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This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Coos County, New Hampshire. 
MacArthur, Ralph G.06/27/193072Berlin, NH06/29/2002
MacKenzie Gatchell, Geraldine E. [ Sparveri ] 76Gorham, NH04/02/2003
MacLean Wright, Robert11/09/194263Berlin, NH03/25/2006
Maker Reed, Roberta [ Beland ]12/22/194560Lancaster, NH08/05/2006
Malloy Walsh, Andrew02/16/193076Berlin, NH07/29/2006
Maloy Buker, Charles Paul09/24/191287Berlin, NH06/24/2000
Marchand, Pauline M. [ Filteau ]09/01/1922 Berlin, NH12/27/1999
Marcou, William O.02/18/192181Berlin, NH03/22/2002
Marshall Boucher, Douglas W.07/18/192478Lancaster, NH02/15/2003
Marshall Johnson, Raymond Henry09/24/191785Lancaster, NH08/19/2003
Marshall Wight, Loraine E. [ Cox ] 75Berlin, NH06/03/2002
Mason Hill, Theodore Wayne12/17/193968Whitefield, NH06/06/2008
Masters Foster, Janice L. [ Cafaro ]07/11/194166Pittsburg, NH02/23/2008
Matott Suitor, Francis Blaise10/05/195154Whitefield, NH11/18/2005
McCarthy Barney, Beverly A.11/07/192382Whitefield, NH04/20/2006
McCarthy Ouillette, Robert E.01/30/190795Berlin, NH11/06/2002
McGee Nash, David 44Whitefield, NH06/19/2004
McIntire, Mary D. [ Ball ]09/28/192184Berlin, NH11/04/2005
McMahon Raymond, Wildy W.10/06/191291Berlin, NH02/21/2004
McMann Tibbetts, Janet R. [ Rollins ] 55Lancaster, NH06/02/2002
Merrill Pillsbury, Ruth Lena [ Willey ] 85Jefferson, NH09/06/2002
Mills Shaw, Mary J. [ Phillips ] 88West Stewartstown, NH05/23/2003
Mills Shaw, Mary J. [ Phillips ]03/03/191588West Stewartstown, NH05/23/2003
Moore Holmes, Margaret J. [ Lovely ]07/18/194164Lancaster, NH10/29/2005
Morin Morrisette, James N.05/14/193075Lancaster, NH01/07/2006
Morin, Adrien "Red"12/24/1925 Berlin, NH02/08/2007
Morrissette St Amant, Ronald H.05/28/194358Berlin, NH10/24/2001
Mountain Hibbard, Evelyn [ Garneau ]09/22/194266Bretton Woods, NH11/03/2008
Murphy Miller, Clement E.01/06/192381Berlin, NH12/17/2004
Murtaugh Houston, John Felix 83Lancaster, NH12/27/2002
Nault Roberge, Rita Blanche [ Hoag ]07/13/192180Berlin, NH05/01/2002
Nelson Ewen, Roger L.10/18/192582Whitefield, NH09/26/2008
Nickerson O'Keefe, Theodroe 87Berlin, NH05/29/2000
Nolet, Juliette [ MacDonald ] 85Berlin, NH02/22/2001
O'Keefe Jesseman, Donald F.07/17/192680Dalton, NH01/23/2007
O'Neil Watson, Leo F.07/01/194957Berlin, NH03/23/2007
Ordway Dexter, Ruth [ Tozier ] 85Gorham, NH10/14/1998
Othot Bernier, Frances [ Snitko ]03/03/192578North Stratford, NH11/20/2003
Paradis Guellette, Helen R. [ McCosh ]10/23/191587Gorham, NH05/19/2003
Patterson Corse, Scott D.10/29/196834Berlin, NH01/18/2003
Payeur Poliquin, Leo G. 78Berlin, NH02/20/2003
Peabody, Doris [ Lyons ] 97Shelburne, NH06/19/2002
Pease Stanton, Nelly L. [ Edmunds ] 61Stewartstown, NH04/02/2002
Pelchat, Edna M. [ Rowell ] 86Berlin, NH07/02/2005
Perkins Simpson, Charles Dean06/13/192976Whitefield, NH05/31/2006
Perras Brown, Jewelya Marie04/28/2006InfLancaster, NH04/30/2006
Perron Gosselin, Alice [ Klaus ] 91Berlin, NH04/02/2005
Pike, Florence G. [ Graves ]02/19/192972Gorham, NH 
Pilotte Gaudette, Marie [ Kazmirchuk ]04/24/192086Dalton, NH07/15/2006
Plante Duquette, Celine [ Smith ] "Terry"03/06/192681Berlin, NH01/19/2008
Plumer Weir, Mary Margaret 98Jefferson, NH06/05/2003
Pomerleau Tellier, Margaret F.09/14/192177Berlin, NH12/21/1998
