The "Storm Cloud" from Glasgow arrived at Port Chalmers July 1861

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'Storm Cloud' 1861

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Otago Witness, Dunedin, Saturday August 3 1861  page 4
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Shipping News 

July 30 - Storm Cloud, 797 tons, Campbell, from Glasgow, with general cargo. Webb & Co., agents.

The "Storm Cloud" sailed from the Clyde on May 3, and in 24 hours had cleared St. George's Channel. On May 25 (22 days out) crossed the Equator; in lat. 15 degrees south lost the S.E. trades, and for 14 days had light contrary winds and frequent calms, during which time the ship only made 600 miles, June 23 (51 days) crossed the meridian of the Cape, and from thence to New Zealand; which she made on July 25 (83 days).  On 7th May passed and spoke the "George Pollock," from London and Plymouth, for Nelson, N.Z. (lat. 25 deg. 22 min. N., long. 11 deg. 42 min. W.)  On June 19 in lat. 14 deg. 41 min. S. long. 29 deg. 11 min. W.) spoke the ship "Wauata," 72 days out, from Callos, to Queenstown; and exchanged signals with the "City of Tangore," 34 days out, from Glasgow to Calcutta.  Four births and five deaths occurred during the passage.

The "Storm Cloud," from Glasgow, arrived off the heads on the 26th ult., after a remarkably quick passage of 84 days.  She brings 324 passengers, whose arrival is most opportune.  We hear that some are already off to the diggings.  We think they would have acted more wisely by taking advantage of the high rates given in the town.  We presume those who have gone to be only the young men.  It is gratifying to hear that the passengers speak highly of the Captain and his crew; there are no complaints of any kind. This is the second visit which we have had from this fine clipper ship, and on both occasions she has made capital voyages - presenting, in this respect, a strong contrast to the class of "tubs" which Messrs. Shaw, Saville, & Co. are in the habit of despatching from London.  We are surprised that any one can be found to ship goods or take a passage in such ships.  The loss from the non-arrival of goods, and the waste of time to passengers, adds to the amount of freight and passage money, besides avoiding the chance of sickness.  It is generally in slow ships that the passengers become sick. We congratulate Captain Campbell on the command of so fine a ship, and his having had so pleasant and speedy a voyage. 

[Otago Witness Saturday August 10 1861 page 4
The Clipper "Velore". The long-looked for "Velore," sent out here by Shaw, Savill, and Co., dropped anchor in this port on Tuesday last, having cleared from London on the 7th March, thus making a long passage of 152 days, of which the passengers inform us they were heartily sick, and no wonder. The "Velore" has brought upwards of 20 passengers, and a large general cargo, which should have been landed months ago.
Shaw, Savill, and Co. certainly deserve praise for the fast-sailing class of vessels they send to this port with goods, and we trust merchants at home will note. ]

Subjoined is a list of the passengers on the "Storm Cloud"-

Paying Their own Passages- Cabin
Barr 		 Mr and Mrs John and child
Campbell	 Mrs
Crawford	 Mr and Mrs John
Cumine		 William and Frank
Shields		 William
Thomas		 Mrs

Craig		 James
Craigie		 John
Geddes		 D. Stewart
Gray		 Thomas
Hutchinson	 Charles J.
Lyell		 Patrick
Menzies		 Robert
Nicol		 David

Agnew		 William
Allardyce	 Samuel
Bennett		 A. and wife
Black J.	 wife and 3 children
Bruce		 James
Cameron		 Daniel wife and child
Campbell	 Alex.
Craig		 John and wife
Dallas		 John and wife
Duggan		 James
Farquharson	 John
Hargidan	 Michael
Hickey		 Michael
Keatchen	 James
McAlpine	 H. and wife
McGregor	 William
McIver	 	 Hector
McKinnon	 William
McMartin	 Duncan
Macallum	 Oswald and wife
Mackay		 Joseph
Malloch		 John and Jane
Michie		 Jane
Miller		 Jane
Murray		 William
Pirie		 William
Ritche		 William
Robin		 Robert
Roy		 David
Simpson		 James and wife
Stewart		 Peter
Taylor		 James wife and family (5)
Taylor		 Robert wife and family (5)
Taylor		 Mrs and family (5)
Thomson		 Andrew
Troy		 Thomas
Veitch		 William
Wilson	 	 William

