07 April 2017 - It's been a little hectic! I have been trying to date some photos and identify the people on them. I have also been made aware that a lot of Norfolk Parish Registers are available to view on Family Search and so I have been working my way down the WELLS line to add back to 1772 to my 5 x Great Grandparents.

03 April 2017 - I have caught up with some of my Aunts and have been able to get several documents about my Grandparents. I have also been contacted by another researcher who has given me some scanned photographs of some of the Crick family members and some leads for marriages too.

28 March 2017 - I had a list of 17 direct ancestors that were missing from some years of the census and so I have been working through them. Some of them I have managed to find, some I have found corresponding death registrations or burials but some are still just missing.

27 March 2017 - Ancestry account back up and running so I have been going through my direct lines, tisying up and looking for the those missing vital records - BMDB. I have managed to find one or two in the Census and managed to kill off a few with the help of thr GRO.

I have also found a great site - www.gravestonephotos.com - which is a volunteer project to catalogue gravestone inscriptions, nearly all of which have a picture too that you can request for free. This is an international project too, not just the UK.

22 March 2017 - I have yet to activate my subscription to Ancestry but until then I am clearing up the last few missing exhibits from my data and beginning to look into the new things that have popped up since I have been away. My first easy find was from the the The British Newspaper Archive which had a scan of the newspaper article detailing the inquest into the suicide of William Oakley which was nice as there were a few little details missed from the transcription that I had found.


I have also had a quick look at the NBIv3 again and added a few burials and deaths to some of the earlier members of the tree on the OAKLEY side.

21 March 2017 - I am returning to my research. I have been contacted by several people over the years, some I have managed to get back to and others I haven't. If you follow this page then, please contact me again and I will get back to you!

28 August 2013 - Steady progress made on adding dates for births, marriages and deaths to replace the 'before' dates previously noted.

The family mystery was with regards to Edith Hart who had been known on one side of the family as having died some time between 1930-1945 however, it is confirmed that she actually died in 1971 in a hospital that was close to those that had been told she was dead. I am making contact with several other researchers of Edith to see if they can shed any light on this.

28 August 2013 - Steady progress made on adding dates for births, marriages and deaths to replace the 'before' dates previously noted.

Work has been on going to solve a family mystery.. Its all a bit mysterious at the moment!

Preperations are underway to revisit my local LDS centre with Parish Registers of Chediston and Sotherton looking like the first ones, followed by Ubbeston but some of the Parish Registers aren't microfilmed so a visit to the Suffolk Record Office is looking likely.

6 August 2013 - I have gone through the census' from 1841 onwards to update the John Dye family entries. 7 new children added and it helped identify the dates for the marriage and death of both him and his wife. His wife now has a surname too - Beales.

Then I moved onto David Hunt and followed him through the census from Norfolk to County Durham where he died, living with his widowed daughter in a mining village.

31 July 2013 - Once again after going into hibernation, a fellow researcher has poked me awake and we have gone through some of the earlier lines of the OAKLEY name and sorted some bits out resulting in some new parents for Susan MAYES. Its good to be back.

26 September 2012 - Renewed contact with my previous contacts. Andrew Clarke replied with some updates on the far reaches of my Hart line. His research supercedes the previous data I had.

22 September 2012 - Beginning to add 1911 census images and details. I am starting with my direct ancestors and I will spread out from there. This has added a few new siblings but nothing ground breaking which is as to be expected. I have met some of my family who are on this census so it doesnt feel like its over a hundred years old.

4 March 2011 - All direct ancestors with a death date now have the relevant GRO register entry details added. It was quite succesful, only 18 out of 164 not found.

3 March 2011 - GRO Death Register finds for John Mickleburgh SELF, William SCARFE , James SCARF and Daniel PECK

2 March 2011 - Looking deeper into convict records and the process of being transported to Australia

4 March 2011 - All direct ancestors with a death date now have the relevant GRO register entry details added. It was quite succesful, only 18 out of 164 not found.

3 March 2011 - GRO Death Register finds for John Mickleburgh SELF, William SCARFE , James SCARF and Daniel PECK

2 March 2011 - Looking deeper into convict records and the process of being transported to Australia

22 February 2011 - I have added a GedCOM to Ancestry to see if that puts me in touch with other researchers of the same lines. I have continued to add GRO death register details.

18 February 2011 - I have been adding people from census entries of my main lines. 1841, 1851 and 1861 are as complete as I can probably get them for those main lines. This has added husbands, deaths and siblings. I am now starting to go back to death entries and adding the GRO information for the registrations of my main lines. I have also cleaned up and tried to renew interest in my forum.

24 August 2009 - I have completed the sentence outputs for my side of the family and can now be seen on the person pages. These sentences highlight when parents, siblings or children have died and allow for a more detailed picture with out having to work out dates one at a time. I am now moving on to siblings of my direct ancestors to obtain census details to help build up the overall picture.

12 August 2009 - I have been tidying up some records and adjusting some of the sentences for the program I use to record my research.

03 August 2007 - I have found a home for another stray - Esther Perkins. She was on my wife's side and it took a bit of detective work using various sources to get the clearer picture. Onto the next.

