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Sources of Oplinger Family history: 

    The Name and Family of "OPLINGER" by John D. Watkins

         This is one section of a larger manuscript entitled "Genealogical and Historical Sketch of the Oplinger Family, 
         A Pioneer Family of Pennsylvania."  Together with Elwood E. Oplinger and Wm H. Rinkenbach, John D.Watkins
         (1871-1956) served as a historian for the Oplinger Family Association.  His mother, Anna Laura Watkins, was the
         daughter of  Reuben B. Oplinger (1817-1902). There is no date on the manuscript copy from which this was taken, 
         but it seems to be a fairly early attempt to construct a family history, probably written prior to 1930. In addition to 
         this brief sketch of Oplinger family history, Mr. Watkins was responsible for collecting much information which he 
         furnished to Rinkenbach who later wrote a more comprehensive history of the family. 

    Descendents of Claus Oblinger  by Wm. H. Rinkenbach

    History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania and a Genealogical and Biographical Record of Its Families (excerpt)
           by Roberts, Stoudt, Krick, & Dietrich

    The History of Harleysville and Lower Salford Township (excerpt) by James Y. Heckler

    "History of Luzerne Co., Pa.," 1893 (excerpts) by H. C. Bradsby 

Oplingers in the Civil War

    George Washington Oplinger

    George Oplinger (Jr.)

    Winthrop Oplinger

     James Oplinger

    Washington St. Clair