The "Storm Cloud" from Glasgow arrived at Port Chalmers April 27 1860

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'Storm Cloud' 1860

New Zealand Bound

Otago Witness, Dunedin, Saturday 5th May 1860  page 4
Otago Witness , Issue 435, 31 March 1860, Page 5

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Shipping News
Arrived April 27- Storm Cloud, 797 tons, Campbell, from Glasgow. Sailed from the Clyde 25th January1860 for Otago.
Passengers - Cabin:
Rev. Andrew Stobo, Glasgow
Margaret Stobo
Joseph Slater, wife, and son, Glasgow
Thomas Kinross, Dunblane
Laurence Harrower, Edinburgh
Mrs Campbell 


Alexander	James, Helensburgh
Allan	 	Hugh	 single b. Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Bullock Driver d. 1860
Allan	 	Robert, Tillicoultry
Anderson 	Agnes, Arbroath
Anderson 	James and William, Carrbridge
Andrew	 	William and David, Inverkeithing
Bain	 	Duncan, 6 sons and 2 daughters
Baird	 	James and wife, Lockerby
Birss	 	William
Bell	 	William, Bathgate
Black	 	James, Edrom, Dunse
Black	 	Robert, Margaret, Hugh, Andrew, and James R., Jedburgh
Blaikie	 	John, Aberdeen
Blair	 	William, wife and son, Liverpool
Briggs	 	John, wife, son and  daughter, Edinburgh
Brown	 	George, Inverury
Brown	 	John
Brown	 	Robert, wife, and daughter, Aboyne
Brown	 	William, Edinburgh
Brownlie 	James, wife, 2 sons, and 1 daughter, Glasgow
Bryee	 	Francis, wife and 3 sons, Alva, Stirling
Burns	 	John
Cameron	 	Angus, Munlochy
Campbell 	Anthony and wife, Alloa
Chisholm	D., Drumnadrochet
Chisholm	D., ditto
Chisholm 	William and wife, Glen Urguhart
Copland 	William, Lumphanan
Costelloes	Thomas
Crawford 	Robert, wife, 2 sons and 1 daughter, Drakemyre
Dalziel 	John, Glasgow
Davidson	Margaret and William, Arbroath
Dean		James, Carrbridge
Desmond	 	Patrick, Ireland
Dippie		Alexander, Edinburgh
Dummon 		John
Duncan 		William and wife, Helensburgh
Falconer 	Francis, Grantown
Falconer 	John, Inverness
Falconer 	William, Edinburgh
Ferguson 	William, wife and son, Edinburgh
Fleming 	James, Ballaster
Forbes 		Donald and wife, Lybaster
Forsyth 	Ebenezer
Fraser 		James, Auldean
Funnel 		George, wife and two daughters, Brighton
Galbraith 	James, Edinburgh
Gebbie 		Susan, 1 son and 1 daughter
Glass 		Thomas, Dunoon
Grant 		Alexander and wife, Carrbridge
Grant 		Robert and wife, Carrbridge
Grant 		Donald and wife, Blairgowrie
Grant 		Peter, wife and 5 sons and 4 daughters
Greig 		Helen, Dollar
Hay 		Alexander, Lunan
Hay		James and wife, and son, Glasgow
Hill 		George, wife, and 3 sons, and 2 daughter, Ampthill
