Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Eden, Logan Township, Peoria County, Illinois

Peoria Co., Illinois

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Pleasant Grove Cemetery

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Formerly known as Kimzey Cemetery. Located 1/2 mile SW of Eden, Illinois on Pleasant Grove Road.
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Surname given name at death Birth...Date death date age at death notes
McKinney David 1783 1861    
McKinney Abigal 1787 1887    
Stratton William 25 mar 1788 29 feb 1880    
Stratton Sarah 2 dec 1805 22 oct 1893    

Notes  from Kathy Baker:

Abigail was 100 years old.

David was born on the ship coming to America from Ireland. He lived in Pennsylvania and Ohio prior to moving to Illinois. Abigail was a native of Pennsylvania.

Abigail's maiden name was Ensley. They were married in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, and they immediately moved to Ohio. They lived there some years and then returned and located near Pittsburg. David was a tailor by trade, and also engaged at one time in keeping a hotel, toll gate and post office where he lived. In 1842 he moved to Peoria County, Illinois, settling south of Edwards' Station. They lived there one year and then moved to Richwood Township and subsequently to Timber Township, and after that he bought a farm in Logan Township. Later in life he and his wife sold the farm and moved to Peoria. They had three sons and seven daughters.

  • William Stratton; born March 25, 1788, County Kerry, Ireland; died Feb. 29, 1880, Logan Township, Peoria County, Illinois
  • Sarah (Clayton) Stratton; born December 2, 1805, New York, New York; died Oct. 22, 1893, Logan Township, Peoria County, Illinois
  • Masonic Symbol on top of stone. This is the headstone photo of William Stratton and Sarah Clayton. I've attached a bio if you want to use it or part of it. Photo by T.V. Mead for Kathy Baker, info by Kathy Baker.

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