Potter Bailey, Joan [ Kipp ]05/04/193567Groveton, NH03/11/2003
Poulin Shorty, Pauline C. [ Albert ]07/23/192974Berlin, NH07/31/2003
Pouparg Woods, Ruth J. [ Morton ]06/23/192973Colebrook, NH04/21/2003
Powers Hughes, Donald J.06/14/192381Cascade, NH09/28/2004
Rainville LaPointe, Norman C.05/27/192771Berlin, NH12/21/1998
Ramsey Gillery, Roland R.06/04/194361Berlin, NH09/29/2004
Reardon Gauthier, Patrick J.02/24/192480Gorham, NH09/06/2004
Richardson, Arlena R. [ Placey ]02/23/192187West Stewartstown, NH07/23/2008
Ricker Sweeney, Otis Freeman12/02/193667Stewartstown, NH01/08/2004
Roberge Larivere, Muriel Theresa [ Young ] "Micky"12/31/192979Berlin, NH07/11/2009
Robinson Lorry, Isabelle N. [ Bilodeau ]07/06/193174Milan, NH10/03/2005
Roby Griggs, June R. [ Mason ]03/28/193074Gorham, NH06/14/2004
Ronaghan Savage, Thomas W.08/27/191883Berlin, NH08/27/1918
Roy Corkum, Florence R. [ Bradbury ]11/14/193272Crystal, NH04/15/2005
Roy Napert, Henrietta A. [ Meunier ] "Henri"08/03/194166Berlin, NH10/02/2007
Roy, Evangeline M. [ Chaloux ] 85Berlin, NH10/06/2001
Ruel, Emery Joseph 67Berlin, NH03/19/2003
Sawyer Crawford, Richard Dean05/27/193271Groveton, NH06/16/2003
Schoff Kane, Pauline S. [ Floyd ]07/17/191593Lancaster, NH12/28/2008
Severance Marshall, John D. "Jack"12/05/193468Lancaster, NH03/05/2003
Smith Brown, Hilda [ Kenison ]09/03/191392Jefferson, NH03/19/2006
Smith Scott, Kenneth F.08/11/194364Lancaster, NH06/20/2008
Sprague Edwards, Frank G. 76Berlin, NH07/25/2005
St. Cyr Henderson, Louise [ Cowperthwaite ]01/12/192876Berlin, NH12/30/2004
St. James, Fernand J. "Fred" 82West Stewartstown, NH05/20/2003
St. Peter Clair, Lorraine D. [ Behrens ]04/08/193277Stewartstown, NH10/08/2009
Stef, John E.06/06/191785Berlin, NH04/01/2003
Stevens Cooper, Martha Meriden [ Allen ] 87North Stratford, NH09/30/2002
Stone Holden, Bethany A. [ McMann ]12/05/195451Lancaster, NH07/16/2006
Stone Walker, Henry Samuel 82Stratford, NH01/09/2004
Suffil Cote, Irene F. [ Harvey ] 83Berlin, NH09/06/2003
Sullivan Vachon, J. Carl05/21/193469Gorham, NH07/03/2003
Taylor Portman, Frederick G.03/29/193268Groveton, NH06/01/2000
Therriault Baillargeon, Grace R. [ Veilleux ] 88Berlin, NH11/13/2001
Thibault Valliere, Irene J. [ Caron ]02/20/191390Berlin, NH07/04/2003
Thibodeau Moelleur, Wilfred J.01/15/192282Stewartstown, NH05/06/2004
Thompson Lund, Evelyn M. [ Hutchinson ]10/21/194659Lancaster, NH06/27/2006
Thorn Johanssen, Agnes [ Beecher ] 86Berlin, NH08/01/2002
Tucker, Nettie S. [ Patterson ] [ Baker ] 97West Milan, NH01/13/1998
Turcotte Newman, Winston01/14/192381Lancaster, NH02/02/2004
Turley Buber, Rita T. [ Brooks ] 94Berlin, NH01/06/2004
Vaillancourt Drapeau, Irene M. [ Fortier ] 73Berlin, NH09/10/2003
Valliere Lassonde, Judith V. [ Bennett ] 51Berlin, NH10/21/2002
Valliere Paquette, George F.09/29/191685Berlin, NH11/16/2001
Verge Small, Rowena [ Forbes ]12/10/191189Berlin, NH12/26/2000
Westover Wright, Dale E.06/08/194365Lancaster, NH08/22/2008
Wheeler Bartlett, Linda Joyce [ Wilson ]09/21/194658Lancaster, NH06/28/2005
Wight Hanson, Louis O. "Sonny"02/06/192874Berlin, NH06/25/2002
Wight Willard, Alberta Howard [ Wilson ]06/12/190592Berlin, NH11/25/1997
Wilson Croteau, Mabel Wilson [ Thompson ]03/16/190891Groveton, NH02/24/2000
Young Potter, Ruth E. [ Cutting ] 98Milan, NH04/04/2002
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