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Other Obituary Links


On this page you will find genealogy links that pertain to obituaries, newspapers and libraries. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list by any means. If you know of a site that you think would benefit others please send us the URL and a brief description.

Obituary Links

  • RootsWeb Message Boards Localities - Follow the links until the board for a county or region is displayed, and then select Obituary from the View Message Type menu.
  • USGenWeb Obituary Project - Obituaries organized by state
  • U.S. GenExchange - Click on the state, then the county, and then obit/death index to search
  • The National Directory of Morticians - The most complete listing of funeral homes and funeral related information
  • Global Respects -Memorial messages and stories for those who have passed on.
  • Obituary Depot - Worldwide Obituary Locator and Newspaper Directory
  • Free Obituaries On-Line - Links and Listings for Obituaries
  • Internet Obituary Network - Online list of published obituaries including public figures
  • Legacy - Online list of published obituaries, organized by country and state
  • Mennobits - Mennonite/Amish obituaries spanning the years 1864-1998
  • Obituary Daily Times - A free daily index of published current obituaries
  • Obit Index - USA - Obituary index organized by state, plus link to worldwide index
  • The Obituary Links Page - State-by-state directory of obituary resources
  • Obituaries Today - Canada's National Obituary Service.  No charge to view obits.  Fee to place obits.
  • National Obituary Archive - Obits are recent, but they're accumulating, and they're for the entire U.S.
  • RootsWeb Mailing Lists - Obituaries are mixed with other messages on RootsWeb mailing lists. On the main RootsWeb Mailing Lists page and the pages that allow, use the links to select a surname, US state and county, or country. On the individual mailing lists page, select "Search the Archive of Messages." On the Search page, fill in Query with one of the following: obit, obits, obituary, obituaries.
  • GenForum - Obituaries are mixed with other messages in the GenForum Message Boards. On the main GenForum page and the pages that follow, use the links to select a surname, US state and county, or country. On the individual message board page, fill in the "Search this forum" box with one of the following: obit, obits, obituary, obituaries.
  • - Archive of obituaries and death notices from hundreds of newspapers
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Newspaper Links

Library Links

  • - Links to online libraries
  • Libweb - Links to Libraries in over 115 Countries
  • US Public Libraries - These pages contain links to public library web sites. Click on a state for the list of libraries for that state.
  • US State Libraries - A list of state library links.
  • Online Highways Public Libraries - These pages contain information, including address and phone number, for public libraries, even those without web sites. On the main Online Highwasy page, click on the desired state. On the state page, select the desired city using the Choose a Destination menu. On the city page, look for the public library link in the Point of Interest list.
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