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A history documents for free genealogy search of german families from german colony Kleinliebental near Odessa.

Kleinliebental the German Catholic colony has been based on territory of Southern Russia, near quickly developing seaport Odessa, in 1804 a German Catholic community, in the majority consisting of peasants. Kleinliebental to be in the neighbourhood with the elder sister a colony of Grosslibental. Other names of a Catholic German colony of Kleinliebental: Ksenievka, Small Akkarzha, now is called Malodolinskoe and to be in Ovidiopolsky area of the Odessa, in the country Ukraine. More low the list the document found or made on the basis of documents of the Odessa archive:

  1. German Colony Kleinliebental. 1820-1822 Die Mertischen Auszugen Kleinliebental
  2. 1822-1825 Die Wirtschaften der Kolonie Kleinliebental Economies of german colony of Kleinliebental [free]
  3. 1851 Einzugsliste der Kolonie Kleinliebental List of entry of german colony of Kleinliebental [free]
  4. 1874 Family List of Kleinliebental [free]
  5. 1874 - 1881. Die Liste der Kolonie Kleinliebental List of german colony of Kleinliebental [free]
  6. 1886 Trading industrial institutions in Kleinliebental
  7. 1906 List of Kleinliebental German genealogy [free]
  8. 1915 List of Kleinliebental Villagers [free]
  9. 1914-1916 Mobilisation Lists of Kleinliebental [free]
  10. Im ersten Weltkrieg gefallene Kleinliebentaler List of colonists participating in first world war to the German colony Kleinliebental [free]
  11. Akte uber die Verhaftung des Pfarrers Johann Fix
  12. Extracts from 1874-1883 conscription lists of village Kleinliebental German genealogy [free]
  13. Die Anordnung des Odessa-Gebiets-Dreierausschuss, 1920
  14. Die Mitteilung des Dreierausschuss des Grossliebentaler Amtsbezirkes,1920 Report of Dreierausschuss Grossliebentaler Amtsbezirkes,1920 [free]

History documents from archive, Odessa.

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