30 July 2007 - Research into one of my strays - Henry G Oakley - has led me to Harry G Oakley that I already had. I have merged the two people as everything fitted apart from the name which turns out to be a derivative and are interchangeable.

29 June 2009 - Collected several maiden names and marriage dates from the IGI. I have also ordered a transcriptof the cavendish marriages which should help with several family lines.

22 June 2009 - I have managed to move one of the strays into a family thanks to an email from David Thompson. I have also added all the 1841 and 1851 census images for my direct lines. 1861 and 1871 are over 90% done too.

31 May 2009 - I have received some information regarding one of the oldest families on the HART line that could change the family group from 3 children to 2 children and an Aunty. Further research needed at this time. Research further back along the OAKLEY line continues - with many thanks to Ray.

19 May 2009 - I have gone further back a generation on the MOSS line on my paternal side, adding parents and siblings with birth, marriage, census and death information.

6 May 2009 - Added several burial dates and places from the National Burial Index (Version 2) and continued finding census entries for my direct ancestors.

14 May 2009 - Tidied up and added information given to me from another Researcher. I have also added all the Census entries for John Dye, one of my Great Great Great Great Grandfathers on my Father's side.

01 May 2009 - I have been cleaning up the data I had and I have started to look further back along my main family lines, adding new people as I find them. I have been concentrating on the Wells side for the past few days.

31 March 2009 - The last books of the Parish Register that I had loaned from the FHC have been transcribed and added to my research. I have uncovered new people, new events such as marriages and baptisms and the images have all been added to the individuals concerned. There have been several people that I can't fit into my tree but they will be added as more information comes to light.

09 March 2009 - I have once again been in contact with several other researchers covering various lines of my family history. I have also been making use of The Family History Centre situated at my local Church of Latter Day Saints. In conjunction with another researcher I have been going through the microfilm of Glemsford Parish Church Registers. This has added over 20 new people and many new dates, places and events.

06 October 2008 - Since the last update I have added several people but I have also spent a lot of time tidying up the information I already had. I have added marriage and death registration information for the main lines. I have also been in contact with several other researchers who are looking into similar lines as myself.

21st May 2007 - I visited cemeteries at Kelstern, Ludford, South Somercoates, North Somercoates and Grainthorpe in Lincolnshire. As well as adding burial and death information to various people it also added new people after checking similar surnames against census images.

20th May 2007 - I visited Grimsby Library to search through the Family History section but the limited information only added a limited amount information as you would expect..

4th May 2007 - Added the male line to the SCARFE side of my family, up to James SCARFE (bn 1793) using Census images and BMD indexes.

21st April 2007 - Received a Death Certificate for Harry OAKLEY from a fellow researcher. Details added.

29 March 2007 - I purchased the birth certificate for my Grand Mother and I have added the information. I will be purchasing the marriage certificate for her parents soon.

26 March 2007 - I received a text file from another researcher of the same Oakley line that I am tracing. It contained information dating right back to 1626. All this was added and is now able to view. This added almost 100 people.

16th March 2007 - In the last 2 years I have been continually adding to my tree. Search the site for all the new additions.

29 April 2005 - Added a few stragglers from the Census images. Updating the sentence structure for the Family Tree Program.

13 April 2005 - Added almost 100 people to my family tree on the Hart side of my family tree, thanks to another contact via GenesReunited.

28th March 2005 - I have been to see my family and have added the newer members of my family tree.

29 January 2005 - Using The Foxearth and District Local History Society web pages I have discovered more instances of the criminal past of my relatives. This is also opening up areas of research in their military history.

2nd January 2005 - Using Ancestry.co.uk, GenesReUnited and personal contacts to add to my tree.

8th December 2004 - Using The Foxearth and District Local History Society web pages I have discovered my first piece of criminal history...

15th November 2004 - I have subscribed to Ancestry.co.uk and have been collecting information from that.

1st November 2004 - Its been an exciting time for my research in the past few weeks. I have made contacted through GenesReUnited with a person that shares the same great great great grandparents as Victoria only he is the same generation as Victoria's Grandparents. This has added over 50 people to the tree and has gone back another generation further than I had. I now have some of Abigail's great great great great great great great grandparents!!

26th August 2004 - Converting Information on my PC on to index cards to make it more portable.

23rd August 2003 - Using the 1901 Census, the 1881 Census and The Births Deaths and Marriages 1837 - 1984 Register to find new people and to verify previous details.

21st August 2003 - Used the above information to search the 1881 Census for the WATKINSON family. See the Biographies page for results..

14th August 2003 - More entries to added on Victoria's side of the family - Her Grandmothers parents and above. The oldest person would now be 193!

27th July 2003 - First replies from the letters sent to my family. Existing entries expanded.

21st July 2003 - Website goes live. New additions to the family tree - Victoria's grandparents, uncles and aunties on her fathers side. Current total 139 people, 46 families...

20th July 2003 - Website construction underway.

18th July 2003 - More entries to the family tree added, using my mother's extensive family knowledge. 128 names, 44 families so far...

16th July 2003 - Information request letters sent to my family.

15th July 2003 - Family tree program started, using mine and Victoria's knowledge.