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James Nowlin of Ireland Family

"This is a record of the Descendants of James Nowlin who came to Pittsylvania County, Virginia, from Ireland ca 1700. About 1700 three sons of John Nowlan came from Ireland to Virginia. Their names were James, John, and William. It is thought that John went north to Pennsylvania and William went east toward Massachusetts, while James stayed in Virginia. James changed the spelling of his name to Nowlin.

"James was a rugged Irishman of marked ability and high sterling character. He was intellectual, alert, and intensly enthusiastic, high minded, had a grasp of vision and an open understanding that acted with velocity. His executive ability and loyality have been proven. He made superb employment of historic faith; that principle of power which led him to establish himself as head of a long line of people which in the course of time made the ancestor of many heroes of the Sunny South, one of the great and distinctive political lines of Civil War fame.

"James Nowlin II was a first class carpenter and made good money at this trade. It is said that some of his buildings are still in good condition even now. He lived to enjoy the fruits of his labor, and when some of his grandchildren asked him why he did not save some of his money, he said, 'I did not think I would live this long.'"

--from The Nowlin-Stone Genealogy by James Edmund Nowlin, A.B., M. A.

Bryan Ward Nowlin I, born in 1740 in Pittsylvania County ,Virginia (formerly Halifax County) died, 16 Jul 1810 in Chatham, Pittsylvania County, Virginia served in the Revolutionary War for the State of Virginia as a soldier, patriot, furnishing supplies

Lucy Wade, born 13 Nov 1746, died 1789

married ca 1764

Their children were (copies from Bible of Samuel Nowlin, Lynchburg Virginia):

Elizabeth Nowlin, for 20 Mar 1766, died 1835

Peyton Nowlin, born 4 May 1767, died 1831

Bryan Ward II, born 8 Oct 1768, died 13 Jun 1835, buried in the Hardin Cemetery in Marshall County Tennessee

Lucy Nowlin, born 14 Dec 1769, died 1834

Susanna Nowlin, born 12 Mar 1771, died 1846

James Nowlin, born 29 June 1772, died 1826

Martha Nowlin, born 11 Jun 1774, died 1774

David Nowlin, born 15 Aug 1775, died Aug 1838

Mary Nowlin, born 18 Apr 1777, died 30 Aug 1824

Richard Wade Nowlin, born 3 Oct 1778(?), died 28 Oct 1880

Catherine Nowlin, born 26 Oct 1778(?), died 24 Dec 1830

Son born and died March 1781

Sarah Nowlin, born 1 Aug 1782, died 2 Mar 1804

Samuel Nowlin, born 9 Jan 1784, died 13 Dec 1863

Annie Nowlin, born 8 Oct 1785, died 14 Aug 1864


Their son was Bryan Ward Nowlin II, born 8 Oct 1765 married

Elizabeth Townsend, born 22 Apr 1768, and died in 1860 and raised 10 children:

Sherod Nowlin, married Matilda Wade

Thomas Nowlin, married Rebecca

Peyton Wade Nowlin, born 11 Apr 1878, married Margarett Phagan

Stephen Nowlin

Light Nowlin

Benjamin Nowlin, born 30 Mar 1802 in Tennessee and died in Bedford County Tennessee in 1858, married Lucy Webb

James Nowlin, married a Tillman

Lucy Nowlin, married Major Harding

David Nowlin, born 13 December 1803, married Elizabeth Peyton Deven

"Bryan Ward II and Elizabeth moved from Virginia to Kentucky, then to Marshall, Tennessee, and the family settled in Bedford county, Tennessee. He was a wealthy land and slave owner and was a very useful citizen, doing much to help build up the community in which he lived; aided in schools, churches, etc. He was a many pointed to for council, an earnest, devout members of the Baptist church, and reared a large family, who did him honor in following in his footsteps."

--Nowlin-Stone, ibit

Their son Benjamin Franklin Nowlin, born 30 Mar 1802 in Tennessee and died in Bedford County Tennessee in 1858,

married Lucinda (Lucy) Webb ca 1830, born 25 Dec 1808, in Tennessee, and died in Bedford County, Tennessee, in 1858.

They had a large plantation there, and their children were:

Ira, David, Stephen James, Didama Elizabeth, Jessie, Amanda, Benjamin, and Shadrick (Shady) Florentine, and Mary.

Benjamin and Lucenda died of penumonia on 25 Jan 1858.

Didama Elizabeth Nowlin, born 6 Jul 1838, in Bedford County, Tennessee, died 26 Feb 1919, in Brownwood Texas

married William Sebastian Bowden on 17 Jun 1858, born 27 Feb 1837, in Lawrence County, Tennessee, and died 2 Apr 1914 in Rising Star, Texas


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