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Broward County, FL
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Broward County, Florida. 
Acton, Ernest J. "Jack"02/15/192580Fort Lauderdale, FL11/30/2005
Bandy, Michael Robert04/10/195846Fort Lauderdale, FL09/03/2004
Banks Cheshire, Wilton P. 73Pompano Beach, FL02/14/2000
Batten Johnson, Minnie [ Anderson ]03/17/192971Deerfield Beach, FL10/14/2000
Bauserman Talbot, Wayne Lewis12/23/196045Hollywood, FL05/28/2006
Boehme Scalzo, Gregory A.11/10/196144Fort Lauderdale, FL12/10/2005
Busbin, Emmalee 64West Hollywood, FL11/11/2001
Cannon Muir, George R.03/14/192674Fort Lauderdale, FL06/05/2000
Chambers, William James 53Fort Lauderdale, FL07/27/2002
Day, Billie Jean [ Bourgeault ]12/13/192974Hollywood, FL03/02/2004
Dowdy Oliver, Robert E.03/01/193370Hollywood, FL04/08/2003
Evaul Gero, Jennie10/30/197430Fort Lauderdale, FL01/21/2005
Ezell, Devon Cahill [ Waugh ]10/22/1950 Fort Lauderdale, FL06/17/2003
Frederick, Carolyn Paulette [ Skinner ] "Polly" 57Fort Lauderdale, FL05/03/2000
Gee, Robert L. "Bobby"02/14/194958Fort Lauderdale, FL02/17/2007
Goff Burlile, Matthew Dana01/13/197531Broward County, FL12/20/2006
Hall, Frank D.10/14/192780Fort Lauderdale, FL04/05/2008
Hall, Frank Dawson10/14/192780Fort Lauderdale, FL04/05/2008
Hess, Eric W. "Rick" 47Fort Lauderdale, FL12/02/2005
Hewett, James Lowell 56Fort Lauderdale, FL06/18/2002
Koretz Kosakowski, Kimberli An09/03/198120Fort Lauderdale, FL06/18/2002
Monroe Beck, Juanita M. [ Estey ] 73Fort Lauderdale, FL04/26/2002
Ortega, Gary Gaspare 61Fort Lauderdale, FL03/28/2011
Parker, Michael Kennedy05/26/198124Fort Lauderdale, FL12/28/2005
Parks, Hallie Joanne [ Nations ]09/16/195649Fort Lauderdale, FL07/13/2006
Perez Davis, Deborah [ Miller ] "Debbie"08/04/195058Fort Lauderdale, FL05/24/2009
Rainey, Earnest Franklin "Sandy"10/01/195748Broward County, FL07/05/2006
Russoli White, Andrew David 21Hollywood, FL10/20/2005
Scheidly Leiby, Victor 88Tamaqua, FL01/31/1999
Seay Gilmore, Page [ Parnett ]11/26/1958 Fort Lauderdale, FL12/15/2004
Smith Curtin, Lisa [ Macaluso ] 38Fort Lauderdale, FL 
Smith, Jeremy W. 18Hollywood, FL12/04/2005
Sprague Ladouceur, Duane David03/18/195544Fort Lauderdale, FL09/03/1999
Sprague, Duane David03/18/195544Ft. Lauderdale, FL09/03/1999
Taylor, Michael G.01/10/195950Fort Lauderdale, FL12/28/2009
Thompson, Maybell05/23/192185Broward County, FL11/15/2006
Trites, Mike 45Fort Lauderdale, FL01/01/2007
Waitzman, Robert J. "Bad Bob"10/21/194653Hollywood, FL12/02/1999
Welch, Vicki M. ( Mrs. ) 42Fort Lauderdale, FL11/29/2002
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