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Notable First Occurences in NZ

European Land Purchases 

The first purchases of land were:

1814 Captain Hansen ‘purchased’ land in the Bay of Islands (north end of Kororareka beach) but this was subsequently not recognised by the Land Claims Commission Court. (1841)

24 feb 1815 Marsden purchased 200 acres land for 12 axes at Oihi, Bay of Islands.

First European Christening:

Thomas Holloway KING 25th February 1815, Oihi, Bay of Islands by Reverend Samuel MARSDEN.  

First Christian Church Service

25 December 1769, Doubtless Bay on Board the Saint Jean Baptiste

First Christian Church service on Land

25th December 1814, Oihi, Bay of Islands. (site of current memorial, ‘Marsden Cross’)  

First School

12 August 1816 First School started at Oihi.