Here you will find all the people in my tree that have no parents, no marriages and no children. Predominantly they have been found on Census pages, noted as grandchildren or boarders but with no way of linking them into the families. They are affectionately referred to as strays.

If you have any information on these people and can possibly say who they belong to please contact me by eMail


(?), Elizabeth b. 1806, d. 2 Feb 1868
(?), James Haward
(?), Mary Ann b. 1851
(?), Susannah b. 1831
Aldred, William b. 1845
Allen, Mariam
Alleston, Elizabeth
Andrews, Susannah b. 1828, d. 1847
Atkin, Mary
Barr, Jane
Bird, Clara b. 1883
Bird, Eleanor b. 1784, d. 1837
Brewster, William b. 1818
Brown, John
Bryant, Ann
Bucklow, William b. 1876
Byford, William
Byford, William b. 1822
Cattermole, Kathleen P b. 1893
Clark, William
Clarke, James b. 1873
Cox, Eleanor b. 1820
Crick, William b. 1895
Davis, Lily b. 1873
Dobson, Ann
Everid, Thomas
Finch, John
Foster, Jane b. 1855
Golding Howard, Edward
Goody, Brewster
Goulding, James
Grimwood, John
Hall, William b. 1843
Hart, Hannah b. b 8 Jan 1797
Hart, Harriet b. 1865
Hart, John b. 1758, d. 1833
Hart, William b. 1878
Hartley, John
Haythorne, Charles b. 1809
Hill, Mary
Holloway, William b. bt 1863 - 1864
Jacklin, Jack b. 1910, d. 1973
Jarmin, Ann
Johnson, Eliza b. 1861
Kett, Mary
Lord, Mary b. 1715, d. 1784
Mauel, George b. 1848
Noble, Emma
Oakley, Henry G b. Mar 1871
Perkins, Esther b. 1877
Roe, Roger b. 1866
Rutter, Walter
Saul, Elizabeth b. 1823
Self, George b. 1896
Self, Mary
Shepard, Sarah
Simmons, Florence May b. 1896
Slater, George b. 1845
Smith, Mary
Stiff, Elizabeth
Stimson, Elizabeth
Street, William
Theobald, Ann
Thistlewood, Jacob
Thurlow, George b. 1843
Tovel, Elizabeth
Twin, Hannah
Twinn, John
Utterby, Mary
Walker, Joseph b. 1807
Watkinson, Florence b. 1890
Wells, Frederick b. Nov 1840
Wilson, Richard
Wilson, Sarah b. 1835
Wordley, John
Wright, George
Yates, John Willam