Children's Aid Society of Franklin County, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, 1900

Children's Aid Society of Franklin County

Chambersburg Borough, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, A.D. 1900*

 1.  Flory, Harriet W        Officer  W  F   Oct 1845 54 s          PA  PA       PA       matron       0    yes  yes  yes          H          
 2.  Shu????*, Hetty B       Officer  W  F   Feb 1862 38 s          PA  PA       MA       ass't matron 0    yes  yes  yes
 3.  Blair, Pearl            inmate   W  F   *   1890 10 s          PA  unknown  unknown  at school      9  yes  yes  yes
 4.  Shaffer, Charles N.E.   inmate   W  M   Apr 1892  8 s          PA  unknown  unknown  at school      9
 5.  Cammack, Hudson         inmate   W  M   Mar 1895  5 s          PA  unknown  unknown
 6.  Martin, Paul R          inmate   W  M   Aug 1894  5 s          PA  unknown  unknown
 7.  Coward, ?ay             inmate   W  F   Apr 1891  9 s          PA  unknown  unknown  at school      9
 8.  Coward, Josephine       inmate   W  F   Mar 1895  5 s          PA  unknown  unknown
 9.  Keller, David F         inmate   W  M   Jan 1890 10 s          PA  unknown  unknown  at school      9  yes  yes  yes
10.  Gift, Caroline E        inmate   W  F   Unknown   3 s          PA  unknown  unknown   
11.  Parker, Frances         inmate   B  F   Unknown   4 s          PA  unknown  unknown
12.  Robinson, Sarah J       servant  B  F   Jul 1880 19 s          PA  unknown  unknown  Cook         0    yes  yes  yes           
13.  Phillippy, John         Head     W  M   Aug 1867 32 m 10       PA  Germany  Germany  Gardner      0    yes  yes  yes          H    
14.  Phillippy, Lizzie       wife     W  F   Oct 1869 30 m 10  3  3 PA  PA       PA                         yes  yes  yes
15.  Phillippy, Harry        son      W  M   Jul 1890  9 s          PA  PA       PA       at school      9
16.  Phillippy, Walter       son      W  M   Jan 1892  8 s          PA  PA       PA       at school      9
17.  Phillippy, Mary K       daughter W  F   May 1896  4 s          PA  PA       PA 

** Transcriber's Remarks **

The exact cut-off point for this orphanage in the original document was not clear.  In the heading, the Name of the Institution was
given as "Home of the Children's Aid Society of Franklin Co., lines 25 to 41." Each of these lines has been transcribed above.  Both the 
first and thirteenth persons enumerated, however, in this list, have "H" entered in column "Farm or House".  To view the original document,
it would appear that the orphanage and the Phillippy home are two separate residences and yet, the Phillipy's are included in the line tally
given by the Enumerator for this census.

Columns above represent name, relation, race, sex, date of birth, age, marital status, place of birth, place of birth of father, 
place of birth of mother, occupation or trade, months not employed, months attending school, can read, can write, can speak English

Spaces left blank in the transcription above were also left blank, in all cases, in the original document. This transcriber, in the interest 
of saving space, abbreviated "Pennsylvania" as "PA", above. Address: Franklin Street. "House number" for this orphanage was not recorded in original document. 2 Middle letters of surname for this person are hard to read. Looks like "Shnuck", "Shmick", "Shm?rk"; it is also possible that the last letter is not a "k", although it looks more like a "k" than any other letter (to the eyes of this transcriber). 3 Birth month for this person is hard to read: could be May or Mar; looks like "Was" or "Weis" 7 First name for this person looks like "Way" but could be "May" CITATION University Microfilms International 1900 US Federal Census, Twelfth Census Pennsylvania, Franklin County Vol 92 E.D. 34 Sheet 5

This list was Transcribed by
Margaret Sessions
30 March 2001
for The Orphans' Home Website

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