Brown Family

  • Thomas Brown, Sr. Earliest known Brown ancestor. Resident of Bladen (now Robeson) county, North Carolina
  • Waymon L. Brown Great grandfather, Civil War soldier and sheriff of Bibb County
  • James Madison Brown Texas Ranger, sheriff, and gunfighter. As sheriff he hung famous gunman Bill Longley. Killed in a shootout with Chicago police

Burt Family

  • John Burtt My earliest known Burt ancestor. Resident of Gloucester county, Virginia
  • Charles Washington Younger brother of President George Washington, Revolutionary War colonel, and founder of Charleston, West Virginia
  • James Creth Burt Great-great grandfather, operated stagecoach inn in Talledega, planter

Watts Family

  • Abraham Watts My earliest known Watts ancestor; a resident of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Abney Family

  • Robert D'Abbeneye Earliest known ancestor of the Derbyshire Abneys
  • John Abney Born 1476, First sole lord of Willesley Manor
  • Sir Thomas Abney Lord Mayor of London, knight, one of founders of the Bank of England
  • Dannett Abney Born Leicester, England. First Abney to come to America. Died Albemarle County, Virginia 1732
  • Samuel Abney, Sr. Revolutionary soldier in South Carolina, he was killed by loyalists under "Bloody Bill" Cunningham