Hoare 		Richard, Ballysheen
Hossack 	Walter, Edinburgh
Hutton 		John, Dunfermline
Islay 		James, wife and son
Kerr 		Mrs J.
Kerr 		John
Kerr 		Thomas, Uphall
Landreth 	Robert, Edinburgh
Lauder 		James
Laurie 		James
Lawrie 		Charles C. wife and daughter, Dirleton
Little 		John, wife 3 sons and 3 daughters, Saline
M'Cartney 	John, wife, and 2 sons
M'Donald 	John, Airdrie
M'Farem 	James
McGregor	Alexander, Comrie
McGregor	Jane, Nairn
McGregor 	Malcolm, Grantown
McGregor 	David, Loggie
McIntyre 	David
McIntyre 	Dugald and daughter, Dunoon
McKenzie 	Adam, North Berwick
McKenzie 	Elizabeth, and son, and daughter, Alloa
McKenzie 	James, Ballater
McKenzie 	Jane
McLagan 	Alexander, Comrie
McLauchlain	Peter, wife, 3 sons and 2 daughters, Balillieston
M'Lean 		William Cawdon and wife, Nairn
McLeod 		Jemima and Esther, Golspie
McLeod 		Neil, Golspie				(teacher)
M'Millan 	William, Inverness
M'Naughton 	Allan and wife
McPhail 	William, wife and 3 sons and daughter
McPhail 	William, wife and 3 sons, Selkirk 
Mackay		Robert, wife, 4 sons, and 2 daughters, Dunferline
Mathieson 	David, wife , 2 sons and 2 daughter, Langholm
Meek 		Robert, Carnwath
Melvian 	David, Arbroath
Meikle 		William, wife 3 sons, and 2 daughters, Uphall
Miller 		Mrs Mary, Eaglesham
Mitchell 	David, wife, 3 sons, and 3 daughters, Arbroath
Mitchell 	William, wife 2 sons, and 3 daughters, Alloa
Moffat 		John, Pennyculk
Moncrieff 	P.R., Auchterarder
Muir 		Thomas, John, Rebecca, and Margaret, Lochderry
Murray		Catherine 
Munro 		David, Falkirk
Pellet 		Lucy, Brighton
Penny 		John, Dunse
Pouge 		Susan, Ireland
Pringle 	Robert
Quill 		William and Maurice
Ramage 		Thomas, wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters, Saline
Robertson 	Francis, Pollokshaws
Robertson 	John, wife , 1 son and 1 daughter
Roberson 	Robert, Dalkeith
Russell 	Hugh, wife and 4 sons, Drakenyre
Ryan 		William 
Scott 		Ann, Edinburgh
Sim 		Thomas and wife
Simpson 	Alexander
Smith 		James, Glasgow
Steele 		James, Aberdeen
Stenhouse 	James, wife 2 sons and 2 daughters, Alloa
Swan 		Robert, wife, and daughter
Taylor 		George R., Edinburgh
Thomson 	David, wife and 2 daughters, Edinburgh
Thomson 	Grace, Longbridge
Thomson 	Robert wife, and daughter, Edinburgh
Tomkins		Jon and wife, Walsall
Turnbull 	John
Turnbull	John
Urquhart 	John, Daileith
Urquhart	William, wife and daughter, Edinburgh
Walker 		William, wife, and 5 sons
Wallace 	Alexander, Blairgowrie
Webster 	James, Aberdeen
Wishart 	John, bathgate
Young 		William and John, Stirling
Wright Jas	wife, and daughter, Jedburgh

