Letters to Opa

Dear Opa,

I am sorry I could not see you before you left.  It will not be the same here without you.

I will  miss your "God damn its" and your puttering around the kitchen when we came to visit.  I will  miss that funny grin you had when you left your teeth out.

I will  miss you carving the turkey at Thanksgiving with that annoying electric knife and I will  miss those talks on the front porch.  I will  miss your kindness and your caring.

I am a better person for knowing you and I  have learned from the knowledge you have shared. You have always made me feel a part of your family.

Parting is painful, but you have been blessed with a good life and many people who love you.  I will always remember  you fondly.

So this is my good-bye, farewell.  These are  things I wanted to say to you, but sometimes we just don't say them in time. 



Letters to Opa


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