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Ollier Genealogy & The Descendants of The Cheshire Olliers

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Ollier Genealogy & The Descendants of The Cheshire Olliers


Latest: Saturday 22nd January 2011

Brief Introduction

A search for our "Ollier Roots" and related families in Cheshire and other counties and countries, with many thanks to all of those that have helped in this quest so far. All the names and family tree's shown on this website have come from several sources including our own, some verified by ourselves and some not, therefore for any corrections, additions or questions please feel free to E Mail us at the address shown at the end of this page. Please note that E Mail address is not an active link, note the address then type it into your mail program as the send to address. Anything useful always welcome! Best regards from Lawrence Ollier.

Background image courtesy of Stella Walker, which shows some of the early Ollier families from Whitegate and surounding areas in Cheshire.

My own line would appear to go back to a John Ollier & Susannah Lockit who were born in the early part of the 1600's in Cheshire, they lived in and around Whitegate, John Ollier died in 1682 and left a surviving will, it would seem also, that the Ollier surname goes back even further. I have not yet had chance to verify completly the history of the Ollier's, but it is certain that the Ollier's of Cheshire go back to the time of John and Susannah and possibly back to the mid to late 1500's. A connection has also been established between Charles Ollier who was Shelly's Publisher and that of the Cheshire Ollier's

I have found, and also been kindly given a lot of early Ollier material, this can be found on this website (not all on here yet, but always updating!) these families can be found in the Full GEDCOM File through the link below, it is almost certain that our Ollier's and maybe yours are connected to them. Please feel free to use the material on this site for personal research only, and not for any commercial use or financial gain.

"You can build your throne with swords.....but you can't sit on it for long"

"Those that have done no wrong have done nothing"

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The Oleary's (O'Laoghiare) of Ireland Theory

Ollier Wills and Documents

The Ollier Surname

Full GEDCOM File

(The above link contains all the Family Trees researched to date)

Dedication Poem to William Boden Ollier

The Ancestors of Charles Ollier - Author & Publisher of London

The Family of Charles Ollier - Author & Publisher of London

The Mystery & The Death of James Ollier The Publisher on The Panama Trail 1850 - 51

The Ancestors of Richard Ollyer (Ollier) - Brewer of Holborn London


Greenwell - Gateshead

Please read notes below concerning the GEDCOM file

Important: please read this concerning the Full GEDCOM File: All first names of individuals born after 1901 are replaced with the name "living followed by the surname" wether alive or not, there are no dates given, but an indication of marriage is, along with the spouses surname only, this is a function of the software that runs the GEDCOM file on the Web. It is designed to protect the privacy of any living relatives, the above cut off date of 1901 has been chosen in line with the current 100 year closure rule on the UK census. A person shown as "living" may sound confusing or may cause concern to their relatives if a person who was born after 1901 has since died, this is not meant to be upsetting in any way, the program can either can display "living followed by the surname" or no relative at all. As this website was created to help those with their research we felt it important to at least give an indication where known of the number of children born to a particular family or persons married after 1901. I have details from my own research and research submitted to me by others for individuals connected with the OLLIER surname who are still living or were born & then died or were married after 1901and are shown in the GEDCOM file as "living", please feel free to E Mail me with any genuine enquiry but be aware that I will only release details of those individuals with the express permission of those persons or that person who submitted the details to me in good faith.

Whilst every effort has been made to verify the details of the various family lines contained on this site it is always advisable to check original sources independantly in order to be absolutely sure that the details are correct as the details of some families on this site have not been fully researched and as such should be considered as "work in progress"

Thank you for reading this.

Also note that the link to the Full GEDCOM File is only available on the Home Page



Contact via: address at the top of the full GEDCOM page (Use the "Full GEDCOM" link above)