Memorial Inscriptions from Toxteth Park Cemetery, Liverpool
Rob and Rose Anderson
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Welcome to the Toxteth Park Municipal Cemetery situated in Smithdown Road, in Liverpool. This site contains the contents of volumes compiled by Rob and Rose Anderson containing inscriptions from headstones found at the cemetery. The volumes have been deposited at the records office in Liverpool as a resource to support family history research. Their contents are replicated here to extend this resource beyond the record offices. The recording of headstone inscriptions started in June 2008.

The inscriptions were originally made available online at When they were recorded a large number of headstones were on their faces. Most of  these were accessed but some hundred and fourteen were just too big. However, since then these inscriptions have been accessed by various means. Also, the cemetery has been revisited and inscriptions from all the new headstones that have appeared between June 2008 and June 2019 have been transcribed - this was a not inconsiderable number. This web site supersedes the original and incorporates the additional inscriptions.      

There is an index of burials at the cemetery at

Please take a look at the ‘About the cemetery’ section for more information about the cemetery itself, the burial records and the project to compile the inscriptions on this site.
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