Frequently Asked Questions  
Q.  What is the purpose of the Obits Index Site?
A.  To index the obituaries of individuals and list them according to place of birth.
Q.  Where is the information obtained from?
A.  99% of the obituaries indexed are obtained from various newspapers on the internet.  A small number are obtained from Funeral Homes on the Internet.  The others are submitted by interested individuals.
Q. What should I do if I see an individual listed that I want additional information on?
A. Click on my name (Josť Rivera Nieves) at bottom of the page.  Forward me an e-mail message ([email protected]) indicating the information as listed on the page.   I will forward you the source of the information and/or the obituary itself.   This is a free service.
Q. How do I read the information listed for an individual.
A.  Individuals are listed in the following manner.
In special cases where the surnames of the parent do not match the individual's surname (because of a name change or adoption for example, the parents surnames may also be included with the individual's name.
Q. How can I contribute an obituary to the obituary index?
A. All are encourage to contribute obituaries to the obits index, however to do so the following requirements must be met.

1.  The obituary must be submitted in a text file or Microsoft Word document.  It cannot be an image file.  Please forward the obituary to [email protected].

2.  The source of the obituary must be fully identified.   If it is from a newspaper, please identify the newspaper and the date the obituary was printed.  If the obituary is written by a family member, please identify the relationship of the submitter to the deceased. 

3.  The full name and e-mail address of the provider must be provided.

4.  ObitsIndex reserves the option to refuse any obituary whose content is deemed inappropriate.


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