Table of Contents, Illinois, 1900

Table of Contents


Illinois, A.D. 1900

  1. Catholic Orphanage,  Madison County
  2. Catholic Orphans' Home,  Woodford County
  3. Chicago Home for Jewish Children,  Cook County
  4. Chicago Nursery & Half Orphans' Asylum,  North Town, Chicago, Cook County
  5. Chicago Orphan Asylum,  Cook County
  6. Children's Home,  Edgar County
  7. Children's Temple Home,  North Town, Cook County
  8. Cunningham Deaconness and Orphans' Home,  Champaign County
  9. Englewood Infant Nursery,  Lakewood Twp., Cook County
  10. Epworth Children's Home,  Cook County
  11. Evangelical Orphan Home,  Washington County
  12. Foundlings Home,  West Town, Chicago, Cook County
  13. German Evangelical Lutheran Orphan Asylum,  DuPage County
  14. German Evangelical Orphan & Old People's Home,  DuPage County
  15. Illinois Masonic Orphans' Home,  Cook County
  16. Illinois Odd Fellows' Orphans' Home,  Logan County
  17. Methodist Orphanage*,  (*may not be correct name), Lake County
  18. Mt. Carmel Orphanage & Faith Home,  Whiteside County
  19. Norwegian Lutheran Children's Home,  Cook County
  20. Orphan Asylum,  Auburn Park, Cook County
  21. Orphans' Home,  Henry County
  22. Peoria County Industrial School for Girls,  Peoria County
  23. Saint Aloysius Orphan Asylum,  Adams County
  24. St. Anthony's Hospital & Orphanage,  West Town, Cook County
  25. St. Joseph's Orphan Asylum,  Southtown, Chicago, Cook County
  26. St. Mary's Home for Children,  West Town, Cook County
  27. St. Mary's Mission House (Episcopal),  West Town, Cook County
  28. St. Vincent's Infant Asylum,  Cook County
  29. St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum & St. Joseph's Home (old folks home), Cook County
  30. Swedish Orphans' Home and Industrial School,  Will County
  31. Uhlich's Orphan Asylum,  North Town, Cook County
  32. Unnamed Orphans' Home,  Shelby County
  33. Vanassdale Orphans' Home,  Perry County
  34. Vermilion County Children's Home,  Vermillion County


Households by County

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