Assisted Eigrants
Anderson	James 		wife and child
Annan		Jane
Anthony		Alexander	wife and 2 children
Barr		Mrs A.
Black		Alexander	wife and 5 children
Brown		William		(Paid 8 pounds passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago on July 6 1869)
Burnett		William
Cameron		Anne (Rob. Cameron paid 15 pounds passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Carruthers	David
Clark		John
Clark		Hugh
Closs (?Close)	Mrs Charlotte and family (5) (Henry Close paid 80 pounds passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago for the passage of Mrs Close and Henry)
Connor		John		and wife (George B. Wood paid 28 pounds 6s passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago on Dec. 22 1865)
Corbett		Mrs H		and 2 children
Corbett		Ernest
Courtenay	Catherine
Craig		Thomas
Crawford	John
Cunningham 	Helen
Cunningham	Thomas		and wife
Dallas		Jane, Isabella, James, Charles and Margaret
Dempster	William
Dillon		Mary
Downey (?Downy)	Thomas (G.B. Woods paid 5 pounds passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago on Nov. 12 1865)
Duncanson	William
Elder		John		wife and daughter
Ellis		David
Fairbairn	J
Fenwick		Isabella
Fleming		William
Fleming		James		wife and 2 children
Fisher		Margaret
Frazer		Margaret	(Paid 15 pounds passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Gebbie		Janet	(Paid 6  pounds passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago on July 7 1862)
Gibson		James
Gibb		Charles		wife and 4 children
Gillespie	Ann
Gillespie	Jane
Goodlet		John
Gunyon 		Mrs Ann
Hagan		Robert
Hagan 		Robert		and wife and child
Hagan (?Hegan)	Samuel		wife and child
Halley		William		wife and child
Hannon		John		wife and 2 children
Hislop		Jane
Hope		Thomas		and wife
Hunter		J		and wife
Hynes		Tim.		wife and child
Hynes		Philip (Martin Collins paid 15 pounds passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Johnston (Johnstone) William		wife and 5 children
Johnston (Johnstone) Catherine
Keith		James 		wife and 2 children
Kelly		David
Kennedy		Don.
Kerr		Elizabeth
Laidlaw		William		wife and child
Laing		James 		wife and family (5) (?Betty, Margaret, James)
Liddell		Ann
Lockie		Thomas		and wife
Love		Alexander	wife and 2 children
McAlpine	M
McCartney	James		wife and 3 children
McDonald	Catherine
McGill		James		wife and 2 children
McGillivray	Margaret	(Jas. Laing paid 8 pounds passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago on Feby. 10 1866)
McGregor	John		wife and family (3)
McGregor	Agnes
McIntrye	Duncan and Helen (Alex. McIntyre paid 15 pounds x2 passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Macintyre	Malcolm		and wife
Mckenzie	William
McKenzie	Alex.
McLaren		Thomas
McLaren		Duncan
McMeikan	John		(William McMeikan paid 15 pounds passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago on Aug. 11 1866)
McMeikan	Ann (?Anne) 	and child
McRory		James
Mather		Janet 		and child (Alex. Muir paid 2 pounds 5s passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Mitchell	James 		and wife
Morrison	Isaac
Orr		Thomas
Paton		Ann
Petrie		Janet S.
Pettigrew	Thomas		wife and child
Pringle		John
Pullar		John 		and wife
Rankin		Peter (Alex. Cameron paid 13 pounds passage money to the Provincial Government of Otago)
Richardson	William		wife and 5 children
Ross		Charles
Rowatt		Thomas
Scott		Henry 		and wife
Scott		Thomas
Sharp		Catherine
Sime		Mrs
Simpson		James
Smaill		Fanny
Smeaton		Christiana
Smeaton		George
Smellie		Robert
Smith 		John A 		wife and family (6) (?Margarert)
Smith		Robert 		wife and 6 children
Smith		Mary
Stevenson	Barbara
Towers		Barbara
Turnbull	Alexander 	and wife
Turnbull	Margaret
Vint		John 		wife and family (5)
Walker		Jane
Watson		Ann
Whyte		Jane
Wilson		Robert
Wilson		J 		wife and child
Young		David 		wife and 2 children
Young		Joseph 		wife and family (7) (?Janet)

