Nathan Kinney daybook/diary
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Nathan Kinney was a poet, a school teacher and a self-made lawyer. He never had any children of his own, however he married widow Sarah (Dent) Ault , who had an infant daughter at the time of their marriage. The infant's name was Maude Ault and she was the Great Grandmother of my husband, Kenneth Krumm.
Since Nathan Kinney had no children of his own, his personal effects were passed down to this step-daughter, Maude, who he had raised as his own.

This website is devoted to the over 240 hand written pages of Nathan's daybook/diary which he states on the opening page has information from his life beginning in 1830 and onto 1860. It contains various items such as:
hand sketched family trees, family genealogy outlines, listing of all students in each of his classes (many of which show their birth dates), summary of his parent's estates upon their deaths, poetry he wrote for his (at that time) future wife, letters that he and Maude had exchanged in their courtship, letters he had received from family, and more.

There is information from Belmont County, Ohio and Licking Co., Ohio

I have scanned each page and endeavored to also translate what is written, as many pages are so faded only the use of a magnifying glass can show what is really there. I have placed question marks where there are letters which I could not make out even with a magnifying glass. I have included a link to a scan of the actual page so you can see them for yourself. The ledger is legal size so the images are long and narrow, but will print onto legal size paper if you have some for your printer. To begin your journey into the past, click on the page link below, This will be the location of a navagation bar throughout your reading pleasures.

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