The above List comprises 311 souls, equal to 260 � statue adults, and consists of:
Married Couples  44
Single Men  102
Single Women  32
Male children between 1 and 12 years of age 44
Females children between 1 and 12 years  33
Infants Males    7
Infants Female    5

Mrs Sim, of a son, 5th February 1860
Mrs McPhail, of a son, premature, 13th April 1860

Feb. 16, Marian Swan, 6 years, bronchitis and diarrhoea
March 1, James Swan, 3 years, bronchitis and diarrhoea
March 13, William Kerr, 19 months, dentition and marasmus
March 25, Isabella Black, 18 years, ship fever and


From �The Otago Colonist�  May 4, 1860   page 4 

Arrival of the Storm Cloud 

This fine vessel, under the command of Captain J Campbell, and which has brought a large and welcome addition to our population, came to an anchor at Port Chalmers on Friday the 28th ult., at 8pm, after a capital passage of 89 days, having sailed from Greenock on the 27th of January.  After leaving the Clyde she experienced some hard gales from southward.  Did not clear the Channel until February 3rd.  Crossed the line on 23rd of same month, and from thence through the south tropics, had a continuance of head winds and calms, and did not reach the meridian of the Cape until the 56th day.  On the 28th March passed between the Prince Edward Islands and from then to the Meridian of Tasmania which was reached on the 23rd ult.  Had a succession of north east winds with dense fogs and rain, with an occasional heavy gale from the south east, seldom seeing sun or stars.  He first westerly wind in the southern hemisphere was caught on the 23rd ult and on the 27th at 6am she made the south west cape of Stewart�s Island.  At 3.30pm Nugget Point was passed, and the offing of cape Saunders was reached at 8pm.  The passengers have generally experienced good health.  Two births  and 5 deaths took place during the voyage. 

Aboard the Storm Cloud  - "Otago Witness May 12th 1860 page 5 :

6 casks whiskey

127 pieces pavement

12 grates

52 cases whiskey

3100 slates

7 cases windows

15 cases brandy

32 flasks & 60 drums oil

1 pkge harrows

52 cases cordials

5357 boards

9 bundles galvanized wire

8 qr casks of wine

12 dozen girdles

8 boxes glass

2 casks vinegar

15 boxes mouldings

1 cask sugar

2 hhd�s ale

1 plough

2 pianos

320 cases bottled beer

12 cart wheels

2 casks seeds

2 chests tea

1 whipple tree

4 boxes hams

Also 20 firkins and 20 � firkins, 80 boxes, 9 cases, 8 bales, 6 casks, and sundry packages of merchandise. J.S. Douglas, agent.

The Storm Cloud is a fine roomy vessel and is exceedingly well fitted up for passengers.  The immigrants appear to have been well selected, comprising a good number of the most useful occupations, and the number of families of small children is much less than usual.  She brings a total of 311 souls equal to 260� statutory adults.  Among them are: 32 domestic servants, 5 shepherds,  30 ploughmen, 43 labourers, 11 carpenters, 4 blacksmiths, 12 masons, 1 clerk, 1 printer, 1 sawyer, 3 millers, 2 miners, 1 saddler, 2 butchers, 1 engineer, 3 gardeners, 1 tailor, 1 quarryman, 1 wheelwright, 1 confectioner, and 1 book binder. 


The following is a list of the occupations pre "Otago Witness":

  1 engineer
  1 confectioner
  3 gardeners
31 ploughmen
38 labourers
  8 shepherds
  4 blacksmiths
13 masons 
11 joiners
  3 milkers
  7 farmers
  1 millwright
  1 cabinetmaker
26 domestic servants
3 clerks
1 candlemaker
1 bookbinder
1 printer
1 quarryman
1 saddler
1 plumber
1 sawyer
1 butcher
1 grocer
1 teacher
1 minister
1 tailor
1 laundress

Otago Witness  page 4. Local Intelligence 
The passengers were on Monday comfortably landed on the Dunedin Jetty by the steamer "Geelong," and it is to be hoped that their prosperity in the Province, which we heartily wish them, will quickly obliterate any unpleasantness of the voyage.

Otago Witness  Saturday June 30 1860. page 4 Local Intelligence 
Sudden Deaths. On Tuesday last a man of the name James Fleming, who was working on the road at Saddle Hill, complaining of feeling ill, and walked in to Dunedin. He was admitted to the hospital, and on Wednesday morning was found dead in his bed. We have not heard the cause of death, but we understand that the body swelled to a most extraordinary extent. The deceased came to the colony by the Storm Cloud, and was to all appearance a fine strong healthy young man.. he was unmarried.
    Another sudden death occurred at Dunedin on Friday last. It appears that a young man, of the name Alexander Hay, was about to be married, and on Thursday night had partaken rather freely of intoxicating drink. On Friday morning the door of his house being found open, a passer-by looked in and saw the deceased lying with his head on the bed., with a bottle near him. Medical aid was sent for, by Hay was found quite dead. The deceased came to the colony by the Storm Cloud.