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Red X on the map shows location of Massweiler in Germany

from Kristina Kuhn

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This information supplied to me by Stefan Zwick, who lives there in Massweiler. (Ma▀weiler)

"There are two churches at Massweiler, the catholic church was consecrate in 1898 an the patron is Saint Antonius from Padua. So the short version is "Antoniuskirche". The second church is more than 500 Years old. Today is a Protestant church. For a long time it was a church for Catholic and Protestant. Today there is living no family named KUHN at Massweiler."

Stefan sent a photo of St. Antoniuskirche, built in 1898


This information supplied to me by Tobias Semmet webmaster (in 2000) of the Massweiler site:

In 1815 Massweiler added to France later a short time to Bavaria. Now Massweiler is a small but beautiful village in Rheinland-Pfalz.

Here is a aerial view of the village:  

For a photo of the 500 year old church:


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