My search to discover and document my roots began about 20 years ago, and it remains an ongoing project. Most of my research has focused on the Southern states of Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia and Texas. My main surnames of interest are those of my grandparents: BROWN, ABNEY, BURT, and WATTS. This family tree covers my branches of these families as well as other related lines.

The Internet is a wonderful tool for sharing genealogical research. It is no longer necessary to wait until a research project is finished (Is a family history ever finished?) to publish our results. We can now get whatever we have out there to share; based on the best information we have, and keep it up to date as new material becomes available. While every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of these files, invariably there will be errors and omissions. Family history research involves extensive searching through information and records found in a variety of locations, some more reliable than others; therefore, some data may be questionable or unproven to a surety level that some researchers may desire. These pages are a work in progress which I update frequently, so please do visit again.

The best part of family history research to me is sharing it with others. I hope that you will find something here to help you with your research. If you would like to comment, share new information, or let me know of a needed correction, please click on my name below. All additions or corrections are greatly appreciated.

In navigating this site you will come across a number of different icons, and here is what they mean: 

*This tree indicates my direct ancestors
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