Oakley Family Tree - Glemsford Families in the Census

As you can see from the following maps, apart from the growth into the area between Tye Green and Bells Lane, Glemsford has hardly changed and the majority of trees, fields and hedgerows noted on the 1891 map are still there in 2009.


The Oakley family has been in Glemsford since at least the early 1600's when Romanus Okely married Mariam Allen in Glemsford Church which still stands today, The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin.

There are 2 records that accurately chronicle the Oakley family and their life in Glemsford and they are the Church Parish Registers and the Census. The Registers cover the periods from 1550 to 1912 and the Census covers ten yearly intervals from 1841 through to 1911.

The Registers note almost 600 family events of either births, baptisms, marriages or burials for either Oakley surnames or the extended family.

The census accurately shows the growth of my ancestors families throughout the 1800's and into the 1900's and during my research I have found the following, although there are still families to research deeper.

The Census taken in 1841 shows 5 Families, of which 4 carry the Oakley name, living in Glemsford. By 1851 the number has dropped to 3 families (2 Oakley). By 1861 the number is still 3 (2 Oakley). In 1871 the number of families is 6 (4 Oakley).In 1881 the number increases to 7 (2 Oakley) and in 1891 the number is 10 (3 Oakley). This increase can be attributed to the opening of the horse hair and coconut matting factories attracting workers from neighbouring villages, mostly from Cockfield and Cavendish. By 1901 the number has gone back down to 8 (2 Oakley). This fits with the movement of the textile trade from villages to the larger towns.

The following links will take you to the maps of each census year showing where the families lived.

(Last updated 2010)