Table of Contents, New York, 1900

Table of Contents


New York, A.D. 1900

  1. Annunciation Institute,  Kings County
  2. Asylum of St. Vincent de Paul,  Manhattan, New York County
  3. Auburn Orphan Asylum R.C.,  Cayuga County
  4. Berkshire Industrial Home,  Columbia County
  5. Brace Memorial Farm School,  Westchester County
  6. Brooklyn Training School & Home for Young Girls, , Kings County
  7. Cayuga Asylum for Destitute Children,  Cayuga County
  8. Children's Fold,  Borough of Manhattan, New York County
  9. Children's Home,  Montgomery County
  10. Children's Home,  Orange County
  11. Children's Home,  Schenectady County
  12. Children's Home at Mineola,  Nassau County
  13. 'Colored Orphan Asylum & Assn for the Benefit of Colored Children',  New York County
  14. Davenport Home,  Steuben County
  15. Howard Mission,  Manhattan, New York County
  16. Ingleside Maternity Home,  Erie County
  17. Institution of Mercy (& Convent),  Manhattan, New York County
  18. New York Catholic Protectory,  Bronx, New York County
  19. Orphan Asylum Society,  Manhattan, New York County
  20. Saint Vincent's Orphan Asylum,  Onondaga County
  21. Saratoga Home for Children,  Saratoga County
  22. Shelter for Unprotected Girls,  Onondaga County
  23. Sheltering Arms,  Manhattan Borough, New York County
  24. Sheltering Arms Nursery of the P.E. Church,  (Dean St.), Kings County
  25. St. Mary's Infant Asylum & Maternity Hospital,  Erie County
  26. St. Mary's Orphan Asylum,  Chautauqua County
  27. St. Mary's Orphan Asylum,  Ontario County
  28. St. Mary's Orphan Asylum,  Orange County
  29. St. Mary's Orphan Home,  Broome County
  30. St. Patrick's Orphanage,  Jefferson County
  31. St. Vincent's Home,  Kings County
  32. Thecla* Orphanage,  Rockland County (*name may be abbreviation)
  33. Unnamed Orphan Asylum,  Kings County (orphanage not named in census)
  34. Unnamed Orphan Home & Convent (R.C.),  Graham Ave., Kings County
      (actual name of orphanage not given in census)
  35. Wartburg Orphan Farm School,  Westchester County
  36. Westchester Temporary Home for Destitute Children,  Westchester County
  37. Young Girls Home,  Manhattan, New York County


Households by County

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