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Our Family Connections

Welcome to Brian and Liz's Family Connections. Brian's family lines include the following names, Walker, Pratt, Hill, Thomas, McNett (McNitt), Halsey, Niman, Purves, Kendall, Sage, Cadman and a Mayflower line to John Alden. On Liz's side, Smith, Rees, Cretsley/Crotsley, Miller, Cupp (Kopp), Dierdorff, Trostle, Slifer, Long, Dill, Jackson, Lefler, Cantrell, Loftis, Barrett, Burks, McKnitt, Stinson, Toy, Rose, Leatherbury, Cullum and more! We also have a Public Member Tree, titled, Our Family Connections on Ancestry.com

These pages are a work in progress. Nothing is set in stone

Here are some links to our family connections:


John Alden Mayflower Descendants

George Cadman Heirs

Newark Cemetery-Cadman

Newark Cemetery-Sage

George Sage

Hattie (Robbins) Sage


Charles Burks Descendants

Burks on Tribal Pages


Some Descendants of William and Sarah Cretsley/Crotsley


Some Descendants of Anthony Dierdorff

John W. and Hannah (Slifer) Dierdorff

The Mysterious Disappearance of John Dierdorff

And even more mysterious return...

Dill:Updated 1 January 2005

Some Descendants of William Dill of Delaware

William Edward Dill Family circa 1915

Leatherberry/Leatherbury: Added 13 March 2005

Leatherbury Will and Probate Records 1708-1799.

Ancestors of Elizabeth Leatherberry/Leatherbury (wife of William Cullum)


Some Descendants of Michael Miller

The Miller Family Tree

Amos Miller family circa 1889

Miller Brethren

Mabel Miller (Smith)


Descendants of David Rose of Nairn Scotland


Smiths in Lebanon County, PA in 1850

Some Descendants of Daniel Boone Smith

Daniel Boone Smith Headstone

Family of C.W.Smith circa 1911

Walter Roberts Smith

Toy Family photo mystery


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Article: Finding Your Mayflower Connections

Article: Family Stories

Handout: Free Genealogy Websites

"Cousin" and other pages:

Walker/Thomas Family on Dave's Genealogy Page

Ellis Dill Family Pages

Long Family on Thal Gephart Site

Miller Family Tree from Johann Michael Mueller 1655

Websites of Interest

Genealogy and History of the Eastern Shore of Virginia (GHOTES) -Leatherbury Family

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