9 April 2017 - I have almost finished updating and tweaking the site and I have added a recently updated person page that shows the last 100 people that I have edited. I am considering adding more of the information that I have instead of just the BMDB entries that I do so far.

I have now uploaded most of the information I have for all people, although I still haven't uploaded any exhibits, source information or citations. If you require any clarification of anything on here then feel free to contact me.

20 March 2017 - General updates and link changes. Slight coding changes and re-styling.

28 August 2013 - More spelling mistakes, coding errors and layout changes.

7 August 2013 - General site updates, missing links, spelling errors and coding issues all corrected.

6 August 2013 - Added a page to integrate Twitter better. Twitter is a great way to announce snippets of information to many people at once. Get yourself signed up and start following!

5 August 2013 - Resolved the issues with the maps not displaying on the suffolk pages. They now work fine again.

2 August 2013 - I have updated the program I use to construct the site to Second Site 5 although the output shouldn't be noticeable to the visitors.

31 July 2013 - Tidy up of some more minor mistakes. New data uploaded. Contact details all changed to a monitored email address.

26 September 2012 - I have given the website a new address - www.oakleygenealogy.co.uk this ties in with the site, the twitter account and the emails I send out.

22 September 2012 - Site updated with new data. Links to the forum have been deleted as the use of that site was slow. General clean up and error correction for spellings and grammar.

21 September 2012 - I have updated the program that I use to record my family tree research to The Master Genealogist v8 Gold UK Edition. There should be no changes to the end product on this site.

4 March 2011 - The twitter feed didnt seem to work as easy as I hoped so its manual feeds from now on. As for the site,I have made several changes and tweaks. Page name changes, data update, spelling corrections and pages created and then subsequently deleted.

2 March 2011 - Moving with the times! I have created a Twitter account, created an RSS feed and linked the two so I can post updates to Twitter as well as on here. The twitter account for those that wish to follow it is @OakleyGenealogy.

23 February 2011 - I have reduced the information on this site to allow me to concentrate on my ancestors. With the inclusion on www.glemsford.org.uk and a GedCOM added to www.ancestry.co.uk I am hoping to increase the number of contacts I have for those researching the same lines. Hopefully this will increase visitors through my site and on the forum.

22 February 2011 - I have added a GedCOM to Ancestry to see if that puts me in touch with other researchers of the same lines. I have continued to add GRO death register details.

18 February 2011 - After yet another hiatus from my research I have returned. The last updates have been general clean up of those things that you only notice after spending some time away. This has led to the addition of a few husbands, census entries and death dates which have been added to the site.

13 September 2009 - General updates.

12 August 2009 - I have added Google Analytics to the site so I can see which pages are more popular so that I can tailor pages to what people want to see. I have also updated pages and sorting spelling errors.

5 July 2009 - With the discovery of www.freereg.co.uk I am adding pre 1837 information to those that have records from the transcribed areas.

29 June 2009 - Added the resource page.

22 June 2009 - Updates to correct spelling errors and changes to research. The site recorded 100 visitors today. The counter was installed just over a month ago.

29 May 2009 - I have constructed a forum that can be used to contact me or to discuss anything on this site, rather than sending emails back and forth.

16 May 2009 - I have now included an image map for the main picture when you first enter allowing you to see who the faces belong too and links to those that have pages on the site. I have also been tweaking various minor elements of the pages and fixed some of the errors that I have been informed of.

08 May 2009 - I have added a calender that shows all the BMDB events for my direct ancestors and I have started to add information about the more important towns from my family history. The first is Glemsford in Suffolk.

06 May 2009 - Addition of the Photograph page which exhibits some of the more interesting pictures that I have collected. And for the first time I have included all the information I have on each person, but I have still suppressed all living people's details and I have suppressed the source information of where the infomation has cone from. Please contact me if you require further information.

05 May 2009 - There has been a major upgrade of SecondSite to version 3 and so I have created the site using this new version and with some guidance by the program creator I have been able to cut the time it takes for me to update the site.

01 May 2009 - I have had to re-install my computer. This has caused no end of problems but I can now start updating the site again. Several new people added and some slight adjusting of spelling errors that slipped through.

31 March 2009 - Standard update of new additions and updated information.

09 March 2009 - I have now added a military history page to highlight some of the situations that members of my family have been involved with. I have also updated the tree information with the new people that have been added lately.

06 October 2008 - Despite the lack of updates here in the news page, there has been a steady rate of work done on my family research and this site. I have moved on from SecondSite and now use SecondSite 2 to create the web pages from The Master Genealogist v7 that I use to record everything. The change to SecondSite 2 seemed problematic at first but with perseverance I have managed to produce an almost identical output. I have deleted several pages during the change over but they will return.

16 March 2007 - Due to problems with my old ISP I have been unable to sort out and update this site but thats all changed and I will keep it updated once again. I now use SecondSite to create the site.

9 May 2005 - Added the Mysteries page which documents all the latest brick walls I have in my family tree research. Feel free to EMail me if you have any information that may help with these mysteries.

29 April 2005 - Updated the Statistical Report and the Uncovered Facts page.

13 April 2005 - Updated the Statistical Report and updated the Links page.

28th March 2005 - Updated the Uncovered Facts page to include the new members of the family.

January 2005 - Added 2 new cases to the Criminal Past page. Deleted Surname History pages.

24th January 2005 - Updated site information, including The Family Tree picture, Links and added a Statistical Report to the Facts Uncovered page. I have also added a new biography page for my Great Great Great Great Grandfather, Daniel Hart.

10th December 2004 - Added Criminal History Page

15th November 2004 - Updated site information. Added Occupation List.

1st November 2004 - Updated Tree picture. See Family Tree News further down this page for details.

21st October 2004 - Re designing of the family tree pages. Removal of old diagrams and replaced with 1 image.

30th August 2004 - Addition of Biographies page and Bibliography page. Restructuring and general updating of the rest of the site.

26th August 2004 - After a long break I have returned to my family tree. I have updated the site information. I am also currently in the process of converting all my information on the family tree from my PC on to index cards. Not only is this a more secure way of holding the information it is more portable. Hopefully I will be able to visit more family members to get more information.

24th August 2003 - The whole of the family tree has now been added. It shows the peoples names and when they were born if known.

22nd August 2003 - Addition of the WATKINSON family history page and an Occupations page. These covers the life of Joseph Watkinson from his birth in 20th August 1842 to his death in 12th November 1931, and the different jobs they had then as well.

19th August 2003 - Addition of the Continuation Of My Family Tree page to include the latest information from Victoria's side of the family. Also, using the 1901 Census, I have found out that Victoria's Great Great Grandfather and his dad worked at the same Colliery. The father was a deputy and the son was a digger.

23rd July 2003 - Addition of the Oakley Surname History Page, including basic history and Coat Of Arms. Page now deleted.

22nd July 2003 - Addition of the different family tree programs in the Further Information section.

20th July 2003 - New Site under construction.