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Breakneck Cemetery, Kent Ohio

Breakneck Cemetery
Kent, Ohio

This transcription is COMPLETE. Transcription was taken on October 7, 2002.

Located in the back of Standing Rock Cemetery, in Kent, Ohio. This cemetery was originally located near the corner of Rhodes Road and Rt. 59 in Kent, near Breakneck Creek. It was also known as Shirtliff Cemetery at one time. All graves and stones were moved to Standing Rock.

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Surname Given Name Birthdate Deathdate Age Inscription Notes
Shirtliff ? W.         most likely Timothy W. Shirtliff
Shirtliff Caroline D.   Aug 8, 1817 ? wife of Timothy W. Shirtliff  
Shirtleff John   Oct 23, 1851 56 yrs 9 mos    
Shirtleff Nancy   ? 18, 183? 17 yrs 9 mos his wife (John)  
Shirtliff Ruel   Sept 1, 1816 32 yrs    
Shirtliff Melissa   March 29, 1876 78 yrs    
Shirtliff Asa   Sept. 5, 1839? 68? Yrs    
Shirtliff Mary   March 21, 1853 81 yrs    
Shirtliff Flavel E.   June 13, 1865 16 yrs 11 mos 17 days    
Cartwright Peter F.   Feb. 19, 1895 74 yrs 9 mos 22 days   flag, GAR marker
Shurtliff Cordelia   Jan 22, 1865 25 yrs wife of ? W. Shurtliff  
Shirtliff George   Nov 20, 1854 23 yrs drown'd  
Fergerson Jas.   Jan 12, 1850 51 yrs   flag, GAR marker
Fergerson Wilbert D.   July 28, 1864 24 yrs died Hudson  
Shurtliff           no stone, just a base
? Cornelia       wife of ? broken
Shirtliff Caroline G.   Sept ?, 1856 ? daughter of ? J Shirtliff  
Shirtliff Selah   Feb 23, 1861 72 yrs    
Hazle Barnet Feb 5, 1831 March 13, 1892   Third O. Independent Battery flag, GAR marker
Hazel Sarah A. 1843 1878      
Hazel Henry 1839 1913      
Hazel Samuel   unreadable   son of W & R Hazel  
Hazel Rufus M   Dec 20, 1862 8 yrs 10 mos son of W & R Hazel  
Hazel Rebecca   Feb 21, 1877 56 yrs wife of William Hazel date of death could be 1887
Hazel John   Aug 31, 1880 52 yrs 6 mos 15 days son of W & R Hazel GAR marker
Hazel Jacob   unreadable   son of W & R Hazel  
Baldwin Charlotte Nov. 13, 1825 Feb 17, 1915      
Baldwin Truman Oct 11, 1821 May 24, 1865     flag, GAR marker
Baldwin Truman   Nov 21, 1865 11 yrs Killed by the explosion of a powder mill ?  
Baldwin Clarissa A.   Dec 2, 1862 7 yrs 2 mos    
Baldwin Georgie A.   Dec 15, 1862 4 yrs 3 mos    
? Harriet B.     15 yrs    
Hulett Asahel   Dec 3, 1877 76 yrs    
Hulett Clarissa   Aug 25, 1887 80 yrs his wife (Asahel)  
Leonard Lyman   Mar 16, 1872   killed by explosion of powder mill ? Neubaugh  
Leonard Rolen S.   Dec 23, 1861 20 yrs    
Leonard Sallie   Sept 6, 1879 84 yrs wife of Sewell Leonard  
Leonard Sewell   Mar 25, 1852 72 yrs    
Slaughter ?   Feb 11, 1880 65 yrs    
Slaughter Marinna         unreadable
Slaughter Clarissa         unreadable
Adams Edwin W.   Aug 1, 1871 51 yrs    
Baxter Laura C.   Mar 13, 1837 22 yrs wife of Alfred Baxter  
? Sarah     29 yrs    
Foster Joseph M.   Jan 6, 1863? 27 yrs Co. F. 15th Regt. OVI flag, GAR marker
Foster Margaret T.   Jan 20, 1852 51 yrs wife of J. H. Foster  
Meacham Cora          
Meacham Mary A.          
Morris Edwin 1817 1894      
Morris Mary 1818 1854      
Snyder Jacob May 20, 1819 April 5, 1896      
Snyder Henry   Jan? 3, 1835 61 yrs    
Bull Henry A.   Dec ?, 1872   son of S & C Bull  
Cutler Harrison   Dec 8, 1861 37 yrs son of S & C Cutlin, died ? Hospital  
? Orhzilla A.   Aug 23, 183? 60 yrs    
Smith Nahum   Dec 2, 1866 74 yrs    
Smith Julia   May 7, 1856 60 yrs wife of N Smith  
Rhodes Fredrick 1818 1903      
Rhodes Barbara 1822 1882   his wife (Fredrick)  



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