Guardsman Hart 2723206

Date Enlisted: 16th Mar 1942 at Norwich, Suffolk
Corps: The Irish Guards
Theatres Served: England, Africa, Italy and Germany

George Hart started his military career in March 1942 with the Irish Guards after 18 months in the Home Guard.

He was sent to Caterham, Surrey to commence his service and after some agricultural leave, was sent to The Irish Guards Armoured Training Wing.

From there he was sent to Africa, sailing from England on the 16th of June 1943, arriving on the 27th of June and was sent to the 1st Battalion Infantry Replacement Training Depot, joining the Battalion 4 days later. After some training in Tunisia, the Battalion was ordered to attack Italy and on the 4th December 1943, he set sail to Italy on the Llangibby Castle.

He arrived in Taranto, Italy 2 days later and then boarded a train to Canosa before moving on to Gragnago. On the 20th January 1944 at 0730, the Battalion boarded the landing craft and 2 days later, after the beachhead was secured they landed. On the 23rd they marched to the town of Carraceto amidst fierce fighting and heavy casualties.

On the 26th January 1944 at 0800, the Germans launched a counter offensive and Guardsman Hart was taken prisoner. The Battalion suffered massive losses and in April it had been reduced to 247 personnel and 20 Officers. It never fought again and was returned to England and absorbed into other Battalions.

Guardsman Hart was sent to Muhlberg Prisoner of War camp, otherwise known as Stalag IVB. He returned to England after the liberation on the 22nd of May 1945.

He spent the rest of his time in the reserve Battalions and on agricultural leave. The Ministry of Labour and National Service declared that he would not be recalled on the 21st March 1951. 3 years later his engagement ended.

Service Ended: 10th february 1954

Medals Earned: The North Africa Star, The Italian Star and The WWII Service Medal