Annex to the Home for Friendless Children, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1900

Annex to the Home for Friendless Children

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, A.D. 1900*

 1  Pamner    Eman*      Head      M  Nov   1848  51  M  29        PA  PA  PA  Day Laborer    0  R  H
 2  Pamner    Mary       Wife      F  Dec   1853  46  M  29  8  4  PA  PA  PA  Boarding Home for Homeless Children          
 3  Pamner    Enos       Son       M  Oct   1872  27  S            PA  PA  PA  Day Labor      4                                           
 4  Pamner    Clifford   Son       M  Oct   1882  17  S            PA  PA  PA  Cigar Maker    1  
 5  Pamner    Lillian    Daughter  F  Dec   1883  16  S            PA  PA  PA  
 6  Johe*     Frederick  Boarder   M  Sept  1892   7  S            PA  --  -- 
 7  Duing     Ruby P     Boarder   M  Mar   1893   7  S            PA  PA  PA
 8  Deaver*   Mary       Boarder   F  July  1897   2  S            PA  --  --
 9  Clark     Grace      Boarder   F  July  1895   4  S            PA  PA  PA
10  Ashley    James      Boarder   M  Jan   1897   3  S            PA  PA  PA
11  Smith     Kate       Boarder   F  Mar   1896   4  S            PA  PA  --
16  Bucher    John       Boarder   M  Aug   1896   3  S            PA  PA  PA
17  Carr      John       Boarder   M  June  1895   5  S            PA  --  --
18  Clark     Francis    Boarder   F  Nov   1896   3  S            PA  PA  --
19  Kerchoff  Harry      Boarder   M  ---   1898   2  S            PA  --  PA
20  Baxton    Margerite  Boarder   F  July  1899  9mo S            PA  --  --

** Transcriber's Notes **

Columns above represent Name, Relation, Sex, Month of birth, Year of birth, Age at last birthday, Marital status, 
Number of years married, Number of children, Number of children living, Place of birth of person, Place of birth of 
father, Place of birth of mother, Occupation, Months not employed, Owned or rented, Farm or house.
Columns regarding race or color and citizenship was omitted, as all persons were white and born in Pennsylvania.
Columns regarding education were omitted as none were listed as attending school, all adults could read, write and 
speak English, and children were not marked.

Column regarding mortgage was omitted because the house was being rented.
Column regarding number of farm schedule was omitted because they lived in the city.
Pennsylvania was abbreviated by transcriber as PA.
The enumerator had incorrectly computed the ages of some of the people based upon the year of birth given.  Either 
the enumerator or another person had made corrections over the first entry and these are the ages used.

Address: Location was listed as Chester Street, and the house number was #7.

This census was enumerated on 6 June 1900, by Edwin A. Becker.

 1  Possibly Emanuel
 6  Possibly Johl
 8  Possibly Deaner
16  Possibly Bucker


1900 U.S. Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Lancaster County, 
City of Lancaster, 7th Ward, SD 8, ED 61, Sheet 6, Vol. 110.

This list was Transcribed by
Carol Holmbeck
23 January 2001
for The Orphans' Home Website

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