Silent Home Cemetery, Reynoldsburg, Truro township, Franklin county, OH

Franklin County, OH

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Silent Home Cemetery, AKA: Truro Township Cemetery

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Located: in Truro Twp on east side of SR 256 abt. 1/4 mi south of SR 40; near a school
address: 1576 Lancaster Ave, Reynoldsburg, OH; Phone: (614) 759-1447
NEWS June 2005: Larry notified me that the new doors are on the Mausoleum and it is ready for visitors!
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Ken Krumm and I spent two weekends photographing ALL markers at this cemetery. We have over 3,100 digital photos in total. Ken has painstakingly entered the info off of each photo into a spreadsheet so I could create this website listing of the 3,328 burials. Took him months to do! We have twenty burials we have to go back to figure out the surname for. These you will see on the first page with a "?" in the surname column. Watch for updates to this site.
Click here to see a photo of the OLD sign that no longer exists

Recently I was fortunate to be contacted by the superintendant for the cemetery and allowed to copy all the burial records they have. I stood at the copy machine for three hours.
FYI the burial records do NOT show the names of anyone's parents! :-(

Ken and I hope to be adding the additional information to this listing that is in the burial records such as: plot numbers and cause of death (if that was listed). Also many of these folks are family to us, thus we are going to add parent and spouse names where we know them

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Surnames: ? -Ba Surnames: Be-By Surnames: Ca-De Surnames: Di-Fe
Surnames: Fi-Go Surnames: Gr-Ha Surnames: He-Jo Surnames: Ka-Li
Surnames: Lo-McC Surnames: McD-Mo Surnames: Mu-Pa Surnames: Pe-Rh
Surnames: Ri-Sh Surnames: Si-Ta Surnames: Te-We Surnames: Wh-Z
Mausoleum photos:
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the third and fourth photos are listing of burials in mausoleum!
Truro Township plans to be renovating the mausoleum and offering burial space therein again.

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