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Descendants of William Goddard


29. John William Goddard

Hugh Yoho's records show Johns middle name as William. I know that there was at least one John whose middle name of William has sparked some controversy.

Armanda Elizabeth Yoho

Headstone says b. 1823

184. Jemima Goddard

Grave is unmarked

30. William K. Goddard

Listed in Wetzel County marriage records as having the capacity to marry couples.

Listed in the 1850 U.S. Census in Wetzel County, WV:

William 37, M, b.PA, Dwelling House/Family Visitation Number 398, Farmer, Value of Real Estate $300
Sarah 35, F, b.VA
Alvey 10, M, b.VA
Elizabeth 8, F, b.VA
May Amanda 4 F, b.VA

Marshall County Marriage Records compiled by Vernon Anderson and posted on the Marshall County WV GenWeb page shows a marriage on 9 Jan 1841 between "R" Goddard and Sarah Yoho.

Sarah (Sally) Yoho

She was a half-sister to Elizabeth Yoho who married John Goddard, Wiliiam K.'s brother.

193. Naomi Goddard

Records held by Hugh Yoho show a Maria being born in 1846. Are they the same person, or twins?

31. Francis "Frank" Goddard

Listed in the 1850 Wetzel County Census Franci, 34, M, b.PA, farmer, value of real estate owned $300
*Christina 29, F, b.VA
*Alcinda 12, F, b.VA
*Margaret 8, F, b.VA
*Reason 3, M, b.VA
Sarah 10 mo., F, b.VA

Delphia Bohrer

Unsure as to spelling of last name, may be "Borrer"

32. David Goddard

There is some question as to David's birth date.
(1) Tombstone says 1818.
(2) Briggs & Finnicum Wetzel County Cemetery Book have him b. 8 Aug 1819.
(3) On his Civil War Papers, on the "Declaration for Invalid Pension", dated 12 Jul 1890, his age is listed as 63, making him born in 1817.
(4) He does not appear in the 1850 Wetzel County Census (1st census w/everyone listed)
(5) In 1860 Census he is listed age 30 b. PA living with Margaret, age 70, his mother and two domestics, Elizabeth and Susan Higgins, ages 18 and 12 respectively.
(6) If he was age 30 in 1860 then was he born in 1830, or is there another David we don't know anything about?
(7) In the 1870 Census he is now married to Emiline Hall, she is age 19 and he is age 48m making him born in 1822???
(8) By the 1880 Census, he is married to Elizabeth Ellender Boughner and he is age 56, making him born 1824???

He served in Co. C, 15th WV Regiment. He served Sep 1862 to 14 Jun 1865, discharged due to a "rupture"

If the 1818 date is right then he was 44 years old when he began fighting in the Civil War. He was single so it is possible but...

Emaline Hall


Alexander R. (Allen) Hill

Listed in the 1850 Wetzel County Census 27, M, b.OH, farmer,
*Mary 27, F, b.PA
Thier daughter Eliza is not listed. I show her bon in 1844, perhaps she died in early childhood before the Census.

36. Jesse Goddard

Listed in the 1850 Wetzel County Census as Jesse 24, M, b.PA, farmer
*Katherine 20, F, b.OH This should have actually benn his other wife "Catherine with a 'C' (Fulkinson)"
*Joshua 1, M, b.VA

222. Unnamed Goddard

Was apparently one of a set of triplets?

224. Unnamed Goddard

This and the other two unnamed were listed as a multiple birth and has listed "A" in the column for Alive or Dead

229. Infant Goddard

Died the same day as her mother at 1 day old

38. Joshua Goddard Jr.

Listed in the 1850 Wetzel County Census as Joshua 20, M, b.PA, farmer
*Elizabeth 21, F, b.VA
*Melissa 2, F, b.VA
*Robert 1, M, b.VA

Listed in the 1870 Wetzel County Census as Joshua 45, W/M, b.PA, value of real estate $200
*Elizabeth 42 W/F, b.VA, housekeeper
*Melissa 22, W/F b.VA , at home
*Robert 21, W/M b.VA, at home
*Lydia A. 19, W/F, b.VA, at home
*Parnell R. 17 , W/M, b.VA
*Martha M. 15, W/F/, b.VA
*Moses 12, W/M, b.VA

Listed in the 1900 Wetzel County census is Joshua W/M, b.Oct 1827 - PA, 72 years of age, married 50 years, farmer, father's birth place England, mother's birth place Pennsylvania. The dates and locations don't necessarily match up here but he is listed as married to an Elizabeth W/F b. Jun 1834 in VA, 65 years of age, both of her parents born in VA. Is this the same couple and the dates are screwed up somewhere????

232. Lydia Ann Goddard

According to F.A.G., the grave is more than likely unmarked.

Andrew Clements

The community of "Andy" on upper Proctor Creek was named for him. (The area near present day Palestine Church - Old Red Mills community - Laurel Point Cemetery, etc.)

233. Reily Goddard

Listed in the 1880 Wetzel County Census as 28 W/M, b.VA, living with Joshua and Elizabeth J. Goddard, occupation farm laborer, single

234. Martha Hannah Goddard

Message Borard shows Hannah M.W.

242. James Dudley Goddard

Information I got from somewhere, I can't find out where, has him born 3 Jun 1859. The death record attached seems to be him but with a later DOB.

39. Reason Goddard

Talked with Jackie & Robert Goddard on 04/23/2003. She advised that old family rumor has it that Reason Goddard was a deserter from the Civil War and was finally caught up with by the army and shot dead on Co. Rd#89 in the turn just past Knicely Ridge. True or not?????

Listed in the 1850 census as 23 years old making him born c. 1917. see attached photo of Census