The "Stately" from London to Otago, NZ 1854

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New Zealand Bound

Otago Witness Saturday February 11. 1854 page 2

Shipping News 

Since our last we have to announce the arrival of the "Stately," one of Messrs. Willis and Co.'s Lone of Packets, from London direct. She anchored at the heads on Sunday afternoon, after a pleasant and quick passage, having left Gravesend on the 29th October, the Lizard on the 3rd November, and sighted Stewart's Island on the 2nd instant, making 92 days from land to land. We are glad to see that the "Stately" is still commanded by our old friend Captain Ginder, whom we most heartily congratulate on seeing in Otago once more, This is his third voyage to our settlement within the last three years. It is only nine months since Captain Ginder left Wellington on his homeward voyage, having sailed on the 1st May with a cargo of wool, since when he landed the cargo in London, loaded again, and is now discharging here. The "Stately" has brought upwards of 60 passengers, all of a superior class, to this port; among others. the two clergymen, The Rev. Messrs. Will and Bannerman, for whom we have been so anxiously looking.

[March 4 1854 Otago Witness page 2 & 3
Induction of the Rev. William Will as Minister of the Taieri and Waihola Districts, and of the Rev. William Bannerman as Minister of the Districts of Tokomairiro and Clutha.]

February 11 1854
Arrived. Feb. 5th barque Stately, 545 tons, Ginder, master, from London. 

Passengers - Cabin:
Archibald	Mr
Bannerman	Rev. W.
Lewis		Mr and Mrs and family
Maitland	Mr and Mrs
Maitland	Master David and William
Murrison	Mr James
Todd 		Cuthbert
Todd		William
Will		Rev. W. and lady

Intermediate and Steerage
Baker		Francis
Bell		Thomas
Christie	Mr and Mrs and family
Chalmers	Mary
Coupland	James
Downes		Mr and Mrs and family
Gould		Jane
Hacher		Frederick
Holland		Mary Ann
Jones		Edwin
Key		Mr and Mrs and family
Knopman		Edward
Letts		Mrs Ann and family
Lindsay		Catherine
Mitchell	Mr and Mrs
Mitchell	William
Morris		William
Newman		William
Retchell	Mr and Mrs and family
Rush		Mr and Mrs
Sidey		John
Imports: In the Stately:
600 bags salt, 10 hhds, beer, 1 case books, 1 box specie  - Macandrew & Co.
1051 packages, 20 tons coal  - Macandrew & Co. 
1 case - Williams
2 cases - Rev. Mr. Jeffreys
4 hhds. and 2 bags - Gillon
2 packages - Clrminson
1 case Rev. Mr Kirk
1 case - A. Todd
1 box - Ridley
1 box - Gillies
1 box - J. Barr
1 bix  - Durden
1 box -  Milne
1 box  -  Cargill
1 box specie -  Hood
114 packages - J.G. Lewis
2 cases - Ferguson, Molyneux
5 packages -  Capt. Bellairs
2 cases plants - Lee
1 box, 1 box specie - Basire
5 boxes - W. Reid
1 box - Fenton
1 box - REv. Mr Will
8 pkgs, 1 box specie  - Burnside
1 box Napier
1 box specie - Harries
1 box specie - J. Fisher
1 box specie  - White & Co.
 2 packages - Mr Williams
1 cask - Shaw
1 casc - J.C. Todd, passenger
3 cases, 2 bales, 1 cask, 50 cases brandy - John Jones;
and a quantity of cargo for Wellington and Canterbury.

March 4 1854 Otago Witness

Sailed. March 2nd, barque Stately, 545 tons, Ginder, master, for Wellington. Passengers. Mr and Mrs Peel, Mr Howarth, Mr Hobbs, Mrs Letis and family, Mrs McDonald and 2 children, Miss Beenie. - Macandrew & Co., agents.

April 22 1854 Otago Witness page 2

Additional subscriptions received towards defraying the expenses of Outfit and Passage of two Ministers to this Colony;

Subscriptions already advertised �111 13 0
John Anderson			    0 10 0
James Allan			    1 00
John Cormack			    1 00

Subscriptions will be received by Mr James Adam, Princes Street.

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