale, Sarah Emily Dearsley.


The Knight brothers, Arthur Charles Knight and Richard C. Knight nephews of Jane Austen the writer acquired a property on the south bank of the upper Selwyn River in 1852 and named this station Steventon, after the village in Hampshire where Jane' s parents brought her up. Arthur, the elder of the two, had been in the Navy. Richard Knight remained on the station until 1866, when he sold Steventon, with 80 acres of freehold, to two young settlers, Henry Hill and Frederick Napier Broome, the second husband of Lady Barker.  See the book Early Canterbury Runs. Jane had a brother Edward who was adopted by the Knight family. Edward took the Knight surname in 1812. Edward had a son Rev. William Knight. William's two boys sailed on the Samarang to Canterbury in 1852.


Press, 16 August 1904, Page 4 HENRY PIPER
Another of the early Peninsula settlers passed away on Friday in the person of Mr Henry Piper, of Duvauchelle's Bay. The late Mr Piper was born in Essex in 1833, and came to New Zealand in 1852, in the Samarang, the last of the Canterbury Association's ships. Shortly after reaching Lytteltan Mr Piper removed to the Peninsula, and started pit sawing, subsequently taking up land at Duvauchelle's Bay. In partnership with Mr Hodgson he started a sawmill, but in 1874 took over the whole concern, which he worked until timber gave out. He then commenced sheep and cattle farming, and during the rush on the West Coast took many drafts of cattle to the diggings there. Deceased took as active part in all public affairs, and was Chairman of the first Road Committee, afterwards being Chairman of the Akaroa County Council and Akaroa and Wainui Board  for several years. He took a leading part in the formation of the first Pastoral Association, and was to the fore in all kinds of sport. Mr Piper married the youngest daughter of the late Mr John Domnett, who died in 1902. He leaves a family of four sons, who are engaged in farming in various parts of the country.


Evening Post, 22 April 1920, Page 7
TIMARU, 21st April There died at Geraldine this morning, aged 85, Francis Stubbs, the oldest white inhabitant of South Canterbury. He was a native of Coventry. He came to Lyttelton in the Samarang in 1852, and assisted in bringing the first cattle to South Canterbury (The Levels) for Rhodes Bros, in the same year. At that time the track followed adhered to the coast, and wild dogs were met with near Ashburton. He saw the first small house erected in Timaru, and a few earlier comers (the sheepmen) lodging in old Maori huts of grass. Mr. Stubbs remained in the employ of Rhodes Bros, between four and five years, and then managed the Pareora station for Harris' and' Innes for six years. Subsequently he started the first auctioneering-business in Timaru. On the formation of the Geraldine county he was appointed clerk, and held that position till he retired six or eight years ago. He was secretary of the A. and P. Association, and was for many years a member of the Timaru Road Board. He held the rank of lieutenant, in the Artillery Volunteers, and was a member of the Masonic body. He was an excellent officer of the county, and highly esteemed by all. He married a Victorian lady (Miss Crawley), and had a family of six sons and three daughters. Mr. Stubbs had a wealth of memories of the early days, and enjoyed relating his experiences.

Another vessel with the same name: Samarang, ship,1175 tons, Length: 189 Breadth: 39 Depth:22 was built in1857; St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. Sold to James Baines & Co., Liverpool. (Black Ball Line). Wrecked; 1884/10; Redcar, England Ref: Wallace Ship list

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