French Town St Nicholas  cemetery in Big Spring township, Seneca county, OH

Seneca Co., OH

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French Town St Nicholas Cemetery

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Located in Big Springs twp: on CR 6 across from St. Nicholas Church
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This entire death listing completed by  Kristina Kuhn Krumm

Darlene Clinger purchased the microfilm of St. Nicholas Church records, which she sent on to me and I printed off nearly all the pages.
Here I have transcribed the records from the "Deaths 1867-1938" book.
Each priest entered the information into the death book.
It is hand written in LATIN.
Some priest's entered more information than others, some it appears entered little to nothing during their stay at the parish.
Thus some pages take up to 66 seconds to load I have noted who the priest was for each section.
The "notes" column could be anything from place of baptism, to place of death, to who they were living with at time of death.
The "Birth" column can also be age at death
The Burial column are all interred at St. Nicholas unless otherwise noted.
I have done the best I can to read the handwriting, but you should look at the documentation yourself to make your own conclusions, as with all genealogy.

Father Bürkel
Father Gloden
Father Arnoldi
Father Rosenberg
Father Engeter
Father Lintoch
Father Haubert
Father Waechler
Father Reinhartz
Father Eugster
Father Fecht
Father Williams
Father Bropst

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Here is a photo of the church that I took. Click on photo to see in full view