The above comprise the following occupations:-

6 masons   10 carpenters  2 blacksmiths
3 bakers   2 shoemakers   24 ploughmen
9 shepherds   23 labourers   3 gardeners
3 quarrymen   1 sawyer   1 candlemaker
2 teachers   1 bricklayer   1 butcher
1 brazier   2 tailors   47 domestic servants


Married couples 50
Single men 81
Single women   54
Male children between 1 and 12   38
Female children between 1 and 12   35
Infants male   10
infants female   6
Total number of souls   324 - equals to 281 adults

May 7     Mrs Richardson of a daughter
May 10    Mrs McAlpine of a daughter
May 19    Mrs Puller of a daughter
July 17     Mrs Black of a daughter

May 11     Mrs McAlpine's infant
May 16     Alex. Puller, aged 12 months, general debility
June 23     D. McDougall, second steward, ages 35 years, of consumption
July   7     James Scott, aged 14 months, general debility
July 13     Alison Young, aged 15 months, general debility

Birth and Death at Sea
John Pullar married Jean McDonald in Glasgow on 6 August 1860.  Their first child Alexander McDonald / Pullar was born 1 May 1860 at Glasgow.  They left Scotland on the 3 May 1861 onboard the 'Storm Cloud' bound for Port Chalmers, Otago. Passenger list states PULLAR, John, wife & child.  At the end it states in the Births May 19, - Mrs Pullar, daughter.  Deaths May 16, Alex Pullar, aged 12 months, general debility. Mrs Pullar gave birth to a girl three after loosing her 12 month old boy. Mary was the baby born at sea and she married James Perry.

Otago Witness  August 10 1861

Death. In the Hospital, Dunedin, on the 8th instant Ann WATSON, passenger per "Storm Cloud," and late of Aboyne, Scotland. Friends at a distance will accept this intimation.

Otago Witness Saturday August 3 1861 page 5

Coroner's Inquest
An Inquest was held before Henry Howorth, Esq., Coroner, at the Port Chalmers' Hotel, on Wednesday last, on the body of Thomas Buttles, a seaman belonging to the ship "Storm Cloud," the body having been found lying on the beach near Port Chalmers on Monday morning last. From evidence it appears the deceased was last seen alive on Sunday night last about 8 p.m., and was leaving the forecastle of the "Storm Cloud." he then told James Watson, a seaman, that he was going to try and swim ashore. He was blowing a life-preserver, which was fastened round his waist, ha had another round his neck, and a bundle of clothes on his back. Deceased was not seen again, and on Monday morning he was found by Mr Carey, in Mansford Bay, lying on his back at nearly high water mark, with the life preservers about his head and chest. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death."

Otago Witness April 17 1901 pg 28

Mr John Black of Shag Valley died on the 8th, at the age of 70 years. He was a native of Shotts, Lanarkshire, Scotland, and came out to Otago, with his wife and three daughters, in the ship Storm Cloud in 1861. He was engaged in road formation in the Moeraki district. On the land in Shag Valley being surveyed and cut up into farms in 1863, the deceased took up his present holding, and was in fact the first settler in the Valley. He leaves a wife and 11 children - seven sons and four daughters, all grown up, three sons and three daughters being married and 32 grandchildren.

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The list of assisted immigrants for the 1861 "Storm Cloud" voyage is at Archives New Zealand, Wellington, also available in the newspaper Otago Colonist of August the 2nd 1861.