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Failte - a warm welcome to all O'Briens and variants across the world.  The purpose of this site is to assist you to find your ancestors, and to help you to compile your family tree.  By clicking on the "Search for Ancestors" link on the left, you will be able to search or browse our lists of Births, Deaths and Marriages for O'Brien, O'Brian, O'Bryan, Brian, Brien, Byrne and other variations of the name O'Brien, for the State of Victoria.

Whilst every effort has been made by our team of transcribers to maintain accuracy, we cannot guarantee that every entry is competely correct.  For those researchers who wish to obtain copies of the original certificates, a link has been provided to the Registrar's Office in Melbourne.  Certificates can be ordered on-line direct from the Registrar's Office.

To assist you with further research, we have included in our links pages, as many links to searchable databases as possible. We will update these links as we find more useful information.  This site will also be updated regularly with new information for family historians.  If you have information to share, or you wish us to add your family tree URL, or links that you feel may benefit other researchers, we would love to hear from you

This site is dedicated to the memory of my parents


Special thanks to my cousin helen,  and to matt,  for all  the HELP and encouragement

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